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The Imperial Debating Programme WIP



Greetings all,

I am Dr. Anastasia Clarke, Director of the Department of Arts and Communications in the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

Under my Department, I have created a debating program for use in CCD's Imperial Senate, where nations of the Senate debated topics that only affected our region. But now, we want to take it outside our region, to debate with many others about topics that affect us all.

The debates will work by having one central topic, which the moderator of the debate will ask questions around. The candidate's job is to answer the questions and discuss other ideas from other candidates' questions.

All the information for the debates will be in this document, where the topics, dates, and times can be found here. After the debate is finished, a transcript will also be found here.

So I invite anyone and everyone to the debates that my Department is going to set up and moderate, which will take place on the CCD's Discord Server, on a channel created specifically for these debates. You must have a Discord account to take part in the debates.

Step up to the task of speaking your minds on topics that affect you.
Meet other nations that are similar to you, in other regions.
Have fun!

If you are interested in becoming a candidate or want to simply watch the debates, please contact me.

Hail the Confederation!

Dr. Anastasia Clarke
Director of the Department of Arts and Communications
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
The Crew of HMS NHS

  1. Be completly respectful to all

  2. Listen to the moderator and the host

  3. Only discuss the questions at hand in the debate

  4. No racist or derogatory content

  5. Do not reveal personal details

  6. Only ping when necessary

These rules may be revised at any point.

Any breaking of these rules will result in disciplinary action.


Debate One
Topic(s): The Regional Economy and the Activity of the Imperial Senate
Date: 16th of July 2020
Time: 3pm - 5pm UTC
Candidates: Andrew II Hazelwood, President of the Imperial Senate, The Socialist Feudal Monarchy of Golden Impirial Utopia
Richard Hemlok, Senator, The Corporate States of Aeioux
Yash Hathi, Senator, The Empire of Deman Kalan
Moderator: Anastasia Clarke, Director of the Department of Arts and Communications, The Medical Dictatorship of HMS NHS
Debate Report and Transcript

Debate Two
Topic(s): Raiding Regions in NationStates
Date: 3rd of August 2020
Time: 3pm - 5pm UTC
Moderator: Sean Blackwood, Minister of Home Affairs, The Corporate States of Aeioux