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Afrikaansverstaan jy Afrikaans?1Johyu
Union of Christian NationsSpeaker of The Assembly Confirmation Election1Upper Chantler
The Kodiak RepublicHow did you find out about NationStates?6The Kodiak Republic
Federation of YorkshireIf you could have voted Or if you are not from the uk, would you have voted remain or leave?2BRItischess Imperium
Eientei GensokyoDid you ever complete a Touhou game?3Tostandia
TPAWhat do we do about the Awesome Imperium1Kanaka Maol
Hajdu GuineaShould we join the EU?2Kobanya
TyranniaFav. Color?1Slaughtland
SpiritusWhat's your opinion on capital letters?9Aletania
Bahai OrderWhich upcoming NCU title are you most hyped for?1Aqdasistan
TexasChristmas Turkey vs Thanksgiving Turkey6Talitha Macer
Institute of CelluloseDO YOU AGREE WITH THE PROPOSED BILL12The Joeanian Republic
IndiaTasty Treat : Vote for Your Favourite15Indusse
The Orange OrderWhat's the best food mentioned below12Zanjact
Angels EncarmineRegional stance on the upcoming/current General Assembly Proposal0Kingdom of Circle of Magi
RefugiaYou have the ability to read everyone else's mind without them knowing, but they will also know exactly what y...47Tiralta
The Eternal OrderWhats your favorite snack?8Improper Classifications
Soviet RatsOpinion of capitalism1New Norsland
YggdrasilWhat kind of bread do you like5Particle
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