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World Assembly Supremacy Program

Recent Proposals:

GA, October 13th 2021 Repeal “Drug Decriminalization Act”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Abacathea
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 1 | Against 6 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 374)
Final WA vote: For 5140 (34.2%) | Against 9878 (65.8%)
Result: Failed to pass.

General Assembly Resolution #577 “Drug Decriminalization Act” (Category: Civil Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Esteemed members of the World Assembly;

Complimenting the continued progress of this esteemed body towards the betterment of its member nations,

Lamenting the potential of the Drug Decriminalization Act to be a significant and progressive piece of legislation, hampered by the flaws present within,

Highlighting the fallacies present in the legislation early on, including the assertion that decriminalization is demonstrated to reduce negative societal effects when the reality is that statistics naturally reflect a reduction in drug related offences but show a marked increase in petty street crimes in order to feed a dependency that prevails regardless of the lawful status of drugs,

Disheartened by the political and polarizing statement that "drug possession charges are a favored tool of legal authorities and governments seeking to marginalize or suppress minorities and political opposition to their governments," when the reality is that possession charges are preferred against a person in possession of drugs in the same way speeding tickets are preferred against persons speeding. The enforcement of laws against criminal offenders and the disproportionate targeting of minority groups are in no way the same thing nor are they addressable by the decriminalization of drugs as this resolution would have nations believe,

Disgusted that the target legislation resorted to polarizing statements such as "authorities are often empowered by the continued criminalization of recreational drug possession to commit violence and other indignities against even non-marginalized demographics," and that the legislation in question would have members believe that decriminalization of drugs would address and end systematic or endemic issues of corruption in the fields that it might exist,

Noting that clause 1(b)(i) in its definition of drug possession provides a defense to individuals involved in the sale and supply and/or trafficking of controlled drugs as the prima facie requirement is "monetary or personal gain" which may not always be immediately evident or easily substantiated in a court of law,

Perplexed by the concept of "malicious intent" in clause 1(b)(ii) and worried that legislation with ambiguity inevitably always favors those who would corrupt it,

Lamenting that clause 3a, sweepingly and broadly mandates the decriminalization of drugs for the purpose of "simple possession" without any consideration towards mitigating factors eg; The quantity of a controlled drug in a persons possession, nature of the adverse effects or addictive nature of said controlled drug or classification of the drug in question,

Saddened that a resolution that alludes to offender recidivism, societal participation and recommends the benefits of pardons has taken no positive steps towards addressing the root cause of drug possession, drug trafficking and black market trade i.e; addiction,

Believing that this legislation spends more time highlighting and targeting systematic societal problems with emotive language and incendiary claims rather than the issue it is purporting to address and thus executing its purpose poorly,

Hereby deems the Drug Decriminalization Act, Resolution #577, unfit for purpose and accordingly repeals same.

SC, October 13th 2021 Commend Pallaith: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Pallaith
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 1 | Against 9 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 374)
Final WA vote: For 12150 (82.2%) | Against 2630 (17.8%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Believing that nations which contribute immensely to regional infrastructure and capacity over a long period are commendable if these regional contributions benefit the rest of the world;

Acknowledging that one of the most prominent nations that falls under this category is the ghoul-filled domain of Pallaith (commonly known as Ghost);

Pleased by Pallaith’s work in reviving The Versutian Federation (TVF) through their sister spirit Ghostopolis, where they proceeded to increase regional stability by:

Leading The Versutian Federation’s revival in 2015 after a period of instability which threatened the future of the region by recruiting new nations to the region and establishing a new legal system for national leaders,

Serving as Delegate for multiple periods, increasing the visibility of TVF in the World Assembly by accumulating endorsements and haunting the General Assembly with Ambassador Geist, and

Expanding the diplomatic ties of TVF by strengthening ties with many prominent leftist regions, including their historical allies Democratic Socialist Assembly and Social Liberal Union;

Assured by Ghost’s work between September of 2016 and January of 2017 in reviving and professionalizing the North Pacific (TNP)’s Ministry of World Assembly Affairs by reintroducing the consistent publication of voting recommendations for the first time since 2014, a practice that continues to this day;

Thrilled by Pallaith’s work as TNP Foreign Affairs Minister to continue a project to catalogue information on TNP’s embassy regions, known as the World Factbook Project, which was later expanded upon, became a key part of the work of The North Pacific's Diplomatic Corps, and was incorporated in TNP’s diplomatic reports;

Appreciative of Pallaith’s service as Vice Delegate of The North Pacific wherein they encouraged sharing of endorsements between nations in that region and voting in the World Assembly by supporting the addition of prizes of lucrative international artwork for nations as part of the expanded World Assembly Development Project;

Applauding Ghost’s service as Delegate of TNP where they helped to reform the region in a variety of ways, such as:

Creating the Gameside Advocates, a group of nations which serves as a liaison between nations which use the Regional Message Board to communicate with their fellow leaders and the broader Government of the North Pacific so that the Government can better represent and serve all residents,

Working to revive the World Assembly Legislative League (WALL) through their to work to admit WA stalwart Europe, a move which occurred shortly after they relinquished the Delegacy, and

Ensuring that the premier publication of The North Pacific, The Northern Light, was more frequently published, a trend continued under El Fiji Grande;

Saluting Ghost’s commitment to making their presence known in the wider international community as they have through their personal philosophy of "optimistic diplomacy", or reaching out to regions which the North Pacific has not historically been allies with and finding common ground through shared experiences, a fact best observed through their organization of interregional coalitions and events such as:

The UPPERCUT Faction which successfully held its own during previous iterations of the regular nuclear apocalypses which befall the universe, partly as a result of Pallaith’s status as one of the Commanders of TNP’s atomic forces,

The Friendship Fair, which brought together The North Pacific’s treatied allies and several non-treated embassy regions in Osiris, the New Pacific Order, and the West Pacific in a cultural affair replete with all manner of fun and games,

The First World Assembly Symposium, an event which brought together stakeholders in the World Assembly to discuss the state of the body at-large and provide encouragement to new authors, and

RaiderVision 5, an interregional event whose fifth iteration was hosted by TNP which succeeded in uniting all those under the military umbrella in a joyous celebration involving performances of songs celebrating the art--this particular edition also boasted the largest number of entries of any edition to date; and

Relieved then that even though their unknowable form frightens us, their remaining revenants are indeed friendly and that they are thus deserving of the honor;

Hereby Commends Pallaith.

GA, October 9th 2021 Promoting Democratic Stability Act: A resolution to increase democratic freedoms.
Author: Hulldom
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 3 | Against 2 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 374)
Final WA vote: For 10147 (70.8%) | Against 4181 (29.2%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Recognizing the late repeal of GA#130,

Believing that promoting democratic transitions is a noble goal and one that should continue to be a priority, hereby:

1. The following terms are defined for the purpose of this Act:

a. ”Ballot” as any national vote held specifically to determine what policy or policies a Government is to adopt.

b. “Election” as any vote held for the purposes of electing an individual into a legislative or executive office.

2. Member states are bound to the following policies in the conduct of all local, regional, and national ballots and elections:

a. No person shall, under penalty or cover of law, be forced to disclose for whom or what position they voted or be discriminated against on those grounds.

b. All persons shall have the opportunity to cast their vote in private and without interference from outside parties.

c. No person shall be discriminated against in casting their vote by virtue of how they choose to cast their vote or for not casting a vote.

d. No person shall be disallowed from casting a vote due to some immutable characteristic such as race, biological sex, gender, disability, or any other class which may be protected under national or international law.

3. Member states are encouraged to monitor for, and prosecute, fraudulent or dishonest practices relating to elections or ballots held in their state.

4. The Office of Electoral Administration (hereinafter the OEA) will only enter a member state to assist with or monitor an election or ballot if that member state requests it.

5. However, individual member states are reserved the right to set all further regulations pertaining to elections.

6. OEA officials must investigate allegations of voter intimidation, voter fraud, and other fraudulent or dishonest practices relating to elections in which they have been invited to serve as a monitoring party and must report any and all violations of the practices found in (2) to the World Assembly Compliance Commission for consideration of further sanction.

SC, October 9th 2021 Declaration on Crabs of the Apocalypse: A resolution to express a position on international affairs and obligations.
Author: Concrete Slab
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 2 | Against 5 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s Prerogative 2
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 376)
Final WA vote: For 10499 (74%) | Against (26%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Aware of the existence of annual nuclear apocalypses, also known as "N-Day," where groups called "factions" compete with each other for nuclear dominance; these nuclear apocalypses being so prominent that this august body passed Security Council Resolution #369 to bring attention to this phenomenon,

Asserting that the sixth instance of N-Day has recently concluded across the multiverse,

Thankful that the home of the Security Council has been left relatively undamaged,

Observing, however, that one faction stood alone atop the smoldering wasteland of the multiverse, a feat never before seen,

Astounded to declare that the faction known as “Crabs of the Apocalypse,” henceforth known as “COTA,” has summarily obliterated any other faction that stood in their way in a devastating show of nuclear power,

Dismayed that COTA claimed an overwhelming victory against the only other faction who rose to challenge them in an attempt to save the multiverse from annihilation, “The Potato Alliance,”

Distraught that, while The Potato Alliance may have included some of the most expansive regions of nations in the multiverse, they stood no chance against the might of COTA,

Acknowledging that COTA and TPA had a mutual defense pact for the first twelve hours of the nuclear apocalypse, which turned into a non-aggression pact until hour fourteen,

Lauding the bravery of the spuds of The Potato Alliance for using all of their strength in one final, desperate attack against COTA by providing notice that they were breaking the non-aggression pact,

Heartbroken that even after the final stand of The Potato Alliance, COTA sustained little damage and responded with a devastating counterattack that filled TPA to the brim with radiation,

Noting that the smell of baked potatoes will linger across the multiverse for months to come,

Flabbergasted that once COTA was assured in their dominance, they were able to create many satellite factions that stood stalwart against the multiverse’s most desperate and ultimately futile attacks, displaying a victory for crabs everywhere across the top of the multiverse; the top ten factions in nuclear dominance, as ranked by the world census, were in fact puppet factions of COTA, showing the sheer, terrifying power of crabs,

Further nothing that, even though evolution dictates all beings must become crabs, nuclear annihilation was an extremely problematic way to cause this inevitability to come to pass,

Curious about the implications this overwhelming show of strength will have on the phenomenon known as “N-Day” in future occurrences,

Terrified that no faction will ever be able to match the strength of COTA for as long as N-Day ensues across the multiverse,

Timidly congratulating COTA for their domination of almost every sphere of nuclear warfare during the event,

Hereby declares Crabs of the Apocalypse as the most powerful nuclear faction to ever terrorize the multiverse.

GA, October 5th 2021 Transgender Self-Determination: A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 3 | Against 2 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 373)
Final WA vote: For 11109 (77.6%) | Against 3198 (22.4%)
Result: Passed.

Grateful that this august body has amply protected the right to a medical gender transition (see GA#91, 457, 467, and 571), but

Noting that international law does not yet explicitly recognise the right of sapients to legally self-identify as their chosen gender, rather than have to undergo a medical transition which may be unavailable to them, and

Seeking to expand Alternatives to Transgender Hormone Therapy in member states...

The General Assembly hereby:

a. forbids member states from restricting by any means the right of their inhabitants to change their gender (including by requiring those inhabitants to undergo any medical procedure before their new gender can be legally recognised), except as provided in Articles b and c,

b. clarifies that members may, at their discretion, restrict gender changes:

i. where expressly allowed by prior and standing international law, or

ii. to set a reasonable time period immediately after changing one's gender during which further changes thereof cannot occur,

c. requires members to prevent gender changes made without the free and informed consent of the person whose gender is to be changed,

d. demands that no charges be imposed on any application filed for an official gender change made pursuant to Article a, and

e. requires members and their government agencies, including state-funded schools, to respect the preferred name, pronouns and gender identity of those who interact with them.

SC, October 4th 2021 Liberate The Catgirl Hivemind: A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.
Author: A Melted Instant Pot Lid
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 0 | Against 8 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 374)
Final WA vote: For 3853 (26.5%) | Against 10714 (73.5%)
Result: Failed to pass.

NOTESERVING the importance of catgirls to the international anarcho-communisty

OBSERNOTING catgirls should be protected from those who seek to do them HARM

SURPRISED that any group would want to damage these catgirls

HAGHAST that the region has been occupied by anti-catgirl forces

IRRITATED by the fact these anti-catgirl forces have used the region to participate in nuclear destruction

EXTREMELY UPSET at the occupation of TCH (pronounced as one word) and that the nuclear weaponry fired from the region has caused massive though deserved retaliation and destroyed the native catgirl population

LOATHING the treatment that these catgirls have received from their CARELESS OCCUPIERS

DECIDING that liberating this region would allow the international community to secure the region to protect the catgirl natives


Hereby liberates the Catgirl Hivemind

GA, October 1st 2021 Health and Safety Act: A resolution to enact uniform standards that protect workers, consumers, and the general public.
Author: Alista
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 0 | Against 4 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 378)
Final WA vote: For 5110 (35.5%) | Against 9296 (64.5%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The World Assembly,

Recognizing not only that industry is critical to the economic development of many member states, but that high standards of health and safety are critical to the development of many industries,

Concerned that some members and employers might not have adequate laws and policies in effect to protect workers from dangerous working conditions, not only in factories and other centres of heavy industry but also - for example - in restaurants (where measures to prevent cross-contamination of foodstuffs, such as the use of different-coloured chopping boards and regular handwashing, are of great importance),

Believing that employers in member states with strong health and safety standards should not be entitled to outsource jobs to members with lax or nonexistent health and safety standards in order to make a quick buck, and

Supporting the right of workers everywhere to face as small a risk of physical harm and deterioration as possible while they are working,

Hereby enacts as follows.

1. In this resolution, a "worker" in any given member state means a hypothetical worker of average physical dimensions whose species is the predominant sapient species in that member.

2. Each member must:

a. publish a first, quantitative manual of guidelines listing those levels of mechanical, temperature, chemical, and ergonomic stresses which a worker in that member may endure on a daily basis without incurring adverse side effects over time,

b. publish a second, quantitative manual of guidelines listing those levels of various industrial chemical substances, with reference to levels in both the factory workplace environment and a worker's blood sample, which a worker in that member may endure on a daily basis without incurring adverse side effects over time,

c. publish a third, qualitative manual of guidelines explaining the steps that their workers can take to reduce their risk of injury in the workplace (both in general and at the particular type of business where they work), regardless of where they work or what their job entails, and the steps that employers in each sector of the economy must take to reduce these risks,

d. update the three manuals of guidelines, hereinafter "the Manuals," on an annual basis to incorporate the latest research findings and relevant statistical data, and

e. distribute the Manuals to all of their businesses, and

f. sanction those businesses who expose their workers to levels of stress and exposure to chemical substances (pursuant to Articles 2a and 2b respectively) beyond those stipulated in the Manuals, or who fail to report injuries sustained by their workers at the workplace to their member's government (to ensure its compliance with Article 3c).

3. The Health and Safety Board (HSB) is established. It is responsible for receiving the following data from each member on an annual basis:

a. legal measures enacted by that member and its political subdivisions to protect the health and safety of workers,

b. how frequently and effectively the measures described in Articles 2a, 2b, 2c, and 3a are being enforced by the government, and

c. how often per year, on average, workplace injuries occur (which shall be disaggregated according to whether they were caused by mechanical hazards, temperature hazards, chemical hazards, or ergonomic hazards).

4. The HSB shall report all members and political subdivisions of members whose governments fail to enforce those measures they have enacted to protect the health and safety of workers, including by failing to enforce compliance with Articles 2 and 5 of this Act, to the WACC.

5. Each member must disseminate accurate and informative publications to all of their businesses (including state-owned businesses) which describe the legal measures they have enacted to protect the health and safety of workers and explain how businesses can comply with these legal measures.

Co-authored with Tinhampton.

SC, September 30th 2021 Against Destructive Raiding Practices: A resolution to express a position on international affairs and obligations.
Author: Aivintis
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 7 | Against 0 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 378)
Final WA vote: For 4974 (35%) | Against 9235 (65%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The Security Council,

Defining “destructive raiding practices” as any act intended to harm a region or its native community during an invasion by invading forces, by irreversible or hardly reversible actions including, but not inherently limited to:

i. Banning or ejecting native nations,

ii. Instituting a regional password without consent of the native community,

iii. Refounding the region without consent of the native community, or

iv. Closure of embassies opened by natives,

Believing these acts to be widely immoral and staunchly against the principles of the World Assembly,

Asserting that a stance must be taken against this deplorable practice in order to facilitate and express support for their opposition within the international community,


1. Condemns destructive raiding practices with the full diplomatic weight of the Security Council;

2. Entreats regional militaries that participate in invasions to not participate in any such operation employing destructive raiding practices, whether or not they are responsible for the practices themselves;

3. Exhorts the use of Security Council Liberations to protect regions against destructive raiding practices; and

4. Establishes exceptions to these proscriptions in cases where targeted regions routinely engage in destructive raiding practices or where targeted regions are displayed to be openly fascist, in the latter case actively encouraging such action.

Co-Authored by The Gold Holy Dinosaur Nation of Apatosaurus

GA, September 27th 2021 Drug Decriminalization Act: A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.
Author: Greater Cesnica
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 1 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 366)
Final WA vote: For 9745 (65.9%) | Against 5042 (34.1%)
Result: Passed.

The General Assembly,

Understanding that punitive efforts against recreational drug use have failed,

Aware that the decriminalization of recreational drug possession and targeted rehabilitation and social programs have been demonstrated to decrease the negative societal effects associated with substance abuse,

Noting that recreational drug possession charges are a favored tool of legal authorities and governments seeking to marginalize or suppress minorities and political opposition to their governments,

Further noting that nations with rampant corruption within law enforcement authorities are often empowered by the continued criminalization of recreational drug possession to commit violence and other indignities against even non-marginalized demographics,

Unconvinced that the criminalization of individuals in possession of recreational drugs deters recidivism or recreational drug use,

Concluding that the criminalization of recreational drug possession and its resulting consequences for both those truly in possession of such drugs and those falsely accused represents both a grave injustice towards human dignity and a waste of a nation's expenditure,


1. Defines for the purposes of this resolution;

a. "drug" as a chemical substance which induces psychoactive effects after being consumed, where such a substance is not already considered legal for recreational consumption or a substance used for recognized medical purposes or otherwise as part of recognized sacramental purposes,

b. "simple drug possession" as the possession of drugs by an individual where such possession is not for the purposes of:

i. monetary or other forms of material gain or

ii. providing drugs to an individual without their consent or otherwise with malicious intent,

c. "illicit drug possession" as any possession of drugs outside the parameters established in Articles 1(a) and 1(b),

d. "drug trafficking" as the illicit smuggling and/or distribution of drugs for monetary or other forms of material gain, and

e. "drug manufacturing" as the illicit production of drugs for monetary or other forms of material gain.

2. Reaffirms the right of member states to set internal policy regarding drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, illicit drug possession, and the legal distribution and production of drugs, subject to past or future World Assembly resolutions.

3. Requires that member states, within the bounds of any past World Assembly resolutions;

a. decriminalize the act of simple drug possession and

b. initiate a review process to re-evaluate the cases of those imprisoned and/or convicted of the act of simple drug possession in order to determine release and/or pardon eligibility given the following considerations:

i. the time served for the offense(s),

ii. any separate offenses committed in addition to the act of simple drug possession,

iii. the suitability for re-entry into societal participation,

iv. the likelihood of recidivism in regards to other criminal activities, and

v. the positive benefits of receiving a full pardon for the act of simple drug possession.

4. Strongly urges member states to offer full, unconditional releases and/or pardons for those convicted solely for the act of simple drug possession.

Co-authored by Honeydewistania.

SC, September 26th 2021 Statement on the Nuclear Apocalypse: A resolution to express a position on international affairs and obligations.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 6 | Against 1 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 366)
Final WA vote: For 12219 (85.4%) | Against 2082 (14.6%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly Security Council,

Observing the currently ongoing volley of nuclear missiles and warheads across the multiverse,

Mildly perturbed at the frequency of such acts of aggression, happening at suspiciously regular intervals of time, about one year apart from one another,

Concerned for the wonderful nations of the World Assembly’s wellbeing during these atomic get-togethers, which may result in a less-than-ideal situation for many of the profoundly good and moral nations residing under the governance of this organization,

Gleefully noting, however, that some notoriously evil nations get bombed into oblivion during these events, meaning that there is a compelling reason for them to join the World Assembly and start on a path towards recovery and goodness,

Celebrating the goodwill brought among several groups of nations and regions, known as “factions”, which ultimately can foster positive relations between previously isolated groups of people,

Finding the chaos arising from these events to be a generally positive recess from the mundaneness of this realm, which some have described as “stagnating”, “generally boring”, or “mind-numbingly tedious”,

Concerned, though, about the safety of the Security Council at large if any malevolent actors were to shift their warmongering focus to the building of the World Assembly, and the largely negative effects that hurling nuclear megabombs towards our esteemed Assembly would incur,

Asking, in light of this, that any nations thinking of blowing up the home of the Security Council, to not do that,

Reemphasizing the fact that it would be an objectively very bad thing if any nations were to aim their full arsenal of weapons of mass destruction at any building containing gnomish personnel of the World Assembly, even though there is no formal method in which this Assembly can retaliate with material action should that action occur,

Growing rather suspicious at the lack of demonstrable aftermath following this should-be-armageddon, and worried at the implications that such a finding would have on this realm at large,

And believing that, with all these factors combined, this so-called “N-Day” shall be remembered now and forever,

Henceforth endorses any and all activities that occur under the name of N-Day, in good jest and abject chaos.

GA, September 29th 2021 Recreational Drugs Compact: A resolution to reduce income inequality and increase basic welfare.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 2 | Against 6 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 364)
Final WA vote: For 1930 (12.9%) | Against 12974 (87.1%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The General Assembly hereby:

a. reserves to its member states whether to legalise, decriminalise, or forbid the possession, distribution, growing, use, sale and purchase of drugs for recreational purposes within their jurisdiction,

b. suggests that members treat paraphernalia used with a certain recreational drug as having the same legal status as that drug, and

c. urges members to fund or provide addiction recovery services for intensive drug users who sincerely desire them, without fear of punishment for using such services.

SC, September 22nd 2021 Commend LadyRebels: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Apatosaurus
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 7 | Against 1 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 362)
Final WA vote: For 5794 (40.5%) | Against 8508 (59.5%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The Security Council,

Recognising LadyRebels as a nation known for its selflessness and bravery for the cause of good, and appreciating that while it started out as a high-ranking member of the Atlantic Central Command (ACC), one of the foremost invader groups of antiquity, it then became a leading figure in the early history of the South Pacific and helped build it into the vibrant community it has now become,

Recalling that in June 2003, the ACC placed a tyrant, Alpha c, as Delegate of the South Pacific, who turned the South Pacific into a puppet state of the ACC; the Coalition of the South Pacific, the fledgling government of the South Pacific, was largely helpless and seemingly unlikely to regain its sovereignty over the region,

Admiring LadyRebels' bravery after securing the delegacy of the South Pacific when Alpha C was ejected from the United Nations (UN); on its own free will, it turned on the ACC and heroically restored the Coalition’s sovereignty, boldly defying orders from High Commander of the ACC Pilmour; LadyRebels then resigned from the ACC and openly assured natives that they would no longer be terrorised by the ACC, selflessly destroying all of its standing within the ACC for the cause of good,

Praising how LadyRebels oversaw the South Pacific's first stable delegacy free from internal chaos, during which it helped rebuild the Coalition as a functioning democracy and force within the interregional community by, among other things:

i. Starting the process of holding regional votes to determine the Delegate’s vote in UN resolutions, a process which the South Pacific was among the first regions to start and that continues over 18 years later for voting in the World Assembly, furthering democratic participation within the region and serving as a role model for other regions to follow suit at the time,

ii. Introducing regular regional contests on the forums helping build activity, which continued even after LadyRebels' delegacy, even holding regional Summer Olympics in 2004 and a Football Association Cup in 2005,

iii. Creating an official record of banned nations allowing for greater administration with nations deemed security threats, which stayed in regular use until 2006,

iv. Overseeing the original creation of the Vice President position, allowing for the Delegate to delegate their job to a dedicated deputy, and

Overseeing the foundation of the first military branch of the South Pacific, the Defence Force of the South Pacific, by the then-Secretary of Defense, The matt- duck; this was an important milestone in the history of the South Pacific and while it no longer exists, has paved the path to the creation of the South Pacific Special Forces, now one of the largest and well-respected defender militaries in NationStates,

Impressed by LadyRebels' accomplishments in its second term as delegate in late 2003 to 2004; despite being repeatedly challenged by unendorsement campaigns by the Pacific through regional leaders Francos spain and Savage lands reloaded, the region remained very stable and successfully built relations with the West Pacific and even healed those with the Pacific after the direct attack,

Appreciating that LadyRebels has shown further dedication to the Coalition by serving in a multitude of positions such as Secretary and Undersecretary of Intelligence, Editor of the South Pacific Independent News Network and Chairperson, and

Believing that LadyRebels’ impact - which has directly allowed for the continued survival and growth of the Coalition, now the oldest extant democracy in all of NationStates - stands out interregionally and should in no doubt be officially recognised by this body,

Hereby Commends The Insane Zombie Nudist Colony of LadyRebels.

GA, September 19th 2021 Preventing Identity Theft: A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 7 | Against 1 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 359)
Final WA vote: For 11963 (82%) | Against 2630 (18%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Recognizing past attempts to temper the horrific and life-shattering crime of identity theft through Resolution 110, “Identity Theft Prevention Act”, and its repeal by Resolution 574,

Believing that regardless of issues present within the past efforts to prevent identity theft, the principle behind protecting victims of identity theft is sound and should be upheld with a replacement,

Hoping to continue the prevention of identity theft and protection of those who do happen to be victims of identity theft from the consequences that naturally occur as a result of such a victimhood,

Hereby enacts the following into World Assembly law:

1. For the purposes of this resolution, ”Identity Theft” is defined as the act of intentionally and fraudulently taking an individual’s personal or financial information or identity for the purpose of it being passed off as someone else’s information or identity.

2. Identity theft and the sale or use of any stolen personal or financial information is outlawed in all member-nations.

3. The International Identity Database is tasked with the establishment, maintenance, and continued operation of a system in which stolen identities can be logged and tracked.

i. Governments of member-states and accredited law enforcement agencies within member-nations shall have unrestricted access to upload stolen identities and stolen information from the victims of identity theft as discovered or reported in their nations, and are obligated to do so. These organizations may access, edit, and remove any information they upload to the database, and are obligated to do so in cases where requested by the victim of the relevant identity theft.

ii. Non-member-nations and other agencies may submit cases of identity thefts to the database. Any submissions from these organizations will be reviewed by the International Identity Database in order to ensure their validity and necessity. Similar control over the cases submitted by organizations under World Assembly control shall be afforded to these organizations, subject to the same process of review as initial submissions.

iii. Misuse of the International Identity Database will lead to heavy restrictions on that submitter. In the cases of organizations under World Assembly control, those restrictions will include a sanctions proportional with other similar non-compliance and review of future submissions to the system. For organizations not under World Assembly control, complete revocation of access to the database may occur, depending on severity. Full length of restrictions is subject to the opinions of the International Identity Database.

iv. All cases present within the International Identity Database shall be kept fully confidential and encrypted against any organization not specified as having access to any particular case, or otherwise deemed to be important to access by the committee.

v. The International Identity Database is obligated, where possible and feasible within the manpower of the committee and access they have, to monitor marketplaces and transactions for the use of stolen identities, and to identify the relevant nation, law enforcement agencies, and marketplaces of the use of the stolen identity.

vi. Member-nations must monitor and keep a record of all cases of use of stolen identities within their jurisdictions, and submit these records to the International Identity Database.

4. Member-nations must, where possible, prevent identity theft and work with victims of identity theft in order to catch the perpetrators and punish them accordingly. Coordination between member-states in order to put an end to larger rings dedicated to committing identity theft should be accomplished to the highest degree reasonably effective.

5. In cases where victims were affected financially by the relevant identity theft, the total sum of losses shall be repaid to the victim. Further compensation is permitted and encouraged.

6. The development of technology, software, and other methods to prevent the occurrence of identity theft and handling the aftermath in order to minimize the impact of identity theft on victims and the general populace is strongly encouraged. Further, the implementation of these systems is urged to be supplied to the general populace as well as any vulnerable vendors.

SC, September 18th 2021 Repeal “Liberate Nazi Europa”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 7 | Against 9 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 357)
Final WA vote: For 5267 (35.9%) | Against 9400 (64.1%)
Result: Failed to pass.

Security Council Resolution #246 “Liberate Nazi Europa” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.


RECOGNISING that the passage of this repeal will not do anything to change this august body's firm and long-standing stance against fascism, national socialism, and other ideologies that promote discrimination;

RECALLING that, while the author of SC#246 hoped that the target region would "be made vulnerable by this august body through" its Liberation, the far superior outcome of its being involuntarily dissolved and prevented from ever being refounded was accomplished by decree of the Secretariat in May 2021;

NOTING that, far from currently having "an executive Founder," the target region currently has no founder of any description (never mind any residents); and

BELIEVING that the target region neither poses such a great threat to the international community that it should remain Liberated, nor has the ability to meaningfully relish in the repeal of its Liberation:


GA, September 15th 2021 Repeal “Elections and Assistance Act”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Hulldom
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 1[color] | [color=red]Against 6 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 347)
Final WA vote: For 11682 (83.5%) | Against 2314 (16.5%)
Result: Passed.

General Assembly Resolution #130 “Elections and Assistance Act” (Category: Furtherment of Democracy; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The General Assembly,

Noting that promoting democratic transitions and democracy is a noble goal and is indeed the purpose of this resolution, but

Believing that this resolution, while well intentioned, falls well short in a variety of ways in regards to promoting democratic transitions,

Acknowledges that the “encouragement” of Article 2, Section 3 is self-defeating in that the lack of mandate on member states to have an independent, even if state-affiliated, body to conduct elections can lead to abuse by interested parties on their favored candidate or side’s behalf thus undermining the very principle of free and fair elections and opening up the potential for manipulation of elections through corrupt practices;

Notes that the lack of an explicit mandate to be rid of electoral systems with an in-built “disproportionate advantage”, as in Article 2, Section 4 allows for the creation of election systems which, while ostensibly fair, do in the end bias some constituency over another and that the lack of a mandate for fair electoral systems here undermines considerably the creation of fair systems as noted in Article 3, Section 2 by the Organization for Election Assistance (hereinafter the OEA) as member nations could conceivably cite obviously flawed systems as fair as there are no mandates to the contrary;

Recognizes that the non-binding nature of Article 3, Section 2 undermines Article 3, Section 3 as while the OEA may assist in the creation of electoral systems, there is no mandate for nations which call on the OEA's assistance to craft fair electoral systems, thus defeating any purpose that the OEA’s advisory capacity may have in establishing “democratic principles”;

Observes that Article 3, Section 4’s provisions for voluntary election monitoring, on the proviso that the OEA is asked, is contradicted by Sections 5 and 6 which set up mandatory oversight and monitoring provisions which do not require a nation’s consent for implementation;

Discerns that Article 3, Section 5’s provisions for the monitoring of unfair practices do not provide for an investigatory role, only an oversight one, thus hindering the ability of the OEA to deem elections as “free and fair” as there is no mechanism to prove definitively that voter fraud, voter intimidation, or vote buying occurred as there is no way for the OEA to effectively gather data except for through non-compliance proceedings;

Sees that “reasonable consideration” as noted in Article 3, Section 7 is not defined in non-binding OEA vote counts, thus leaving the door open for malign member state actors to potentially disregard the OEA’s tally in electoral disputes, thereby throwing earlier mandates for fair conduct into doubt and disrupting any utility that the monitoring powers granted to aforementioned body in Article 3, Section 6 might have in ensuring that "transitioning nations" successfully conduct free and fair elections; and

Noticing these faults with this resolution as a whole and deeming it unsatisfactory;

Hereby repeals GA #130 “Elections and Assistance Act”.

SC, September 14th 2021 Condemn Thaecia: A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.
Author: New Burnet
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 0 | Against 11 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 347)
Final WA vote: For 1965 (13.8%) | Against 12266 (86.2%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The Security Council,

Noting the corrupt and power abusing region of Thaecia;

Understanding that status should not replace law and order;

Detests Thaecia's protection of far-left ideologies while attacking anything that is close to right wing;

Disgusted by Thaecia's leaders abusing their power and breaking their own rules, all while severely punishing those of lesser status who even think about it;

Abhors Thaecia's putting their own nations into other region's positions to get their way;

Terrified of Thaecia's continuous hunting of any region that disagrees with them;

Seeks to warn Thaecia that they aren't all powerful, and that status should not prevent you from following rules;

Hereby condemns Thaecia

GA, September 11th 2021 Repeal “Identity Protection Theft”: A resolution to repeal previously passed resolution.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 3 | Against 0 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 333)
Final WA vote: For 11 (93.3%) | Against 918 (6.7%)
Result: Passed.

General Assembly Resolution #110 “Identity Theft Prevention Act” (Category: International Security; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The World Assembly,

Recognizing the crime of identity theft as a reprehensible action, which can ruin the lives of victims and cause issues on a grand scale, and the passage of Resolution 110, “Identity Theft Prevention Act” to help address this issue,

Concerned by several flaws present within Resolution 110, which distract from the good intended to come from the act, most notably the flaws that the International Identity Database has, such as:

i. The database only being accessible by law enforcement within member-states, meaning that in the cases of privatized law enforcement, the governments of member-states have no way to reliably access the database without going through a third party that does have access,

ii. Allowing any law enforcement officer to access the database, regardless of need, prior history, or other basic security precursors that such an international system should have in place inherently allows abuse of the information therein, especially when coupled with the lack of mechanism to protect the identities of those entered within the database, meaning that malicious law enforcement officers can potentially sell the data of victims of identity theft for profit or other personal or organizational gain,

iii. The lack of mechanism to input discovered stolen identities into the database if there was no report made, ultimately hindering the efforts of the database by potentially large amounts,

iv. Similarly, the lack of any defined method for removing an individual from the database, meaning that even in cases where identities were mistakenly reported as stolen or where stolen identity cases were solved, there is a significant chance where law enforcement will continue to be notified when the rightful owner of an identity uses their identity in a perfectly lawful fashion,

Worried by other minor flaws within the resolution outside those found within the bounds of the above, such as:

i. Identity thieves being forced to pay monetary compensation even when monetary compensation is not appropriate due to no money being lost, or where the victim is deceased or otherwise incapacitated and there is no way for the money to reach them, or where the identity theft does not have any money to pay,

ii. The lack of specification on how the World Identity Theft Database operates, how it disseminates information, and how it protects tourists specifically,

iii. Generally poor writing, which potentially allows nations to abuse and bypass the resolution, especially regarding the exceptions given to the ban of identity theft, and with the definition of identity theft already being referred to as a “crime”,

Believing that these flaws ultimately undermine the resolution as a whole, and make a case for striking it from the records,

And hoping that a future resolution will be able to address the problem of identity theft without leaving the flaws that the target did,

Hereby repeals Resolution 110, “Identity Theft Prevention Act”.

SC, September 10th 2021 Commend Suvmia: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Laudsia
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 1 | Against 1 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 333)
Final WA vote: For 10053 (80.2%) | Against 2478 (19.8%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Recognizing that since the start of Suvmia’s international involvement in July 2017 with the founding of The United Nations of CASA, the nation has been focused on the betterment of the international community, even to such an extreme where they ignore their own nation in favor of focusing on others,

Celebrating Suvmia’s founding of The Ascendancy Federation (TAF) in January of 2018, creating the opportunity, one possibly unknown to the smaller communities in the fringes of the world, to garner more influence in international politics by uniting under a single organization, albeit far less renowned; TAF was a precursor to other multi-regional organizations such as The United Region Alliance (URA),

Highlighting Sumvia’s help in the creation of The United Ascendancy (TUA), a region founded by Princepterra a proxy of Laudesia, Suvmia, and Urrangslan, in 2019 the regions in TAF were on the verge of collapse due to an inactivity crisis, a multitude of nations were leaving or ceasing to exist ravishing the regional governments and communities, Suvmia’s assistance was paramount in stopping this by gathering these collapsing communities and giving them a larger, more stable, active, new region,

Further highlighting Suvmia’s roles as the first Minister of Foreign Affairs and second President of The United Ascendancy in 2019-2020, laying the foundation of foreign affairs in the region, by co-authoring the constitution, authoring the Embassy Policy, and spearheading recruitment efforts for the region to grow from only a few nations to just under 100,

Acknowledging Suvmia’s guidance in assisting new nations navigate the international political sphere, most notably World Assembly author and The Democratic Republic Delegate Orca and Narwhal, and other former members of the TUA’s government and URA’s Alliance Cabinet such as Adachi, and Ascanian,

Noting that even though The Ascendancy Federation and The United Ascendancy are now defunct, Suvmia’s actions do not go unnoticed, during these three years Suvmia has greatly impacted the nations that were in these organizations, helping teach and bring new nations together, these nations now continue to benefit other regions and the world as a whole,

Lauding Suvmia’s two terms as President of The United Regions Alliance, where they overhauled the bureaucratic system by organizing URA information through an impressive system of interconnected dispatches, authoring several pieces of foundational legislation, including the first, and current URA constitution, without such structuring URA would not be one of the largest multiregional organizations in the world that it is today, with an impressive total of 27 member regions and 2800+ nations,

Further Lauding Suvmia’s assistance as President of URA in helping URA founder Ellenburg establish relations with The North Pacific (TNP) and The West Pacific, Suvmia took the lead with TNP talks co-authoring the Memorandum of Understanding between TNP and URA and assisting in the creation of the URA Halloween Festival and Anniversary Festival,

Astonished that even though Suvmia’s assistance was considered crucial by URA founder Ellenburg, by establishing international communication, furthering URA’s international presence, and establishing URA’s community as a whole, that Suvmia would later decline any involvement or just praise in an interview, taking themselves out of the limelight and ceding all credit to Ellenburg to ensure the passage of SC #352: Commend Ellenburg,

Confident that Suvmia’s actions in region-building, mentoring fellow nations, and international relations are worthy of praise and commendation by this august council,

Hereby Commends Suvmia.

GA, September 7th 2021 Protections During Territorial Transitions: A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.
Author: Daarwyrth
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 1 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 340)
Final WA vote: For 8535 (69.9%) | Against 3681 (30.1%)
Result: Passed.

The General Assembly,

Aware that territorial transitions between member states may occur as part of trade agreements or other diplomatic proceedings; and

Affirming that sovereign states have the right to manage their territory as they see fit; and

Applauding previously passed legislation and its mandate that member states allow their inhabitants to fulfil their basic needs; yet

Concerned about the fate of those inhabitants that must endure the effects of territorial transitions;


1. Defines, for the purposes of this resolution:

a. a "transition" as the transfer of territory from one member state to another member state resulting from economic, political or diplomatic proceedings;

b. a "receiving state" as a member state that acquires territory as a result of a transition; and

c. an "affected inhabitant" as an inhabitant of any area of a member state that is directly affected by a transition;

2. Mandates that member states inform affected inhabitants extensively and with sufficient advance notice on any jurisdictional changes that they will be subjected to as a result of a transition, such as the rights and responsibilities that they will obtain and/or lose, and provide affected inhabitants with all other information relevant to that transition, and the changes it will inflict upon them, unless affected inhabitants have overtly communicated not to want such information or contact on the subject;

3. Demands that affected inhabitants are offered citizenship by the receiving state if they held that status under the jurisdiction of their former nation of habitation, or any other equivalent right to residency that they enjoyed in their previous state;

4. Requires member states to allow affected inhabitants who are unwilling to become the inhabitant of another sovereign state as a result of a transition, to relocate to another part of their nation that is suitable for civilian habitation, along with any other rights guaranteed by earlier legislation passed by this international body that has not been replaced;

5. Instructs member states to assist affected inhabitants who would be unable to see to their basic needs as a result of relocating within that member state in line with their right as granted by Clause 4;

6. Clarifies that, in cases of mass relocation as a result of a transition, or multiple transitions, which would cause a nation to be overwhelmed in terms of housing and the fulfilment of affected inhabitants' basic needs, Clauses 4 and 5 may be temporarily waived (and resolved through other suitable, temporary measures) until that nation is no longer so overwhelmed;

7. Further requires receiving states to grant inhabitants who have had their citizenship or right to residence transferred as a result of a transition, a period of acclimatisation to their change of jurisdiction, which must be of a fair length and grant them enough time to integrate into their new nation, and which should be taken into consideration by the authorities of the receiving state where appropriate and necessary;

8. Tasks receiving states with granting assistance that is free of charge in cases where affected inhabitants would request aid and/or guidance regarding affairs such as legal integration into their new jurisdiction, or the learning of the receiving state's official language(s);

9. Also requires member nations to have the provisions of this resolution included in the treaties and/or agreements regulating the transition of territories as per the definition of Clause 1a, regardless of whether the other nations involved in those agreements are or are not also WA members; and

10. Orders member states to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of affected inhabitants are not unduly infringed upon as a result of a transition.

SC, September 6th 2021 Commend Maowi: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Hulldom
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 2 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 340)
Final WA vote: For 11150 (90.9%) | Against 1121 (9.1%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Recognizing public service and the World Assembly as avenues for contribution to the multiverse for nations, and that first and foremost among these bureaucrats who lack recognition in the wider community is Maowi;

Admiring Maowi's service to Europeia through their diligent and well enumerated recruitment efforts, serving as Minister of Recruitment following the untimely departure of the Minister while Maowi was in a position to answer the call to serve, and creating a tournament for members of the region based on their recruitment activities, thus bolstering Europeia's recruiting prowess;

Celebrating Maowi’s stellar leadership of the Ministry of Communications, where they reintroduced the column system of organising articles, fostered long-term success, and produced an impressive number of articles, including ones popularising the World Assembly;

Recalling fondly that their service revolutionized the World Assembly Affairs Ministry in Europeia during their tenures in office through:

1. Their reinvention of the World Assembly 101 program with Imperium Anglorum, which brought information on the conduct of the World Assembly to interested members of the multiversal community,

2. Their mentorship of several future World Assembly Affairs Ministers such as Ouardeheya, Mancheseva City, and Pland Adanna, ensuring the program could continue at a high level of excellence following their departure, and

3. Their introduction of discussions of World Assembly resolutions within the ministry, thus improving the degree of awareness about the World Assembly among interested parties in the region;

Saluting the efforts of Maowi in the WA as led by Dr. Feargal Yurilevich and the Maowese delegation, as they have contributed immensely to the conduct of international law through such resolutions as:

1. GA #457: Defending The Rights of Sexual and Gender Minorities, which protected the right of same gender partnerships to marry, established the principle of non-discrimination under the law on the basis of gender or sexuality, and affirmed the right of the citizens of member states to identify with whatever gender they so choose,

2. GA #489: Ethical Treatment of Animals in Research, which ensured that animal experimentation was drastically reduced in member states and that the last vestiges of this practice were as humane as possible,

3. GA #537: Right to Assemble, which continued to ensure that citizens of member states maintained the right to peaceful protest;

Acknowledging too that the many-sided genius of Maowi further extends to assisting other nations with their own endeavors in the World Assembly, demonstrated by Maowi's invaluable assistance with and co-authorship of:

1. SC #341: Commend King HEM which honoured the founder of Europeia, recognizing their service to it, The Land of Kings and Emperors, and The South Pacific,

2. SC #349: Commend Marrabuk which recognized a lauded figure in the history of the East Pacific, noting their contributions to that region's Government and Foreign Affairs and in countering the coup of Fedele; and

Appreciating Maowi's contributions to South Pacific (SP) wherein they successfully led the Mission to the World Assembly, collecting data on SP's votes in the World Assembly and performing tasks critical to ensuring that region members were informed consumers of and voters on the World Assembly's resolutions by disseminating, and providing an informed opinion on, proposals to national leaders in that region;

Believing that Maowi's contributions to Sky Haven are also significant, such as their service as an Octarchon, assisting the founder in the initial proceedings of the community, and later service as Majordomo, or the Chief Executive, in Sky Haven's first Government; and

Noting that while the motto of the Maowese may be "Lethargy, Languor, and Laziness!", they have embodied none of these and that as a result, they are a people which all nations would be better off emulating;

Hereby Commends Maowi.

Co-authored by Orca and Narwhal and Mancheseva City.

GA, September 3rd 2021 Repeal “Preventing the Execution of Innocents”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Wallenburg
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: Discussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 6 | Against 7 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 344)
Final WA vote: For 9505 (77.6%) | Against 2745 (22.4%)
Result: Passed.

General Assembly Resolution #443 “Preventing the Execution of Innocents” (Category: Civil Rights; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Recalling the extensive history of World Assembly delegations addressing the question of capital punishment,

Rejecting the condemnable practice of sacrificing equal protection under the law and the obstruction of justice in order to prevent the execution of convicted felons,

Recognizing GA #535 "Death Penalty Ban" and GA #545 "Military Death Penalty Ban", two extant resolutions that enact bans on capital punishment without handicapping the ability of member states to pursue justice,

The World Assembly hereby repeals #443 "Preventing the Execution of Innocents" on these grounds:

1. The target dishonestly disguises a death penalty ban as mere regulation for the purpose of preventing wrongful executions.

2. The target converts member states into safe havens for suspected mass murderers, mobsters, war criminals, and terrorists as a result of the extradition restrictions in section 7.

3. Several sections make a mockery of justice, embarrassing the World Assembly by their continued existence.

a. By the creation and application of the Capital Cases division of the Judicial Committee of the Compliance Commission, a committee originally intended solely for the purpose of overseeing the publication of international agreements, the World Assembly imposed cumbersome and excessive oversight of the justice systems of member states. The Capital Cases division practiced oversight over every case in which a convict received a capital sentence, regardless of whether there existed any basis to suspect wrongdoing, negligence, or miscarriage of justice on the part of the member state.

b. The capital punishment quota established in section 2 obstructed equal protection under the law, requiring member states to sentence criminals convicted of similar crimes to unequal punishments.

c. Section 4.e facilitated disruptions in judicial proceedings, increasing the frequency of mistrials and the need for appellate verdicts, as a result of demolishing all limits to the defense's admission of evidence, including proof of fabrication or falsification, failure in the chain of custody, and standards of confidentiality.

d. Section 4.f requires member states to prove that additional evidence, true or false, could not arise to "cast doubt on the guilt of the defendant for any charge which could carry a capital sentence". This raises the standard for conviction from "guilt beyond reasonable doubt" to an impossible standard of "guilt beyond any doubt".

e. Section 5.a required member states to, following a guilty verdict at trial, grant the defense six months to review evidence, and grant the Capital Cases division another six months after that for the same reason, before carrying out any execution. In conjunction with section 8, which provided that trial certification by the Capital Cases division (and with it the authority to carry out an execution) expires after one year, this prohibited any execution in most member states.

f. Section 8 permitted convicted criminals to avoid execution indefinitely and to obstruct the course of justice by merely refusing to "exhaust all available appeals".

4. Section 6 required member states to only adopt execution methods "proven beyond any reasonable doubt not to cause pain or suffering". Since the threat of death itself produces emotional suffering in almost all individuals, and since no authority can prove that any form of execution causes no degree of physical pain or suffering, this again prohibited all execution methods.

5. GA #535 "Death Penalty Ban" and GA #545 "Military Death Penalty Ban" exceed the desired effects of the target resolution, rendering its restrictions obsolete.

SC, September 2nd 2021 Liberate New Western Atlantic: A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.
Author: Andusre
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 1 | Abstain 2 | Delegate’s Prerogative 4
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 344)
Final WA vote: For 10406 (84.5%) | Against 1911 (15.5%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Noting the founderless, passworded state of the region New Western Atlantic (NWA);

Understanding that striking down this password will allow the region to be brought under the control of the inter-regional community;

Abhorred that the NWA, in lieu of traditional methods of recruitment, absorbed and integrated communities of other regions, such as that of Norden whose unique community was destroyed after merging into the NWA;

Disgusted by the NWA’s association with a myriad of questionable and undesirable regions;

Disappointed by the NWA’s unapologetic tolerance of problematic nations and dangerous content such as fascism and anti-semitism;

Horrified by the actions of the NWA's most prominent nations who weaponised and non-consensually distributed the sensitive private information of the leaders of other nations;

Alarmed by the clemency given by the NWA to nations who distributed the aforementioned information;

Knowing the NWA’s community relocated to the New Western Empire for security purposes when its founder ceased to exist, though has failed to adequately self-improve to provide a safe and inclusive region for its nations;

Seeking to set an example of the consequences of the NWA’s actions in hopes of preventing other regions from making the same mistakes;

Hereby liberates New Western Atlantic.