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Profiles for Kings. (Current and deceased)

Ok I'll hit you with that generic easy to understand profiling. Because I just sort of explain things instead of dumbing down things to the most easy to understand because you know... I'm on overly complex person because I like not making sense.
Either way there will be things that are not meant to be 100% clear. Like real names for the leaders will not be said, and many other interesting side notes like kill count.

Creature: Neko

A man with a shady past and many names. Oni rose to power after taking the life of the previous King.

Oni started working at the age of 15 where he was offered by a drunk to take another mans life. Not much is known about how Oni got into the bar but without hesitation he took the job and many more to come.

That is till till the assassin met face to face with the King of Corpses Low, the two commended a duel in which Low had won.
After killing the one responsible for the hit Low offered Oni a fresh start to either die by his blade as many have or join a special group of many that have met the same fate as his own.

For many years Oni was a spy for Low picking up tasks until Low fell, his comrades executed, The spy made it out but only by pure luck. Forced yo go into hiding for a week.

Strauss was ruthless but he left himself open, Oni challenged him to a duel with the neko hailing victory.

Oni was a little hesitant at first but in due time he became stronger and gathered more knowledge.
Even though it was difficult as many saw Oni as tainted blood and unstable as his ears and tail raise question.
This dislike has shrunk since his start.

As a popular request here are some of the acts this leader has inacted to (attempt) make the nation a better place.
Structural remodeling Oni first ordered that houses beyond 50 years be remodeled for safety reasons and to make the nation look less worn down and weak.
Furthering even more with Lowbloodian science/ lore and knowledge: Oni worked with the fallen king Strauss as he saw reason to his methods, so he allowed and even gave some resources to help.
The revival of Lowbloodian magic.: within such a short period of time Oni had discovered that magic is still accessible to civilians and allowed the practice of it with the construction of a grand library.
"Into the parallel" With the revival of magic, also the revival of a dark shroud hidden within Lowbloods. A forgotten land was discovered and Oni set out to explore it also forming a legion.

It should also be stated that now actually veiws himself as a King Of Corpses as a placeholder wouldn't have been at it for this long.

Weapon: Jaws of death

If you were ever wondering what weapon Oni uses this is the famed set of this specific King of Corpses, while it is a devastating blade it is only used by this one soul just as some others have unique tools.

The great swords work hand and hand, when combined it forms a heavy force that one can literally feel the duel blows but split it makes a dexterous force.

Oni decided to trust in an old hunter who smithed him the jaws of death. He decided to switch his weapons around after his 24th pair of daggers broke on him.

Age of death:40

Strauss, a man ruthlessly obsessed with finding a cure for the tainted blood that scourges Lowblood to this day.
Strauss rose to power after killing the previous King.

In his younger years Strauss, while not being the top scholar but was indeed one of the more notable of his class.
During these younger years he caught feeling for an unamed woman, the two dated for fifteen years before his lover suddenly fell to a condition that most Lowbloodians call "Tainted blood" this resulted in her nearly killing her lover and eventually being put down.

Strauss enraged by this act felt he could have fixed the situation. Riddled with guilt and depression Strauss went to the King Of Corpses, Low in hopes to persuade him into letting him assist Lowblood and crate a cure.

The king however was experiencing some difficulties at said time and was forced to decline, but gave some reassuring words.
Strauss not satisfied by his encounter took a turn for the worse and planned a way to achieve his goal. With foulplay he killed Low and ruled for a year before meeting his demise.

However his story doesn't end as Oni granted his spirit to linger in the labs Strauss had created so that he may find a cure.
Final words:"I kind of like how I could be considered a villain and some people liked me, you know?"
He's pretty much Handsome Jack from the borderlands series.

Policies: As a popular request here are some of the acts this leader has inacted to (attempt) make the nation a better place.
Furthering Lowbloodian science Strauss thought to advance the knowledge of the labs and its equipment to cure the Tainted blood Lowbloodians carry.

Strauss made many changes but not all were logged because some were lost due to his lack of time ruling.

Weapon: Revolvers

He had two heavy revolvers that were quite the force when hitting a target.

When shooting both in unison it actually launched him back.

Creature: human(deceased)
Age of death: 38

A rather calm and Quiet boy, Low rose to power after killing the previous King.

At a young age Low made it through his lafe being dragged through the mud. Living a life of education balanced with work Low had only one thing on his mind, a fear to never stop moving.

When in middle school Low had an encounter with a group of foreigners in which he was nearly put in a cage in which he barely managing to escape.
This encounter left a mark on the boy as he was rescued by a man wielding a scythe.

The man was scared but had an idol, the King Of Corpses. As time passed Low found himself challenging his Idol as Death was weak from his life and wished to experience a true fight before he went out.

Low struck a fierce blow in which took down Death.
Low, thinking his battle was mock was caught off guard when he stiked the king down. Death would look after Low in the afterlife as a master to an apprentice.

Sadly Low had met his fate at the hands of five gunman.
Final words:"Looks like today just wasn't my day."

Policies: As a popular request here are some of the acts this leader has inacted to (attempt) make the nation a better place.
Ban on out of state mercenaries and slavery in general.: Low nearly became a slave at the start of his life so he had a strong hate for mercenaries as some held side jobs as slavers. He noticed most were from out of state so he set a ban, and any sight of the practice will result in death.

Army modifications: Low introduced a few branches and special ranks.

More jobs: During his rule Low had many ideas for the industry and inspired quite the amount of companies to add a bit more positions for manners of safety and for the mechanical advance that time had to come.

Upgrades to Lowbloodian techLow always thought that nations would veiw him as a a pushover so he invested in the futherment of military equipment, servers, and much more.

Weapon: Gravelord sword

A sword forged for a lord of grave.

Nickname: Death
Creature: Human (Deceased)
Age of death:?

Death had a knack for calling those around him "Senpai" a story told in many different ways.
Death rose to power after killing the previous Queen

Death wasn't always a skeleton as he started life much like the normal Lowbloodian citizens.
When Death found a suitable business opportunity he took it working as a store owner.

As his life went on he eventually crossed paths with the current Queen Of Corpses and commenced a fierce battle resulting in Death's Victory.

It took the king awhile to get use to but withing a few months he knew what he was doing and in years he felt like he did as well.

It was an unpleasant sight to see but a rouge nation led by a Quern named Rosaria sent a small army to pillage Lowblood.
Through time Death attempted to settle these attacks with a peace treaty that was a set up resulting in a bombing in which Death lost his flesh and muscle.

A skeleton purely held together by The First King's soul. Death wasn't too happy with this and declared war, brutally whipping out the opposing side.

The nation gave Death his name and designed a flag in his honor. His rule was long but he was pleased with it down to the end.
Final words:"You're gonna do great, kid!"

Policies: As a popular request here are some of the acts this leader has inacted to (attempt) make the nation a better place.
Memorial day.:
This holiday is to remember those that fell during the war against Queen Rosaria and her nation of soul stealing minions.

Opening Lowbloods gates:
Before this act Lowblood was an isolated nation hidden away. Death saw potential as the nation had rare resources and much to give and gain.
And he just felt lonely.

And not to mention alot of lifts on strict bans in which will remain out of context.

Weapon: Death's scythe

A sick blade/golf club in which has slayed over five hundred men.