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Isle Of Wooloo KingdomFavorite type of chocolate2Boris Cult
North Sea UnionThic with 4 c's or only 1?0PotatoOverLord
OppressivaniaDoes this poll work?1The Grand Leader
The PlaceDo you understand that mechanical hands are the ruler of everything?1Als Used Part Shop
OlivedrabiaNew Region Name2Olivedrabia
Lardylandcool colors2Beautifully made
HellholeDiscord server4Disgraces
Land of DogeWho should be our new research officer?0DogeConomy1
RGBN SPACE ROLEPLAYWho wants my planet?2Connotarian Space Association
The New HavenShould we make the outreach party official?1Bon Nese
The TavernHow awesome is The Tavern?1Baloo Kingdom WA
DemocritusSong of the Week: Week 91Anxiety Cafe
Newlandian UnionSenate for impeachment8The powerful lands of America
League of Radiance Puppet Regionaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa0Poll test
The Continental LeagueHow did you get here?6Cavino
Free EarthHow Important is Democracy?5Freed Indonesia
The Colony of the Giant RatShould we go to war with the region of Brasilistan?6Methania
XutheinOwO or UwU?2Comfed II
The Alliance of ErosWA Delegate/Presidential Election 513SKM
Cape of Good HopeWhat's your favorite cereal?9Lawithon
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