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How do I endorse?

What are endorsements?

Endorsements are the manner in which players build influence and select their Delegate. To get an endorsement, you first need to be a World Assembly (WA) member. You can only have one nation in the World Assembly.

Here in Europe, we have a free endorsement policy. Because the nation with the most endorsements becomes Delegate, that means that we choose our Delegate democratically from the approval of the voting body, made up of WA members in the region. That means you choose your leader.

The region, by law, uses WA membership as a way to define political rights, since a player can only have one nation in the World Assembly. In the Government Act 2017, all European nations which are members of the WA are also 'electors', in the whole referred to as the European Parliament. They are the people who select the Delegate, the people who can stand for the Delegacy, and the people who can vote on laws in the region.

Joining the WA means that you can vote on laws and choose the direction of the region as a whole.

Each endorsement also increases the voice of Europe in the World Assembly, as the Delegate gets an extra vote for each endorsement he has. Thus, Europe is more able to have its interests represented and its prestige as a region boosted. They also build camaraderie and a connection between all members in the European community to build friendship and a stronger society.

Now, if you want to endorse people, this is the right article for you.

Step 1 Join the World Assembly

Navigate to the World Assembly page and click 'Apply to Join'. You will receive an email to the email account which you provided in the Settings page.

Step 2 Confirm your email

Open your email and click the link to verify your account and join the World Assembly. You cannot have more than one nation in the World Assembly at a time.

Step 3 Find the nation you want to endorse

To boost the influence and security of the region, we encourage all nations to endorse the Delegate, Imperium Anglorum.

If you want to find a list of all nations which you have not yet endorsed, click Linkhere.

Step 4 Scroll to the bottom and click endorse

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