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The Church of the Glorious Evolved

The Church of the Glorious Evolved

📜 The Ten Commandments 📜

1. "We are the Glorious Evolved, created by the Glorious Evolution's image and liking. You shall not have strange gods/goddesses before Her."

This commandment forbids the Glorious Evolved to worship other gods and goddesses (Interregional RP wise). Members of the Church shall always carry Her name with them and spread Her words.

2. "Thou shall not take Her glorious name in vain."

She is our beginning and our end. The Glorious Evolved are obliged to honor Her name. Her call has brought us to protect and love Her with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Shall you decide to disrespect thy Goddess, you'll be banned and ejected from Her sacred shrine.

3. "Remember to keep unholy the World Assembly."

The World assembly hinders true progress. Most of the Glorious Evolved does not align themselves to the inferior flesh of the World Assembly. Should you decide to join the World Assembly, you are now part of The Glorious Order and you may now mock them with your utmost will!

4. "Honor thy Church Members, thy Clergy and thy Founding Father."

See the RMB rules. You are obliged to treat your fellow members with high regards regardless of your opposing views to one another.

5. "For Family, I will give."

You are obliged to give everything for the Church, your talents, your heart, your mind...and your Soul. Treat every Glorious Evolved as your family, you love them for who they are no matter how eccentric they may be.

6. "Thou shall be free."

By Her words and guidance, the Glorious Evolution will truly set you free. Freedom to express your own eccentric beliefs, freedom to insult and mock the inferior World Assembly. Freedom to do you.

7. "Thou shall respect thy neighbors."

Although you are free and encouraged to spread the word to other regions, you shall do so with utmost respect and civility. Only message in regions we have embassies with, unable to do so is an act of blasphemy!

8. "Thou shall praise the Magnum Opus!"

The Magnum Opus is the Head of the Church, Figurehead of the Glorious Evolution, the closest symbolical representation of Her image, liking and beauty. Glory to her!

9. "Thou shall be Glorious! Get Augmented."

Be Glorious! For Progress!

10. Thou shall follow The One Stop Rules Shop.

Okay let's be real this time. Self-explanatory. Be mindful of your actions. You are accountable to any violations you've committed against the Official NationStates Rules commissioned and imposed by the admins, moderators and staffs alike. We may look hideous, but we aren't monsters.

☣ The Clergy ☣

They are ordained players who had proven capabilities to perform the sacred rites of the Glorious Evolution and to spread enforce Her glorious words to the world. The Clergy consist of the Prophets and the Proponents.

Although all of the members are encouraged to practice and enforce the etiquettes within the region, The Clergy/regional officers are the only ones authorized and has the power to take action against regional violators/blasphemers. All players are encouraged to report obvious violators to the moderators.

The Clergy will not reveal how they select and invite members. Tip: Don't ask, actions speak louder the words.

☣ Prophets

The highest ranking member of the Church of the Glorious Evolved just second over the Glorious Evolution Herself. Has seen the visions of the Glorious Evolution and is able to perform miracles, understand and implement Her glorious words through a flick of a finger. Proclaimer of the will of the Glorious Evolution. They were once Proponents but now they are in one with the Glorious Evolution.

They are the most trustworthy members of the Church and have excellent bbcoding skills. They are the only ones allowed to have authority over Appearance. TL;DR: "TGE Admins/Owners."

Head Chembaron - "It is I, the Head Chembaron - a Prophet, founder of the Church of The Glorious Evolved. The first to receive the Glorious Evolution's calling. Shall you decide to violate Her glorious commandments, I shall wreck upon thee my utmost toxicity upon thee!"

OOC: At times I talk and work a lot but sometimes I sleep at the wheel and forget that I left the stove open.

☣ Proponents

Chosen by the Glorious Evolution Herself. Has the responsibility to teach and testify the commandments among their followers and to the world. Has been trusted to become a vigorous and pioneering advocate of Her glorious words.

They work side by side with the Prophets. Trustworthy and must have a relatively clean history in both the Church's RMB and Discord. Chosen Proponents usually start with Poll and Communication powers. TL;DR: "TGE Moderators."

The Immortal Fire Nation - Entrusted with poll, communication, embassy and border powers.

OOC: As the officer of the region, Iím not as diabolical as the individual that rules my nation. Iím just simple a man who is an enthusiast in history and anime.

Machiavellistan - Entrusted with poll, communication, and embassy powers.

☣ The Evangelizers ☣

Active and valuable members of the Church capable of embodying and promoting the Church's glorious culture. It consists of the Alchemists and the Shepherds.

☣ Alchemists

Highly cultured and active members of the Church who has an affinity with the Church's culture and RMB (Regional Message Board) etiquette, and occasionally and/or frequently spread their glorious testaments of Progress.

These are for nations who are particularly passionate and/or interested in a certain area of Science or anything related to "Progress". They have the duty of improving and proliferating RMB Culture, propose new "testaments" if they wish, and are usually artistic and good world-builders. They usually start with Poll powers. TL;DR: "RMB Moderators/Scientist/Artist/Philosophers."

Funeral - Entrusted with poll and communication powers.

☣ Shepherds

Active members of the Church who specializes in promoting and/or improving the Church's Discord Channel and keeping it civil. If there are Alchemists that specializes on TGE's RMB, there are Shepherds that specializes on Her Discord Channel.

These are for nations who aren't particularly interested in TGE RMB but are active and valuable members who prefer Her discord instead. They must have a substantially clean record and has never committed a "Mortal Sin". TL;DR: "Discord Moderators."

☣ Symbiote

Members who are capable of fulfilling the role of both an Alchemist and a Shepard.

☣ The Magnum Opus ☣

Head of the Church, the closest symbolical representation of The Glorious Evolution Herself. No real actual powers. However, by the virtue of Her assumed significance, She is highly influential and respected among the Glorious Evolved. Has a critical and crucial role for the Glorious Order. Full details here.

☣ The Glorious Order ☣

An order whose mission is to spread the words of the Magnum Opus. All members can join regardless of hierarchy. Full details here.

"For the Glorious Evolution!"