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The Emperor of Cosmicium (WIP)

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You are viewing this factbook from the Inner Cosmicium archive. For purposes of archival integrity, all parts are given as is, uncensored.

Editor's note: The Emperor's history and political views are here. For the individual identities, see their respective pages.
OOC note: R.I.P. green screen, we're going into the 1980s baby!
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Kasren Vereyn | Corinne Vereyn

The Emperor of Cosmicium

Seal of the Emperor of Cosmicium

Imperial Senator of Nyr-Khol

Head Senator

Emperor of Greater Cosmicium
1072917 - present
Disputed with Jaclyn Merrex since
27 August 1072917

Personal Statistics

Known names:

Kasren Vereyn
Corinne Vereyn

Birth date:

27 March 1072830 (age 88)
Dandelion District, Nyr-Khol






Ghisen Vereyn


Enneyl Marksdoter


Sargan Vereyn (brother)

Sexual orientation:

presumably Heterosexual


Rachel Navenis (1072851-
1072916, Rachel's death)


Vallia Vereyn
Jasen Vereyn


Affiliated parties:

Imperial Security Coalition

Political alignment:


(Editor's note: Though most of the history happened when Kasren Vereyn was the sole identity of the to-be Emperor of Cosmicium, this page uses the names "Vereyn" before becoming Emperor, and "Emperor of Cosmicium" or just "Emperor" afterward, as well as gender-neutral pronouns.)

The Emperor of Cosmicium, common name Vereyn (born 27 March 1072830) is the current Emperor of Greater Cosmicium, succeeding Mortheus Valixor after his death.

The Emperor of Cosmicium was born with the name of Kasren Vereyn, in the Dandelion District of Nyr-Khol, considered one of the most prestigious districts of a terribly polluted planet and one of the last remaining districts with nature left on Nyr-Khol. At the age of 19, they became a member of the Imperial Senate, an unusual feat given an Imperial Senator became one at an average of 40 years old, making them the youngest to ever hold a position, and one of the few Humans in an Imperial Senate dominated by Khaazai with an average age of over 1,000 years.

In 1072855, after the death of Jarulf Larson, they were nominated as the Human candidate for Head Senator of the Imperial Senate, the highest position available to a Senator. This was a largely powerless position, but a highly prestigious one that could elevate a person to positions of higher power. They became the Head Senator with more than 99% of the vote.

As Head Senator, Vereyn passed some seemingly unimportant reforms, they would become the reforms that would lead to Cosmician victory in the Great Cosmician Rebellion that had cost so many Cosmician lives. After the Rebellion, Vereyn passed another reform authorizing using experimental power sources and increasing military presence on all planets, ending the continuing discontent that occurred after the Rebellion.

After Mortheus Valixor's unexpected death without a heir to replace him, Vereyn became the Temporary Emperor of Greater Cosmicium. Due to their lack of a powerful, omnipotent processor, the four most prominent leaders in Greater Cosmicium refused to recognize their rule and declared themselves Emperor instead. This threatened to plunge Greater Cosmicium into a civil war, but the Emperor managed to calm down the unrest by providing concessions to the people: an elected, term-limited, more ceremonial Emperor and a proportionally and democratically elected Imperial Senate.

The Emperor of Cosmicium navigated Greater Cosmicium through the turbulent days before the election, shrugging off hundreds of assassination attempts, an attempted revolt and the disloyalty of numerous officials. The first blow to their power came with the victory of the Communists in the Imperial Senate Elections, leaving their party in the minority. The Communists often opposed many of their reforms, hindering their efforts at keeping the balance of power. In spite of Communist victory in the Senate, the Emperor continued to hold on onto their power, preparing for a fierce competition against the other major Emperor candidate, Jaclyn Merrex, from the Communist Party. Despite the Emperor's best efforts, they were beaten in what was later found to be a vote rigged by none other than Jaclyn Merrex. What followed was many months of an arms race, failed assasinations and the destruction of both the Senate building and the Palace of the Cosmicians.

In late December 1072917, the Emperor of Cosmicium mysteriously disappeared and a massive search operation was dispatched, only for the Emperor to return a few days later to become involved in the Automated Personifier Incident in January 1072918. From this point on, the Emperor now goes under at least two known identities: Kasren Vereyn and Corinne Vereyn. The Emperor continues to eliminate Jaclyn Merrex's rebels, stabilize the government after so many months of chaos, and put Cosmicium back on the pathway to glory.

Early Life

Vereyn was born on 27 March 1072830 to Ghisen Vereyn, a prominent admiral, and Enneyl Marksdoter, a high-ranking retired battlemage, in the Dandelion District of Nyr-Khol, home to one of the few gardens left on Nyr-Khol. They have one older brother, Sargan Vereyn. Due to the ravages of the last stage of the Great Cosmician Rebellion, not much else is known about their early life, but at 16 they were conscripted into the Cosmician Navy. Three years later, with the help of Mortheus Valixor, Vereyn left the Navy to begin their political career.

A Senator at 19

On the 22nd of May, 1072849, Vereyn placed their bid to become the Imperial Senator of Nyr-Khol after the death of Azador, one of the twelve Great Dragons. Due to the prestigious position that being Senator of Nyr-Khol brought, the competition was intense, with more than 600 candidates to the position, almost all of whom had centuries, even millennia of experience. With so much strong competition, there was no apparent chance Vereyn could ever become Senator. Luckily for Vereyn, more than 550 of them were soon found to be associated with the Cosmician Rebellion, immediately disqualifying them, and another 20 "coincidentally" died, all "coincidentally" some of the most powerful and experienced people. The remaining candidates couldn't hope to compete with Vereyn, and they became Senator with 115.3 trillion votes, or 97% of the registered voters of Nyr-Khol.

Now a member of the Senate, Vereyn began playing a very hard and very dangerous political game. For all of the period of the Rebellion, and after numerous failures at destroying it, it was assumed that the Rebellion could never be completely eliminated and that victory was impossible as well. To the Senate and most of the population, the only possible future was a stalemate that could last potentially millions of years. Vereyn stood up to this rigid order, trying to prove that the Rebellion could still be defeated, for which they nearly paid with their life, as the Cosmician government had put massive bounties earlier in the Rebellion to kill any Senator who believed the Rebellion was somehow beatable. However, the Imperial Senate believed Vereyn had some good ideas for how to defeat the Rebellion, and cancelled the bounty placed against them, which had become a new record in itself.

If you're asking how could Vereyn get 115.3 trillion votes when the population is only 42 trillion, it wasn't because Vereyn commited serious electoral fraud, this is because Nyr-Khol's population was 131 trillion at the time (10 quadrillion before the Rebellion), and there were 119 trillion registered voters. The Great Cosmician Rebellion became really bloody during its last years.

Vereyn becomes the Head Senator

Vereyn wasn't just content with becoming Senator of a highly competitive position. They began developing a master plan to become Head Senator, giving them unlimited power to control the Imperial Senate, and with some leverage, maybe all of Greater Cosmicium. The implementation would have to wait for the previous Head Senator's death - this was going to take a long time, as Jarulf Larson was one of the most powerful Khaazai mages and had controlled the Senate for 20,000 years, and could control it for 20,000 more. Then, suddenly, one day in 1072855, Jarulf Larson mysteriously collapsed and died during a Senate conference. The next day, traces of powerful poison were found in Jarulf's glass of ghaner, a staple alcoholic Khaazai beverage. Some say that Vereyn planned out the assassination, but these claims cannot be verified, and for now the suspect remains unknown.

This opened up the way for Vereyn to become Head Senator. They immediately launched their campaign, "coincidentally" after even more candidates were disqualified by the result of a law Vereyn introduced and passed. After several more purges, Vereyn was the only candidate left. On the 1st of January, 1072856, Vereyn took their position of Head Senator, making them the most powerful person in the Senate.

Vereyn really did plan out the assassination of Jarulf Larson. An Army general caught wind of their plans, but was quickly bored to death with an Elevatorizer

The Decisive Reforms

The position of Head Senator was, at the time, considered merely a ceremonial title, as Mortheus Valixor held all of the power, and he wasn't going to give it up, not until the Great Cosmician Rebellion was over. However, Vereyn was able to convince him to allow to pass some new legislation, reminding him that almost 1044 lives had been lost and that the Cosmician government's forces were near breaking point.

The first law they passed concerned distribution of resources. At that point, the doctrine called for large-scale distribution of civilian goods to the people to prevent them from joining the rebellion, which was becoming less and less effective. Distributing this many resources left little for the military, which would be needed to win the war. The law revised the doctrine and imposed severe rationing, especially of luxury resources, whose possession became essentially banned. Vereyn became very unpopular because of this law, and only narrowly managed to pass it. With more resources for the military to devote to the rebellion, weapons and spaceship production eventually reached full capacity, and the attempted Rebellion assault on Nyr-Khol was a disastrous failure.

The second law was more subtle, involving a streamlining of the Cosmician military structure. For the period of the rebellion, the 36-rank system would be reduced to 20 ranks. This was intended to speed up communication of orders and other messages. In addition, the large groups formed to launch massive assaults during the early years of the rebellion were turned into smaller, more flexible units that would be able to respond to the Rebellion's rapid warfare tactics.


Though Vereyn became extremely unpopular, especially due to the redistribtion law, leading to upwards of 50 assassination attempts from both the Rebellion and the government, the laws they passed were fundamental in turning the tide and defeating the Rebellion, though their reputation would remain tarnished for years to come.

Aftermath of the Rebellion

After the Great Cosmician Rebellion was over, trillions of rebellious officers were either executed or imprisoned, and many of the victorious leaders received the highest possible awards from Mortheus Valixor. Vereyn was not one of them, because they nearly caused a rebellion of their own making by stripping the Cosmician people of luxury and essential goods. They became the most unpopular person in the Senate, and perhaps all of Greater Cosmicium. Billions marched on the Senate building, looting and burning the nearby buildings, calling for their execution. Soon, the Imperial Senate was coming for their head too, the Senate attempted to pass a bill (29 August 1072897) that would bypass the normal Head Senator removal procedure and go straight to a swift termination by firing squad. In their defense, Vereyn was allowed to make a speech, and what they did became the speech of the millennia. This is just a small, censored segment of the four-hour speech, filled with expletives, name-calling and general rudeness against everyone in the Senate.

"It's your choice, either to live in a prosperous Cosmicium where your futures are secure, and the people content knowing they'll have stability for the foreseeable future, or a rebel-controlled Cosmicium, with your heads chopped off, your families fleeing in fear of suffering the same fate, the land fractured into thousands of states, and who knows who'll rule next. All this in the name of freedom? Our great sacrifice has given us victory, power, stability for once. And now you will take that away by taking my head? How will you reinforce our victory without me? How will you keep this country stable without me? How will you prevent another rebellion without me?" - Kasren Vereyn, Head Senator

Two hours later, the Senate came to vote. Every single one of the 15,000 Senators rejected the bill, and similarly passed a bill to give the same awards to Vereyn as the victors of the Rebellion. In one day, Vereyn's popularity skyrocketed, and they were now one of the most popular people in Greater Cosmicium.

Though the main body of the Rebellion had been defeated, there were still many pockets from where the rebels continued their activities. Over time, they would grow in strength and rise up in a second Great Cosmician Rebellion. Vereyn took command of two fleets and 17 armies, roughly 330 quintillion soldiers and crew, and utterly destroyed the pockets one by one. Over the next four years, the rebels were either eliminated, routed or neutralized, and Greater Cosmicium returned to stability for the first time in 15,000 years. The reconstruction process would be long and grueling, taking at least a hundred years, and the repopulation even longer, as 99.8% of Greater Cosmicium's population had been killed during the Rebellion. The Frontier Mining Project was initiated, mining uninhabited planets on Greater Cosmicium's outermost reaches to rebuild the country. Because of this project, 450,000 new frontier regions were made, with 100 septillion new stars and a population of 338 trillion 1 year after founding, and expanding Cosmicium's maximum extent from 205,000,000,000 ly to 1,000,000,000,000 ly.

The next years were unventful, but marked a transitionary period in the growth of Cosmician technology. As Cosmicium traversed the multiverse, they found empires with better technology than them, and began rapidly advancing to compensate. Things like the Fallen Angel and Project Strategos came from this technological boom.

Sudden Rise to Emperor

Over the 20 years after the end of the Great Cosmician Rebellion, Greater Cosmicium slowly recovered, and grew five-fold in population due to new migrants and the usage of cloning technology. The latter was extremely controversial to both the Humans, who saw it as a subversion of the concept of a soul, given by Satan, and the Khaazai, who saw it as an abomination of artificial technology. Technologies believed long lost were recovered and rediscovered, bringing the country back to pre-War technology levels.

Then, news arrived that would bring Greater Cosmicium and its population to its knees, that created a feeling of impending doom, that caused the Valixor Cult to collapse. Mortheus Valixor, Emperor of Greater Cosmicium, Ever-Benevolent of the Humans, Liberator of the Universe, the Father of the Universal Empire, High King of the Khaazai, Chief Governor of the Scorpions, Master of the Fire and Ice Dragons, the Nest Father of the Nuironi, and many other honorary titles, was dying.

His supercomputers powering his intelligence were being destroyed by supernovae. Massive flashes appeared that could be seen from a hundred million light-years away, marking the end of Mortheus Valixor's rule. Worse, he had left no heir, believing himself to be eternal, causing a scramble between the Imperial Senate's members as they searched for someone to replace him.

In midst of the ensuing chaos, Vereyn, still Head Senator at the time, declared themselves the Emperor of Cosmicium, and appointed Daaren Daarenson, one of their most trusted subordinates, to replace them as Head Senator.

The Powerless Emperor

On the 1st of May 1072917, Vereyn became the Emperor of the Universal Empire of Greater Cosmicium. Soon, they would find their seemingly omnipotent position rocked by the rise of numerous factions within Greater Cosmicium, the most prominent ones being the Human, Khaazai, Dragon and Nuironi factions. These factions robbed them of important powers during the first days of their rule, and nearly caused a civil war to erupt. The Emperor had to do drastic actions to prevent themselves from being deposed; after consulting with several of their advisors, they decided to radically reform both the Imperial Senate and the position of Emperor.

The Imperial Senate would become democratically elected by proportional representation every 10 years, while the position of Emperor would become an elected position, limited to a single term of 10 years. In addition, the Imperial Senate would be greatly empowered, and the Emperor reduced to a mostly ceremonial position.

The Emperor put the proposed reforms to a vote in the Imperial Senate on the 8th of May. To the surprise of the Emperor, the law was unanimously passed. The factions that formed during the previous week basically vanished, and the civil war was averted for long enough for the Emperor to pass more crucial reforms.

The Political Crisis Erupts

Though the Emperor did their best to keep Greater Cosmicium's government together, the reforms that they passed involving the Imperial Senate's and Emperor's powers would soon bite them in the back, hard. On the 28th of July, Communists decisively won the Imperial Senate elections with 62% of the vote, giving them absolute power over Cosmician legislation. They tried to push through various radical reforms: reduction of the Senate's size, mass redistribution of Imperial wealth, stripping of the Emperor's power, and so much more. The Emperor attempted to use the ISC's remaining power to keep these reforms under control, to mixed success. The failed vote on reduction of Senate seats in particular resulted in a massive brawl.

An even bigger blow came with Jaclyn Merrex's victory in Emperor elections on 27 August. The Emperor responded by locking themselves up in the Palace of the Cosmicians, which soon ended up under siege by Merrex's forces. This coincided with an eruption in violence of Communist radicals, disrupting government functions mainly around the Cosmician Empire's (not Greater Cosmicium) territory, and an increase in the number of assassination attempts on the Emperor of Cosmicium.

The Palace was soon stormed and burned down, killing thousands. The Emperor ended up lost in the bunker, and wasn't found until two days later. With the Palace destroyed, the Emperor moved to the Red Palace in Nyr-Khol, where they continue ruling. Initial claims that Jaclyn Merrex had decided to preserve the Emperor's life were proven false when Merrex failed to stop another assassination attempt. Afterward, the Communist Party ended up denouncing Jaclyn Merrex and endorsing the Emperor for future elections. After massive electoral fraud was uncovered in the August Emperor elections, the elections were ordered to be re-run, this time with far more careful checks through the entire process. Supported by both the ISC and CPC, Vereyn won these elections by a crushing margin, solidifying their legitimacy within the Cosmician government.

However, at the same time, Jaclyn Merrex, still claiming she was the legitimate Emperor, built a massive armed forces to overthrow the Emperor, and took over several major regions of the Milky Way galaxy, including much of the Scorpion Republic. Merrex's advance was stopped at Haerthal, but the threat of pro-Merrex rebels loomed over Cosmicium to this day.

In December 1072917, the Emperor, and Naevora Xelden, and Jaclyn Merrex, and a certain Faldor, the Emperor and Head Senator of the two opposing factions, mysteriously disappeared. A massive rescue operation was hatched to find them, only for them to reappear in January 1072918. On the 31st of January 1072918, the Emperor was involved in the Automated Personifier incident. Despite much investigation, what happened that caused the incident is still mostly unknown, but the Personifier's chief designer (Paul R. Jenkins) suggests it was because of rushed electrics that caused a spatial criticality event that unpredictably changed everyone in the room. It is widely believed that the only person to leave the Personifier in a human form was the Emperor. Since the incident, the Emperor now goes under at least two identities, Kasren Vereyn and Corinne Vereyn, though there may be more that we don't know about.


Vereyn's currently only controversy is their passing of the resource rationing bill in 1072856, which was opposed by a huge portion of the Senate, who preferred a more reasonable defensive solution. Head Senator Vereyn lost most of their popularity, and after the war, both the Imperial Senate and the populace attempted to get them executed.



Vereyn has participated in politics since 1072849, when they were elected the Senator of Nyr-Khol. They are currently a member of the Imperial Security Coalition (ISC).

Vereyn has been rather vague on the type of politics they support, but they have strong opinions on maintaining the near-absolute position of Emperor, while simultaneously empowering the Imperial Senate. They also strongly support technology over magic, despite being a powerful magic-wielder, and oppose giving the Khaazai more representation, despite themselves being half-Khaazai. It is known they have a disdain for Cosmician communists, if only for the Communists' violent and illegal ways and their violent occupation of many of Greater Cosmicium's institutions.

Pro: Valixor Cult, Representative Democracy, Authoritarianism, Elective Monarchy, Human-dominated Imperial Senate, State-directed Capitalism, Armed Neutrality, Technology, generally Civil Rights, Centralized Government

Neutral: Socialism, Communism, Magic

Anti: Cosmician Communist Party, Khaazai-dominated Imperial Senate, Militaristic Isolationism, Gunboat Diplomacy, Decentralized Government