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Region: Asia


OOC: When studies aren't killing me, work is. Don't expect any super-active RPing from my part.


Sebytania Television One

We interrupt our regular programming to bring to you breaking news. As Qudrathi forces approach Formosa Island, the Chinese Confederacy has voiced its opposition. In a previous broadcast, President Sharapov voiced his concern for our fellow Sebytanians residing on the island, what seems to have caught the attention of international press were his seemingly supportive words for the Qudrathi cause. The Union has been called in for an unscheduled meeting today, but we've received no information beyond that from official sources. Tatiana Tarov is on site at Revolution Square in downtown Segety. Tatiana, what does it look like over there?

"Thank you, Boris. The few protesters in the area seem to be calm, and the military presence in the area is slightly elevated. The main objective of the military seems to be supporting the SSS in keeping the numerous journalists at bay. As you can see... Hold on, the doors of the press balcony are opening! Ivan, get a good shot!"


A man, dressed in a light-grey suit as usual, stepped out after four SSS agents, followed by another two. His voice was amplified by the loudspeakers installed around the square, something Sebytanian live journalists were used to but what kept the audio specialists of foreign media busy year after year, trying to eliminate the echo.

"As you may or may not know, the Union has gathered today to because of the events revolving around Formosa Island. First of all, I'd like to say that we are far from finished with our meeting, this statement is just to ensure the people know what's happening behind those heavy doors.

While I did say that in my opinion Qudrath has fair claim to the island, that was and is my opinion, however the Union may decide otherwise.

Even my stance on the matter was simplified in the previous statement, as I was mainly concerned about the safety of our fellow Sebytanians. Formosa Island occupies an important strategic location, and due to this, I'd like to see a permanent EASTO presence on the island even if the area is under Qudrathi control."

One of the agents shadowing Sharapov whispered something to his ear, careful to cover his mouth to prevent lip-reading.

"It would appear that my presence is required inside."

Sharapov turned back towards the balcony doors, took a step, then stopped abruptly. He turned back towards the square and said:

"Oh, and one more thing. Some people call this whole ordeal an act of imperialist aggression. If that's the case, well, most of you know where I stand on that kind of stuff."

After referring to his past as leading the revolution, a topic he rarely mentioned, Sharapov gave the public a dry smile, lit a cigarette and walked indoors, escorted by the clone-like SSS agents.


Back to the studio, this is Boris Smirnov. We will keep you updated about the ongoing Union meeting. But now, we'll return to our usual programming, episode 3 of season 1 of Brave and the Pretty...