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LC Survey Results (Graphs)


Local Council Survey Results

In this Dispatch, I will review the graphs from the recent LC survey. In the graphs for sections 2 and 3, higher scores are better.

Section 1

There's not a huge amount to say here. Most people seem pretty clued up on the basics of the LC, though there may be a little more work to do publicising the authority and responsibilities of the LC. However, this confusion may occur due to the very nature of the LC - that it is a flexible position which will function differently for each Councillor.

Section 2

Average: 4.24

Average: 3.92

Average: 3.84

Average: 3.67

All of these scores are reasonably high.
Given that the two most active posters on the RMB are on the LC, I'm not sure what more we could do to improve our RMB presence. Maybe it's me letting the team down...
The LC has made a variety of polls this term, and has certainly contributed towards RMB activity. However, there have been a lack of organised events such as quizzes and games, which may have let our score down slightly.
Our communication received mixed reviews. I've been updating and posting the QuickNews pretty much every day, but there hasn't been much more in the way of bridging the gap between gameside and forums.
Unsurprisingly, our RMB moderation received the lowest average score. I'll expand on this more in another dispatch, but I believe that this was my biggest failure personally given how I wanted to make clear and fair rules that were all voted on. The issue is, however, partly due to how divided the RMB is over how it wants to be moderated, with the last LC being seen as too strict, and this one generally being seen as too lenient.

Section 3

Average: 4.15

Average: 4.35

Average: 3.92

Average: 4.08

Our personal scores are all pretty good compared to the previous section. I suspect my slightly higher score was due to a subconcious bias of respondents, since it was me who made and publicised the survey.

In summary, the response to the current LC has been mixed, but broadly positive. Hopefully future LCs can learn from this and perform better than we did.