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Profiles for Kings. (Current and deceased)

Ok I'll hit you with that generic easy to understand profiling. Because I just sort of explain things instead of dumbing down things to the most easy to understand because you know... I'm on overly complex person because I like not making sense.
Either way there will be things that are not meant to be 100% clear. Like real names for the leaders will not always be said, but a title they have been given or taken. Many other interesting side notes like kill count.



Species:Human, highly deformed due to immortal experimentation. Perhaps he should even be classified as a beast as he has characteristics of beasthood showing.

Age:Ranging back to when the Demon king was still in power. So somewhere in between the first king, and Death.


Luden was born many years ago, while he spent his younger years helping the now deceased demon king take the throne in one of Lowblood's civil wars.
During this time he was declared dead when he was shot by the enemy troops.
However, he rose up only to be shot down again. Without a way to kill him, he was imprisoned and donated to a researching facility for his treasonous behaviour hoping to further understand this immortality.
The years of torture and experiments led to Luden's escape from his holders, finding out his body had taken a strange form.
After many years Luden took the throne of low blood after killing the previous [Unnamed] king.

Detailed Bio:
Early life

In the beginning Luden was the common run of the mill child as he had a family up until his teenage years. He mostly spent his time in class and assisting his father in his works.
One day however his mother fell Ill and this lead to her fall to beast hood as his father couldn't do anything to the woman he loved he held her back as to keep their child safe, this would lead to the fathers death. And his mothers capture by the hunters.

Teenage years/mid life

As the years went on Luden fell into a deep depression as all he could do is carry out his fathers business to get by.
One day upon visiting his mother's holding cell he met a boy that seemed strange his skin a different color than most and horns sprouting from his head, his name Izeal. The two spoke of Luden's life and Luden offered to assist the boy as he acted as a tutor for Izeal. As Izeal was shunned from any social life due to his beast like appearance Luden would look after him, as the two became close friends.

As time went on beasthood grew worse, at this point Low blood only just learned of this threat. Hunters tried to subdue the targets rather than kill in order to research and understand the problem.
The king grew to fear these bestridden creatures and halted research and ordered a genocide in fear that it was only an illness that would keep spreading, not even thinking of the beasts as his citizens anymore. This caused many close to death experiences for Izeal.

It eventually led to a civil war, Luden entering at his younger years of 17. During which he met his fate, or would have as he was gunned down on the battlefield his body rose up to only be gunned down three more times.
Finally he was captured and brought to the King of corpse who handed him to an organization known as the hidden hand (The organization dabbles in immortals, controlling the immortals that wish to abuse their powers while also experimenting on them in hopes of unlocking the secrets of Immortality.

So for some time Luden was imprisoned, Izeal took the crown not knowing what happened to his closest friend. And time would only progress as it further reached the current day.

Over the years

During Luden's imprisonment he lost his normal form as they never let him see his own reflection, curious of its results.

The tests he had been subjected to only broke him and the other immortals, but on one eventful day something happened, the facility was in a lower functioning state as Low blood was broken during this period due to war.
an artillery strike hit around the facility knocking its power out. During said period of time the immortal prisoners broke out.
Luden would not be seen until he resurfaces during the moment he became king of corpses.

During his rule the hidden hand influenced many to oppose him in hopes of his death before he could state anything against the organization.
But it was already too late. As once he made his announcement he had the group under watch and regulation in order to make sure they don't violate anymore immortals rights, even if it was in the name of "The betterment of civilization"
The Hidden hand hand still exists, but on a tight leash.
It was rumored he murdered several doctors after standing over the organization.

Luden would become the third Immortal to become the king of corpse. He's definitely been having fun learning how the nation has changed over the many years.


Gain a better connection to some operations in Lowblood
When some kings and queens fall they'll start something that the other would not entirely know. Like the hidden hand was formed when the first Immortal king fell to imply a fair rule, but over the years some organizations and projects fall into the shroud of time and become more obscure. Luden wishes to look into such obscured opperations.
(This task is already completed on its most basic level, along with the slander of his name being cleared and false rumors being wiped )

National expansion
He wishes to also expand and make most of the vast land of Lowblood more habitable as the continent that lowblood exists on is far larger than more would think. This will be a vary hard task as there's horrors out there that would even scare him, not to mention a common Lowbloodian.
(The last time the nation had seen expansion was during Death's rule as a neighboring land wished to take lowblood and failed.)
You may see his logs of exploration here
Minor improvements in Lowbloodian military
It has been noted that he has started to dabble in the military as on his exploration into the unknown regions of low blood his forces were met with a sky wyvern and Lowbloodian forces struggled to take it down causing Luden to take into consideration that more aircrafts suited for battle may be needed as it is a weak point in the lowbloodian military.
It's said that he has ordered mass production or aircrafts suited for skies and even extraterrestrial travel.
Lore overhaul
Upon realization Luden realized many were confused when it came to the lore of his lands and announced that the Lorescribes would be refining some info in the lore, if confusion is constantly being caused on certain topics then they will be modified till there is no more.

He also offered any questions an answer if a personal reply is required.
Reaching out into space
In the vast time Luddn has been ruling he has recently announced that Lowblood will be constructing three space colonies as previous leaders have already went into space he sees this as readying the nation for what's to come in the future, along with the colonies there is a set of starships in production.

Which will pave the way for space carriers and crusers. Luden thinks the completion of this project will span the rest of his life. And while he knows he'll see it, he wishes that he would be alive go witness it.

Stray Info:

He was labeled the end as many saw him as a bad omen. But this could be rumors made by those that wish to see the creature fall.
Luden carries this nickname with him in a now laughing matter and also a rally chant if any troubles are met while exploring Lowblood's outskirts

He has a large variety of cursed weapons and tools and holds much knowledge on the topic as he studied them as they often were used on him.

The past civil war he served in, "The War Of Beast And Man". He surprisingly was not on the side of man, serving the Demon king. Or further noted, Izeal, the now fallen king of corpse. He was known as the "Hunter of hunters" ending nearly three factions in the hunters guild.

He has quite the amount of cybernetics implanted in him, and often times seems fascinated with the thought of what the future holds.

Another interesting fact is that his form seems to shift depending on who is viewing him, some see Luden's skull as just a mask, with his voice emanating out of it, others see the jaw move and rather than a mask its actually a part of him, its a strange occurrence that even Luden doesn't quite understand.

Weapon: Bloodletter.
Luden is a lord that utilizes his immortality. When the king first started he had many oppose him, and after so many duels he seemed to go through weapons at an extreme rate.
He even broke two legendary weapons said to have been cursed.
But recently Luden has found a unique weapon that he seems to favor rather fondly. It was a strange mace that lay unused for some time, even Laden didn't understand it. But after choosing it for a duel he learned why it was amongst his collection as it was launched at him the mace plunged into him taking on a new form, a staff with a spiked ball of crimson at the end.
It resonates with the king almost as if its alive as when enough of a foreign blood is consumed into the staff it explodes into a red mist that induces hallucinations to its enemies.
Here's a GIF to explain:

"You couldn't just leave well enough alone. I'll show you what you think Lowblood truly is, and truly can be."
Due to rapture republics involvement in this timeline will be cannon.
Also this short little info section will be expanded greatly in due time as the original info was ripped straight from the fallen festival FACTBOOK
A new factbook will be crafted in due enough time.

Name:He has not had the opportunity to state his name
Species: He was once human

Short bio:
This is the first king of lowblood, a rather ill mannered soul that was forced into reincarnation after the fall of Valtr.
The first king did not kill the last king, but became the holder of the lord soul.
Past info:

One shrouded in mystery as leaders in the past torched any history of the creature.
Many fear to even mention his existence as he is often times referred to as a bad omen, appearing in dreams, lore written deep in caves and even the abyss about his existence.

Many have tried to travel down to his tomb in the tower of fallen lords but non have managed to pull it off due to unknown reason.

With Oni's journey along with the attempts of others in the past, the abyss holds much lore, even structures where the creatures of the abyss praise the first king. As he could bring out the humanity in beast, and the beast in man. Only an ability so rare that there has only been two other than him to hold it.

Rebirth & reclamation of lowblood

Escape from rapture:
The king wasn't ready to go down quietly, nor was he even ready to go down. But he felt as if Lowblood wasn't delt a fair hand, rather a cheap shot as he escaped Rapture Republic.

John Mercer was attempting to call together mages to somehow cancel out his own doings to only futile attempts as the more the mages cast and try to cut, the more His presence could be felt, finally the first king forcibly ripped himself from from John, if not for Mercer's immortality he would have been half the man he was at the start of the process.
With the flick of the wrist the first king pulled the mages towards him seemingly through the air as he absorbed them in a harrowing process, even making a cloak from their torn robes.

The first king left with unload a few rounds into the leader of rapture, then ultimately placing his hand on one of the glass tunnels of rapture and watching as it became nothing blowing a hole in the building and then again through the protective shutters before fading out of reality back to Lowblood.

Calling to arms and officially going to war with rapture:
The first king warped onto Lowbloodian soil towards a shut down lab of a fallen King, Strauss. The lab was made for war purposes and wasn't put into full use as Valtr was dead before he could react.

With the wave of a hand Lowbloods Defense AI booted up and Greet the first.
Fairies as he put them, then ordered the creation of a few plans to be constructed involving weaponized beasts. And raise the nation's defensive procedures.
He then walked outside and waved his hand in the air once more as the clouds around Lowblood darken to a pitch black. (This was so none can enter nor escape. And furthermore to make sure Lowblood was not nuked as any blast from outer forces will be warped to a pocket space)
At this point stone would see about half the population turning to beasts, giants breaking from their slave laborers, Rapture AI slowly becoming rampant.
All in a unified manner. Even the beasts were acting as if they still had control, working along side the unchanged as a full blown rebellion.

Oni's legion even returned from the abyss to take part in this event. Bowing at the word, as they were disgusted by what Lowblood had turned into

As The First warped the whole populus to one location He gave a speach.

"Citizens of Lowblood, as some of you may have noticed a scourge has defiled our once glorious nation.
Trying to correct and corrupt you all to what you see fit, we did and do not need this. As I'm sure many of you have gave hell before being forced into this reform.
At this time we must call to arms while we have the upper hand, we must assure that if Rapture isn't with us, they sure as hell will know they are against us!
Let us avenge the King of corpses and the Law that was broken when Their leader invaded and killed a man in a unrighteous manner, without even a proper duel.
And last but not least, let's show them why we are the nation of Lowblood. We were known for letting refuge for falling nations in the past, now they punish invade and punish us for our open arms. We are not Aquarians, but Lowbloodians!(Or Lowians)
Let's give them hell!"

While the first king could vary easily just warp the nation away or split its reality and place every rapturian in a false reality, or while he could just whipe anything off Lowblood with abyssal magic and the nightmares of the abyss.
He decided to show Lowblood's fangs as many have tried to abuse this nation in the past.

As they started taking back Lowblood he gifted magic to beasts, taught new magic to the mages.
Delving into past projects and further them as Strauss dreamed of weaponizing beasts as they have a stronger threshold for damage, so not only can they wield stronger tools they can take more damage.

Things were fully unified. And hyper agressive.

This lead to a rather stalemate that outlived even John. The first king despises the colony, and even holds more for those of Rapture. But he has acknowledged that the war is as good as over. Even though the Lowbloodian populus is still hyper defensive.

And with this new era for Lowblood he finally believes that they can finally start reconstructing.

Policies & goals
While the first king put alot of his chips into war, but as soon as it ended he now must plot out a path to undo the destruction of war.
He even reverted all that had been turned to beast back to normal. (Keep in mind this doesn't effect those that were beast before this)

Aid to those affected by the war
Those that may have lost homes or jobs are offered to home and work at one of the many shelters till repairs are made.
Repairing of kingdoms and overall lands. Day by day repairs are made from buildings to scorched lands.
Mages are brought together to heal the planet from the marks left by war. While even the king accompanies the construction of new structures.

"Finding a new king once this is all over."
The first king is on his second term as a king of corpses, that's a feat non have accomplished as to end ones rule they must have their life taken.
With this being said The king has a sense that maybe he should go back to resting.
So trials are being held to find the next bearer if the soul.

Jolly cooperation
A new colony has formed near the lands of Lowblood. While the first king had thoughts of just warping the colony to space that would bring death to many great mages so he will settle with this alternative for now.

Watching the abyss
The war left many new occurrences in the lands. Oni's legion has been appointed to combat the newfound rise in the sightings of abyssal occurrences.

Name: Valtr
Species: Human
Age 34

A boy born into an average life, Valtr grew up in the harsh lands of Lowblood with a rather grateful view of his upbringing.

Younger life
Valtr was born his father a soldier and mother a priestess.
His name was given to him as a remembrance to his father's best friend,a soldier that died in combat.

His life was fairly normal, Valtr had visions he thought was just destiny or perhaps a dream.
Valtr rose to power after killing the previous king
Base life
He had faced many tough times and took up his father's retirement, a business as a blacksmith, and when his father had passed away.

For quite some time he had grown interested in the adventurers that traveled through the lands and decided to partake in a journey that led him to the burial ground of all kings he had fought a long battle that led him to stare into the abyss for a moment he even thought he'd be consumed by it, but indeed it forewarned him of the fast approaching future...
The fall of the king
As Valtr made made his way to the destination he felt uneasy as he made his way up to face Oni.

Some words were exchanged but both souls knew what had to be done, Oni had been dodging fates bullet for far too long as he felt the corruption fighting him. The king of corpses became the consumed king unable to even exchange words as an endless assault
was unleashed, Valtr kept a calm mind after the duel had commenced as he had seen Oni fight.

An opening finally came to view as Valtr used his sword to take one of the king's arm off and slowly unraveling Oni till the king finally fell.

Valtr exchanged his final words with the dying king. The two seemed like they would have gotten along well, Oni's spirit actually lurks around him fairly often.

A new chapter lies in Lowblood as this is a new king. So return in the future to find more lore

Other misc info
Many think that Valtr lost his arm due to Oni during their fight.
But in fact it was the head of Oni's legion as they have split from the military only working under Oni's command.
Valtr tried to strike the knight down the same way he did Oni, only to see his own arm spinning.

[The story of the knight will soon be up on The legion's factbook.]
Valtr sports a prosthetic at times but not always as just the fact he lost the duel instilled doubt in himself for quite some time.

Creature: Neko
Age crowned and death:28-56

A man with a shady past and many names. Oni rose to power after taking the life of the previous King.

Oni started working at the age of 15 where he was offered by a drunk to take another mans life. Not much is known about how Oni got into the bar but without hesitation he took the job and many more to come.

That is till till the assassin met face to face with the King of Corpses Low, the two commended a duel in which Low had won.
After killing the one responsible for the hit Low offered Oni a fresh start to either die by his blade as many have or join a special group of many that have met the same fate as his own.

For many years Oni was a spy for Low picking up tasks until Low fell, his comrades executed, The spy made it out but only by pure luck. Forced yo go into hiding for a week.

Strauss was ruthless but he left himself open, Oni challenged him to a duel with the neko hailing victory.

Oni was a little hesitant at first but in due time he became stronger and gathered more knowledge.
Even though it was difficult as many saw Oni as tainted blood and unstable as his ears and tail raise question.
This dislike has shrunk since his start.

Over time Oni had done quite the number of things in Lowblood spanning from rebirthing magic, renovating and reinforcing Lowblood from its structure, and finally travelling into the abyss.

At the end Oni was said to have met his fate countless times by the witches that serve the leaders of lowblood.

They were false surprisingly 36 times, Oni was the first mistake of the old witches.

Sadly dodging bullets for so long Oni felt the abyss pulling at him with each skirmish his legion held, the corruption slowly was taking hold, even Strauss's suppressant wasn't working for the King.
He finally felt his time he heard steps making their way to the dueling field as as he tends the the greenery and the old blades that cover the area.

He kept repeating his name in his head until he finally gave into the corruption, Occasionally murmuring not Oni, but his actual name.

As a popular request here are some of the acts this leader has inacted to (attempt) make the nation a better place.
Structural remodeling Oni first ordered that houses beyond 50 years be remodeled for safety reasons and to make the nation look less worn down and weak.
Furthering even more with Lowbloodian science/ lore and knowledge: Oni worked with the fallen king Strauss as he saw reason to his methods, so he allowed and even gave some resources to help.
The revival of Lowbloodian magic.: within such a short period of time Oni had discovered that magic is still accessible to civilians and allowed the practice of it with the construction of a grand library.
"Into the parallel" With the revival of magic, also the revival of a dark shroud hidden within Lowbloods. A forgotten land was discovered and Oni set out to explore it also forming a legion.

It should also be stated that now actually veiws himself as a King Of Corpses as a placeholder wouldn't have been at it for this long.

Weapon: Jaws of death

If you were ever wondering what weapon Oni uses this is the famed set of this specific King of Corpses, while it is a devastating blade it is only used by this one soul just as some others have unique tools.

The great swords work hand and hand, when combined it forms a heavy force that one can literally feel the duel blows but split it makes a dexterous force.

Oni decided to trust in an old hunter who smithed him the jaws of death. He decided to switch his weapons around after his 24th pair of daggers broke on him.

Age of death:40

Strauss, a man ruthlessly obsessed with finding a cure for the tainted blood that scourges Lowblood to this day.
Strauss rose to power after killing the previous King.

In his younger years Strauss, while not being the top scholar but was indeed one of the more notable of his class.
During these younger years he caught feeling for an unamed woman, the two dated for fifteen years before his lover suddenly fell to a condition that most Lowbloodians call "Tainted blood" this resulted in her nearly killing her lover and eventually being put down.

Strauss enraged by this act felt he could have fixed the situation. Riddled with guilt and depression Strauss went to the King Of Corpses, Low in hopes to persuade him into letting him assist Lowblood and crate a cure.

The king however was experiencing some difficulties at said time and was forced to decline, but gave some reassuring words.
Strauss not satisfied by his encounter took a turn for the worse and planned a way to achieve his goal. With foulplay he killed Low and ruled for a year before meeting his demise.

However his story doesn't end as Oni granted his spirit to linger in the labs Strauss had created so that he may find a cure.
Final words:"I kind of like how I could be considered a villain and some people liked me, you know?"
He's pretty much Handsome Jack from the borderlands series.

Policies: As a popular request here are some of the acts this leader has enacted to (attempt) make the nation a better place.
Furthering Lowbloodian science Strauss thought to advance the knowledge of the labs and its equipment to cure the Tainted blood Lowbloodians carry.

Strauss made many changes but not all were logged because some were lost due to his lack of time ruling.

Weapon: Revolvers

He had two heavy revolvers that were quite the force when hitting a target.

When shooting both in unison it actually launched him back.

Creature: human(deceased)
Age of death: 38

A rather calm and Quiet boy, Low rose to power after killing the previous King.

At a young age Low made it through his lafe being dragged through the mud. Living a life of education balanced with work Low had only one thing on his mind, a fear to never stop moving.

When in middle school Low had an encounter with a group of foreigners in which he was nearly put in a cage in which he barely managing to escape.
This encounter left a mark on the boy as he was rescued by a man wielding a scythe.

The man was scared but had an idol, the King Of Corpses. As time passed Low found himself challenging his Idol as Death was weak from his life and wished to experience a true fight before he went out.

Low struck a fierce blow in which took down Death.
Low, thinking his battle was mock was caught off guard when he stiked the king down. Death would look after Low in the afterlife as a master to an apprentice.

Sadly Low had met his fate at the hands of five gunman.
Final words:"Looks like today just wasn't my day."

Policies: As a popular request here are some of the acts this leader has inacted to (attempt) make the nation a better place.
Ban on out of state mercenaries and slavery in general.: Low nearly became a slave at the start of his life so he had a strong hate for mercenaries as some held side jobs as slavers. He noticed most were from out of state so he set a ban, and any sight of the practice will result in death.

Army modifications: Low introduced a few branches and special ranks.

More jobs: During his rule Low had many ideas for the industry and inspired quite the amount of companies to add a bit more positions for manners of safety and for the mechanical advance that time had to come.

Understanding expirementation:One of the interesting things Low did was invited ideals and offered himself as the dummy for other nations to experiment for those more curious towards the king of Corpses. Just as long as it isnt lethal, or furthermore aiming towards killing him (which has happened a handful of times.)

Upgrades to Lowbloodian techLow always thought that nations would veiw him as a a pushover so he invested in the futherment of military equipment, servers, and much more.

Weapon: Gravelord sword

A sword forged for a lord of grave.

Stray info:

It is said Low's spirit has infested a set of armor as he has now become the teacher of the wearer. They can sometimes be seen on the battlefield, fighting strangely.

Nickname: Death
Creature: Human (Deceased)
Age of death:?

Death had a knack for calling those around him "Senpai" a story told in many different ways.
Death rose to power after killing the previous Queen

Death wasn't always a skeleton as he started life much like the normal Lowbloodian citizens.
When Death found a suitable business opportunity he took it working as a store owner.

As his life went on he eventually crossed paths with the current Queen Of Corpses and commenced a fierce battle resulting in Death's Victory.

It took the king awhile to get use to but withing a few months he knew what he was doing and in years he felt like he did as well.

It was an unpleasant sight to see but a rouge nation led by a Quern named Rosaria sent a small army to pillage Lowblood.
Through time Death attempted to settle these attacks with a peace treaty that was a set up resulting in a bombing in which Death lost his flesh and muscle.

A skeleton purely held together by The First King's soul. Death wasn't too happy with this and declared war, brutally whipping out the opposing side.

The nation gave Death his name and designed a flag in his honor. His rule was long but he was pleased with it down to the end.
Final words:"You're gonna do great, kid!"

Policies: As a popular request here are some of the acts this leader has inacted to (attempt) make the nation a better place.
Memorial day.:
This holiday is to remember those that fell during the war against Queen Rosaria and her nation of soul stealing minions.

Opening Lowbloods gates:
Before this act Lowblood was an isolated nation hidden away. Death saw potential as the nation had rare resources and much to give and gain.
And he just felt lonely.

And not to mention alot of lifts on strict bans in which will remain out of context.

Weapon: Death's scythe

A sick blade/golf club in which has slayed over five hundred men.