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Belltower Associates/Tarvos Security


The Belltower Group is an umbrella organization of private military contractors that provide PMCs and/or a security solution.


The company was formed in 2097 by Roger St. John-Ffolkes, who was a British Army officer. Its life began as a security consulting organization and close protection agency. In 2127, it became a registered UN contractor, allowing them to begin offering better security solutions, such as exfiltration, K&R, threat neutralization, and quick reaction defenses.

In 2114, its future as a security company evolved after the Bluewater International scandal. The previous leader in private security was caught dealing with Afghan insurgents and was immediately disbanded. Belltower filled the role that Bluewater left unmanned and set a new standard for security businesses. The company, and its subdivisions, grew rapidly and considerably and became the Inner Colonies' largest security company.

In 2119, Belltower started Plan Infinity, an augmentation program. Under it, they offered their soldiers and allies immediate augmentation support and deferred payment for every employee under the terms that they stayed loyal to the group. In addition to this, Belltower also recruits personnel in various ways; from military cutbacks and standard recruitment drives to recruiting defeated adversaries. Personnel range from defeated adversaries, police officers, former criminals, and more.

The 2120s didn't affect Belltower much; instead, it led to the company's growth, as it was hired by some nations as a mercenary force during the Domus Diaspora.

In 2124, Roger St. John-Ffolkes stepped down as leader, giving ownership to his 2 sons, Andrew and Luther. By 2126, the group provides (or can provide) personal security for high-ranking officials in every country on Earth and several of the colonies.


The company HQ is located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico on planet Earth. The headquarters is a skyscraper near the middle of the city of Merida, Mexico. Belltower also owns and operates a semi-large bunker in an undisclosed location to house their security hardware. Key facilities include a Maritime Base in Texas, USA, planet Earth, and a training facility in Bangalore, India, planet Earth (so close to the himalayas i can taste it). They have offices on Earth in Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrain, China, India, Iraq, Kenya, England, and the United States.

---Smuggling Activities (OOC listing)---

Aside from their legal activies, Belltower also manages a comprehensive smuggling industry. They cooperate with other businesses as well. Corporate clients task them with organized crime, human trafficking, and goods and weapons smuggling, along with its legal activities (basically they employ the legal activities in their smuggling jobs by using them as cover). They also carry out black operations through their specially-enhanced teams and personnel, as well as supporting rogue cells and corrupt allies.


  • Strike Team 4

  • Strike Team 6

  • Alpha Squad

  • Bravo Squad (currently under reforms)

  • Charlie Squad

  • Delta Squad (specially enhanced team)

  • Echo Squad (currently under reforms after major event)

  • Special Ops Team

  • Espionage Group


  • Roger St. John-Ffolkes - Former leader/founder

  • Luther St. John-Ffolkes - Leader

  • Andrew St. John-Ffolkes - Leader-In-Chief/International Director

  • Narhari Kahn - Strike Team 4 Leader

  • Benjamin Saxon - Strike Team 6 Leader

  • Netanya Keitner - Alpha Squad Leader

  • Samuel Duarte - Bravo Squad Leader (currently inactive)

  • Katrina Sutherland - Charlie Squad Leader

  • Michael Zelazney - Delta Squad Leader

  • John Trent - Echo Squad Leader (currently inactive)

  • Alex Vega - Espionage Group Leader

  • Lawrence Barrett - Heavy Weapons Expert

  • Pieter Burke - Demolitions Expert



  • Zenith CA-40 - Semi-auto/Full-auto | Ammo: Brass Royals 10mm Ammunition | Att: Suppressor, Laser Sight, Optics

  • Zenith ZAP - Semi-Auto | Ammo: Bobson Synthetics Zenith Dart (Nonlethal, obviously) | Att: Laser Sight

  • Diamondback .357 - Semi-auto | Ammo: .357 Magnum Special/Kaiga Ltd. .357 | Att: Laser Sight, Optics

[Sub-Machine Guns]

  • Hurricane TMP-18 - Semi-auto/Full-auto | Ammo: 9x19mm | Att: Target-Seeking Flechette, Suppressor, Laser Sight, Optics


  • FR-27 Sanction Flechette Rifle - Semi-auto/Full-auto | Ammo: .303 | Att: Target-Seeking Flechette, Suppressor, Laser Sight, Optics

  • SB-762 Battle Rifle - Semi-auto/Full-auto | Ammo: Osprey GmbH 7.62x51mm | Att: Optics, Laser Sight

  • LS-66 Sabre Direct Energy Rifle - | Full-auto (laser) | Ammo: LINA Cells | Att: Optics

  • Hi-NRG Plasma Lance - Semi-auto/3-round burst | Ammo: DPF Capsules | Att: N/A

  • Longsword II 203 Eraser - Semi-auto | Ammo: Synergies .416 caliber Ultrasonic | Att: Laser Sight, Optics

  • Longsword Whisperhead SERSR - Semi-auto | Ammo: Synergies .416 caliber Ultrasonic | Att: Laser Sight, Optics (internally suppressed)

  • TRQ 203-C Longsword - Semi-Auto | Ammo: Kaiga Ltd. Hypo-dyne PPS Dart | Att: Optics, Laser Sight (internally suppressed)

  • PAX-22 Tranq Rifle - Single Fire | Ammo: Kaiga Ltd. "Tranquilizer Darts" | Att: Optics (internally suppressed)


  • Widowmaker TX Tech-1 Devastator - Full-auto | Ammo: Kaiga Ltd. 12-Gauge Buckshot | Att: Laser Sight, Suppressor

  • Widowmaker TX - Semi-auto | Ammo: Kaiga Ltd. 12-Gauge | Att: Laser Sight, Suppressor, Optics (not as severe as above, so add a scope)

[Light Machine Guns]

  • M404 Machine Gun - Full-auto | Ammo: 5.56x45

[Explosive Weapons]

  • Pulsed Energy Projection System - Single Fire | Ammo: P.E.P.S Energy Pack | Att: Optics

  • 329-Series Man-Portable Rocket System - Single Fire | Ammo: HE Smart-Rocket | Att: Optics (already heat-seeking)

  • Linebacker G-87 Multiple Shot Grenade Launcher - Semi-auto | Ammo: 40x46mm HE | Att: N/A (optics built in)


  • Shok-Tac V.5 Concussion Grenade

  • Pulsar Type E Electromag Grenade [EMP]

  • KSA-Type Smoke Deployment

  • M1-A Fragmentation Grenade

  • Riot Captor Spray [Tear Gas]

  • M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (m28 ur-ded)

  • GZ-1/Mark 87 Tactical Munition Mine (Can be used for any of the above grenades)


  • Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis - Nanoblade

  • TESLA (wrist/hand aug that allows you to incapacitate enemies)

  • Typhoon - "The Typhoon Explosive System is a series of interlinked and electromagnetic launchers installed throughout the body and connected to a target processor installed at the base of the user's spine. When activated, the launchers simultaneously eject a volley of liquid crystal elastomer projectiles in a targeted 360-degree arc. The projectiles can be configured either to a lethal explosive or a non-lethal concussive blast."