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Ironically one of the most democratic regions in the multi-verse. Hail the Confederation!

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Confederation of Corrupt Dictators Regional Message Board

Dear diary,

Some real creepy stuff been happening at work. I know I'm not supposed to right about that stuff in here, but I gotta write it somewhere. The experiments have been...acting up. Like, ya know Subject 43333999ioio? Yeah, they've been biting the testers lately. They shouldn't be I don't think, but they are. Also, our log files have been getting corrupted by, uh, something. It calls itself BETA_PUPPETmaster_PROGRAM1212. As far as I know, we've never made anything like this before. It is a beta too, so it shouldn't be active yet anyway. We never active programs till Second Beta. So, weird. What's even weirder is this guy that I work with (I think his name is George? George Bendict?) has gotten demoted from Head Programmer to Secondary Programmer. He's been snooping in the files apparently? I really don't know what's going on.


Hail the Confederation!

Monday, 13 May 2024. It was a particularly warm day in Levastok despite the cloudiness, creating a humid unpleasantness that lingered throughout the city. Otto Fyedorov was reviewing several speeches he had pre-written for various government ministers and such, as was a certain task he had been entrusted with for many months. Fyedorov was fairly young, yet had quickly risen through the ranks of government through his work on anti-terrorist prevention measures. He was considered reliable and trustworthy, very loyal to his job. A coworker in his department, Fabian Pelzer, was approaching Fyedorov’s desk in a manner that was artificially nonchalant.

“Well, good afternoon, Mr. ‘Glavarad’s Mouthpiece’.”
Fyedorov looked up from his monitor and stared with both light confusion and aloof incuriosity.
“It’s what IWN called you this morning. You know you gave that press conference the other day? They also referred to you as ‘Hohenbeck’s propagandist’.” Pelzer was reciting the nickname from the article open on the phone in his hand. Fyedorov evidently did not find the nicknames nearly as amusing as Pelzer clearly did. “Aw, c’mon, it could have been much worse. You got off light - especially knowing IWN.” Fyedorov broke eye contact to staple a stack of freshly printed, typed sheets together. “I don’t read IWN. Their articles are just a series of merciless attacks on journalism.” Pelzer was putting his phone away as Fyedorov rose from his desk chair. “Sorry, I have to deliver this.” He declared as he left his coworker behind.

For the rest of the day, Fyedorov had been considering his position. He accepted the fact that many people, domestic or elsewhere, might genuinely perceive him as a propagandist representing the president and his government. Daulmārk was supposed to be a more liberal country now, and you would rarely hear terms like ‘propagandist’ in reference to members of a liberal government, unless of course the accusation had come from some loudmouthed tabloid like IWN. Fyedorov considered that perhaps Daulmārk was not perceived as a liberal republic by other nations, and perhaps due to its history had retained a somewhat notorious reputation of state-centered authoritarianism. He wondered if perhaps this were true, but as a member of government, he had never witnessed such elements and was working under the impression that the government was indeed very open and based on the principles it regaled to the general public. On the other hand, would a cog even know what kind of machine it instinctively turned for?

Fyedorov had returned home. Despite the creeping passage of the day, it was uncomfortably light outside. Fyedorov had always been more of a winter person due to the lack of oppressive temperatures and clouds of bugs everywhere. He arrived through the front door of his apartment. He resided in a superior part of the city composed mainly of government officials and the lesser-affluent. It was a nicer part of the city’s north. Even so, a former minister, Walter Spielev, was assassinated in a car-bombing not far from this district. The furnished and clean, minimalist interior was worth the repetitiveness of the job. As he stepped through his doorway, he felt an unfamiliar shape beneath his shoe. It was an envelope. Typically, mail was left in a box in the building’s lobby downstairs, yet today there was nothing inside. This envelope had been delivered especially to Fyedorov’s door and likely slid underneath.

The envelope was simple and plain; the white, standard form. It had no markings of address on the cover. It had clearly not been delivered by any postal service. Fydorov entered his apartment and hung his coat. He put on his kettle and retired to the kitchen island’s surface to inspect the mysterious delivery. He peeled open the slit at the top, successfully without tearing it, and removed the sheet from inside. He unfolded it to reveal perfect handwriting in deep blue ink. The message read:
“We can help you leave. To signal that you agree, wait at the bus stop at the end of your road at 6:30 AM tomorrow morning. We will pick you up. Please burn.”

Fyedorov stared at the page for a short while, rereading the short message only taking up the top fourth of the entire sheet. His first thoughts were obviously who might have sent such a letter to his home address. A foreign government? Separatist militia? It would be a plain lie to state that he did not for one single moment consider the offer - the adventure that would follow his compliance with the blue pen’s request. He considered burning the letter all the same.

Fyedorov awoke at his usual early hour. He left his house and looked at the empty bus stop at the end of his street as he unlocked his car door and entered the vehicle. He drove a little faster than usual along his route that day.

[transmission open]
-User_1: no joy he didn’t take it.
-User_2: damn follow him.
-User_1: already am update soon.
-User_2: copy keep us posted.
[transmission closed - network data wipe in progress]

Upon arriving, he did not enter his usual building but one across the Komistet grounds. Fyedorov pushed open the glass front door of the Centre for National Security, the eyes of the Glavarad. He skimmed his keycard across the checkpoint and marched up the stairs to the secretary of defense’s office. He knocked five times in quick succession and entered without waiting.
“Oh, did we have an appointment?” the secretary asked lowering his morning tea onto the desk.
“I have to show you something.” Fyedorov declared while reaching into his breast pocket and retrieving the letter. “No address on the envelope, no identifying marks, just the cheap type you can get in any shop in bulk. I came straight here and told nobody else.”
The secretary pulled his glasses towards him and took the sheet. He scanned the letter for a few seconds and again a second time. “Good God. Who could have sent you this?” Fyedorov was retrieving his mobile phone from the opposite pocket. “My concern isn’t who sent this to me, but how many of them were delivered to others like me.” The secretary placed the sheet on the desk. “You’re right, we have to assume more of these were sent out. Nićie, Otto, what are we going to do?…”
Fyedorov was already calling a number on his phone and motioned towards the landline on the secretary’s desk. “Call Zonnenfeld and tell him to initiate Operation Bulwark immediately. We must stop any and all departures from the country.” The secretary glanced at the phone, and back at Fyedorov with hesitation. Fyedorov was holding a hard glare in the secretary’s direction as the mobile in his hand could be heard audibly ringing somebody. The secretary picked up the phone and began to dial.

Headlines - 13/05/2024

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Top News Stories

Airports Forced to Close Following Terrorist Threats

Daulmārkian airlines were forced to disappoint thousands of potential passengers today after the Glavarad’s national security departments intercepted suspected terrorist bombing threats. The messages did not specify any targets, forcing the government to take action in closing every airport, suspending all flights from the country until the threat can be contained and assessed. AirDaulmārk have not released any statements or details on the situation so far, though public witnesses have stated heavy police presence arriving on sites across the nation.

Daulmārk Direct is record of the National Media Concern.

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Hail the Confederation

Dear diary,

George got fired. Makes sense. He was STEALING and SELLING information from our TOP SECRET FILES!! You just can't do that! But y'know what's weird. He's still hanging around the facility. Just walking around like he owns the place. Strange, so very strange. Anyways, BETA_PUPPETmaster_PROGRAM1212 has been kicked out of the system after George left. Oh yeah! I got promoted to Head Programmer. I get TWO days off a week, instead of half a day off! Yay!


Hail the Confederation!

20/4/2024 Sein Inale, Grosconi, Sissania

“They hide and scurry around, spreading their filth… like—like cockroa—”
“Do not trust the Groscon; they are demons. Turn your back and watch how the knife sinks into yo—”
“WE the majority, WE are superior; our power, our influence, our lives are worth more than theirs!”
“WE were here first; why do they get the right to live on OUR land, taking OUR resources, taking OUR jobs, running around and destroying OUR livelihood?”
“What’s the difference between a Groscon and a cockroach?”
“A cockroach doesn’t pickpocket.”
power off

A young Groscon sighs as he puts his phone down, disappointed in all the Sissan Power posts on Imasing. This had not been new, of course; the Sissan Power movement had been going on for hundreds of years, ever since some of the Useans stayed and gave birth to the Groscon ethnicity. Only recently had the laws of segregation between the two been lifted. It had not stopped anything, however; the Sissan Power movement had only grown in numbers, despite the country’s new “socialist” regime. They spread their conservative views through social media, the radio, television, and even the music played in the streets. They all had one message: “Groscon had to go.” Sometimes on TV, vague or even direct threats were made towards pro-Groscon movements and Groscon heritage celebrations. It had gotten so bad that attendees at a Groscon heritage party had been gunned down by peacekeepers, unreported and hidden from the public.

Peras always favored the Sissans, despising the Groscon for whatever reason. He used AIJ as a tool, a tool for propaganda. If you scrolled far enough on cable, you would see propaganda channels unavailable in the Grosconi region. They spread hateful dog whistles and threats. Measures were made to ensure the Groscon would not find out, but they did, and they were watching. Watching for any sign that they might be endangered. And with the mysterious disappearance of their regional representative, they were even more at risk.

Hail the Confederation!

Dear diary

George is gone. I don't mean he got kicked out. I didn't even see him leave! I was doing my job, reprogramming one of our websites, when a security guard rushed into my office. He was out of breath and his eyes were wide with...I don't know, fear? Terror? Confusion? "George...George's gone!" The guard says, catching his breath. "Gone? Like he left?" I ask, spinning my chair to face him. The guard shakes his head. "I was watching the cameras." He says, scratching his head. "And the camera that George was on...He was there one moment, then I blinked, and he was gone. Just vanished into thin air!" Well, that really freaked me out I must admit. I decided to head home early, pretend I was sick. Thank the Sun Lion I did...


Hail the Confederation!

To 999 Years of Baalist Hegemony, Long live Mahdi Rudholm, Death to SUSU
Yellow Book, Chapter (Surah) 10:23-26, "It has been revealed on Good Authority that the end times are upon us. The spirits confirm with hath been revealed therein. Great turmoils afflict the true believers, that their faith may be tested. For assuredly those that are martyred will be blameless on judgement day."

In the weeks unfolding, the fate of SUSU grew more dire by the day. The stubborn holdout of Makaradi was snuffed out by the relentless onslaught of 999. Of the soldiers in General Haldridge’s West Army, the most zealous were volunteer brigades from the castes of North Marundia. Many thousands reigning from the tribes of Safia, Ketrina and Calabir carried long standing bloodlust against those whomst oppressed them from the days that SUSU was the largest country in Usea. Those of the elite Southern castes who managed the revolution in Marundia would be brutally judged for their many abuses. There was no-longer anywhere to hide.

In the East, the Morissian front had given up all too easily. It was Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Al’Hunad of the 999 Khazhatistani volunteer motor rifle brigade that rashly exploited the situation. In the days leading up to the battle of Zagichir city, these 1500 seasoned veterans thrust deep into the undefended Morissian flank. The crucial state highway and bridges along the Zagichir river folded swiftly under 999 control. According to the INTDIV reports, this cut off 20,000 Morissian Socialists from the defence of Zagichir, of which its capture would end the war, and an era. This brigade crossed the river, and lay poised to take Zagichir once and for all.

On the day that Marshal Coular, the legendary commander of the Kyrate campaign was going to assume control of the offensive, and many multiples of reinforcements were supposed to pour in, a violent flash flood ravaged the whole province, destroying bridges and roads in its path. Now the brigade was virtually cut off. Intelligence reported that an entire SUSU division was inbound to counterattack. At best they could hold out for 6 hours before succumbing to attrition, from which a brutal death was surety. Dehumanisation lay ubiquitous on both sides, for the 999 were savage animals with technology, and the Socialist was one who by affiliation had hands drenched in blood. For whomst had murdered the brothers in Baal at Sib Ramash? Avenge, for thy sworn enemies.

It was under these circumstances that Al’Hunad of the Khazhatistani Motor rifle brigade decided a different path to end the war before they themselves were ended. We ought strike now, without the consent of Marshal Coular, and carve out Zagichir Government District with our mighty band of 1500. Into the fire we go!

Blue: MS999 (Feuraxia)

Red: Socialist Union of South Usea

Green: Muharibillah

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Hail the Confederation!

Headlines - 19/05/2024

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Top News Stories

“Noskyavia Has Failed Dmitri Novikov”, Claims Assemblist Party Chairman

A conference between various Daulmārkian leftist political parties took place earlier today at the Czurać Centre in southern Levastok. The conference, covering the potential impact of a coalition bloc between these parties, known as "Plural Left," included lengthy debates and discussions on the future of Eastern Noskyavian politics.

Lyonid Zielinski, Chairman of the New Assemblists party, stated that Noskyavian leftism has failed the legacy of the late former communist leader Dmitri Makarovich Novikov. "It’s a tragedy - a complete disaster for our kind," claimed Zielinski during the discussions. "It used to be that no foreign powers could come within an inch of Noskyavian soil. That was back in the days of the Levastok Pact. It was ideal back then. Suddenly, Secretary Novikov died, and it all went to sh*t. Everywhere went fascist, and now there are League blocs in the west. We’ve failed our people. Comrade Dmitri is spinning in his mausoleum."

Political commentators from the Open Society Foundation continue to dispute the proposed Plural Left bloc’s position within the National Council. Many believe that such a coalition could not constructively lead a leftist front, whereas others determine that the influence could prove threatening to the popular lead of Sovereign Daulmārk.

Daulmārk Direct is record of the National Media Concern.

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Hail the Confederation

Dear diary,

I came back the next day. Guess what I found on my door? CLAW MARKS. Something TRIED TO CLAW THROUGH MY DOOR. Why? I think to kill me. And there's only so many experiments that have claws. There's Subject 777777o22, the werewolf. There's, uh, Subject 565655555uuy. I guess Subject 101111gg1 could make claw marks if it wanted to...Maybe Subject 43333999ioio? No, no, too small! So, I think it was either Subject 777777o22 or Subject 565655555uuy. Or something else. But what else? No wild animals could've gotten in, too secure. But the subjects' cells are top notch security! So what..or who...tried to claw through my door?


Hail the Confederation!

30/3/2024 La Qatrase (Political Prison), Lestí

Shouts reverberated across the prison wall. Peacekeepers had come, and this time without any new “prisoners.” They marched in unison, arrogantly flaunting their guns towards the prisoners before slamming open a prison door. The two Groscon prisoners, young boys, were sleeping inside before getting ripped from their “beds,” which were little more than dignified steel sheets mounted to the wall. One of the boys tried to resist but only incited a brutal beating by one of the peacekeepers.

The two were thrown in a dark truck, painted with the golden Sissanian Communist sigil. The unharmed prisoner, Gabriel, a boy no older than 14, scratched at his cuffs so tightly attached to his thin wrists. He had been thrown in jail under suspicion of involvement with a Groscon paramilitary, deemed the “GPI” (Groscon Protection Initiative). Of course, this was untruthful, but even suspicion would get you thrown in jail, especially if you were Groscon. The truck started up, sputtering a little before driving away. Unbuckled, the two boys were practically thrown around from the bumpiness of the road. The prison lay out in the boonies after all, and the roads out here weren't all that good. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the truck stopped, and the doors opened.

A tall man, draped in peacekeeper wear, shouted in a thick Ihorean accent:


Gabriel got up quickly, stumbling a little on the ledge of the truck. The other boy, however, badly beaten, lay unconscious on the truck floor. Before Gabriel could shout, two peacekeepers climbed into the truck, closing the door behind them. As Gabriel was escorted away, he could barely hear the woken-up screams of the boy, hidden by the Sissanian anthem blasting at full volume from unseen speakers.

Gabriel, shaken, only caught a glance of his new encampment before looking down at the floor, full of guilt over the boy. From what he could see, it was obviously some sort of military camp, large and structured. Whatever reason he was there for could not have been good.

“You and your terrorist friend, if he survives… will remain here for the time being.” He looked down at Gabriel. “Do you understand?”

Gabriel remained silent, angering the tall man.


“Ye..yes sir.”


“Yes sir.”

Gabriel went silent after that, not talking even a bit as they went through numerous invasive security checks. Eventually, after being stripped bare, he was thrown into a small cell.

“Stay there. Your friend will join you soon. When he does, no talking; you'll keep the guard up.”

There was no bed, only a couple of newspapers for pissing, with not even the smallest window, and certainly no lights. It was no better than an animal pen. He sat against the wall, unable to sleep, thinking about the boy he had been jailed with for almost a year. They had not grown particularly close during their time at La Qatrase, but he still felt guilty for what happened in the truck. If he had said something, anything, the boy would be here with him.

Three days later

The boy had not come. For three days, Gabriel had sat in the darkness. The room was stuffy, uncomfortable, and cold. The air grew thinner and thinner, as there was no ventilation and barely any gaps in the steel door. He had only been fed once during his stay, a small cup of water, and some dry dog food that had long since grown stale. The quiet of the room was deafening. The only stimulation was the sound of his heart beating, beating so fast and so loud. He was slowly going insane.

As he recollected his thoughts, the light shined from the little opening designed for food. In came a tray of food. Before the guard could close it, Gabriel jammed his fingers in, biting down on his tongue to distract from the pain.

“Wait-” Gabriel shouted.

“Jam your little fingers, and I'll cut them off, roach,” the guard replied.

“Please, listen!” Gabriel sputtered. “Where is the boy? The boy who came with me?”

“Why do you care? Are you his lover or something? Go back to lying in your filth, boy.” The guard closed the hatch on the boy's fingers, snickering to himself. Gabriel cried out in pain as he pulled his hand back. He felt the bones break and stick out. The pain was unbearable, and in complete darkness, with almost no stimulation, the pain almost killed him. But Gabriel knew no one would come to his aid. All he could do was wrap his hand in piss-covered newspapers and pray for the best.

A couple of hours later, the door creaked open, and in came the boy. From what Gabriel could see before the door was closed, the boy was disfigured beyond recognition. He was so badly bruised and cut up, it was as if they gave him botched plastic surgery and they didn't bother to stitch him up. They sat there in silence for a while. He didn't bother talking, fearing repercussions. All he could do was wait.

A week later

The door opened. Inside were two malnourished teenage boys, both with visibly infected injuries, and just barely making it. The man at the doorway, Lieutenant General Benvolio of the Peacekeepers, grimaced at the sight of the two boys.

“Eurghh, you two. Put these on, get up, and follow me. And hurry, it smells like míerda in here.” He grunted while pinching his nose. He threw two white wife beaters and long brown pants. Tripping over themselves, they followed him out of the cell and through many hallways and corridors before arriving in front of one room. Inside were racks of clothes and two large vests.

“Change into these, cover up your injuries with bandanas and gloves and whatnot, then put on the vest. Then I’ll explain what you two are doing here.”

They layered themselves in various clothing. Gabriel looked for gloves to cover his fingers, so badly bruised and broken, one of them even had a bone sticking out. Eventually, after suiting up, they wore the vests and left the room. Outside, Benvolio stopped them.

“Good, now I’ll explain your purpose,” he continued. “You have a chance to go free, a chance to improve your image in the eyes of the government, and prove you’re not a terrorist. But to do this, you have to act like one for us.”

“Act like what?” Gabriel asked.

“A terrorist.”

“What? I don’t understand.” This time it wasn’t Gabriel but the other boy.

“We need you two for ‘intimidation’ purposes, to get high school folk in the right mindset.”

“What mindset?”

“Sissan Power,” Benvolio said pridefully.

“Si- No! No, I’m not going to act like a terrorist just for rallying people for some stupid movement!” Gabriel exclaimed.

“I’d do it if I were you. I’d think about your families in Sein Inal. Saying no could endanger them. Of course, they aren’t in Sein Inal anymore. Housing a terrorist could land you pretty hefty charges, even execution in some cases! But in order to prove you aren’t a terrorist, you need to do this for us.”

“I-..” Gabriel paused. The thought of anything he said being used against his family frightened him. The other boy was too confused to say anything. Gabriel wondered if the beatings had caused damage to his brain.

“Good, I see your silence as agreement,” Benvolio snickered. “Today, you will be GPI terrorists, not much different than what you were before, just this time for the government. If you disagree, of course, we’ll take the time to bury you with your family. We will drop you off a quarter mile from a high school in Moneral, where we are currently. You’ll walk towards the school, St. Castillo, and announce your presence. We will feed you two lines through an earpiece. Those vests contain real explosives; they will not go off, do not worry. But they will be used as intimidation. If you defy our orders and try to run, not only will the vest go off, but your family will be shot as well. Do not show anyone your injuries. If they see them by accident, tell them they were inflicted by GPI madmen. Nod your heads in agreement.”




Top News Stories And Academic Research Papers Of Today.

GPI suicide bombers kill 50

Earlier today, two Groscon, believed to be affiliated with terror group: "GPI", entered the campus of St. Castillo secondary school. Before setting off bombs in the cafeteria, killing 50 students and staff. Once again, the Groscon show their true colors. Do not trust the Groscon.

Credit to Daulmark for the logo

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Hail the Confederation!

A special editon of the Moniri Messenger has been released!

Special Edition - South Usean Spotlight!

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Top News Stories

Map credit goes to Feuraxia
Corpala Withdraws Recognition of SUSU

As forces of the 999 Coalition push ever deeper into SUSU territory, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Union will not exist for much longer- the capital of Sib Ramash has fallen into 999 hands, and Feuraxia nears victory over the once-powerful socialist giant. Furthermore, Muharibillah forces have advanced into the SUSU at a rapid pace- soon, the terrorist organization may control more land than the SUSU itself does.

Today, the Senate of the Corpalan Federation voted to withdraw recognition of the SUSU due to its deteriorating state, and the action was approved by Archon Milotos. A Senate spokesperson said in the following statement:

"The SUSU... is a dying state. When it comes to regions of the world we aren't particularly interested in, such as that portion of South Usea... we take a policy of recognizing de facto control. The SUSU only controls a couple cities, and they sure won't in a couple weeks, so there's no reason for us to recognize them anymore."

Corpala, Arellistan Recognize Independence of Ukuuu

In a vote directly after the SUSU vote, the Federation Senate and Archon Milotos approved a motion to recognize The Republic of Ukuuu as an independent state, following the same policy that led to the withdrawal of recognition of the SUSU. Ukuuu is a small breakaway state which claims a deal of land once controlled by the Narobian Confederation, now a part of Talgerria.

Just a few hours prior to the Corpalan decision, the Supreme People's Assembly of Arellistan voted to recognize Ukuuu, as well as formally congratulating it on its newfound independence and hoping that a friendship can be formed between the two South Usean nations.

Notably, Eastern Arellistan issued a statement of condemnation, declaring the Popular Movement for Progress and Action (Ukuuu's ruling faction) a terrorist organization and encouraging the people of Ukuuu to rise up against their government and rejoin Talgerria. When asked why this decision was made, the National Military Command Council of Eastern Arellistan (the governing organization of Eastern Arellistan) declined to comment.

Arelli Government Cracks Down on Terror

As Muharibillah activity ravages across South Usea, the government of Arellistan has announced a new initiative to exterminate terrorists, Farokhists, and counter-revolutionaries across the country. Citizens will recieve firearm training and information on how to spot a potential threat, and the Arelli Red Guard will be expanded significantly. Furthermore, the Xenist government has implemented a draft policy, with all citizens ages 21-30 required to serve at least five years in the Arelli People's Military, and all citizens ages 31-40 to register as reserve units and attend military training camps for at least one month per every three years.

Qurar: The Next Crisis?
Green = Office of the President
Red = Quri People's Liberation Front
Blue = Farokhist Rebellion
Brown = North Qurar National Alliance
Gray = Muharibillah
Black Star = Faction Capital
Black Dot = Major City

As a result of the League intervention into Arellistan and Qurar, the often-overlooked nation just north of the Arelli Democratic Republic has become increasingly unstable. After the League withdrew, a weak, vaguely democratic government known only as the "Office of the President", led by Jareer Fawaz, rose to power as the ruling authority of Qurar, although in practice it only controls a few major cities, with the Quri countryside generally living excempt from the rule of law.

The Office's authority has begun showing cracks as the Quri populace recovers from the war. Cities in southwestern Qurar have revolted under the militant group of the Quri People's Liberation Front, backed by Arellistan and recognized by them as the legitimate government of Qurar. In the northwest of Qurar, ethnic minorities have risen up and seized control of various towns and villages, declaring the Sovereign Republic of North Qurar and uniting under the banner of the North Qurar National Alliance. Meanwhile, Farokhist and Muharibillah cells have sprang up across Qurar, posing yet another significant threat to the Office of the President. For the time being, however, Fawaz is still the internationally recognized leader of Qurar- but for how long?

Lafustan: South Usea's Forgotten Civil War

The Lafustani Crisis is quite possibly among the most interesting, and yet entirely unknown ongoing conflicts on Avaris. Beginning in 1983, various factions sprang up across the Talgerrian province of Lafustan, all vying for power. The Talgerrian government, unable to combat these factions, was forced to allow them to battle it out for power- something which they are still doing today, and whatever semblance that Talgerria still has of a government remains entirely unable to combat it. Thousands have died in this war, and yet, it has recieved little to no media coverage since the conflict first broke out. The war itself is extremely chaotic and volatile, with frontlines constantly changing and dozens of different factions merging and splintering apart on an almost-daily basis. Lafustan itself is an incredibly poor area, barren of most natural resources and right in the heart of the Nyx epidemic. It seems increasingly unlikely that this conflict will ever end, let alone peacefully.

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