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The Military Strengths

The Military Strengths
International Book
This book contains the common weapons of the Lightian Armed Forces and are not to be taken as the full extensive power of Bluelight, for should everyone know that the true and real force Bluelight holds and always holds, is of much greater significance.

#001: Omega-Ray Guns
These guns shoot the forces of Omega-Ray Bursts. These forces are strong enough to kill all the people in an Omniverse squeezed together in just one shot. That’s a lot.

Did you know..?
Omega-Rays are powerful rays that are naturally created in a Omninova, a supernova of an entire Omniverse using over a million poisonous elements in the Space Periodic Table discovered in 1764 by ourselves.

A picture of an Omega-Ray gun.

#002: Artifical Defensive and Offensive Rings
ADAOR, or Artifical Defensive and Offensive Rings are Artificially placed around a planet, a star or even a galaxy. These rings sometimes fully replace all the Low and High-Orbit satellites guiding a planet. But most of the times, these satellites are kept for substitutes.

These Rings have all sorts of offence on them, including lasers, sometimes in-built runways for small spacecrafts and sometimes hosts a space station. These Rings also have Defense. They operate invisible shields above the planet so no sort of weapon can destroy, not even an Omega-Ray Blast or a Omninova.

#003: Black Hole Absorbers Spacecrafts
Just in case a nation has sent black hole bombs or whatsoever to our nation...

Did you know..?
Did you know we have black hole bombs? However, they range in size and strength. And yes, we do have bombs that give out a trillion black holes the size of a multiverse to some countries.


We have BHAS, or Black Hole Absorber Spacecrafts. These Spacecrafts give out over millions of tiny grams of Black Hole Absorbers when at the edge of a Black Hole’s Safe Event Horizon Space.

These Black Hole Absorbers are made of tightly-compressed molecules, just before the limit they turn into a black hole itself. These are controlled, so don’t worry. They cannot expand Nor contract.

Black Holes are made of distorted, strong magnetic atoms that can make a black hole suck the way they do. The fact they have these is actually because when molecules are tightly compressed, they turn into black holes. But why? Electrons and Neutrons and Protons sometimes get out of a atom and what’s remaining are considered distorted atoms. These atoms also keep having electron collisions so they would be magnetically charged, different from being another element. Sometimes, even parts of the nucleus of atoms can separated from one another. The gravity forces in an object also have nowhere to go, so, as they compress into these atoms, these atoms become highly magnetic, or just have a strong gravitational force and can suck things in so hard, that the atoms become a portal to a dimension known as the Black Hole dimension. The Black Hole is known as a entrance to this dimension and the White Hole, an exit out.

So with these tightly compressed molecules which have a strong gravitational pull as well, just controlled when inside a spacecraft, (they have a sensor when they are outside the spacecraft. That way, they know when to activate their gravitational pull) these molecules can suck in all the leftover protons and electrons and neutrons from these atoms, distort the magnetic nucleus’ into other different atoms and form into different elements of the Periodic table to complete space once again. Do note Black Holes are tears in space.

Here’s a brief summary in case you’re lost: These Black Hole Absorbers use their gravitational pull to suck in leftover electrons, protons and neutrons into their shells and complete space by turning into normal elements of the Periodic Table. Space is made of everything.

#004: Atmospheric Carriers (Flying Aircraft Carriers)
If a fighter jet has no more fuel and there are no nearby airports or cannot make to one, or even worse, a commercial jet, where will they go? An Atmospheric Carrier.

Not many nations have thought of the idea for one. It’s actually quite rare outside of this one. And if you have came here for inspirations, you have one. The Flying Carrier!

A Group of Flying Carriers each with 1 runway covered with a ceiling.

Fun Fact
When a fighter jet lands in a moving, flying airplane carrier, the fighter jet has to use precise movements to match with the flying carrier as it is also moving. Especially from behind. When a fighter jet attempts to land, it gains of loses speed depending on which side the fighter jet is landing. This is why only the professionals of the professionals can fly fighter jets.

The carrier also acts like some sort of fighter jet or tank as it has an invisible, protective shield that can only allow local fighter jets and allowed commercial jets in the space surrounding or in the carrier. It also has multiple defence weapons, such as laser and Zeta-Ray power. Each that can destroy over a billion foreign fighter jets at a time (regarding these fighter jets to have the same amount of strength as ours).

#005: Gravitational Weapons
Gravitational Weapons, such as the GR-W-12R, are simply weapons that with its massive gravity, can create a distort in the Space-Time field, suck in objects only to be trapped inside the Space-Time Continuum forever. Some might even die upon entering this massive gravitational pull.

These weapons, shaped like Soccer-balls and around the size of them, can teleport a massive gravitational pull effect stored inside the ball itself, to an epicenter of the opposing nation, such as their main base.

Once teleported, the gravitational pull would be affected, sucking everyone near it or even very far from it into a vast region of Space-Time, either to die or be trapped forever; or they could die later.

These massive gravitational effects would stop after some time, as a hole to the Space-Time continuum can not last forever. We do not know why, but they don’t seem to work. However, these holes would cause such great gravitational pulls that it could suck the whole planet it itself installed upon on. Or even suck space and create a weird hole.

#006: One Clap, One Kaboom!
Dedicated to Ћ Lightian Language, from now on, we would be incorporating Ћ letter ‘Ћ’ in our texts. To out-of-nation readers, this means ‘the.’

If anyone outside of this world has not noticed, and by world, we mean us, we can easily blow up nations in one single clap: Kaboom! Of course, using magic.

Magic Masters, who are masters of Ћ forces of Ћ Magic God, would be specially asked to use their magical powers to teleport a specific quantity to a specific location inside Ћ specified nation. How? These Magic Masters, who have skillfully and ‘trustedly’ earned Ћ skills of Ћ Magic God would pray to Ћ Magic God to help them in a guidance to blow up, or if space-based, simply crush Ћ enemies wanted to be. Then, would be granted their wish almost certainly and that specified nation would be blowed up. However, if Ћ wish isn’t fulfilled in Ћ time period where we all are patient, we would take things into our own hands. With Artificial Technology.

Did you know?
Magic Masters do work in Ћ Military as a sub-sub-branch. And they exist through out Ћ HyperEndless.

#007: Transportation-Tanks and their drippings of Exploding Nets
All around freespace (a portion of space in our territory where people can do recreation things, like shop in a space mall as well as drive around in space-cars like we used to), and maybe in streets where people don’t drive around anymore, there are mini tanks disguised as cars that would open fire in an attack coming from land, air or space. However, not sea.

These ‘cars’ or disguised minitanks, like other assets in Ћ military, have a protective shield that can protect Ћ vehicle from any sort of blast or shots fired. Ћ vehicle also stores guns and bombs that can destroy any opponent’s vehicle behind it, or in front of it, or even above it. These minitanks are mostly driven by robots, however may also change in plan sometimes to be driven by humans.

These minitanks also fit a small plane inside it, Ћ size of a Cessna 172, which is also protected by an invisible shield, as well as can open fire and can store bombs to devastate any opponent.

These vehicles, however, is specified to equip Ћ Explosive Net. A net once a vehicle caught in it, would immediately explode and get fired up into Ћ air, destroying Ћ vehicle and its passengers.

Some pictures from a test in 1865:

Ћ back of a Minitank, it’s version called Ћ F-128

Ћ Explosive Net. It would expand once ejecting from Ћ minitank, immediately stopping Ћ opponent’s vehicles behind it despite all forces trying to move it and explode after an amount of time.

Ћ front of Ћ minitank, as well as showing Ћ consequences of whatever that is trapped inside Ћ net.

Do note that these nets are somewhat virtual and can only detect fine and genuine barcode prints in Ћ Lightian Army System. If any minitank from our side were to pass through this net, it would keep going as these virtual nets can detect whom is an opponent and not, as well as not getting Ћ effects of the destruction done by Ћ net.

Image courtesy of Doraemon. I love that show.

#008: Droneships: Transporter and Defender
When it comes to exploring, moving, or even in battle, the droneships would always come to help transport or defend people during a situation.

A droneship.

These spaceships are designed to carry as much as 10 trillion entities and are a substitute to teleporter ships (civilian ships that transport people between planets).

Droneships not only carry citizens, but also defend them in case of an incoming destroyer, like an opponent’s spaceship or an asteroid, and eliminate them before causing any chaos.

Droneships can also be assigned to battle.

#009: Temporary Explosive Force Field and Shield
Here’s a simple objective put in for you: Destroy an army that is stronger than you.

Of course, we doubt no one would be stronger than us.

Explosive Force Shield and Fields are a larger version of the Explosive Net, written in #007b of this Issue. Explosive Force Shield boundaries are heavy-glued Dark Matter, denser than even an entire Omniverse’s mass in the nucleus of a Hydrogen atom. Which makes anything inside it inescapable.

These Force Fields would be planed by multiple space vehicles, that can travel as fast as 100x the speed of light. So anything within the ‘wanted’ boundary which the enemy is in, cannot travel fast enough to escape this boundary before it’s planted.

So what of the enemy is inside this force field? What will happen to them?

It will only be microseconds from the time that the boundary is connected until everything inside the boundary, along with the force field boundary, would explode and leave a tear in the space which would recover after some minutes.

What, then, were to happen if any of our vehicles, or allied nations’ vehicles, or even civilian vehicles, happen to be trapped inside this boundary?

Short answer is, they wouldn’t be hurt. As this force field can send out multiple atoms that can detect the area inside to see which are allied, ours or not, and exclude them from the explosion. After the explosion, the vehicles would be immediately teleported to just outside this bubble.

Force Fields like this make up the border in ‘The Box’ and the other dimensions bigger than ‘The Box.’ But not the explosive types. These force fields at our nations border also secure everything within, which makes teleportation from outside to inside this nation impossible.

Fun Fact:
The vehicles that plant this boundary of force fields can disguised with space. So opposing enemies who happen to be in our nation would not know what’s surrounding them, and only they would find out when they die. Oh those poor souls.

A simple diagram.

#010: Atom-by-atom & Magical force device disabler
Rarely, nations have devices where it uses a particular type of energy, or magical energy to offend the other side in a battle.

Despite being a rare occurrence, should we be attacked by a nation that has, say, Gamma-Ray guns or Anti-matter devices, we disable them.

As everyentity should know, an item of potential energy can be disabled, most of the times by doing something that offends and does the opposite of their intentions, or maybe just something stronger.

Should it be a Gamma-Ray particles, we use Epsilon-Ray particles, which oppose Gamma-Ray particles, and since stronger, would knock gadgets out of use using Gamma-Ray particles.

Should it be Dark-Matter particles, we use Neutral Matter particles which are theoretically, and proven, easy to stop a division, and let Dark Matter Touch Matter, the guns’ material and it’s ammo would simply disappear, and there goes your strength.

#011: The one vehicle to eat them all: The The Eater, And Destroyer.
Should a FT nation have the ability to summon stars, especially Neutron Stars to engulf planets and territory, like us, we would have a defensive vehicle that can eat your little plan into nothing more but a few hydrogen atoms or less.

A vehicle about the size of Jupiter can immediately teleport to the location of the spawned star, then suck everything up into a small black hole installed within the vehicle. The vehicle is made of black hole-proof materials, the same materials used for defensive planet shields.

This vehicle can also swallow up black holes. Using a revolutionary technique to crumple a black hole itself and turning it back to a star and then letting the installed black hole suck the ‘used-to-be black hole, now a star’ thing. Black holes are converted into stars before sucking them up as when black holes collide, it could lead to a major explosion. And rarely, maybe even lead to some minor damages in the vehicle.

An image of the ‘Eater,’ 1910, swallowing up an enemy’s star. Photo by Prof. Edwin Kurnel.

The Eater can also eat spaceships, but mainly stars, planets as well as black holes.

#012: Foreign Forces Detector And Rejector
Nations that believe they can somehow... manipulate and hack into our devices using some sort of particles or electronics and such are fools. Likely tending to overestimate their power and underestimate us.

Note: Our devices and weapons are not electronic, which is a huge misconception for many nations. So hacking by electronic to manipulate our devices is impossible.

However, some nations tend to use radiation particles, or just any particles, as small as atoms that oppose our devices intended forces to attempt to hack into our devices and manipulate them, attempting to maybe even stop the devices and weapons from working.

However, that is purely impossible. Before we learn how we reflect these particles off, we need to learn the types of matter.

  • Positive Matter/Normal Matter

  • Positive-Neutral Matter

  • Neutral Matter

  • Negative-Neutral Matter

  • Negative Matter/Anti-Matter

  • Positive-Negative-Neutral Matter

    As everyentity should know, Anti-Matter when collided with Positive Matter, would dissolve each other. Likewise, turning something into nothing.

    However, with the combined help of Anti, Positive and Neutral Matter to make Positive-Negative-Neutral Matter, this type of Matter can bounce off any type of particles, but not dissolve them.

    This type of Matter is used in all devices/weapons and vehicles. This is why every vehicle or weapon uses Dark Matter, literally an atom glue, to piece all parts of a vehicle or weapon together without getting bounced off by its Positive-Negative-Neutral Matter shield itself.

    “This is the ultimate Defense force against nations. Especially foolish ones who think they can manipulate our weapons with some particles or radiation. They’d better do some research before we shoot their whole Wikipedia down!”

    — Alien Military Sector One Commander 0-5B, 1877.

    As well, as having Positive-Negative-Neutral shields, we also have weapons that can manipulate other nations’ weapons. Even if they’re having some sort of Anti-Matter Shield. But to prevent this secret technique from getting out to destroy us, we will not mention how. This remains a secret.

  • #013: Hand Air Cannon
    This cannon is quite simple. A person just inserts his hand in one and fires off using a simple trigger in the cannon itself.

    This cannon magically accumulates Air in the cannon in a few milliseconds after the trigger is pulled and gets shot into the target.

    However, the science behind this is a little complicated, but quite useful.

    The Air Cannon generates and accumulates Air. The air molecules are stuck together with dark matter, pretty much Matter glue, which sticks Matter together. This is because to make sure Air molecules don’t split up ‘in-flight’ to other directions, while remaining as gas.

    The air molecules used are also quite flexible and strong, which makes it able to cut through atoms, and can literally break anything to as big as a galaxy down in just a few seconds. Even if there is some sort of strong Defense Shield.

    Image of Doraemon having the Air Cannon.

    #014: Armor Withstanding Heat and Wind
    There is probably a number of nations that probably uses forces like wind or heat to heat up materials, possibly cooking them. Similar to an armor, maybe, heating it and the person in it, causing them to get killed due to burning.

    That’s not the case for armors in this army though, as armors can withstand heats of up to that of a quark-gluon plasma and maybe a few more kelvins hotter. As well as withstanding windspeeds over the speed of light.

    This armor can withstand such heat because: Even though the armor might turn from solid to plasma, the human body in our nation has been artificially ’evolutionised’ by medicines and most importantly, for soldiers, the Immortality Medicine. As well as the fact the armor can stay together, even as a plasma due to glued atoms, using dark matter.

    This armor can also withstand such winds due to it’s glued atoms, which cannot separate during wind. Glued together by the laws of physics, relativity and more clearly, dark matter itself which holds together space, can withstand such light-speed fast winds.

    Regular Armor for the Land Division.