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Bryan von Friently-Hannover VII

Bryan von Friently-Hannover VII
Emperor of the Grand Friently Empire

"Courage which goes against military expediency is stupidity, or,
if it is insisted upon by a commander, irresponsibility."

Born: 19-6-2253

Ethnicity: Dutch-German

Height: 195cm

Hair color: Dark Blonde (greying)

Eye color: Blue

Weapons of Choice:
Mauser C-96

Sword of Daylight

Kar 98k

Trench knife

Father: Bryan von Friently-Hannover VI (2217-2297)
Mother: Anna von Friently-Hannover (B. 2221)
Brother: Henry var Friently (B. 2259)
Spouse: Lianne von Friently-Hannover (M. 2278)(B. 2257)
Son: Hans-Wilhelm II von Friently-Hannover (B. 2281)
Daughter: Helene von Friently-Hannover (B. 2285)

Bryan von Friently-Hannover VII (born June 19th, 2254) is the 8th and current Emperor of the Grand Friently Empire, ruling since June 15th 2291. Before this he was General-Feldmarschall in the Imperial Friently Reichswehr.

Born in Haarlem to Emperor Bryan VI and his wife Anna var Enky in the Imperial Palace in the mountains of Niedersachsen. He is the first of the direct liniage to not be born in Haarlem which goes against the tradition of the firstborn being born in there.
He is the eldest of two, his brother Henry von Friently was born on the 11th of september 2259.

Bryan von Friently VII is part of the dynasty ruling Friently with his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc all having been Emperors of Friently.

The Dutch-German von Friently-Hannover dynasty is relatively small due to that only the Emperor, his wife, his parents and his children can carry the title von Friently-Hannover, when siblings of the Emperor have children they carry the var Friently title instead.

Early Life

Bryan grew up in the Imperial Palace and attended the Wesley von Friently Elementary School until 6th grade after which he went to Grand Friently University where he graduated in 2272.

From his childhood onward he, just as every other von Friently born child, was taught to think rationally and to always care for his people. From a young age it was already clear that he would be a military Emperor and a born leader after it was eventually found out that he had drawn up and led several military grade operations on his school to obstain things, free people in detention or just annoy his teachers after one of the kids he rolled with ratted him out when caught, immediately teaching Bryan not to blindly trust everyone.

After graduating University he joined the Kaiserliches Reichswehr where even though he protested against it he was immediately promoted to the rank of general.
After participating in several military operations, after experiencing a number of battles and getting more experienced he eventually drew up and proposed a plan to liberate the ex-nation of Aegyptium which had been ocupied by Anarchists for hundreds of years.
However during the operation he and his squad were captured, tortured and several of them killed before, one member of his group managed to break loose and liberate the rest before being shot in the head and gone into a coma. This event greatly disturbed Bryan and showed him the true nature of man. In the next few months he took the rest of the Aegyptium territory with brutal force, showing no mercy to the Anarchists

Later Career
Throughout the next few years he led more military operations and fell in love with his future wife Lianne var Rodenberg in 2276 while on a military leave.
They married the next year and their first child Hans-Wilhelm II was born in 2281 with their second child Helene being born in 2285

From that year onward his father, Bryan von Friently VI, started to actively prepare him to take over as Emperor, how to talk to the populace since they often need to be explained things very, very, very well and in trifold before they understand which can be a huge strain on anyone's sanity.

In 2291 the Emperor Bryan VI fell ill and became bedridden after which Bryan VII took over with a Regency Council, but it was on the 15th of June that Bryan VI officially gave up the title of Emperor and Bryan VII was crowned Emperor of the Grand Friently Empire

Career as Emperor pre-SR
After becoming Emperor of Friently he finished the construction of the synthetic fuel refineries around the Empire which allowed the military to run at full power again, thanks to this he led several military operations which increased the size of the Empire. Taking back parts of Rusmand and the south east where more natural oil could be retrieved.

Warsaw Pact
Eventually after the events of the rift bringing the Empire into modern Strangereal he came in contact with many other nations, some of the sensible Authoritarian nations like Friently, and some dense minded "Democracies", it turned out these were the most violent of all nations, invading all others in the name of "freedom", killing thousands...

But there was a group, a pact of autocracies who bound together and resisted the hypocricy and the vileness of these "democratic" nations, this alliance was called the Warsaw Pact, Bryan took a look and knew instantaneously that this alliance would be the one to save the world from itself, that these people would prove true allies to the Empire.
And so not much time later Bryan approached the leader of the Warsaw Pact, a large tall woman that stood almost as tall as the Emperor called Lord Gray of the Sanada Clan, and told her of his interest in the Empire joining the Warsaw Pact.

The request was accepted and so the Empire became part of the greatest and strongest alliance Strangereal had ever seen.
Relations with the two most prominent members Lord Gray of the Sanada Clan and Lady Aozora Chiyumi started off slow due to the fact that Bryan loves and cares for his people, listening to them, what is troubling them, while both Gray and Aozora did not really or at all care about their people and love was far from there.
But throughout the time that followed their ideologies and ideas became further and further aligned and the relations are high because all of them are united in the fight against the vileness and idiocy that is democracy.

The Emperor proved loyal to the Warsaw Pact participating in several operations and was eventually named second in command by the then leader Lala of the Sanada Clan. After participating in several more operations among which "the war to end all wars" against N8TO, she announced her stepping down as leader and the Emperor would be its new Leader. Several old members stepped over and the Pact was greatly weakened for a time. In the years after the Warsaw Pact once more grew to be the strongest alliance on Strangereal earning the respect of most nations.

The Kidnapping
In July of 2299 the friend and ex-squadmember of the Emperor died after having been in a coma for nearly 25 years, it brought him off his usual focus and made the mistake of going to the funeral without PSF and without security, anarchist terrorists from Provincia Aegyptium captured the Emperor and his family, killing his father, to take revenge for capturing the region in 2274, he was too shocked by all that had happened and the sheer inability of them occurring that he couldn't respond to what was happening.

After a day they captured his daughters boyfriend Marcus, they took the two to another room and brutally tortured then murdered him right in front of her after which they did unspeakable things to her.
He never asked and she never told him but they know what happened to her once she came back with torn clothes and a red face without even crying, only starting to do so once they were back home.

His son Hans-Wilhelm II tried to attack and take down the terrorists only to be shot in the gut and legs, crippling him forever and causing him to go into a coma.
Two days after this the terrorists tied them up in chairs and were about to be executed by decapitation, but as the executioner pulled out the blade to do the job the Emperor snapped out of his paralyzation and into a primal rage.
He tore through the bindings, took the blade from the executioner and even though he had sustained a cut into his side he continued to violently tear through the terrorists ranks, killing all of them in a way which he describes as "inhumanly impossible" due to their numbers.
To this day he is still ashamed for the way he snapped into a paralyzation before and a rage after and would prefer to forget it, still having nightmares from the whole ordeal as well as his family.

The Nightmare War
in 2309 one of the Empires closest allies, Kyoki Chudoku, was invaded by a extradimensional version of itself. Bryan was quick to declare support and get a blockade going to prevent any other nations from getting to the islands due to them having declared war on all other nations. A force was sent to help the Chudokuren again the Tengokuren threat. The war earned its name due to the horrors that were present in the fighting of it. Having to face child soldiers and gore were the least of the problems faced by the soldiers in the war and Bryan himself had problems dealing with the horrors that he witnessed in the war. Like many of the other veterans of the war he still prefers not to speak about the things he witnessed.

Picture of Bryan von Friently VII with an abandoned tank after his victorious capture of the Aegyptium Region in 2274 | Picture of Bryan von Friently VII with an officer and his squad in 2298