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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

March 12, 2020

San Salvador

The National Intelligence Directorate released a statement.

For far too long, Creeperans have suffered at the hands of evil. Countless lives have been lost, countless preventable fatalities. Since our expansion south hundreds of years ago, evil has attacked our people, time and time again, claiming millions upon millions of innocent Creeperans. Creeperans have called for action for far too long, and for far too long, no action was taken. Everyone was too scared to proceed with a final solution; they feared anarchy and a breakdown of order in society, but the people demand it. From the Creeperian Crusade, and through many, many wars, such as the Deltinian War, the Three Years' War, the Twenty Years' War, the Creeperian Civil War, and even the now ongoing Deltinian Insurgency, innocent Creeperans, both military and civilian, have been indiscriminately killed for no good reason. Peace is not an option. Action must be taken, action the people have demanded for centuries. The people have called, time and time again: "Eradication! Eradication!" 

Today, the Creeperian government will finally answer the peoples' cry for a mass eradication and extermination of evil from our Fatherland. God initially created this force for good, but they have turned their backs on God and now seek death, pure evil. With the approval of God Himself, our Fatherland will enact the Final Solution. Forcible extermination is the only option. The Fatherland's people and environment will prosper without this evil in our land. Their evil and tyrannical reign of terror will, once and for all, finally come to an end. The reign of the mosquitos will be no more.

Authored by Minister of Defense Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Approved by Emperor of Creeperopolis and the Creeperans Alexander II

San Romero

The National Coffee and Sugar Corporation would like to arrange with Quebecshire the opening of a company in Quebecshire to better transport and process sugar, such as was done with Willdavie earlier this month.

El Salvador

Protestors demand the reopening of flights to Greater Sacramento, destroying the checkin area of Andaluzian Airways.

San Miguel

The usual extrajudicial atheist execution occurs.

San Luís

A gang member was executed after being arrested and found being in the possession of cocaine. The drugs were confiscated by the government.


Creeperans protest cooperations between the governments of Terranihil and Foxilan citing the meeting as "enemies of the Empire planning to attack the Fatherland." They also protest the TEU in general and the prospect if Rakeo possibly joining the TEU. The protestors claim that they stand with Malgax and demand the immediate liquidation of the so-called "reeducation camps" which the protestors claim are extermination camps. Finally, the protestors criticize the authoritarian nature of the Constitution of Aurebeshia.

Third dynasty of ur all
Greater Sacramento El Salvador and Adolfosburg
Quebecshire San Romero and Adolfosburg
Willdavie San Romero and San Luís and Adolfosburg
The Constitutional Republic of Zion San Salvador and San Miguel
Foxilan Adolfosburg
Terranihil Adolfosburg
Spode Humbled Minions Adolfosburg
Malgax Adolfosburg
New Gandor Adolfosburg
Eminople Adolfosburg
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