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The Union Post Issue 4

The Union Post

The UDS News

Issue #4
Thursday, 24th August

Attempted Election Fraud by Anti-Democratic Region Caught!
A region by the name of The Union of Undemocratic States, an obvious mockery of our own Union, was caught by Attorney General Relfa for attempting to commit election fraud posing as real citizens, in an operation dubbed “Operation Infiltration”.
According to a report released by the Supreme Court, the region’s hostile efforts were unsuccessful. Four nations affiliated with The Union of Undemocratic States were accused of collaborating in the fraud attempt. One nation accused was Great east prussia, a Councillor in the Council of State, while some others included Los cincos muertes, Arsubian states, and Virginia and florida. The final verdict landed three suspects with a swift banjection from the region after being declared guilty of treason, terrorism, impersonation and sedition. Councillor Great east prussia was declared not guilty due to a lack of evidence.
The Supreme Court took an entire week to make a factually detailed report about those accused of participating in the voter fraud. Soon after the release of the report The Union of Undemocratic States simply collapsed. The once treacherous region is no longer a threat to democracies across NationStates thanks to the steadfast leadership of the Union.
The swift action by the Supreme Court shows the capable ability of the Supreme Court under the leadership of Relfa. After the report was released, Prime Minister Brittalia and Councillor Great east prussia, one of the convicted, supported the final verdict and praised the Supreme Court for its efforts in keeping the Union safe.

Founder Victorious in FORGE Election
In a turn of events that surprised no one, The Noble Thatcherites, who campaigned vigorously, was victorious in his fight for the office of the Chancellor in FORGE, an interregional alliance that we are a member of. In the end, The Noble Thatcherites “Thatcher” won with 78% of the vote against Baishita (LCRUA) who lost with only 22% of the vote.
Thatcher quickly followed through on his campaign promises, pushing through new legislation in the first few weeks of his office, which revamped and changed the format of certain FORGE institutions, starting with the number of representatives votes according to the number of nations. It is no small feat, that the founder of our region handily won the election, once again proving the capability of our region in leading others on the world stage.
In the end, the Union is very proud of our Founder for his victory, and is proud of his successful term in his time as FORGE Chancellor. It is of no surprise however, that after completing his legislative agenda, that the founder is doubted to run for re-election, although it is very certain that he would still be highly favored against his possible opponents.

The Long Awaited Bill of Rights Finally Passes
Ever since candidate Brittalia touted the bill of rights on the campaign trail, many have awaiting its proposal to the General Assembly. It was teased during the Prime Minister debates on the regional discord server, and it became a hot issue amongst candidates for office. It was a crucial part of candidate Brittalia ’s campaign.
After passing the Council of State, the Speaker released the landmark bill for a vote in the General Assembly. Amongst some of the amendments in the bill of rights were the right to citizenship, the right to vote, and the right to receive equal treatment from the government. It is important to note that under the sixth amendment, no clause may be removed from the bill of rights. Unsurprisingly the important bill passed with 92% of the General Assembly in favor, voting “Aye”. 63 nations voted Aye with only 5 nations in opposition.

New Arrival in the Union!
The Union Post had the privilege of an interview with an extremely active and vibrant nation in the UDS family. You may have had the chance to talk with Quentin Compson on the Regional Message Board (RMB). Recently Quentin Compson hasn’t been available through telegram or through the RMB, for a particular reason. Learn more in this incredible interview.

Exclusive Interview
The Union Post
How long have you been playing NationStates?

Quentin Compson
I started playing NationStates in March 2003. I forget the exact date. I was in my last year of University back then. My first nation was @Poteidaia which I lost because I didn't play well with others, especially Raiders and Nazi's back then.

The Union Post
How does NationStates affect your real life? How often are you able to play?

Quentin Compson
I usually try to get on line at least once a day, usually when I was cooking one of the meals of the day. But since I was transferred to evenings running into night, I haven't been as active as I was earlier this year as has been evident by my activity on the RMB. I am not about to sacrifice what free time I have for NS and neglect my children.

The Union Post
I understand that this is not your first child... Has your experience with your other children been beneficial?

Quentin Compson
My husband and I have three children, two sisters who we adopted, and our new arrival. The girls names are Anna and Myrna, and our son was named David after my husband. We adopted after it appeared that we couldn't have children after my automobile accident in which I lost the baby girl that I was carrying at the time. We adopted the girls after their father was sent to prison for a long time and their mother took off for parts unknown deserting them.

The Union Post
You are clearly an incredibly caring and devoted person, could you tell us about what you do for a living?

Quentin Compson
I have a MBA, a MILS and a PhD in Information Management. I work in the public sector as a Superintendent of a small, a Main and 7 Branches, Library System.


New Constitution Passes Convention Vote Despite Stiff Opposition

Every six months according to our law, the Union must hold a Constitutional Convention. The law mandating this was passed last year for the purpose of keeping our constitution modern and formidable. In last years case, the new Constitution was ratified with no issue. This year however, the situation was much more tense.
Prime Minister Brittalia and the Founder The Noble Thatcherites hotly debated controversial provisions. The central argument revolved around about a line in the Constitution that stated that mandated the Speaker to relinquish all political ties and affiliations before assuming office. The Minister of Education, Asdersland, argued alongside the Prime Minister. Attorney General Relfa & Speaker Kanglia defended the provision proposed by The Noble Thatcherites, and Relfa further proposed the that Supreme Court Justices should relinquish their political ties as well.
The Founder stated that the reason the Speaker should recuse themselves of all political affiliations and ties is to ensure the neutrality of the position. However, the Prime Minister argued that recusing oneself from all political affiliations before becoming Speaker doesn’t ensure that the Councillor becoming Speaker won’t be biased towards certain bills. In the end, when the motion was finally brought to vote, it narrowly passed by one vote.
When asked about the aftermath, the Prime Minister stated “I’m fine with the results. We all have different opinions and ideas, and disagreements happen. The Founder and I got our points across, and what matters the most in the end is what the people think of it.” In the end the Prime Minister supported the new constitution along with the entire government. Unlike the argumentative atmosphere of the constitutional convention, the vote in the General Assembly was near unanimous with 51 nations voting “Aye” and only 4 nations voting “Nay”. After months of drafting the new constitution was finally implemented on the 14th of August 2017.

The End of a Historic Alliance
Last Saturday (August 19th) the Founder, The Noble Thatcherites scheduled for the closure of embassies between The Union of Democratic States and The Free Nations Region, an old ally, that recently become a political malaise. The action was taken after a cabinet meeting that made that monumental and historic decision. The most memorable heyday of the UDS-FNR relationship was nearly a year ago. At the time, both regions were small and very willing to grow. Together, these regions created the ITDA (Interregional Trade and Defence Alliance), which our region sadly departed. A Treaty of Friendship was even signed by the regions during Quentin Compson ’s administration as President. Both regions had a strong history of friendship and alliance. But recently things have gotten very hectic.
Kanglia, our current Speaker, General-at-Arms, and former President of The Free Nations Region was harassed and threatened for “not being a real defender” by the Founder, Crystalsummer. When speaking with the Cabinet, the Founder said, “We cannot tolerate this action. [...] The UDS cabinet cannot tolerate it when one our our officers is demeaned and belittled.” Just when matters appeared to be at their worst, things took a greater spin downhill. Crystalsummer, The Free Nations Founder, proposed a merge between the regions. The negotiations went well, and everyone was optimistic. Towards the end of negotiations, without warning and without regard for the gravity of the situation, the Founder canceled the negotiations. The Union’s Government affirms that they were not aware of this cancellation and that they should have been notified about such an important deal cancellation. None in The Free Nations Region's Government denied these accusations. In a motion to the cabinet, the regions ambassador to the FNR, The Noble Thatcherites, proposed closing down embassies with The Free Nations Region.
In a speech given by the Founder on the Regional Message Board of The Free Nations Region, he said: “For too long the cabinet has allowed the FNR to abuse our current relationship. [...] The motion stated that the Union of Democratic States can no longer, in good faith to the rule of law and in upholding the honor and dignity of our ambassadors, continue to maintain embassies with The Free Nations Region. As a close friend of the FNR for over a year, this news comes as a shock, but as an ambassador, I know that it must be done. An embassy with the UDS is a privilege and not a right.” The Noble Thatcherites also affirmed that FNR citizens would be very welcome in our Union. The special relationship that was once existed between The Free Nations Region and The Union of Democratic States is coming to a close, but it is undeniable that this historic alliance, is one to be remembered forever in the legends of Union history.

Obanland Resigns from Council of State
In a dreaded turn of events for the Summer Government, Obanland became the first Councillor to resign from his position. Some were confused and surprised by his resignation, others not so much. Obanland stated that his real life situation prevented him from carrying out his duties as Councillor, and that he would be taking a break from NationStates altogether.
On that same day, hours before his resignation from the Council of State, Obanland was dismissed from the Ministry of the Census by the Prime Minister. This has led to speculation that his dismissal from the Ministry of the Census prompted his resignation from the Legislative Branch. Only one nation announced its candidacy to fill Obanland 's seat in the Council of State. That Nation was Chief Justice and (newly appointed) Minister of Census Heaverian islands. As of Wednesday, no date has yet been announced for a by-election to fill the seat.

Ministry of Roleplay Established: Region Becomes Roleplaying Region
Since the founding of the Union, the region has always been a gameplay region. Taking on the banner of defender status, and pursuing raiders. It always seemed that the Union’s strongest suit would be its military playstyle, or so it was thought.
This week, the Speaker released a new bill (now law) titled “The Roleplaying Act 2017”. This bill created a Ministry that would manage all roleplaying affairs in the region, both on the regional forums and discord server. It also formally made the Union an official roleplaying region, opening up the region to a completely new audience of nations. This move was a complete swerve from the Regions hyper-political past.
The Act passed with a whopping 42 votes, with no opposition. Shortly after its passage, Prime Minister Brittalia appointed former Councillor Zaegrad to the position of Minister of Roleplay. Zaegrad is now in charge of managing the Ministry and working with the new roleplaying community.

Government Approval Ratings: Speaker Holds Highest, Councillor Holds Lowest
According to a recently released poll by the Government, the Speaker holds a record approval rating of 93%, while Councillor Obanland held an approval rating of 18%. In total, the combined summer government boasts a 75% approval rating.

Approval Ratings

Founder The Noble Thatcherites: 87% / 13%
WA Delegate United Millennials: 25% / 75%
Prime Minister Brittalia: 54% / 46%
Speaker Kanglia: 94% / 6%
Attorney General Relfa: 62% / 38%

Council of State:
Zion Imperium: 50% / 50%
Obanland: 18% / 82%
Lia-Jennes: 25% / 75%
Great East Prussia: 56% / 43%
Councillor Alioth States was not on the survery./

Summer Government: 75%/25%

Kanglia’s Corner An Opinion Article

Firstly, I have never been abashed to tell anybody my opinions on,anything. So I figured why not combine two things that I love: writing articles & giving my opinion on things. I hope to continue this throughout my time commanding the UDSAF and in general here in the UDS. I know that many of you might not know everything about this region, its legislature, its military, its proud history, or the general history of Nationstates. That is why I will be collecting your questions, and answering them here on the Union Post. To submit questions, telegram or reach me on Discord (@EdgeCraft5167). For my first opinion piece, let’s talk about the Union Post & my time as Speaker
As a writer for several articles on the Union Post, it is remarkable with how effective Relfa is, at making the articles look presentable. As somebody who thinks of himself as a decent writer, I am not always the best at being tidy & making things pretty. Relfa does an incredible job of that. The entire Union Post team is incredibly talented, especially Relfa who truthfully, does more work than any of us here for the newspaper. You won’t here him complain though. He truly does love this region and this newspaper.
As far as being Speaker, it is an arduous task. I have been Speaker for almost 5 months, & quite frankly, I’m tired. Part of me pushing so hard for the change in the Constitution was selfish. I wanted a break just as much as I wanted to have a new format. I really believe that I have done some good here. And I am very proud of everything I have established & accomplished. I want to thank every member of the Council of State for my time in presiding over it. I would also like to thank every person, in or outside the government, who wrote bills. I think the largest thanks however, has to go to Thatcher. For all the late nights & early afternoon conversations that pertained nothing but writing bills, to the one night, we literally wrote 2 bills and a dispatch in the course of an hour. I have been truly lucky to have made a friend like him, and someone who has worked with me so well. What you may not know is that bills do not have just one writer most times. The CoS helps revise and edit the bills. However, in basically all of the bills “written” by myself or Thatcher, what isn't mentioned is that 90% of them were done collectively as a team. I would like to thank him for being a great teammate. I would also like to state how happy I am to see where the rest of this term leads us, right where I need to be at the moment; on the sidelines. Anyways, I want to thank you all for reading my first opinion article here, and I hope that you continue to read & submit me questions!
Director - Relfa
Publisher - The Noble Thatcherites
Chief Editor - Brittalia
Writer - Kanglia