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Javelin Missile

Javelin SAM & SSM


The Javelin Missile was fitted for the Serpent Class Guided Missile Destroyer in a single missile launcher, and was updated for the Heaven Class Destroyer in a dual launcher which was later fitted to the Serpent class. They are only maintained as part of the Serpent and Heaven class destroyers. Other than that, they are planned to be phased out by more advanced missiles once ships currently equipped ships are phased out.

National Origin:Domanania
Designed: 1980
Produced: 1983-2015
In Service: 1985-Present
Unit Cost $125,000

Type: Air-to-Surface / Surface-to-Surface Missile
Weight 550 kg
Length: 4.4m
Warhead: 11kg HE Blast Fragmentation
Detonation Mechanism: Impact, Proximity

Engine: Solid-Fuel Rocket Booster, Ramjet Cruise Engine
Operational Range: 150km
Flight Altitude: Sea Skimming
Flight Ceiling: 18,000m
Speed: mach 3
Guidance: Semi-active radar
Launch Platforms: Naval Vessels