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A New Year dawns; a new journey begins. Hail the Confederation!

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  • The Confederation Government is headed by High-Direktor Sir Adalberto Fabian HCF of Jocospor.

  • Join the World Assembly and endorse the Lady of Loathing of ShrewLlamaLand.

  • Participate in the Imperial Senate:

    • Government: Influential Unity Coalition (UP-VIP) | Opposition: ISV

    • President: The Hon. Darcy Hill of Johill

  • Foreign delegations should contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Nova Occidens.

This is a region of roleplay. No IRL fascists or communists.

Embassies: Abydos, The Slide Countries, Raxulan Empire, The New Empire of Bunicken, Vangmar II, and Union of Allied States.

Construction of embassies with Kartakis has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Anti-World Assembly, Enormous, Featured, Isolationist, Liberated, and Totalitarian.

Regional Power: Very High

Confederation of Corrupt Dictators contains 293 nations, the 73rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Overall Tax Burden in Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

World Census financial experts assessed nations across a range of direct and indirect measures in order to determine which placed the lowest tax burden on their citizens.

As a region, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators is ranked 24,948th in the world for Lowest Overall Tax Burden.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Sun Empire of TolololoMother Knows Best State“It's hot here.”
2.The Technocracy of AndorosCompulsory Consumerist State“Family, Homeland and Loyalty make a Man”
3.The Rolls Royce of RRCapitalist Paradise“Luxury for you”
4.The State-Mandated Utopia of TobeladeCorporate Police State“Get off my property.”
5.The Holy Empire of RakBibiStanCorporate Police State“There is nothing because there was nothing”
6.The Commonwealth of Newrk SerelandCompulsory Consumerist State“Order and Progress”
7.The United States of The Official United PartyCorporate Bordello“Power Through Unity, Weakness Through Division!”
8.The Colony of NeverineRight-wing Utopia“Unity, Discipline, Work”
9.The Federal Republic of H P Lovecrafts CatAnarchy“What a nice name...”
10.The Confederacy of YroleCorporate Police State“The weak will always stay weak”
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Confederation of Corrupt Dictators Regional Message Board

The GCO Special Session, Malgina City, United Malginan States

“Emigdio Noguera, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Manoblanca, you may make your opening statement.”

“Thank you, President Ureña.”

The old diplomat steps up to the podium, clearing his throat

“Honorable Representatives, in the last few weeks, the Republic of Manoblanca and it’s people have been unfairly accused of causing economic instability in the Federation of the Mirindads, a neighboring country that I believed Manoblanca had a cordial relationship with. Clearly, I was wrong.

The President of the Federation has made many accusations against us, baseless accusations. Whether it be that we are purposely sending migrants to the Mirindads or the claim the Manoblanca’s government has collapsed, these claims have harmed our reputation on the international stage. I am here today to reaffirm what the President of Manoblanca has said already many times before; that Manoblanca is not responsible for this crisis, nor is its government collapsing.

Furthermore, I would like clarification on why the Mirinian coast guard vessel was in Manoblancan waters, and why it had surveillance equipment onboard. It makes it seem like this vessel was scouting Manoblanca for its defenses, to prepare for a potential invasion. I do hope that myself and my fellow countrymen at home are wrong, but the evidence is there.”

“Pardon my interruption Minister, but would you please show to the Assembly what evidence you may have?”

“Gladly, Señor Presidente.”

The Minister’s assistants prepare a projector to use, while the Assembly watches in silence. After a few minutes, the assistants step back, and the Minister starts presenting

“As you can see by these pictures, there are video cameras, maps of Manoblanca, and even a drone that I feel the Mirinians planned on using to get an aerial view of the island. Naval authorities are also in the process of questioning the detained crew for answers, but we have yet to get any from them.”

“Is that all Minister?”

“Yes, Señor Presidente.”

“Well then, thank you for that opening statement, we now ask you to step down from the podium and call forward the Mirinian delegation.”

The Mirinian Permanent Representative to the GCO, Maximino Meléndez, steps up to the podium

“Honorable Representatives, I am here today to prove the deception of the Republic of Manoblanca and its tyrannical president, Joaquin C. Juárez.

To begin, let us discuss the refugee crisis. Thousands have fled Manoblanca to neighboring nations, such as the Federation of the Mirindads, to prevent prosecution from the totalitarian government that has taken hold. These people have been forced from their homes by a dictatorship, and have caused a great deal of strain to the Federation’s government. These innocent souls deserve to be in their nation, free from the one-party state that has ruled over their islands for so long. Instead they are scattered, far away from home.

Nations are unable to cope with the amount of refugees that are fleeing Manoblanca, and many have simply turned them away because they are unable to provide for them. But the Federation hasn’t, as it is dear to our principles to welcome all into our nation should they need to. Our sympathy however, has caused massive damage to the Federation’s economy, and has also led to a large crime wave in our nation, as Manoblancans who can’t find work resort to stealing and killing to survive.

It is saddening that this crisis has started. The Federation and other neighboring nations have attempted to contact Manoblanca about the refugees, and yet we have had little progress in these negotiations.”

“Representative Melendez, we have heard this before, and while it is saddening to see, it is not our priority at the moment. Our priority now is to ease tensions between the Federation of the Mirindads and the Republic of Manoblanca, not to debate the refugee crisis. Please finish up your opening statement.”

“Of course, Señor Presidente. As you all know, a coast guard vessel belonging to the Federation of the Mirindads was detained unlawfully by the Republic of Manoblanca. We demand that it and it’s crew are returned to us immediately and that reparations for this incident are handed out to the crew’s families.”

“Thank you, Representative. The Assembly shall now be free to voice their opinions and to suggest a compromise.”


“I shall take the silence of the Assembly to mean that there is nothing the Assembly wishes to add. Very well then, the Assembly will now take an hour break and reconvene at…” Ureña checks his watch “… 1:00 PM today on the dot. Unless any Representative has anything to add, I will now dismiss the Assembly for this one hour break.”


“Very well then, the Assembly is dismissed.”

Hail the Confederation

New Press Release Added!


Alpine Based comes to a Start!

Press Release (2022) | Issued on 17 May 2022 | Lasted Edited 17 May. 2022 23:24 MCT / 10:28 CEST

The second joint SA Military Exercise - code named 'Alpine Based' is scheduled to start tomorrow on the 18th of May 2022, in Salcanceacy. Citing delays due to bad weather slowing logistical transport, the Military Exercise was delayed in order to give all participants an equal footing in the exercise. The exercise was reportedly stated to focus on full spectrum operations in more rural regions, and also serving as an international military exchange of experience in regions similar to Africa. With Salcanceians, Loreauans, and Commonwealth forces participating, this would be the largest military exercise so far in the Accord's young history.

The Military Exercise is expected to end on the 27th of May 2022.

Media Coverage

  • Select media of the Military Exercise will be published on the SA website, as well as pictures taken by official SA photographers on site.

  • Video files will be available for free download from the SA Multimedia Portal.

Contact point at SA HQ
SA Press Office
Tel: +32 (0)2 707 50 41

Salcanceacian Paratroopers moving out on board their Gecko ATV's

SA Joint Military Exercise Succeeds! New Military Exercises To Come

Press Release (2022) | Issued on 30 Apr. 2022 | Lasted Edited 30 Apr. 2022 22:24 MCT / 17:34 CEST

With the first SA Joint Military Exercise - codenamed 'Alpine Anonymous' - coming to an end, the SA General Secretary Orisinal has recently announced that with the success of the exercise, several more are planned specifically in order to strengthen ties between nations of the Accord. Declaring that the liberty of their citizens under the guidance of their monarchs was a key agreement among the member nations, a strengthening of military ties and economic ties were needed to prepare the alliance against any unforeseen threats from the instability of Noskyavia and Usea. The General Secretary stated that the military exercise was a great success, demonstrating the ability for liberty-loving nations to cooperate well.

In addition, reportedly plans are in way for a strengthening of ties and military links in order to allow consultation between member states in order to address national security issues and coordinate defense easier between them.

The next SA Joint Military Exercise - codenamed 'Alpine Based' - will be launched in The Kingdom of Salcanceacy, reportedly in Early to Mid May 2022.

Media Coverage

  • Video and audio of the Secretary General’s press conference will be published on the SA website, together with a transcript of the Secretary General’s remarks, as well as pictures taken by official SA photographers.

  • Video files will be available for free download from the SA Multimedia Portal.

Contact point at SA HQ
SA Press Office
Tel: +32 (0)2 707 50 41

RCS Crystal Spire carrying out a mock special forces insertion mission

SA To Host First Official Joint Military Exercise Between Commonwealth and Loreauan Forces

Press Release (2022) | Issued on 25 Apr. 2022 | Lasted Edited 27 Apr. 2022 15:24 MCT

On the 25th of April 2022, General Secretary Lance Lancing Orisinal of the Central Desk of the Stockholm Accord announced that "within days" the Commonwealth militaries of Mleocun, MineLegotipony, Mleocunese Equestria, and MineLegotia and Equestria would be participating in a joint-military exercise with the military of Regna Loreau. The full scope of the exercise was not released in the press conference by Orisinal, however it has been noted that the focus on the "improvement of the coordination of the various branches of the arms of monarchism and stability".

Organised on the coast of Norway at Øksfjord, the military exercise has been reported to last a week and will end this Saturday. In conjunction to the military exercise, after it the general staffs of the various Accord nations would be participating in post-exercise evaluation, in order to discern the strengths and weaknesses of the military alliance in preparation for future coordinated efforts in the pursuit of the protection of liberty, monarchism, and prosperity. They will explore the issues they see as critical to global and alliances security, with contributions from diverse voices - from seasoned veterans to up and coming SA Officials, including several from Salcanceacy.

Media advisory

  • 30/04/2022 13:15 (CEST) SA Secretary General’s remarks and Q&A session.

Media Coverage

  • Video and audio of the Secretary General’s press conference will be published on the SA website, together with a transcript of the Secretary General’s remarks, as well as pictures taken by official SA photographers.

  • Video files will be available for free download from the SA Multimedia Portal.

  • Details about the exercise are available through the website of the participating nations' Armed Forces.

Contact point at SA HQ
SA Press Office
Tel: +32 (0)2 707 50 41

Lt. Heidi van Rijk aboard HMS Narvik preparing to carry out a cruise missile drill

Read dispatch

Hail the Confederation!

Leon arrives at the stand, a somewhat icelike look on his face as opposed to the rather cheerful expression he had given beforehand. He rubbed his eyes, before clearing his throat:

"I would like to formally thank Senator Hill for allowing me to take up a position on his cabinet. I will be forever indebted to him and the United Party for providing me another chance at being within the halls of Senate. Now, I shall recite the Imperial Oath once again:

"Forthwith, and for all my natural life henceforth, I swear I shall serve my immortal master, the Emperor of Jocospor, and His Confederation of Corrupt Dictators to the greatest extent of my faculties. I shall lead with distinction, with fortitude and with integrity. Always, I will obey the authorities that command me. Always, I will strictly adhere to the laws of my Confederation. Always, I will strive to advance the Emperor, the Shadow Cult, the Confederation, and the principles of dictatorial government. Should I fail in these endeavors, or act seditiously, ignorantly or slothfully, I declare my regional titles forfeit and myself susceptible to just punishment. So help me."

"I thank you all for your time." [i]Leon then takes his papers off the podium, and goes to sit back down, just staring at the wall parallel from him.

Hail the Confederation!

▀▄▀▄▀▄ VERDICT! ▄▀▄▀▄▀

In a dramatic conclusion to the trial of notorious 'General' Oofler, the jury reached a unanimous verdict.

"This court finds you GUILTY" *bonk*

*Disgruntled protest!*

"Order in the courtroom!" *bonk bonk*
"YOUR SENTENCE is TWO MONTHS community service at the University of Castillia, as an academia aide in SOCIAL EQUITY theory. You will also have to pay a fine of $200."

*Raucous applause!*
Editor's note:
Oofler has been convicted of waging a war of aggression against the Feuraxian government, and treason. Apparently the nation does not seem to care.

Hail the Confederation!

I'm nervous putting up a Post in the RMB
What if it interrupts the Roleplay?
I would be happy to do RP and play a role
But is there any rules to follow?
I would love to actually do something in the Region instead of being afk
(Since my after exam homework are finish)
- From Senator of East Amen Zamend
𝕸𝔞𝔯𝔠𝔬 𝕷𝔬𝔭𝔢𝔷

𝙃𝙖𝙞𝙡 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝘾𝙤𝙣𝙛𝙚𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣!

East Amen Zamend wrote:-quote=

If you wish do something like Roleplays. I recommend joining the Discord to coordinate!

Hail the Confederation!

A Very Important Call . . .

Somewhere in the depths of the Shy Guy embassy in Vocyrae, Senator Guy sits in his dark bedroom. His white mask is set aside on his desk, and he smokes a Utopian cigar; a pleasure few of the diplomatic staff get to enjoy in this day and age. As the sun sets behind the Confedereichstag, the desk phone rings.


A low chuckle echoes from the receiver, and Senator Guy stiffens.

"Hello Senator. It has been a while since I have heard your voice. How has Vocyrae been treating you?"

The senator speaks through gritted teeth, "Vocyrae has been treating me well enough. What do you want?"

"Just to talk to you, dear Senator. A moment of your time is all that I ask."

"Spit it out then. I happen to be very busy at this time."

"Oh not here, friend. Tell me, do you remember what Shy Guy Falls is like during the spring? To my knowledge it has been a while since you have last been in Shy Guy Nation. In a week's time, I want you to meet me there, in front of all the construction work in the middle of Victory Square. We have much to discuss."

The sentence seemed more like a command than a request, and after a second, the line went dead. Senator Guy leaned back, rubbed his eyes, and let out a deep sigh. He had work to do.

Hail the Confederation!

Telegram Regarding Regional Taxation To HSM The Emperor

"Dear His Supreme Majesty, Emperor Agustín I of The Shadow Cult of Jocospor,

After careful and considered deliberation with my Cabinet, I humbly request your most venerable opinion about certain parts, specifically regional taxation, of the budgets I wish to produce and pass in the Imperial Senate. As a result of the counsel of my Cabinet, the following questions have been created and I earnestly ask for your opinion.

1. What do you believe the Confederation should prioritise, considering we are entering an age of liberalisation?

2. What should the Confederation cut back on, considering the cabinet's desire to streamline the Confederation Government?

3. Do you believe that the current taxation system should be reformed into a progressive model, considering the liberalising economy of the Confederation?

I hope to have somewhat entertained your majesty with this telegram and hope from the bottom of my heart that I am able to hear your response.

I pray for your continued health and prosperity,

Your loyal servant,

President Darcy J. Hill."

If you would like a say in taxation, please answer the questions in this form:

Your email will not be recorded and you will only be able to submit once.

Power Through Unity, Weakness Through Division!
For A United Confederation!
Supremacy, Nobility, Camaraderie!
Hail the Confederation!

Another piece of legislation done.




Seeing the requirements for a stronger and closer relations between Confederation Member States, the sharing of meteorological data is a big step in order to build sufficient trust between said Confederation Member States for deeper fraternity between us all.

I. Declarations
  1. The Imperial Senate recognises that the weather, climate and the water cycle know no national boundaries.

  2. The Imperial Senate recognises that intra regional cooperation at a large scale is essential for the development of meteorology and operational hydrology as well as to reap the benefits from their application.

II. Stipulations regarding Meteorological Data
  1. In order to facilitate easy transfer of Meteorological Data between Confederation Member States, the recording of such data shall be done using a Standard System of Units. The following units are recommended by the current Act for meteorological observations:

    1. Degrees Celsius (°C) for temperature, or alternatively Kelvin (K).

    2. Metres per second (m/s) for wind speed.

    3. Degrees clockwise from north (°) for wind direction, or alternatively on the scale 0-36, where 36 is the wind directly from north and 09 is the directly wind from east.

    4. Hectopascals (hPa) for atmospheric pressure.

    5. Percent (%) for relative humidity.

    6. Millimetres (mm) for precipitation (or the equivalent unit kilograms per square metre (kg/m2))

    7. Millimetres (mm) for evaporation.

    8. Millimetres per hour (mm/h) for precipitation intensity, or alternatively kilograms per square metre per second (kg/m2/s)

    9. Hours (h) for sunshine duration.

    10. Metres (m) for visibility.

    11. Metres (m) for cloud height.

    12. Standard geopotential metre (m') for geopotential height.

    13. Kilograms per square metre (kg/m2) for snow water equivalent.

    14. Watts per square metre (W/m2) for irradiance.

    15. Joules per square metre (J/m2) for radiant exposure.

    16. Oktas for cloud cover.

  2. Confederation Member States are regulated to provide complete and precise Meteorological Data of their nations as collected publicly using means that are

    1. In a readable format,

    2. In a format easily transferable between Confederation Member States, &

    3. In the Official language of Jocospor.

  3. Confederation Member States may be ordered by the Confederation and/or Imperial Government to provide complete and precise Meteorological Data of their nations as collected as according to the criteria provided in Article II.ii.a until Article II.ii.c.

  4. Confederation Member States are encouraged to collect full meteorological data across their nation.

  5. Confederation Member States are compelled to provide complete and precise Meteorological Data free of charge when carrying out the duties specified in Article II.ii & II.iii.

III. Stipulations regarding Meteorological Data Collection
  1. Confederation Member States are regulated to provide concise and accurate descriptions of their methods of data collection regarding Meteorological Data when carrying out duties as specified in Article II.

  2. Confederation Member States are encouraged to do Meteorological Data Collection on a regular daily basis in order to provide a clear picture regarding Meteorological phenomenon.

  3. Confederation Member States are encouraged to provide as in depth data as possible regarding their Meteorological Data.

Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
Authored by
Tailspin von Javehin, Senator, MineLegotipony

Read dispatch

The following two are awaiting to be put up to Vote.

The Imperial Senate,

NOTING the severe lack of a united framework for protocols regarding passports;

NOTING the increasing connectivity of the Confederation;

LAMENTING the lack of severe lack of a united standardised passport to ease protocols;

BELIEVING that it is necessary to establish a united standardised passport in order to ease protocols and encourage unity across the Confederation framework;

HOPING that this act will be another pillar for the foundation of a more efficient, forward thinking, and competent Confederation Government and Community;

  1. ENACTS The Confederation Standardised Passport Act 2022 AD

Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
Authored by:
Tailspin von Javehin , Senator, The Royal Protectorate of MineLegotipony

Hail the Confederation

Read dispatch

The Imperial Senate,

NOTING the severe lack of a united protocol and even framework for diplomatic relations and travel between Confederation Member States;

WORRYING of another possible Deman Situation;

WORRYING of another situation like such may result in disastorous damage to Confederation Community, and possibly even resulting in a new Confederation Civil War;

WORRYING that there is no protocol to ensure safe travel in other Confederation Member States, ensuring no true Confederation Unity could be created organically;

HOPING that this act will be another pillar for the foundation of a more efficient, forward thinking, and competent Confederation Government and Community;

  1. ENACTS the Confederation Travelling Standards and Other Minute Details Act 2022 AD

Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
Authored by:
Tailspin von Javehin , Senator, The Royal Protectorate of MineLegotipony

Hail the Confederation

Read dispatch

Hail the Confederation!

Crisis Averted!

Following days of debate between the Manoblancan and Mirinian delegations, a compromise has been made between the two;

    1. The Mirinian Coast Guard vessel and its crew shall be returned to the Federation of the Mirindads.

    2. The Federation of the Mirindads will issue a formal apology for the violation of Manoblancan waters.

    3. The Republic of Manoblanca will pay to the crew of the Mirinian Coast Guard vessel.

    4. An explanation of why the Mirinian Coast Guard vessel entered Manoblancan waters and was unable to respond will be given to the Republic of Manoblanca by the Federation of the Mirindads.

    5. Further negotiations will be made on the Manoblancan refugee crisis at a later date.

President Juárez and President Salinas met personally for the first time since this crisis started to discuss the compromise. Both found it to be acceptable.

Hail the Confederation

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