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Type 14 Frigate Project

Type 14 Frigate Project

Type: Guided Missile Frigate / Air-Defense Frigate
Cost Per Ship: $580,000,000
Annual Operating Cost: $10,000,000

Design History

Designed by:
Domanania, Martenyika, Alteran Republics

Built By:
Domanania, Martenyika, Serpens Land


Standard: 4,500 tons
Full: 5,400 tons

Length: 135 m
Beam: 16 m
Draught: 4.5m

2 shaft CODAG
2x cruise diesel engines 5,200 shp (3,900 kW);
2x boost gas turbines 27,500 shp (20,500 kW);
Total: 65,400 shp (48,800 kW)

Speed: 30kn
Range: 4,850 nmi at 14 kn
Endurance: 30 days
Compliment: 210

Sensors and processing systems:
5P-27 Air Search Radar
5P-20K 4 faced active phased array search, tracking and guidance/management radar
34K1 Surface Search and secondary artillery targeting radar
5P-10 Main targeting radar
Towed Sonar array
3x Navigation Radars
2x aft target illumination suites for CIWS

Electronic Warfare and Decoys:
EW Suite
2 KT-308
8 KT-216
2 5P-42

1x 127mm Naval Gun
16/24x (2/3x8) VLS Cells for for SSM, SAM, or Cruise Missiles
32x (2x16) VLS Cells for Surface-to-Air Missiles
2x 12.799mm Machine Guns
8x 355mm Torpedo tubes for anti-torpedo and anti-submarine torpedoes

Aircraft Carried:
1x Naval Helicopter

Aircraft Facilities:
Helipad and hanger for 1 helicopter

Type 14


The Type 14 Frigate project is a multinational collaboration to create a guided missile frigate for multiple nations throughout The Western Isles. The project was launched in 2020 by Domanania, Martenyika, and Alteran Republics. Due to issues that arose during the design process, the Alteran Republics had to back out of the program, but left their contributions to be used. After the Alteran withdrawal, from the program, Serpens Land ordered several ships.

The frigate project is meant to replace outdated ships, and future proof a nations national defense. It is meant to provide a replacement for larger ships that would fill the same roll. It's primary roll is that of anti-ship combat, and air defense frigate. It is also capable of performing anti-submarine duties if armed with anti-submarine missiles.


The type 14 is a frigate class ship with the strike capability of a destroyer or cruiser while also incorporating stealth into the base hull design. The ship is comparable to other frigate designs in size. With a total of 48 VLS cells, it carries armament similar to some guided missile destroyers. In an anti air role, it can carry up to 192 small missiles if every VLS cell is quad-packed. However, the standard load out is 48 missiles (16 AShM/Cruise Missiles and 32 SAM). It has the ability to add an additional set of VLS cells for a total of 24 primary cells instead of 16.

The ship was designed to incorporate systems from multiple different nations. It is modular to fit every nations needs. If a procurer of the frigate desires to substitute a system provided by one nation with one of their own, they are able to. So long as the replacement can fill the spot. Nations may provide more than one system, and more than one participant may provide a system for other participants and buyers to select from.


This project is a multinational effort, with the following nations providing a major part of the final design.

Base Hull:
The base hull design is provided by Domanania

Vertical Launch System:
The following nations provided a VLS system for use
Domanania: Type 5G VLS

Naval Gun:
The following nations provided a naval gun for use

Primary Electronics and Sensors:
The following nations provided some or all of the major electronics and sensors

Close In Weapon System:
The following nations provided a CIWS for use
Domanania: Lancer CIWS

The following nations provided missiles for use
Alteran Republics: JAMM/JAMM-ER, and LAMBS-CM/LAMBS-SS
Domanania: Block 2 Spirit Cruise Missile, CISD SAM, and Swordfish SAM




Number in Service

Serpens Land

King Edward Class Frigate

8 Planned


Allegiance Class Frigate

8 Planned


River Class Frigate

2 Planned