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Holy Empire LusophoneEleição oficial do Interior1Ricau-Legorminas
EuropeWhich European micronation is your favourite?15Rivierenland
Union of Ever Socialist RepublicsShall we give LGBT rights?1NORTH TELANGANA
AbsolutionRepeal "On Multilateral Trade Talks"0The Sheika
Cyrannus Star SystemWhich is your preferred M&M filling1I am a planet Bitches
AlvarezCONCLAVE: Shall we ratify The Crown Vote Award Code?1Lamerdon
The Sportsbook08/02 - Olympic Basketball3Davelands
The Western CommonwealthA Draft for the 2nd Constitution of the Government has been written. Should this replace the 1st Constitution?4Aftenheim
South American Regional AssemblyWho do you support for President Pro Tempore?2South American Regional Assembly
The New Order Last days of EuropeFlag Competition vote5Frinil
SpiritusWar thunder or world of tanks?2Alekseandrea
LardylandRegional themes11Spaceania
The Alliance of ErosIs your nation conservative or socialist5Cxrtifixd
The Union Of Great Onionist NationsWould you like to run for WA Delegate8Of The Glorious Soviet Onion
The South Pacific Union Affairs ChatWho should be the leader?11Sir Zanny
Institute of CelluloseHow do you eat Pringles17Orange Creek
Holy Empire LusophoneEleição de Líder interino 12Plassiria
The Brotherhood Of German FederationsWho do you support in German elections?8Republick Deutschland
The Social Liberal UnionIdeological Survey40North American Republics
Seven To ManyBest part of summer?1Roshambeau
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