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Majapahit | Territories

The vast territory of the Empire of Majapahit is divided into eight constituent Imperial Commonwealths (Indo-Malayan: Persemakmuran Kemaharajaan), each possessing autonomy to some degree but nevertheless are dependent polities under the Majapahiti crown. These territories are administered by respective commonwealth governments with the Majapahiti Emperor as their head of state, represented by a local ruler (Raja/Rani), and an elected Governor-General (Gubernur-Jenderal) as their head of government. Under each commonwealth's jurisdiction are usually several constituent Region-States; traditional polities headed by an Low King/Queen (Uparaja/Uparani) and an elected Governor (Gubernur).

After the ratification of the 1915 Imperial Framework, the Empire's governing constitution, citizens of all commonwealths enjoy the same rights to vote and be represented in the Imperial Assembly, to defend and be defended by the Imperial Military, and to be guaranteed their civil and basic human rights.





Commonwealth of Malaya
Persemakmuran Hujung Medini

Capital: Kuala Lumpur
Governor-General: Ibrahim Alamsyah (Tengku Pahang)
Population: 26.650.000
Constituent Region-States:
Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Malaka, Johor, Pahang, Trengganu, Kelantan, Singhapura

Commonwealth of Sumatra
Persemakmuran Swarnadwipa

Capital: Medan
Governor-General: Datuk Rajo Bandaro Basa
Population: 50.370.000
Constituent Region-States:
Atjeh, Batak, Minangkabwa, Siak, Jambi, Lampung

Commonwealth of Borneo
Persemakmuran Tanjungnagara

Capital: Tanjung Kutai
Governor-General: Hassanal Bolkiah
Population: 26.088.000
Constituent Region-States:
Sabah, Berunei, Sarawak, Bakula, Sampit, Banjar, Kutai

Commonwealth of Java
Persemakmuran Jawadwipa

Capital: Majakarta
Governor-General: Herjuno Darpito (Hamengkubuwono X)
Population: 138.822.000
Constituent Region-States:
Kingdom of Sunda, Kingdom of Majapahit, Bali

Commonwealth of Celebes
Persemakmuran Sakasanusa

Capital: Makassar
Governor-General: Adnan Purichta (Daeng MKB Mangape)
Population: 23.102.000
Constituent Region-States:
Gowa-Tallo, Tanah Toraja, Gorontalo, Banggawi, Buton

Commonwealth of the Southeastern Islands
Persemakmuran Tenggaranusa

Capital: Kupang
Governor-General: Frans Lebu Raya
Population: 18.044.000
Constituent Region-States:
Lombok, Dompu, Flores, Timor

Commonwealth of the Moluccas
Persemakmuran Maluku

Capital: Ambwan
Governor-General: Murad Barnabas Orno
Population: 4.038.000
Constituent Region-States:
Ternate, Tidore

Commonwealth of Melanesia
Persemakmuran Melanesia

Capital: Cenderapura
Governor-General: Madava Marape
Population: 14.866.000
Constituent Region-States:
Doberai, Asmat, North Papua, Dumut-Marinda, Sepik, Madang-Morobe, Daru, Tanah Tinggi, Kepulauan Pasifik