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SC “Commend One Small Island” Voting Overview

Current Proposal: Commend One Small Island


This proposal among other things seeks to acknowledge the nominee’s contributions to various Warzones, including Warzone Sandbox, where they hold “the longest continuous reign as World Assembly Delegate of any Warzones”.



Warzone Codger wrote: “I support. About time this community recognised WZ acheivements again.”

Outer Sparta wrote: “Close vote, but voted for to recognize the accomplishments of a WZ nation.”


Guess and Check wrote: “Just wanna pop in and say I am 100% against this. The nominee is commendable, but the resolution is sorely lacking. Typically I'm fine with people ignoring my feedback (I'm an unexperienced idiot so totes understandable), but skimming the feedback of others it seems you only accepted some grammatical feedback and otherwise refused to even acknowledge what people have said in this thread. No offense NT, but OSI deserves something better than this, especially considering the ease with which you could've made this so much better.”

Sylh Alanor wrote: “This is a worthwhile target, but an abysmally-written proposal. The grammar is confused, almost unreadable at points. The author refused to incorporate criticism and edits that would have made this passable. I'm amazed that the standards of the Security Council have sank to the point that we're okay giving someone worthy of a commendation such a low quality one, instead of sending it back to the drawing board and making sure it's worthwhile of that target.

Hard against, and I sincerely hope to see this repealed and replaced by something of higher quality in the future.”

10ki wa secretariat