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Confederation of Corrupt Dictators RMB
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators was Liberated by Security Council Resolution # 263

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Imperial Empire of Jocospor (elected )

Founder: The Imperial Empire of Jocospor

Last WA Update:

Board Activity History Admin Rank

Most World Assembly Endorsements: 13th Most Nations: 17th Largest Black Market: 1,059th+7
Most Corrupt Governments: 1,214th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,641st Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,641st Most Influential: 1,875th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,883rd Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,930th Most Authoritarian: 2,074th
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to the CONFEDERATION OF CORRUPT DICTATORS, the world's greatest region!

Here, everyone is a dictator and corruption is encouraged!

Imperial Law | Government | World Assembly | Civil Congress | Raiding | Heroes of the Confederation | Confederation Coverage | LinkDiscord | Anthem

Join the WA and endorse Jocospor for greater regional power, along with Riakou, ShrewLlamaLand and Shronok!

Foreign delegations should contact the Foreign Office through Castelia. Review the Confederation's embassy policy here.

Want to make yourself known? Introduce your nation on the Regional Message Board! But make sure to follow the rules!


Embassies: Teutonic Empire, The Alliance of Dictators, The Empire Of Oppression, Central Pacific Empire, Hollow Point, Nazi Europa, Union of Nationalists, Organization of United Sovereign States, The Union of the Axis Powers, The Iron Order, The NewsStand, The Coalition of Fascist Nations, United Imperial Union, The Imperial Consortium, Imperial Coalition of Nations, Order Of The Black Eagle, and 126 others.Lex Magnus Corpus, SECFanatics, Lardyland, Despotic Europe, The Holy Reich of Bunicken, The Larry Pact, The Lands Of Guacamole, The Greater Nazi Empire, Vissella, Autonomous Confederacy of The New World, Haunterland, Farkasfalka, The New Mappers Union, Vangmar, Imperial Galactic Republic of Andarios, Itaque Sanctus Defensus, Christian Nations Union, Global Industrial Union, The Mob, The Iron Confederacy, The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals, SC Liberation Investigation Taskforce, Altmora, Federation of Conservative Nations, United Fascist Federation, The Augusto Pinochet Vengeance Force, United Nations of Earthlings, Fifth Empire, League of the United Tribes of Dakia, The United Imperial Provinces, The Realm of Totalitarian Regimes, The Seventh Reich, Confederated Brotherhood of Britannia, The Free Mediterranean States, Federated States of Conservative Nations, Federation of Allies, Nerd Region, Intellect, Yuno, RHINIA, The Reborn Sith Empire, Oak Hills, EoUnited, The United Powers, Eurosia, Tatenda, The Imperium of Man, The Association of The United Continents, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Imperium of the Wolf, Imperium of Earth, True Land, Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, The Reich, League Of Allied Powers, Viridusian Puppet Faction, Republican Army, Ante Meridiem, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, Atonement of Harmony, Globle Industrial Union, Colony 470, 00000 Land of Nod, The Srivijayan Consortium, Pax Britannia, Nobody likes a Commie, The Thuria Pact, Gypsy Lands, Solid Kingdom, The United States of Greater BlatterLand, The New Old Socialist Party, Northern Ocean, Defence League of impowered states, HALO UNIVERSE, The Alliance of Efros, Holy Unification, The Peoples Union of Socialist Republics, Wehnland, Authoritarian Union, Heavens Ridge, Claistrora, The Malevolands, Altay, Holy Empires of Christian Despots, Robot Industries, Und das heisst Erika, Union of Newfound Eastern Dictatorships, Europe but better, Westeros, Etharia, the epic Political Correct Gang, The Republic of Northern Powers, Dream Land, Estado Novo, East Lehman, North American Empire, Union Sovietica de Mordor, The Crimson Axis HQ, Kostenlos, NationStates Tobacco Corporation, The Alliance of Eros, The Union of the Pruidian Peoples, J o J, The Sunshine Legion, International World Union, The New Dogecoin Union, Imperial Catholic Alliance, Dictatorial Independent Confederation, United Order of Pigeonstotzka, The Hyperion Borderlands Union, The holy empire of Jordania, Hexinati World Order, The Insurgency, the random region, The Federation of the FA, United Alliances of TFR, The Corrupted News Outlet, Middle Eastern League, Grand Conference of Fascism, Land of Tendai, International Liberalism, San Andres, Papers Please RP, The White Stag Republic, The Golden Standard, and The Glorious Nations of Iwaku.

Construction of embassies with Demoniac Empire of the Holy Bigotry has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: Very High

Confederation of Corrupt Dictators contains 813 nations, the 17th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Cheerful Citizens in Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

The World Census shared cheeky grins with citizens around the world in order to determine which were the most relentlessly cheerful.

As a region, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators is ranked 22,211th in the world for Most Cheerful Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Imperial Federation of FajihasCorrupt Dictatorship“Ab Ordine Libertas”
2.The Napoleonic Colonial Empire of GalsterPsychotic Dictatorship“Honneur et Patrie”
3.The Fascist Union of JamstownPsychotic Dictatorship“We Don't Negotiate With Enemies of the State”
4.The Republic of Taurus94Libertarian Police State“Friendship”
5.The Empire of ShrewLlamaLandAnarchy“The flag once raised will never fall!”
6.The Rogue Nation of The Pooty BirdsLeft-Leaning College State“We dominate to make you great”
7.The Benevolent Republic of CasteliaBenevolent Dictatorship“The republic shall shine forevermore!”
8.The Benevolent Police State of BehestCorrupt Dictatorship“Protego Et Servite”
9.The Holy Empire of The great BeaverDemocratic Socialists“Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes”
10.The Most Serene Republic of BingotoniaCapitalist Paradise“A pound, a pound exactly of flesh”
1234. . .8182»

Regional Happenings


Confederation of Corrupt Dictators Regional Message Board

Kushrum wrote:From the Royal Kushrumian News
Emperor Bushvik of Kushrum has hit a sudden decline in health,we have the best doctors of kushrum working with the emperor but we have been informed that the emperor has only 4 days,at most, left.We are truly heart broken because of this. Kushrum has canceld any celebrations and any event until Emperor Bushvik gains better health or a new Emperor takes his place.

OOC:I know that my country isn't at a size for people to care about this event but I wanted to anyways just for the fun of it.
Hail the Confederation

A shame to see any leader become sick, we send our condolences for the inevitable,and ask if there is anything that we can do to help.
Signed King Armel I
Hail the confederation


To the Confederation,

Hence forth, all formed political parties must be registered with the Office of the Overseer under Shronok; if not, they will NOT be considered valid organisations within the Confederation. This register will be made publicly accessible and updated regularly. Party leaders should provide the Overseer with as much information as she requires.

It is also recommended that all parties exhibit a unique factbook, in a similar vein to the excellent work of Rossiyaana:

The Justice Party
of the Confederation


The Justice Party is the oldest and largest political party in the history of the Confederation. Officially created on the 14th of May, 2019 by the Lord Northym of Rossiyaana, the Justice Party was founded in order to formally organize resistance to the actions of the then Civil Congress Chairman; The Right Honorable Udutai Choban of Khanbaliq Mongolia, and unify the more Liberal nations of the Confederation in preparation for the Civil Congress elections of June 2019


The Justice Party is headed by the Justiciary Council. The Council is composed of the most influential members of the party, as well as various members in positions of leadership. Currently there are 3 members.

Current Members of the Justiciary Council

Chief Justiciar Northym of Rossiyaana
Party Leader

Justiciar Marcus Bubo of The great Beaver
Chief Party Whip

Justiciar el-Nour of Kafair
Deputy Party Whip

Torchbearers of Justice

Russia Major
2ndx Prussia

The Justiciary Council Chamber
Chordian, Rossiyaana

The Justice Party Flag outside the Party Building
Chordian, Rossiyaana

Read factbook

These factbooks will essentially show the Confederation how "serious" respective parties are. Making them as detailed as possible, complete with mission statements and charters, member lists, and other information, is strongly encouraged.

Hail the Confederation!

Office of the Viceroy
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

How bout an alien invasion rp?

Max1and wrote:How bout an alien invasion rp?

Well I am a FT nation. Sound fun, I'm down!

Hail the confederation!

Max1and wrote:How bout an alien invasion rp?

OOC: Better just to "do" the RP, rather than talk about what RP you're going to do. That's not very believable, is it? ;)

To the Confederation,

The alterations to the Civil Congress Act 2019, as proposed by the incumbent Congress Chairman, Udutai Choban of Khanbaliq Mongolia, and ratified by both the Imperial Cabinet and Supreme Council, have been published:

The Civil Congress of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators is an assembly that has the ability to affect the region's social climate. It was conceptualised as early as 2017 but was not brought into effect until 1st February 2019, under the Civil Congress Act 2019.

In May 2019, in reaction to the chairmanship of Udutai Choban, a series of political parties were created, introducing the previously foreign concept of factionalism to the Confederation.

Civil Congress Act 2019

I. Preamble

Imperial Law, until now, has outlined a "social assembly", a body whose title implies some level of regional interaction, but has made no provision for what this actually is. The Supreme Council hereby unveils this new initiative: a voting body (legal under 8. [Imperial Law]) that has the ability to define the Confederation's social scene without interfering politically. It is hoped that such a body will further unify the region as well as provide non-governmental nations with interactive opportunities and further incentivise nations to join the World Assembly.

II. Operations of the Civil Congress

  1. The Civil Congress votes categorically on Motions. A Motion requires an absolute majority (i.e. more than 50%) to pass. A Motion that achieves an equal number of votes is considered defeated.

  2. A Motion (save a Motion to: Elect Congress Chairman) runs for four days.

  3. A Motion can be put to the Civil Congress at any time by and only by the Congress Chairman. any Representative to the Civil Congress (see IV.ii), including the Congress Chairman. All Motions must be approved by the Congress Chairman before they can be put to vote.

  4. The Civil Congress may only conduct one Motion at once.

  5. The Civil Congress requires no justification for the Motions it conducts.

  6. A Motion does not automatically but may incur consequent action. For example, the Supreme Judiciary may call upon the outcomes of Motions as evidence during Inquisitional Hearings.

III. Motions of the Civil Congress

  1. The Civil Congress may move the following:

    1. Express Censure against the Nation <Subject Nation>

      This Motion formally blacklists the target nation by the Civil Congress.

    2. Recommend the Honourable Nation <Subject Nation>

      This Motion formally praises the target nation by the Civil Congress.

    3. Donate Funds to Imperial Treasury

      This Motion offers a designated monetary sum to the Imperial Treasury, for distribution and use by the Supreme Council. The quantity of this donation is proposed prior to vote by the Congress Chairman. the Representatives to the Civil Congress. If passed, member nations must provide a stated sum or percentage of monetary funds to achieve the initially specified donation.

    4. Expel the Nation <Subject Nation> from the Civil Congress

      This Motion formally discounts the future votes of the target nation in the Civil Congress. This Motion can only be held against World Assembly nations within the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

    5. Sanction Endorsement of the Nation <Subject Nation>

      This Motion formally places an endorsement embargo on the target nation. This Motion can only be held against World Assembly nations within the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

    6. Elect Congress Chairman

      This Motion formally moves to elect a new Congress Chairman.

    7. Impeach Congress Chairman

      This Motion formally attempts to depose the Congress Chairman of the Civil Congress. This Motion can only be triggered after a letter of demands signed by 51% of the Civil Congress has been issued to the Overseer of the People.

    8. <Supplementary Motions>

      This Motion is unique from the aforementioned, and is determined by the prerogative of the Congress Chairman and any Representative to the Civil Congress. This Motion cannot in any way interfere with Imperial Law.

    9. Repeal Previous Motion

      This Motion formally overturns passed Motions.

  2. All Motions shall be titled accordingly: "Motion to [Motion]".

  3. All Motions will follow a consecutive dating system: "#CC1, #CC2, etc."

IV. Eligibility

  1. World Assembly nations of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators are eligible to partake in the Civil Congress.

  2. All participating nations must elect a Representative to the Civil Congress, whose duties may include the actual submission of votes, Motions and the representation of national interests.

  3. All nations of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators can be targeted as subject nations of Motions (subject to the outlined exceptions; see III.i.d-e).

  4. Similarly, all nations without the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators can be targeted as subject nations of Motions (subject to the outlined exceptions; see III.i.d-e).

V. Congress Chairman

  1. The Congress Chairman is a member of the Civil Congress that serves to head the Civil Congress, calling motions as they see fit.

  2. The Congress Chairman is not a member of the Supreme Council.

  3. The Congress Chairman is elected every four months by the Civil Congress. The election lasts a period of five days. The Congress Chairman requires an absolute majority of votes to be elected on the first ballot. If no candidate has an absolute majority, the two candidates with the most votes will stand in a second run-off election that also runs for five days and requires an absolute majority.

  4. The Congress Chairman is not limited by a maximum number of terms and may hold his/her office for an indefinite period.

  5. The Congress Chairman may be impeached by the Supreme Council for reasons determined by the Supreme Council. Similarly, the Congress Chairman may be impeached by way of mass discontent amongst the Civil Congress (see III.i.g). Upon impeachment, the successor's election is immediately triggered.

  6. Alternatively, the Supreme Council reserves the right to manually appoint an Congress Chairman without way of an election.

  7. The Congress Chairman is answerable to the Supreme Council but should endeavour to conduct the affairs of the Civil Congress otherwise independently.

  8. The Chairman of the Civil Congress is licensed to amend, expand and redact the Civil Congress Act 2019, with said amendments, expansions and reductions verified by the Supreme Council.

VI. Responsibilities of the Overseer of the People Concerning the Civil Congress

  1. The Overseer of the People will keep a detailed and aesthetic record of both passed and defeated motions of the Civil Congress.

  2. Furthermore, the Overseer of the People will keep a record of the incumbent Congress Chairman and his/her predecessors.

  3. The Overseer of the People will organise and advertise the regular elections of the Congress Chairman.

Grulain Curronfold (ShrewLlamaLand)
Chancellor of the Supreme Judiciary
on behalf of

Authorised for public distribution by:
Chancellor's Office, Supreme Judiciary, Confedereichstag II
Last amended 23rd May 2019

Read factbook

Hail the Confederation!

Office of the Viceroy
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

Decapitation Squad wrote:We have detected Ebola in our nation and this seems to have infected particular rebel faction villages!

Hail the Confederation!

ooh! could we send some rowdy cultists there? thanks in advance!
Hail the confederation!

Max1and wrote:How bout an alien invasion rp?

Aliens are great everyone loves them

Max1and wrote:How bout an alien invasion rp?

Sounds awesome. All for that! Are you going to make an RP in the forums or in here?

Hail the Confederation!

ISSA Application 2.0 ***UPDATE***

With the Overhaul of the Imperial Society of Scientific Advancement, we see a new appointment of Scientists. We have seen that the general public would rather the entire application process be open, instead of a closed, one Office per [x] days type of application process. With that being said, we shall have an open application process. With that, though, must come better applications. All applications will go through the Supreme Council, and selected nations. If you appointed, I will telegram you. If you would like to apply, you can apply via Telegramming Krvava Koupel.

Listed below is a Factbook of all of the positions within the ISSA:

This Factbook provides a record of all Offices in the Imperial Society of Scientific Advancement.

Appointed nations serve a special role as Elite Scientists, under the supervision of The Small Scientist.

All Elite Scientists are required to come up with research and discoveries around their Science.

All Elite Scientists are encouraged to write about their discoveries for the Confederation Coverage.

If a nation within the Imperial Society of Scientific Advancement has been subjected to an Inquisitional Hearing, they will be terminated from their position.

A nation may not apply if there has been an Inquisitional Hearing against them in the past.


~ If you are given an Official Warning by a Government Official or by someone in the Supreme Council, you will be set on probation

~A probationary time set will vary based on:
A: How severe the Warning is.
B: How many times you have gotten a warning.
Time set of Probationary Measures will be AT LEAST One Week.

~During set time of Probationary Members, said probationary member CANNOT:
A: Participate in any ISSA events.
B: Have say in any ISSA hearings.
C: Submit a piece to the Confederation Coverage (If Probationary Measure is set near the date to which the Confederation Coverage is released.)

~If you are given one (1) extra warning during your Probationary Measure, your sentence will be increased.

~If you are given two (2) or more extra warnings during your Probationary Measure, you will:
A: Be terminated from your position.
B: Have an Inquisitional Hearing against you.

~Failure to cooperate with Probationary Terms will result in:
A: Termination of your Position, to which you are NOT ALLOWED to re-apply for the Imperial Society of Scientific Advancement.
B: An Inquisitional Hearing.


~You must write a formal response against your warning.

~Your warning will be publicized in the next Confederation Coverage.


All details of the Offices of Science, and their holders are listed below.

The current list of Offices of Science are as follows:

Office of the General Sciences
(Head of the Imperial Society of Scientific Advancement).
The Small Scientist Krvava Koupel

Ethics Officer

Office of Central Sciences
(Scientist of all Chemistry and Physics. Factbook in the process.)

Office of Social Sciences

Office of Medical Sciences

Office of the Earth Sciences

Office of Spacial Sciences

Office of Biological Sciences

Read factbook

If you would like to apply, telegram Krvava Koupel with the following:

Nation name:
Scientist name:
Position applying for:
Reason why you think you should be chosen:

May the best nation succeed!
Hail the Confederation!

From the Laboratory of The Small Scientist.

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