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READ THIS FIRST (out-of-character)

What is Discoveria?

Discoveria is a fictional NationStates nation. It mainly serves as a way for me (the player behind Discoveria) to explore a number of ideas around politics, in particular, what a society focused on science and ethics might look like. It is not really a perfect society (despite its claims!) - there are some downright sinister aspects of Discoveria, in order to keep things interesting.

To read more about Discoveria from an in-character perspective, you can start here. (The Factbook is canon for lore on Discoveria. The LinkNSWiki page is outdated.)

Discoveria's back-story will eventually be extended and developed through new Factbook entries - come back later for updates!

Who is Discoveria?

That would be telling. :)

Discoveria is represented by its fictional leaders - mainly by President Tim Rutherford. Regarding the World Assembly, Discoveria is represented by Matthew Turing, Discoverian Ambassador to the World Assembly.

Special Administrative Regions are puppet nations that represent Discoveria's interests in various regions of NationStates. The current Special Administrative Regions are:

Other puppets include:

What else does Discoveria do?

Discoveria is the current (second) founder of the region of Esteria, which was the first region I was involved in. I am keeping the region alive for old times' sake.

Discoveria joined the region of Gay on 8/6/2012 and served as WA Delegate of the region in 2013. Discoveria was the Regional Secretary of Gay until May 2018.

Discoveria follows some World Assembly debates and votes when time allows.

What is Discoveria inspired by?

This nation is inspired by, among other things, LinkPlato's Republic, and a book by LinkDavid Selbourne called LinkThe Principle of Duty (in the process of being read cover-to-cover at the moment).

Some observers may note a few parallels between Discoveria and the island of Bensalem which LinkSir Francis Bacon wrote about in LinkThe New Atlantis. But most of the history of Discoveria was invented before I encountered The New Atlantis.

A cursory look at Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism reveals a lot of similarities with Discoverian thought. I will read more about Objectivism in due course.

How do I contact Discoveria?

Feel free to send me a telegram.