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LC Survey Results (Section 3 Comments)


Local Council Survey Results

Here are the comments from the third section of the survey, in the order they were submitted, along with my responses for each of them.

Note: the question asked was "Any comments related to this section?"

The LC really hasn't done too much (overall), and I find it rather disappointing compared to the previous term.
We've been regularly active on the RMB, made lots of polls, and continued the daily news. Not sure what the previous LC did that we haven't.
I mean like it's really great but they don't necessarily always follow the outlined RP rules. I like this but technically it means that they aren't doing their jobs. amend the rules and every rating goes up one
I made various attempts at clearing up RP rules, but the general response from the RMB was that people didn't want regulations (hence the reason the law I put up for vote failed). In that regard, the LC has followed the RP rules, since there aren't any now...
Too good, but the forumside government doesn't utilize this free PR human resource well.
There's a forumside government?
Can they swing by my house on Tuesday and paint my fence: I would really appreciate it.
OK. Hope you have low standards.
Am relatively new and cannot speak much to the overall performance of LC members, but have seen them around to varying degrees.
This is probably the first LC not to have at least one member completely disappear after being elected.
*Insert comment about respondents not having to fill in every box*
I am neutral.
Good to know.
When was the last time that any of you told a nation to go to Knowhere or Psomewhere? In fact, Si-topia and TSSS often participate in plotless roleplay 𝘪𝘯 𝘛𝘚𝘗 and are therefore are contributing to the problem. They, along with all of the other roleplayers, need to move to Knowhere or (more often) Psomewhere.
I agree. It is annoying for me to read through pages of RP every day when compiling the QuickNews. But RP laws aren't just my decision (until next year, when I become TSP's supreme leader).
If the TSSS is not shaved daily then the TPS will become awashed in matted fox hair.
Well I'm not doing it. He whines and scratches too much.
*Insert another comment about respondents not having to fill in every box*
While they are pretty active and are good at their job, they need to exert their presence more
I may be misinterpreting your request here, but I suspect TSP's forumside laws stop me from "exerting my presence" in the way I'd like...