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Behold! The Dominance of Lightia! [WIP]

Behold! The Dominance of Lightia!

“...proclaim tribulation to deniers of Lightia’s dominance!”

0. Preface

The Hyperpowerful, Quintessential, and Dominant United Realm of Bluelight is famous for its great technological and magical advancements. With such an advantage, they implement it into the military. With what result?

The military of Bluelight is the most powerful in the world, capable of turning the technological and magical advancements, equipment and men into fine dust, likely being vaporised in the process. Take into consideration January 2, 1764, when the Lightine army destroyed the entire fleet of a Far-Future Tech nation—one with complete victory, and one of the most-feared—in less time than a planck time—the smallest measurement of time recognised.

Figure 0.1. January 2, 1764: The total eradication of a FFT nation’s army is made into a meme in Bluelight.

Therefore, the dominance of Bluelight needs to be recognised in every nation, or impending doom awaits them. For the works and effort of many men must not go unseen.

As we all need to be familiar with, the Lightine Forces excel in all 6 levels of defence:

Figure 0.2. Bluelight’s 6 levels of defence: Core, Underground, Underwater, Land, Air and Space and it’s corresponding 9 branches.

Everywhere, Bluelight tramples on the military of other nations in all 6 levels of defence, in all the factors of the military’s strength:

  • Manpower

  • Technology

  • Magic

  • Tactics

    Therefore, we will study in the ways of the Lightine Military, and their excelling example to common nations of the planets and stars.

    1. Manpower
    Bluelight’s Military is, unusually and unlike other Future Tech (FT) [and above] and Fantasy Tech (FanT) nations, partially made up of humans. Although there is technology and magic to replicate living things [and to act perfectly as soldiers to fight], many Lightians are nationalistic and have decided to help out in the military, which also does charitable work in helping nations recover from recent disasters.

    An estimated 11% of the Lightian population* is expected to have been enlisted in the Military. Of that 11%, 56% of it is in the reserves.

    Figure 1.1. If all the Lightian soldiers were each squeezed into a box that is 1m^3 large, the boxes would form a cube so big it would take up 3% of the Box, which itself, is an infinitely massive area.

    Marching along with the machines and robots, Bluelight has a fighting force of over infinity itself.

    Therefrom, we can learn that the amount of Lightian soldiers is too large to count. It dwarfs all other Militaries in terms of Manpower.

    * Footnote: The Lightian Population, is itself, uncountable.

    2. Technology
    Bluelight is the most technologically and magically advanced. Dreams can be turned into reality within a planck time, unwanted chores can be done within a planck time, and it does not even need the person to do anything everytime.

    With great technology comes a great military. Bluelight is known for having a great army of men, with it using advanced technology.

    Bluelight is a self-proclaimed GT (God Tech) nation. A simplified definition would say it is a magical fictional tech nation, with technology far more advanced than a far future tech nation with fantasy technology. You get the point.

    Taken from The Military Strengths, here is a small look of the technology of the Lightine Military:

    Figure 2.1. The Eater: A monstrous, massive, Earth-sized sphere that can suck up something as large as the Box (a infinitely massive space) in a few nanoseconds when allowed to. [In the picture] We can see the Eater’s hole of rays sucking up the remnants of an enemy’s star. The rest of the Eater is hidden behind a cloud of gas.

    Figure 2.2. The normal armor for Lightians in battle, which can withstand the hottest temperatures, the coldest temperatures, the strongest and highest amounts of electricity as well as winds and forces of suction of the fastest speeds, as it is bound together by dark matter and dark energy, meaning that the armor is light-weight, as simple and modified atoms are bounded by no-weight energy.

    Figure 2.3. A mighty, humongous robot attacking in a blizzard of temperatures lower than negative 100 degrees celsius.

    However, you might be shocked to know that the two devices just seen were made over 200 years ago, and were considered quite a low level of technology back then, meaning that the highest, and most advanced level of technology the Lightine Military has currently is much more powerful than those just seen.

    Therefrom, we can safely proclaim that the Lightine Military acts like a ‘God.’ Dominating in technology as well.

    3. Magic
    Bluelight is the most advanced in magic as well. It has the powers of controlling the forces of nature and the laws of physics into whatever desire. For example, anyone with a great power of magic can simply draw up a concept of his/her own world and bring the laws of physics in that world into real life with the snap of a finger, just like a prayer to God.

    Being the most advanced in magic, Bluelight holds the ability to make any creature do whatever they like. Like drawing up tornadoes with dragons.

    Figure 3.1. A dragon forming a fire tornado over a kilometre high.

    And also controlling the minds of other magical creatures from the enemies to turn against themselves. Or destroying a planet’s core directly from the thought of the mind. Truly, Bluelight’s magical advancements in warfare is stupendous.

    4. Tactics
    With the knowledge of technology and manpower, let’s put it together to reveal the tactics of the Lightine Military in defending our empire.

    The Border
    The Lightian border wall is made out of a translucent quark-gluon plasma-state barrier that prevents foreign military forces from entering Bluelight.

    This barrier has temperatures exceeding a googolplexian^2 ((10^googolplex)^2) degrees celsius. Thus, particles have a high energy. Bonded with enhanced dark energy, however, the wall is contained within a small width.

    This does not mean it is not invincible. As the particles at such high temperature moves extremely fast, they tend to knock out even the heaviest spacecrafts multiverses away. Depending on the type of material, these spacecrafts are likely to burn immediately, killing itself and everyone inside.

    The only thing that can pass through the wall is the Lightian fleet. They are built with only what Bluelight can make, a shield that can generate particles more energetic than the wall, to knock out the wall’s barriers temporarily, as they slide in. They are also built-in with shields at the sides that generate sturdy particles, bonded together at a temperature extremely colder than absolute zero. They will protect the spacecraft from getting heated, and killing everyone inside.

    As a defence mechanism, Bluelight has purposely added enormous spacecrafts [with the same shields as those entering the border, thus immune to any foreign lasers]. positioned at specific long intervals along the border to shoot off a laser beam, with temperatures that match the gas wall. This was chosen by the leader as he has a love for brutality.

    Figure 4.1. A spacecraft, part of many spacecrafts that are placed at different parts of the border.

    Bluelight is perfection. No unauthorised foreign vehicles can teleport inside the borders of Bluelight, and literally no mechanisms made from it will go wrong. However, this hasn’t built up high hopes for anyone. Lightians are not consume with pride.

    Therefore, the Space Patrol branch and its men and robots tour different parts of galaxies to make sure no defence and energy-supplying mechanisms are broken.

    Figure 4.2. A group of Space Patrol spacecrafts check if a Solar System is free from potential danger.

    The Space Patrol Branch also works with the Ring Defence Branch, which helps to defend planets from unexpected meteors, black holes or a deadly solar wave. The Ring has mechanisms to repel and destroy such objects.

    Figure 4.3. A defence ring surrounds an artificial space city.

    5. Core
    The Core of planets and stars is their foundations. Without it, they can’t exist, as planets and stars would collapse upon themselves should a core be nonexistent.

    The Lightine Military’s manpower in the Core branch helps Scientists in checking to make sure the core’s temperature and activities are normal and regulated, although there is without a doubt, it would not go wrong. They also guard scientists in their work of experiments in the core.

    However, the main purpose of the Core Branch is to protect the people living in the Core (there are towns and cities situated in the Core, which are deemed safe to themselves and the planet’s life). They act as ‘security’ and ‘border patrol’ to the citizens living there, and entering or leaving there. Although there is technology where a sinner can be immediately caught in the middle of his wrongdoing, there are towns and cities which decide to not rely on high technology, and need security.

    The Technology

    Figure 5.2. The common gun for Core Branch men to use, for defence and for temperature stability.

    Figure 5.2. shows the gun that all Core Branch men use for defence and for temperature stability. In planets where it’s Lightian inhabitants choose not to rely on advanced technology and magic, these guns will help to defend anyone from a armed rulebreaker.

    For temperature stability: These guns help to regulate temperature on such Lightian ‘Amish’ (not reliant on tech and magic) planets where the temperature may need to be regulated in the Core, as well as the Core itself.

    Do note that a certain amount of technology and magic is used to defend any Lightian inhabitants from danger, such as the regulation of the Core temperature, and itself. This means that nations will not be able to destroy any planets of Bluelight from its core, no matter how reliant their inhabitants are on technology and magic.

    Figure 5.3. The common armor for all Core Branch men, made to withstand the high temperatures of a Core.

    The Core of planets can reach temperatures of a few hundred degrees celsius when not regulated and not cooled to human’s satisfaction, like in ‘Amish’* planets where only a certain level of technology is put in to regulate the temperature. Though ’Amish’ Lightians are able to withstand the heat with a few ‘allowed’ gadgets, Lightian Core men still have to their duties, walking around the Core for hours in such planets. Thus, comfortable, cooling and heat-resisting armor is made for them to wear.

    The Magic
    The Core, too, is indestructible, due to the extremely advanced magical everlasting phantom forces that hold the Core together forever — meaning that no matter how advanced a nation’s technology or magic is, they cannot destroy a core. Simply because Bluelight is much more advanced in those two than any other nations.

    * Footnote: In Lightian term, ‘Amish’ planets are planets with inhabitants who prefer not to rely on advanced technology or magic.

    6. Underground
    The Underground is another factor of Lightia’s 6 factors of defence. The Underground is what helps ma
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