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Region: Forest

Apologies for the double post but I really wanted to highlight that my general ethos here goes beyond just the embassy stuff.

I think I've put in enough to be broadly considered one of Forest's movers and shakers. I have a pretty good idea of what I want in an embassy, but I don't want what I think is right to take precedence - unless you're all up for opening embassies with The Communist Bloc, North Korea and The Internationale, which is what I'd be pursuing if I wanted to throw my weight about.

Bring in WA barriers, influence barriers and what have you and you have got a heirachy, a vertical power structure and not a horizontal one. You all shouldn't be trusting us old timers with sole direction and power over Forest. Sure, I'd urge you to listen to us but at the end of the day we're a very direct democracy. What is right is what Forest thinks is right. That's the point. If we have a potential problem with embassies then the logical answer is to make them more accountable to everyone, not less.

The other upside to direct democracy is that it's all on you. No complaining you were lied to or misled by dodgy leaders and no complaining that the system itself isn't fair when votes don't go your way (though by all means complain if you think people have made a bad choice)