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The Commonwealth Of Furry PeoplesDo you give blood?2Kingdoms of Cal
United Empire of IslamDo you support the current administration?0Bosnia Herzegovina and Sandzak
Middle North Atlantic IslandsICC Proposal: ICC-2-CODE2The Fordines
LisseumDo you want to run in the General Elections?2Kor Pantaal
The DownzWho do you vote for to be General-Secretary of the Downz1Poggeria
League of Allied NationsPresident of the LAN?1Shnookle
The Region of Greater Miami ShoresWho or what is responsible for the deaths of the Virus?4Greater Miami Shores
ThegyeChoose Your Own Adventure Season 3 #47Greater Tagrai
Solar AllianceSci Fi Role Play Act 2020 Addition3Solar Administrator
New Eastern EuropeShould EE have a Supreme Court3Old Falinar
Capitalist Libertarian Freedom RegionWhat's next for 2020?8Xyanth
WormsWill you watch election night coverage?8San Fuego
ToasterThe most important Question17Proccie Toaster
Caer SidiWho should be next weeks featured nation?0Kresh Nagar
Totally not a rebel armyDid you pick no?2Totally not Ugosal
Middle North Atlantic IslandsICC Proposal: ICC-1-CRAIG13The Fordines
Barlyyian Puppet Storagewhat11Barlyy Oil Co
Grand PacificaOn the Question of Economics8Yondora
The Northwest TerritoriesTemporary Delegate Measures0The Winter Territory
LaraniemLWCON #2: Eligibility for Voting2Koxor
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