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10000 Islands World Assembly Supremacy Program (W.A.S.P.) Overview

World Assembly Supremacy Program

Mission Statement

To ensure the supremacy of the 10000 Islands Delegate among UCRs, to increase influence and voting potential for the 10000 Islands for World Assembly purposes and to match the nearest GCRs in endorsement counts.


Putting the sting to the opposition and keeping our eyes to the stars.


Nations that participate in W.A.S.P. are rewarded not only with a sense of accomplishment for the Islands, but with Island themed badges and awards. These awards will be disbursed on a monthly basis to qualifying nations with WA membership. Nations will be pinged via name placement in the monthly Dispatch so that they will be notified of their award and have their name published to the community in recognition of their achievement.

10KI WA Membership Badge

Awarded to WA nations present in 10KI.

10KI Palm Tree of Community

Awarded to WA nations in 10KI who actively increase community participation in the WA.

The Islander Sandcastle of Fortitude

Awarded to 10KI WA nations that reach a influence level of 100k or higher.

The Mangos of The Isles

For WA nations in 10KI that Endorse the WA Delegate.

Surfer of the Islands

For WA nations that Endorse the Delegate, reach 100k influence and contribute to the overall betterment of the Islands with their WA membership.

Founders Delight

For nations that have reached the maximum endorsement cap in place.

Endo Recognition Award

For WA nations who consistently maintain at least 25% of the endorsement level.

Endotart Today!
It is absolutely critical that as a WA holding nation you engage in the exchange of WA endorsements. Endorsement exchange (endotarting) means that you will endorse our current Delegate and then proceed in endorsing all other WA nations in the region. Keep in mind you cannot exceed 50% of the current Delegate's endorsement count. Here is a quick list of those in the region that you can use as a handy reference to begin your endotarting journey to 10KI service!

Please endorse Delegate HumanSanity first!