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by The Mafia State of The Filippinas. . 104 reads.

Yellow Revolt II

-Begin History Transcript-

-Live from the Palace-

General Ver: "The population has rebelled, President Fazer!" The Chief of Staff said.
"What shall we do?!"

President Fazer: "Uh.... you hold on... don't.. don't fire at the crowd...umm...that is all"

Ver:"But Mr President I----"

-Cut off from Air-

-Live Again-
A reporter came on....

"ChannelFil is back on the air again, to serve the people"

As they marched on Mynila, and approached Malakanyang Palace,
on the palace balcony, The despot appeared....

President Fazer: "Thank you all so much!" he cried.

"For supporting me throughout the administration! Mabuhay ang Filipinas!"

Was followed by his supporters.

Fili, the opposition leader, followed by nearly 50 million people, stormed the palace...

But he was gone...
He fled on a helicopter, 5 hours ago to The East Pacific.

But that didnt matter...
Fili swore his oath of office to a crowd of 100 million people, and declared:

"The long agony is at last over"

"Go to the streets! Express your Freedoms!" he cried.

Democracy is restored, Long Live The Filippinas.

-End Transcript-