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Empire of Majapahit
Kemaharajaan Majapahit
विल्व तिक्त (Sanskrit)



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The Empire of Majapahit (Indo-Malayan: Kemaharajaan Majapahit, Sanskrit: विल्व तिक्त, Wilwatikta), commonly known simply as Majapahit, is a sovereign country in LinkSoutheast Asia and LinkOceania. It lies between the Pacific and Indian oceans, comprising over eighteen thousand islands clustered within the LinkNusantara archipelago. Majapahit is the world's largest island country and Link10th largest country by land area. It is also the world's Link4th populous country with a population of a little over 300 million people, complemented by a level of diversity unlike any other country in terms of ethnicity, linguistics, religion, and culture.

The vastly heterogeneous population of the Empire is united under one common ideology, language, and allegiance. The Empire promotes Pan-Nusantaranism as its guiding philosophical doctrine and political ideology, with the common motto of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika ("Unity in Diversity") taken from the Old Javanese poem Link(Kakawin) of Sutasoma, which was written during the reign of King Hayam Wuruk by the court scribe, Tantular. Indo-Malayan is the basantara (lingua franca) of Majapahit, derived from many native languages of the Nusantara archipelago. Finally, all Imperial subjects swear an oath of allegiance to the divine Maharaja (Emperor, literally "Great King") of Majapahit as the spiritual leader and head of state of the Empire.

The Imperial government is separated into three branches: the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branch. At the national level, the government is headed by an executive Premier (Mahapatih), elected by the legislature with approval from the Emperor. The legislature itself is called the Imperial Assembly (Dewan Kemaharajaan), a bicameral body of representatives which consists of 220 members from the lower house, Council of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan) and 40 members from the upper house, Council of Lords (Dewan Bangsawan). The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature; at the highest level is the Imperial Supreme Court (Pengadilan Agung) comprised of judges appointed directly by the Emperor.

The Empire's territory stretches from the tip of Sumatra island in the west all the way to Trigatra and Dulipa islands in the east. It is divided into 8 subnational Persemakmuran (Commonwealths), each led by a Raja/Rani (King/Queen) as the head of state and an elected Gubernur-Jenderal (Governor-General) as the head of government, subordinate to the Maharaja. These Commonwealths are in turn comprised of constituent Keuparajaan (Lower Kingdoms), each headed by an Uparaja/Uparani (Lower King/Queen) and an elected Gubernur (Governor). The Imperial government oversees affairs of national defence, law enforcement, financial and monetary policy, as well as foreign relations; the Commonwealth governments on the other hand manages education, healthcare, transportation, annual budget, and other matters delegated by the Imperial government in their respective territories.

Presently, Majapahit is the powerhouse of Southeast Asia, maintaining nigh complete political, economic, and cultural dominance over the region. The Empire is undoubtedly the regional center of trade, production, and resources; factors which contribute to Majapahit's rapid economic growth in the past couple of decades. Imperial citizens enjoy a relatively high degree of living compared to their neighbours, universal education and healthcare, and a considerable ease of doing business. Additionally, it is a signatory member of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO), alongside Nacrad and several other neighbouring states in the region.

Going forward, Majapahit aims to maintain friendly relations with most nations of the globalised world, as part of its "Free and Active" foreign policy, under the just and firm leadership of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Jayanagara VII and his most trusted and loyal Premier, His Excellency Sri Indra Thohir.

Special thanks to North German Realm for this factbook inspiration!
Kudos to Brusseldorf for designing Majapahit's coat of arms!

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