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The Anocratic empire of
Left-wing Utopia

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Sapient species
Bigpipstan is a nation with a vast pony majority, with kirins and gootraxians forming it's minority.
Ponies: They have bigger eyes and thicker legs then real ponies. They are also very colorful. They consist of these races.
  • earth ponies: ponies born with magic that helps in growing plants and gives them more raw strenght.

  • pegasi: ponies with feathered wings and capable of flight. They are capable of manipulating the weather in big groups.

  • unicorns: unicorns are capable of bending magical energy to their will, using their spiral horn. Every unicorn knows at least how to use telekenises.

  • bat ponies: bat ponies are noctural and unlike other races they only have grey shades of coat. They all have skewed pupils with only yellow and orange scleras. They have bat like wings capable of flight.

  • crystal ponies: crystal ponies have a coat made out of crystals. This makes them slower but also more resistant to damage and hight temperatures.

Kirins: Kirins are just as colorful as ponies. Kirins have a curved tail and a red horn. They have scales on their back and a necklece of hair around their neck. They can also breath fire.
Gootraxians: Gootraxians are humanoid anorganic semi-liquid lifeforms, that can only reproduce by assimilating other bipedal organisms. They are 2 time more resistant to damage then a human. They live in the colony of Fequm and Acrab.

Geography of Bigpipstan
LinkWest EquusOur mainland
LinkFequm VI Bigpipstan's second planet
LinkAcrab Colony
Given the size of the empire, you can find many biomes that you find on Earth but there are oddities.
Linktemperate forest: Forests of deciduous trees interspersed with fertile clearings. Many species of animals move around among the trees and on the plains.
temperate swamp: Wetlands choked with vegetation and disease. Dense overgrowth makes it hard to move around, and clearing areas for building takes a long time. Much of the terrain is too marshy to support heavy structures.
boreal forest: Forests of coniferous trees. Despite the harsh winters, boreal forests sustain a diverse population of small and large animals, and have warm summers.
tundra: These mostly-frozen plains bear almost no trees and little vegetation. There are a few small animals interspersed with large herds of migratory grazers and their predators.
tropical rainforest: A thick, moist jungle, buzzing with animal life and infested with disease. Despite its visual beauty, this is a very dangerous biome. Choking overgrowth, aggressive animals, and constant sickness.
tropical swamp: A plant-choked, steamy swamp seething with parasites and pathogens. Much of the land is too marshy to build on. Difficult movement, aggressive animals, and rampant disease make living here a nightmare.
arid shrubland: A dry region, but not dry enough to become a true desert. Open plains with grasses and bushes give way to scattered groves of trees. Plants are hardy and there is a moderate density of animals, but arable soil is hard to find.
desert: A very dry area which supports little life. There is very little arable land, and animal life is very sparse. Deserts can be hot, or quite cold.
extreme desert: An extremely hot, dry area, devoid of almost all life. Searing heat and a near total lack of arable land make it very difficult to survive here.
gelatinous superorganism: A huge mold-like organism has grown in this area, basically destroying the previous existing ecosystem, and replacing it with an alien landscape of its own creation. Its strange biology seems to be compatible with this planet's biosphere.
fungus forest: The fungus forest is a super dense overgrowth of massive giant mushrooms, covered in a coat of mycelium. Giant mushrooms can be used as a poor substitute for wood, and the smaller ones will provide some sustenance. Beware of the bigger mushrooms, though, as they create a cloud of dangerous spores that can quickly suffocate any organic life.
Linkpropane lakes: Huge liquid propane lakes fill this desolate frozen landscape. As propane is a compound that doesn't occur naturally, this is probably the remnant of some weird ecological or industrial experiment gone awry.
Our home planet Equus is the only planet in our solar system, orbiting a star called Sun. Our planet has single moon.
Our colony Fequm VI: Orbits a K1 orange subgiant. Fequm I, II, III, IV are uninteresting rocky planets. Fequm V is a asteroid belt with orbital radius of 6.28 AU.
Our colony Acrab: Orbits M2 red dwarf with a mass of 0.25 x sol, called Isan. Acrab is the first body orbiting this star. Our colony of Acrab has a large moon with tiny planetary rings. It has a period of 0.10 earth years; Making use of different kalender neccesary. Issan II is a rocky planet with 2 moons. Issan III is a asteroid belt with a orbital radius of 0.37 AU. Issan IV is a rocky planet with heavy volcanism. Issan V and VI are uninteresting ice planets.
No efford was ever made to find out more about inhospitable planets in our star systems

The colony of Acrab isn't included in this table because it's exact population changed too often and also doesn't have the legal status of a administrative region in the same way the rest of the empire has.




Imperial castle


This region contains the empire's capital with the same name. There is a castle of the emperor close to the said capital.



This region hosts the empire's mainland journalist organisations which keep the ponies on mainland informed about noteworthy things that are happening



What sets Rayonne apart from other regions is it's zeppelin production.



As far as zoologists are concerned, this tropical part of the empire has the most cataloged species on the mainland.



The first region in the early days of the Anocratic empire to be fully industrialized.



This is where Paracyte thornbush was discovered.



A smaller landmass with many bee farms on it, along with proper industry. There is a large wide bridge connecting it to Crystal duchy. In the past it used to be an autonomous territory.

Crystal duchy


This was an autonomous territory very long time ago, consisting of ponies and changelings. However the changelings are long gone.



A region which used to a lot of ponies living there but throughout history of Anocratic empire and it's neighbors. Ponies migrated to other regions. There is a major component factory.



Known for manufacturing of computers. The first operating system was named "Harmony view".



The big island in Urdy is an anomaly. There are mosters living there, which do not live anywhere else, it's designated as a natural reserve. It is connected by a long bridge to a smaller island east of it.



Spacecraft launches were conducted in this region. There is to this day, some debris from failed launches and unmaintained launching centers.



Known for it's various art galeries and anbstract sculptures inside towns and cities there. A good place to go for appreciating culture.



Known for it's reeducation centers where criminals are sent to be reformed. Those who can't be reformed toil in labor camps here.



Island of the Anocratic empire which is know for it's port. The Anocratic empire's destroyers spend most of their time docked here.



The driest place in mainland Anocratic empire, the region is most known for it's gold mines which have mostly ran out of gold they once hed.



The deepest mine on the mainland is located in the south part of this region which is four kilometers deep.



Most luxurious furniture in Anocratic empire is produced here.



The highest mountain on Fequm is located here, it is called "Mount Otris"



The deepest mine in Fequm is located here, which is 3.5 kilometers deep.



This region is renowned for it's glasswork.



Native habitat of the aerofleet animal. The oily bee is bred and exploited here by bee keepers.



Besides having a lot of natural resources, this region is known for it's unusual hemp industry.



This region is know for producing gemstone and advanced magical batteries. There is a floating city on the coast housing 100 thousand ponies.



This is the region where a majority of fighting took place during the gootraxian civil war. LinkNotable towns



This is where Lamiňík company originaly operated in..



This is where gootraxians originated from. Chaobulb and Glowine plants are native to this region.



The only thing useful that comes out of this region is platinum, titanium and and trace rare metals. There is a floating city on the coast housing 100 thousand ponies.




Larkinge facility


A body implant medical research facility. It's possible to sign up there to test out experiment prosthetics and implants.

Aelinmiley facility


A organ growing medical facility. It's possible to sign up there for organ transplantation.

Moressley facility


A restricted island where genetic experiments and research are carried out.

Acrab mincho castle


A castle constructed out of chocolate. It's the original Acrab settlement which put colonisatation of Acrab into motion.

Ayrith strip

West Equus

The last surviving prostitution club in Anocratic empire.

Ayrith museum

West Equus

The largest museum. It contains many relics from the history of Anocratic empire.

"The square of might"

West Equus

is the Anocratic empire's equivalent of USA's Pentagon but it's decorated big square that acts as an office for military institutions.

ICJ tower

West Equus

is the Anocratic empire's equivalent of the CN tower.

Imperial castle

West Equus

LinkImperial castle(top down) While that name refers to the most densly populated region of the empire. The actual Imperial castle is a small permanent residence of Emperor Bigpip.

Lamiňík chemical plant.



Ponynia grand mauzoleum

West Equus

A decorated entrance to the great underground sarcophagus storages underneath Ponynia. The underground rooms are still being expanded to this day to accomodate more pony corpses. It isn't diffucult to get lost here without a guide.

Furry defender base


A base of heroes who got Revenge on a genocidal human group.

Armet's base


A base of heroes who pioneered a new specialization of magic. page=dispatch/id=1684769#Armet

Feqokyo mine portal


An ancient building with a portal gate which leads Feqokyo mines. page=dispatch/id=1684769#mines

LinkAcrab's coastal library


A library storing both fiction and non fiction books. It's maintainers have designed a new tank, which was reverse engineered from an existing wreck next to it.

LinkCrystal cavern research base


A base producing Combat drugs for the military and doing military research.

The weather in the mainland and partialy on Fequm is pleasant. Because of pegasi being able to manipulate weather in large numbers. However this doesn't mean there aren't heat waves and cold snaps. Weather in the mainland and Fequm is manipulated but not on Acrab. Curiously on Acrab, pirates have access to weather manipulation devices, which they have used against settlers and cities.
Weather manipulation has the drawback of making weather worse elsewhere.
To see a video of cities, belonging to annexed vassals, click here:

Emperor Bigpip:Emperor Bigpip is a ageless alicorn the size of the average stallion, who has founded the empire. His traits are: iron willed, diligent, quick sleeper. His personality falls between ISFJ-ESFJ. Bigpip looks like greyish blue stallion with green eyes and blond mane. He usualy wears a purple robe with cyan stars on it. Under it he has abstract red heart cutie mark on both of his flanks. Due to his biological immortality he has a lot of experienced in most fields.
He has two permanent residences. LinkThe first is on the mainland in the capital and Linkthe second is on the east coast of Acrab.
Bigpip's LinkLeftValuesLinkprism results:LinkAuthvalues resultsLink8dreams resultsLinkMoral vignetes test

Emperor Bigpip's throne room located in an administrative building close to his castle has been renovated. A grand throne of silver was installed, with gold and confiscated archotech weapons embedded in it.

Brief history of Emperor Bigpip
Before Bigpip was a alicorn emperor, he was a human engineer. A misanthrope engineer who was born on a spaceship that was flying across the universe. One day they were passing a sparsly inhabited planet when their ship was shot down. He managed to survive in a emergency shuttle and landed on the planet. There he struggled to survive but was rescued by lovecraftianish cultists who have allowed him to survive. One day they were performing a ritual and he was selected for it. They were invoking a deity of transformation and Bigpip was first to make a wish. His wish was to become a ageless alicorn. To his suprise, he lost conciousness and woke up inside a spaceship. The spaceship was tiny compared to where he used to live. Repairing his new spaceship, he explored nearby planets. Almost all planets he explored hed life on them, making him question if he was still in the same universe as he was before his transformation. Eventualy he found a door, which looked like a portal. He packed his supplies and entered the portal, the doors broke after that, making him stuck on a unknown planet. He found that, the planet resembled that of the ancient cartoon "My little pony" where he got his inspiration for the alicorn form. He eventualy integrated into the local society, and found his talent for leadership. He later explored lands over seas of Equestria, then he got a ambitious idea. What if he gathered some ponies from Equestria and colonised the lands over seas under his leadership. Working diligently he succeded and founded his own nation. Working under the new ideology of Neo-Harmonism he rulered the badly named nation of Bigpipstan. Which was officialy named Anocratic empire.

Neo-Harmonism is a updated expansion of the old Equestrian Harmonism. Old Harmonism was based around absolute pacifism, peace (and by extension order) and promotion of it's six virtues. Those virtues being: magic, loyalty, generosity, kindness, laughter and honesty. Neo-Harmonism allows for some violence and expands on this by the following ideas:
  • Equal monoculture: acording to Neo-Harmonist philosophy, different cultures cannot peacefully co-exist long term along one another, as such should instead be assimilated into nation's primary culture.

  • Decelerationism: Change can be good but rapid change can have devastating short term and long term conseqences. Political reforms should happen gradualy and slowly. Technological progress is culturaly destructive must for the same reason be slown down. People should not be forced to adapt to technology, idealy technology should adapt to people.

  • Autarkist socialism: class warfare has no place in a harmonious society as such there should be no private bussinesss and means of production should be owned collectivly by workers. The economy itself should be planned in a decentralised manner, from bottom up, in order to maximize efficiency and avoid excessive bureaucracy.

  • Gerontocracy: The elders have the most experience and as such are the most suited for leadership. The oldest person should always lead the nation.

  • State atheism: It should be duty of the state to non violently root out any deity worshipers. Deities pose existential threat to any civilization and as such, should be ignored completly.

  • Colonialism: It is within the right of our people to settle distant land to spread our species and ideology. Using force if neccesary to achive this goal and to protect our settlements.

Tri-star Harmonism
Neo-Harmonism but isolationist instead of colonialist. 35.5% of the population identifies with this ideology.
Furry liberation
Furry liberation is a branch of Neo-Harmonism which belives that despite lack of sapience, animals are people too. Furries advocate for legal animal personhood and ban on hunting and fishing. 0.5% of the population identifies with this ideology
Equinelike supremacists
Equinelike supremacists belive in superiority of Ponies and kirins. They see slavery as a honorable duty and despise non medical drugs. They hate non medical drugs due to their bad experience with alcohol addiction. 1.5% of the population identifies with this ideology.
Ethical justice
A ideology that is strogly against slavery. It's also a cultured collectivist ideology which beliefs that being in sunlight is bad. It's a ideology which advocates for buying and emacipating slaves as well as adopting a noctural bookish lifestyle. This ideology has spikecore esthetic associated to it. "I have writing books for most of my life, and I have learned one main thing: Nature made no man a slave. I like to joke that this was my light-bulb moment." -Tropical Hay, one of the ponies who developed this ideology. 0.1% of the population identifies with this ideology.

The means of production are mostly colectivly owned by workers, with few being owned by goverment bodies. The national economy is decentraly planned by local worker councils, which actions are overseen by the central goverment. The central goverment doesn't get involved in the economy often, outside of inspections. People get goods for vounchers istead of traditional capital. The empire has a closed economy, meaning only the emperor and the imperial council can offer trade deals with someone outside the empire. Others need explicit permission.
Credits in Anocratic empire refers to a cashless currency that citizens in Anocratic empire are paid in electronicaly, for their work. Credits are used by citizens, through their ID cards, which also work as debit cards. Because of this, those who aren't members of Anocratic empire can't physicaly obtain it. This is why Acrab currency notes exist, to facilitate international trade.
Acrab currency notse. Which are imported from client state of Blahdstan. Each note is backed by 48.54ml of nutricious milk.
Citizens in low density areas are encouraged to use available soil to grow their own food. Having earth ponies in such a community is a bonus since you will have higher yield.
electricity sources

The nation central goverment(sometimes called Imperial goverment) is rulered by Emperor Bigpip with a council which helps him govern. The emperor hold both executive and legislative power, with the council having some of that legislative power. Citizens may vote on issues directly through petitions, petitions first go through local goverments before going to the central goverment. Council member are sometimes elected by citizens and sometimes appoited by the emperor. The goverment overall is a regionalized unitary state.
The goverment is structured like this: The lowest division is a commune, the representative of a commune is called a Communist. Above communes are towns and cities, representatives of those are called Mayors. Above those are regions, the representatives of regions are called Presidents. Above regions are goverment organizations. Presidents have an Administrator leading alongside them. Presidents and Administrators are elected by reverse voting; meaning that out of selected candidates, the one with the least votes is elected. Because ponies and gootraxians have stronger opinions about who is isn't good for a goverment position instead about one person being the best for a position.
The imperial council has the following position: Elder Farmer (1), Head Arbiter (1), Military overseer (1), High planner (7), high president (20).
While the goverment does allow immigration, you cannot leave once you immigrate here. You also have to be transformed into a gootraxian of your choice when immigrating here.

Ministry of loyalty
This organization does national censuses and handles migration of people. On top of also occasionaly producing propaganda.
Ministry of honesty
This organization is seperated into two departments. This is because its a organization dealing with goverment corruption and having just one depardment could lead to it's corruption and having the bureucrats corrupt in the organisation fighting corruption would be very bad.
Ministry of kindness
This organization administrates the empire's healthcare system as well as allocating enough resources for it.
Ministry of laughter
This organization administrates goverment owned entertainment and cultural facilities. Such as museums, parks, brothels etc.
Ministry of magic
This organization administrates goverment owned schools and handling of magicaly charged materials. As well as magic related research projects.
Ministry of generosity
This organization helps coordinate general resource allocation between regionaly elected planners. However this organization doesn't really have a say in allocation of resources, since that is mostly responsibility of regional and local planners.
The police
A decentralized organization which consists of localy elected law enforcement officers who come equiped with a shotgun and rubber pellets to enforce law and deal with destructive or violent trouble makers. However they do not fight with armed criminals. That is the military's job. Police officers wear purple to black gradient uniforms with a ribbon and a badge with a number a five didgete number on it. Police officers also have a special ID card containing a number matching that of their badge; in order to prove themselfs as officers of the law.
Ministry of defence
Ministry of defence is a institution that manages and organizes majority of military activity. As the name implies, this is the strictly internal defensive part of the military which defends civilians from threats in colony of Acrab and possible internal threats that could happen.
Ministry of warfare
Ministry of warfare is part of the military that handles exclusively potential external threat. They deploy troops beyond claimed territory and do well, warfare stuff. Unsuprisingly, this organization is made up of Equinelike supremacism, because if you the type of person to actually belive in Equinelike supremacism, then you would enlist in this organization.
Department of Health and Safety
They provide medical Assistance, hospital management, and test safety of products.
Department of Environment
They check local emissions and investigate practices that may harm local ecosystems. They also do agriculture related research.
Department of Utility
Administrates water, electricity and sewege facilities.
Department of Transportation
Administrates public transportation and regulates air space.
Department of Justice
Made up of multiple levels of courts of laws. There are also officials who elect juries and judges.
Department of colonial advancement
Department of colonial advancement recruits few secret agents with code names. To perform difficult quests on Acrab.
Commercial unit ministry
Institution which assigns value to different items. It controls productions of vauchers and foreign use bank notes. Regional governments can override this institution's decisions if there is a justified reason.

"Magic" itself is a higher state of energy which flows around the universe. Magical energy in it's raw form is refered to as a "background magic field". This field of magical energy can be tapped into by those who have the biological means to make use of it in one way or another. This higher form of energy can change into a lesser form of energy. (radiation, heat and electricity.) While background magic field is normaly constant, it can fluctuate as things interact with it.
Majority of sapient creatures can make use of magic. Magic for most is a passive thing that they can't influence, passive magic usualy gives one's body stronger then one's body is naturaly. For earth ponies this means that their body is physicly tougher and have agricultural benefits. For pegasi this means having ability to fly despite their wings being naturaly too small for flight.
Kirins and unicorns are the only races which can bend magic to their will, this is know as spellcasting. Spellcasting is the process of bending surrounding magical energy around one's horn and then releasing it to produce a desired effect. To one incapable of spellcasting, the process itself can be descriped as writing computer propts in your mind by pure intent and focus.
There is a aspect of magic beside passive body use and spellcasting, Enchanting.
Enchanting is applying a magical effect on a object. The most ideal objects for enchanting are gemstones and crystals, due to their microscopic crystaline structure which is capable of storing magical energy similar to a battery storing electric charge.
For example, the least difficult enchatment to create is making a gemstone glow, the spell itself needs little energy depending on the intesity of the glow and as such does it can fuel itself by natural surrounding magic.
Magical energy is measured in Thaums. One Thaum is equal to 40 watts.
Most ponies and kirins never learn many spells. Those that do specialize in a certain field of spellcasting.

Arcane mage: Arcane mages specialize in direct manipulation of raw magical energy, to move matter and energy at will.
They can cast: magic missile. A burst of magical bolts that can cause injuries.
Shadow. A spell that can enhance the body's performance at the cost of mental well being.
Blinka spell that teleport people few meters away.
Summon teleports objects towards the caster few meters away from them.
Teleport create a unstable portal that multiple people and objects can cross, the portal has a range of several kilometers.
Gateway Create a stable portal over very long distances. However only few Arcane mages will be able to learn the Gateway spell.

Fire mage: A magicical specialist in fire related spells
They can cast:
Inner fire a spell which slightly decreases need for hunger and rest. While it also increases natural healing factor and calms the mind.
Firebolt a single superheated magma that damages and can set the target on fire.
Fireclaw Creates a streaming tendrils of fire that rake destruction across the living, leaving destruction and fire in it's wake.
Fireball Throws a massive slow moving ball of fire. Wreaks havoc and creates a fiery explosion.
Firestorm calls forth a storm of tiny meteors on a small area. Most fire mages won't be able to learn Firestorm.

Ice mage: A magical specialist in water related spells
They can cast:
Soothing breeze Creates an auro around the caster which decreases pain and tiredness. While increasing conciousness.
Ice bolt Launches a bolt of ice specificaly created to shatter on impact into glass like shards. Causing damage and severe bleeding.
Frost ray a rabidly expanding ray of super cool particles that damage and freeze target(s).
Snowball Launches a massive ball of ice and snow. Blizzard Calls forth a storm of ice on a small area. Most ince mages won't be able to learn Blizzard.

Lightning mage: A magical specialist in lightning related spells
They can cast:
AMP Augmented magical power is a spell which drasticaly increases physical capacity at the cost of increased stress on the body.
Lightning bolt launches a lightning bolt to strike a single target.
Lightning cloud creates a electricity charged mist which damages and stuns those that walk into it.
Lightning storm creates a storm over a small area. Eye of the storm releases a ball of pure electrical energy which electrocutes everything in it's path. Most lightning mages won't be able to learn Eye of the storm.

Geomancer: A magical specialist in the realm of earth and natural order
They can cast:
Stoneskin Applies stoneskin to the target pawn. Each charge of stoneskin absorbs a single attack, regardless of how powerful, or weak, the attack is. Stoneskin is an unsubstantial defense, meaning the defensive measures it employs are not physical and will not interfere with the combat capabilities of its ward. Stoneskin requires a constant reserve of mana to maintain, each application will reduce the casters maximum magical energy that can be used. The caster can only maintain a limited number of stoneskin instances regardless of how much mana the caster has available. Applying stoneskin to a target that already has stoneskin will remove all charges of stoneskin on the target and dissipate the spell (returning magical energy reserves back to the caster).
Encase Encloses a target area in a ring of stone, effective at isolating sections of the battlefield.
Earthen hammer The geomancer manipulates the laws of gravity to catapult massive stones from the surrounding earth. The amount of gravitational energy reversed is finite; nearby surface stones require minimal energy while subterranean stones require significantly more. The first, and every third stone after, will always be subterranean unless there is insufficient gravitational energy in which case the geomancer will attempt to use the remaining energy throwing nearby stones. The extreme shift in gravity will temporarily disorient the geomancer.
Sentinel Creates a stone sentinel to defend an area. Sentinels will remain dormant until an enemy is within range, then they will break free of their stone prison to defend their terrain.
Meteor Collects rock, dust, and debris from the atmosphere and space and forms it into a meteorite. The geomancer directs its descent to bury a target location. Most geomancers won't be able to learn meteor.

Druid: A magical specialist in the realm of nature
They can cast Poison Conjures a fast acting toxin that works its way into the targets bloodstream. The more a target moves, the more lethal the poison becomes.
Beguile Animal Using mastery over nature, the druid can overwhelm the emotional state of animals. This ability is dual purposed - if the animal is in a calm state, it will incite the beast into a manhunter rage; if the animal is already enraged, it will pacify the beast.
Regenerate Regeneration acts as a natural curative over time and will restore even grievous wounds with continued application. Only cures physical injuries and will not remove scars or restore destroyed/removed body parts.
Regrowth create magical artifact which can be used with combination of madicine and potions in a surgical operation to regrow a body part. Most druits won't be able to learn Regrowth.

Priest: A magical specialist in healing who has rejected violence
They can cast:
Advanced Heal Invokes holy power to greatly heal the wounds of a target. Will immediately seal the bleeding of wounds from missing bodyparts and can heal up to three wounds.
Purify can cure scars, addictions and permanent ailments. If a priest succededs at healing a specific ailment depends highly on their skill.
Bestow might Blesses a single target with greatly increased physical power. Resurrection Restores the life of only a recently deceased person. This places an immense demand on the Priest and resurrected person and both will be weak for several days while their strength recovers. Resurrection comes at a price; the resurrected person will forfeit up to 35% of their skills and may develop detrimental health conditions. Most priests won't be able to learn resurrection.

Summoner: A magical specialist in conjuring creatures
They can cast:
Summon minion Summons minions to assist in daily tasks.
Summon defence pylon Summons and manifests magical energy to form an automated defense turret that is tethered to a physical location. The turret channels magical current into a focal point that emits bursts of raw energy. When the tether holding the turret to the physical world dissipates, the turret will harmlessly dissolve back into magical energy. If the turret is destroyed, this event can be more destructive.
Summon explosive Creates a mine out of compressed, raw magical energy and tethers it to a physical location. The mine will harmlessly dissolve if the tether runs out of energy that is holding the mine.
Summon elemental Calls forth a monstrous elemental from a plane of power to crush your foes. These beings will defend a location and immediately engage an enemy if one is nearby. However, if there are no enemies, they tend to get bored rather quickly and will wander from their summoned position. They will not do such menial tasks as "hauling" or "cleaning," as these are the jobs of lesser beings. Due to the power of the summoning, the elemental can only exist in this realm for a short time.
Summon poppi Summon a pack of vicious cute animals straight from the gates of insanity. This pack of animals are rabid and will eagerly tear into enemy formations, rapidly scratching through flesh of enemies.

Necromancer: A magical specialist in the real of death. Necromancers are historicaly considered untrustworthy,
They can cast:
Raise undead Raise undead from corpses. Only works on biological creatures that were once living. Undead will remain under the Necromancers control indefinitely. Necromancers can control as many skeleton as they can upkeep with their magical energy. Generaly this is 6 skeletons.
Death mark Mark a victim with a curse that causes their life to flash before their eyes. Cursed victims will lose focus and the will to fight.
Fog of Torment Conjures a fog of a green gas which causes severe pain and internal injuries to those that inhale it (Including the necromancer).
Consume Corpse Disintegrates a corpse to gain magical energy.
Corpse explosion Mixes magical energy with chemicals inside a corpse or undead to cause the body to explode after a short delay.

Enchanter: A magical specialist who focuses on enchanting
They can cast:
Enchated body Grows extra limbs to improve manipulation and increases fighting speed. This enchantment tends to make the enchanter look quite horrifying and can alarm other pawns. Costs a lot of magical energy.
Enchanted Aura Radiates a charming aura that disarms social barriers and improves social interaction and opinions. Costs a lot of energy and can't be used with Enachated body.
Transmute Transmutates one material into another material; some material will be consumed in the conversion process.
Enchanter's Stone Creates an artifact out of raw material and imbues it with magical properties. These artifacts need to be sustained, the average enchanter can only sustain a maximum of 5.
Enchant melee weapon Enchant a melee weapon equipped by a target person. Enchanted weapons gain elemental properties. Fire enchantment deals additional burn damage and may set the target on fire. Ice enchantment reduces the efficiency of the struck bodypart. Lightning enchantment may stun the enemy. Dark enchantment may blind the enemy. Enchanted weapons require an allotment of mana equal to the casting cost to sustain. The number of weapon enchantments is limited only by the enchanter energy capacity. Polymorph Temporaly transforms people in the target area into random beasts. The polymorphed creature will still retain enough of its original self to recognize, and be enraged by, its predicament.

Blood mage: A spooky mage who Combines blood and magical energy into a hybrid form of power used to perform blood magic. The use of blood sacrifice inflicts several deep cuts to allow ready access to blood and combines it with mana to generate an immediate amount of blood magic power. Blood mages can slowly generate blood magic power from open, bleeding wounds without the use of mana, and can also train to use fresh, exposed blood near them to fuel blood magic. A blood mage will slowly lose blood magic power when they are no longer bleeding.
They can cast:
Ignite blood Ignites and burns any exposed blood in an intense flash fire. Fire will continue to spread to nearby blood.
Blood for blood Curses a targets blood to heat and accelerate until it seeps from every pore of its victim. This curse has several affects. The blood that's expelled from the target becomes a mist that the caster absorbs as restorative energy and uses it to mend wounds and replenish blood reserves. This ability will slowly heal scars and other permanent injuries of the caster. The wounds and injuries of a target will also be healed as the blood exits their body. The target loses a portion of their blood each pulse and, like any wound, can result in incapacitation or death if they lose too much blood. The transfer and healing rate is increased for both caster and victim depending on how much the victim is bleeding.
Blood Shield Surrounds a target in a barrier formed from the blood energy of the caster. The energy from the shield will slowly regenerate the pawn it is protecting. Any damage done to the shield disperses some of this energy but also causes a burst of healing on the protected person. A portion of damage absorbed by the shield will be inflicted on the caster due to the blood link - this includes the gradual healing. As long as the blood mage supporting the shield has blood magic power, any returned damage will detract from this blood power, but if the blood mage is out of blood magic power, returned damage will cause physical harm to the blood mage. Blood mages cannot form a blood shield on themselves.
Rent Causes the victims blood to violently reject its host and erupt from multiple wounds, resulting in massive hemorrhaging. Suprisingly not as lethal as it sounds.
Blood moon Surrounds an area in blood magic, calling forth demons of rage and terror to prey on enemies within. Most blood mages aren't able to learn Blood moon.

Technomancer: technology magic synthesis. Which have 3 different subspecialities; weapon enhancement, technobit and turret.
technobit: The techno-bit is a small, autonomous orb that assists the technomancer in many tasks and provides the technomancer with additional support capabilities. The techno-bit assist can be toggled and will not perform any task while disabled.
turret: Deploys and establishes a neural link to the Mark-IV turret. The Mark-IV is remotely controlled by the caster. Rockets and mortars consume mana per shot.
weapon enhancement: The technomancer applies their knowledge of engineering and magic to create a modified version of an existing weapon. This weapon is molded out of raw mana and physically anchored to the technomancer as an extension of their body.
Because of this, the weapon will disintegrate if separated from the technomancer. This weapon will be automatically equipped by the technomancer once created. Weapon specialists also have access to modified ammunition and nano stimulants for improved combat capabilities. To create a techno weapon: target a weapon on the ground. Targeted weapon must be ranged, with an industrial or higher tech level, and use standard firing action.
Outside of these three specific abilities they can cast:
Nano stimulant An injection of nanites that temporarily enhances the combat capabilities of the user. This stimulant is specially synthesized by the technomancer for their own unique biological and genetic makeup. It isn't chemically addictive, but is harmful for any other pawn. the nanites are fueled by mana and energy within the body and will rapidly cause fatigue. When the nanites burn out, they will form platelets to cauterize and stop bleeding and even heal small wounds. Use of nano stimulants will accelerate any active disease or infection.
Techno shield Surrounds the target in a kinetic field that repels inbound projectiles. The kinetic shield is able to deflect projectiles depending on their kinetic energy, heavier projectiles are more difficult to deflect and will penetrate low powered shields. The amount of kinetic energy involved in a deflection is determined by the amount of damage that would be caused by the projectile.
Sabotage Sabotage overrides the targets mechanical failsafes, logic functions, and any other exploitable system within a small area. The effects of sabotage can range from reduced mechanical performance, temporary shutdown, self destruction, catastrophic failure and even loss of ability to determine friend from foe.
Overdrive Overdrive the targeted mechanical, electrical, or AI system with fabricated nanites that pushes the system beyond its limits. Overdrive will cause damage to the system periodically.

Golemancer: Golemancers prefer to weave their magic through powerful runes and sigils that are able to transfer purpose into an object. They can create runes that enhance basic mechanics, alter chemicals in biological matter, and animate mundane material into life-like, monstrous creatures. Golemancers are most effective when channeling their magic through symbols. Most golemancers tend to find rocks more interesting than people and have little concern for cleanliness.
Outside of these three specific abilities they can cast:
Rune Carving Rune carving is a magical art used to permanently instill magical power into an object. This process has long been performed to inscribe runes into equipment and weapons to bestow magical properties. The Golemancer uses a similar, but more delicate, process using runes to increase the efficacy of bodyparts. While only specific parts may be enhanced through rune carving, any variation of those parts can be enhanced.
Branding Branding is used to create a temporary, magical mark on a person that creates a link between the caster and the branded. Multiple brands may be placed on a single pawn as long as each brand is a different type. A caster may create as many brands as they wish, but each brand subtracts from the energy regeneration of the caster. Brands will become dormant if the caster runs out of magical energy. Brands are a unique type of spell, and each brand must be learned separately. Skill in branding affects all types of brands. There is five kinds of golemancer brands: Vitality, Emotion, Awareness, Fitness and protection. These magical brands can also be "surged" causing them to have much greated effect, at the cost of causing increasing level of pain to the golemancer surging the brands.

Imperial military
The average soldier is equiped with plated steel armor with few using armor with a exoskeleton. A ballistic firearm, usualy an assualt rifle. There are also Magical energy(lazer) weapons are used for targets that are bad at resisting heat. Our military also deploys
combat mages who are capable of combat applicable spells. Our airforce consists of airships that bombard enemy positions, large airships are used to transport supplies since they can land anywhere. They are slow, so trains and waterships are preferable. Our navy mostly consists of Linkdestroyers and Janpian corvets.
When it comes to the empire's military practices. The military focuses on minimizing casualties and defence. Which manifests itself in construction of walled cities, outposts and prefering not to use soldiers to resolve conflict, which is why the military has special forces that include trained animals and robots.
As an emergency measure. Military has contracted a research settlement on Acrab to provide it with a combat drug named Glitter. This mildly addictive drug boosts a soldier's work speed, sprinting speed and make them less tired.
The same research settlement has also developed new single use bio-weapon.

The military has also contracted a company from [nation] [/nation] to produce the new Manticore main battle tanks. Which the military currently has 100 of.
Current Army Personnel: 1210 thousand total, 1110 thousand active, 110 thousand reserve.
Current navy Personnel: 45 thousand total, 25 thousand active, 20 thousand reserve.
Enlistment age is 21.

Changeling genocide
Participants: Crystal duchy, Anocratic empire VS. Changeling hive
Context: Changelings are dangerous chapeshifting sapient insects who used to live in the north west of what is now the administrative division of crystal duchy in Anocratic empire. They were raiding Anocratic empire's ally as well as conducting acts of espionage and sabotage in both Crystal duchy and Anocratic empire at the time. So they posed a significant threat that was dealt with extensive bombardment of the entire territory changelings used to live in. Today the west are of Crystal duchy is a desolate are with little ponies living there.
Gootraxian civil war
Participants: Anocratic empire, South gootraxian tribes VS. North gootraxian tribes
Context: When Anocratic empire started to settle Fequm. They later came across gootraxian tribes with various levels of sapience. Most of the gootraxians wanted to eat the settlers from Anocratic empire. However some saw us as a hope and the tension that existed between gootraxian tribes sparked a civil war. The south tribes pledged vassalage in exchage for military support. The war was long but eventualy it was won.
Operation pathOwOgen
Participants: Anocratic empire VS. unknown human countries
Context: (Purged from records)
War of empires
Participants: Anocratic empire VS. Obsidian empire, Shattered empire
Context: The obsidian empire which harrased settlers has been dealt with using highly addictive drugs. A group of kirins flew in a airship offering settlements of obsidian empire these drugs. However due the high addictiveness of the drugs and severe withdrawal. The obsidian empire has decended into chaos. With those refusing to use the drugs flying to somewhere unknown. However there was a bigger threat looming. The shattered empire got into conflict with a newly build organ growing facility. This erupted into the shattered empire being driven out of the colony of Acrab for a long time until they returned recently with a neutral attitude. The war was mostly fought with small zeppelins.
Linkinvasion of Otoris
Participants: Anocratic empire VS. Kingdom of Hayees, Misercodia
Context: Invasion of Otoris was a offensive war fought by Anocratic empire against two states. Since the war was fought very far away on a different planet. The military personal send to fight was free to do what they wanted since there wasn't communication back to Anocratic empire. When the invasion of two states was over. Eighty thousand naval mines was deployed around the conqured islands. The soldiers established a temporaly military administration which ebslaved everyone on the islands. This war saw the biggest deployment of the Anocratic empire's navy ever.

When Emperor Bigpip hed enough energy to power portals to have the forces withdraw, he went to the three islands to give a speach. After he gave a speach, he was alerted by a pegasus that there is a humanoid running away from them into a forest. The humanoid was armed with a revolver, which he accidentaly shot himself with in the leg; while Emperor Bigpip was chasing him. Bigpip captured the male humanoid and took him to a military camp where he was tended. Bigpip used this opportunity to try a new potion which was developed. The humanoid was angry about it but in the end decided to stay on the islands all alone while everyone else left. 14300 were killed and 12373 were captured on the islands.
Invasion of Bronze sea
Participants: Ravena, Wakewood
Context: Invasion of Bronze sea is an armed conflict that took place very shortly after invasion of Otoris. In this war a fleet of six corvets was teleported with a prison ship and civilian sailing ships. However the military realized too late that they are being too agressive. Since they completely used up reserves of magical energy used to power teleportation devices and hed no way of sending the naval forces send home after scouting and occupying islands. Luckily there was a sympathetic human named Adam Price who was to the suprise of the imperial navy, familiar with magical energy and was eager to help.

The imperial navy with the help of Adam Price, who turned out to be a local famous hero. Managed to put togather a charged teleporter for the imperial ships. Adam Price used his fame with the navy's might to convince 6858 people that they will be better off going away with the navy. Once everything was prepared, Adam Price activated the device and navy's ships sailed through the oppened portal as fast as they could, hoping they would not immidiately die on the other side. The ships have arrived next to Commagene on Fequm sea, they each fell from 30 meters. Because the open portal was floating 30 meters above the Fequm sea. Everyone on and inside the ships was relieved that they managed to get to Anocrtatic empire safely. After the imperial fleet left, Adam Price looked where the portal closed, he wanted to go with them later but he hed a duty as a local hero. So he abandoned the the device used to open the portal. He sailed on his armored ketch to a naval base of the local authorities and got a contract to become a bounty hunter. Wearing enchanted iron armor with a backpack on top of it, he got to work... Adam Price later returned to the teleportation device that has been left on the island. Adam Price sailed there with his armored ketch with a new crew. Managing to charge the device again. The device opened a portal through which they sailed. They fired a cannon ball as they entered the portal. Resulting in the portal being closed as the back of the ship was cut off.
Invasion of USA
Participants: Anocratic empire, USA
Context: viewtopic.php?p=40438239#p40438239 viewtopic.php?p=40438579#p40438579 viewtopic.php?p=40440572#p40440572 viewtopic.php?p=40441509#p40441509 viewtopic.php?p=40444107#p40444107 viewtopic.php?p=40446896#p40446896 viewtopic.php?p=40452747#p40452747

Participants: Anocratic empire, Ore Res

The morning for Bigpip started like any other. He ate vegetarian breakfast after getting out of bed. Then he turned on the computer in his castle's computer room and logged in.
He saw an email from high ranking military officer titled "Gootraxian desserters" alarmed he read it.
"My Emperor i must inform you that the military occupation in has fallen and was conqured by another state. Our gootraxian soldiers have evacuated. However we have reports that 2000 assimilative gootraxians have used the portal gate to Earth before it ran out of energy. Why they weren't stopped, i don't know.
However we found an officer involved in this. He revealed the plans of those desserters. They plan to make a settlement in 'north Mexico' called 'The Latex lab' and use their assimilative ability to create a horde of obedient clones. After that they plan to a occupy part of mexico and settle a part of 'USA' close to 'Mexico'
Bigpip wrote a reply before checking less alarming sounding mail.
" Even more desserters? I will forward this information to the Imperial council. We will probably have to pass a legislation to make this more difficult to happen again. When you find more information. Please contact me again."
After this Bigpip visited his husband and gave him a kiss. He spread his wings and flew to the capital city which is next to his castle. It was slightly foggy. So pegasi must have been slacking of slightl. He entered a low stoneblock building where meetings of central goverment take place. He washed his hoofs in a water bowl next to the door with liquid. Then he greeted the secretary pony and told her to arrange a meeting with council members of the central goverment, regarding the military dessertion. She told him that she will do just that.
Bigpip nodded and turned to leave. He hoped there wasn't a bigger conspiracy at play, it would not be the first per say. Since in the early days of Anocratic empire, there was a lot of corruption among those in power. However corruption is minimal now due to anti corruption measures firmly in place. Such as the inside of goverment building having cameras installed to heavily discorage shady deals.
Bigpip flew back to his castle. Upon arrival, his husband Harmonious Percussion told him "Have you forgot about our marriage anniversaly love?"
"Ofcourse not love, i'm just not sure how to celebrate it."
"How about we get drunk on mushroom wine after a lavish dinner in a Fequm town?"
"I suppose that could work love. Let's go catch a train and travel to Fequm. First i will leave a note saying where we are going. In case somepony will be looking for me."
Bigpip with Harmonious Percussion left the castle and arrived at a trainstation. They got on a train heading the way towards the Fequm portal gate. The train was electricity powered locomotive with a stripe of royal purple going across it and the carts that it was pulling.
By night, they both arrived at the other side of the Fequm portal to celebrate their wedding anniversaly.
Bigpip with his husband arrived on Fequm and they traveled to Commagene region. Where they talked with some strangers to get an idea how things are on this part of Fequm. After having enough of socializing. The two of them exchanged luxury vouchers for bottles of mushroom wine at a restaurant as well as for a lavish gourmet meal. They both hed a good time and left drunk in great mood. When they recovered, they felt cold and snuggled next to a river.
"Did we go too far with the wine, Harmonious Percussion?"
"Not quite love, however it is getting cold and we have mud sticking to our coat. We should go."
A gootraxian fisherman covered in heated clothes saw them leaving. When Bigpip with Harmonious Percussion left and arrived at a park with public showers next to it. The two of them showered togather. After cleaning off the mud they dried off and slowly walked to the portal gate with messy coat and mane. They arrived at the morning exhausted. They waited long time in a waiting room with other ponies, who were sleeping untill the portal gate was to be opened again. The two of them decided to join them.
When the portal was finaly opened, they went through with their ID cards on display and trotted to catch a train. When they did, they eventualy arrived in the capital region of Imperial castle and arrived home where they combed their coat and mane...
A long time has passed and the 2000 assimilative gootraxians who have desserted, procceded as their leaked plans indicated. They created a horde which conqured north America (not Canada though, since the climate above USA is too cold.)
The gootraxian horde has faced fortified resistance from two states in USA and three independant cities. However when the gootraxian military leadership figured out how to create and deploy catapults, the entire USA was overrun by the gooey horde rather easily. Central America was almost abandoned, so after taking over fortified survivors in what could be considered the southernmost Mexico. The gootraxian horde build sailing ships to move to south America. The military leadership ordered two settler groups to travel to central America and exploit gemstones and other resources there.
On their way south. They assimilated a group of soldiers in west Cuba and sieged down Haiti with it's neighbor. They faced armed ships shooting down some of their sailing ships but it was not enough to stop them.
When the horde finaly sailed to south America they encountered three independant states with Korea occupying what could be considered most of Brasil. The korean forces were assimilated by the horde and their fortified cities soob followed along with one of the three independant states.
The gootraxian units tried to conqure what could be considered Colombia. However they failed even with trebuchets.
While this whole ordeal was happening. Egypt tried to do what Korea did and that was stopping the gootraxian spread in south America.
Meanwhile at the main base of operations, some may say the 'capital'. Spiritual buildings were being constructed and missionaries were send to throughout conqured USA to spread the word of Equine supremacy. Because even though though they were gootraxians, they wanted to make the ponies they desserted from proud. And wanted the conflicted transformed masses to belief in what they do. Despite the zombie like mind the masses have now.
Egyptian authorities send a diplomatic warning to the gootraxian authorities to stop terrorising the independant states on south America. To which they agreed and gootraxian horde with trebuchets and two generals was placed on the border of Egyptian forces.
The leadership was very agressive to expand because maintaning a horde of gootraxians is costly and needed supplies from human occupied cities to keep gootraxians on the frontlines fighting. Hearing about the egyptian forces in south America, they tried to find anygoo who wasn't conflicted. In order to figure out how to build cannons.
While the sapient leadership was a republican assembly. One high ranking gootraxian in the assembly, named Kyle Squid dog Kevinson, wanted to make goverment decisions himself. So he started plotting to establish an autocracy with him in charge. Which he thought would make the military goverment more efficient.
Some after this, an egyptian soldier named Sekani was defending a fortified city.
"The abominable Furries are crossing the border, all prepare for combat." his superior said. Sekani quickly ate some bread with jam and berries. He walked up the stairs of a wall build around the city. He could see the gootraxian horde move in tight groups and try to surround the city. Their tight grouping made them easy to hit but there was too many of them. To Sekani's horror, the gootraxian tried to clime the wall. The parts of the city that didn't have an outer wall started to be damaged by fire as the horde set fire to buildings as they were advancing. Sekani found himself fighting off gootraxians climbing the wall. He managed to keep this up for hours but eventualy, gootraxians started running across the city. He saw his superior being killed and a white gootraxian with tentacles sprouting from it's back, it was going up the stair. Sekani knew his life was over, so he surrender while praying to Sekani. He felt goopy paws and tentacles grab him, then he felt mild pain as teeth started penetrate his skin. The monster started to inject it's substance from it's claws into Sekani' bloodstream. His pupils became white and his sclera black. His whole took on white color as the gootraxian substance spread from the wound. Later, he grew canine ears and tail, he developed a carnivorous teeth as well. Lastly tentacles started growing out of his back, once they grew to their full size, paw pads formed on the tips. This whole transformation took a day during which he was paralized. His mind felt conflicted. He was still intact mentaly but his now strong insticts were difficult to ignore. The gootraxian that did this to him returned saying "W-welcome t-to the ho-orde. Enjoy your new life. Get up and come with me, we have humans to transfur." Sekani mind told him no but his insticts wanted to go with the rest. Regardless, the gootraxian took him and carried him away.
Invasion of Holy Coalition of New Antarctica Written in first person
Our new enemy has clearly not learned from our previous enemy, the Pony containment front. Being the cowards they are, they have decided to make a hospital at the edge of a Acrab city, their target. They broke into the hospital moderately equipped. Triggering a military responce immidiatly. Luckaly for our forces, they hed trouble penetrating the armor of professional soldiers. However they hed a big numbers advantage, which forced soldiers in reserve to shell the hospital with enemy forces. By that point, all civilians were evacuated but that also ment that no enemies could be taken prisoner and a substancial amount of resources hed to be spend to fully repair the hospital after the attack.
Now i was defending a small military base. The alarm rang as we were ordered to move to the base's only entrance. 10 soldiers in black uniforms came into the entrace and manage to shoot 8 of my comrades dead but to the suprise of the others working in the base. That was it. They only send 10 people after a lot of them got destroyed in that hospital. I was feeling tired from fighting, even if it was very short because i was injured. So i was send to infirmary to rest. So i did. I closed my eyes and rested confortably in the hospital bed while i was being treated.

Long time later...
I woke up in a seat of a truck. with four other gootraxian soldiers with me. While three other same trucks moved with us towards our battlefield. I blinked my eyes, disoriented from the sudden jolt I felt when I woke up. As my surroundings came into focus, I realized that I was seated in the back of an truck, a formidable vehicle imported by the central goverment from Nachmere. With its sturdy exterior, it provided us with the protection we needed in times of conflict.
Glancing around, I noticed my fellow soldiers, their expressions a mix of determination and alertness. The gravity of the situation hung heavily in the air, but we all shared the unspoken understanding that we had a duty to fulfill.
As the truck rumbled forward, I clenched my fists, the adrenaline coursing through my veins. The engine's roar filled my ears, drowning out any other sounds, amplifying the tension within me. I stole a quick glance outside, only to see three more moose trucks trailing behind us, their military insignias glinting in the sunlight.
We were all part of a coordinated assault team, strategically positioned for a joint attack on an enemy stronghold. The stakes were high, and success was imperative. Each truck carried within it a squad of highly trained Gootraxian soldiers, each with their unique skills and expertise. We were a force to be reckoned with.
As we advanced, the landscape transformed into a war-torn battleground—a bleak reminder of the conflicts that had plagued our world. The destruction and chaos weighed heavily on my mind, but I knew I couldn't let it distract me from the mission at hand. I focused my attention on the task ahead, mentally preparing myself for what lay ahead.
The radio crackled to life, the voice of our commanding officer filling the cabin. His voice was steady, radiating confidence and guidance. He reminded us of our objective, emphasizing the importance of coordination and unity. We listened intently, absorbing his words and drawing strength from his unwavering resolve.
In that moment, a profound sense of camaraderie enveloped our small group within the truck. Though we came from different backgrounds and had varying experiences, we were bound together by our shared purpose. We were soldiers, ready to fight for our people, for our home.
As the convoy of moose trucks continued its steady advance, I felt a strange mix of anxiety and anticipation. The battlefield awaited us, promising unknown challenges and perhaps even dire consequences. But I pushed those thoughts aside, focusing on the belief that our training, our determination, and our unity would see us through.
With a surge of adrenaline, I tightened my grip on my weapon, the familiar weight providing a sense of reassurance. I exchanged glances with my fellow soldiers, the unspoken bond between us fueling our determination. Together, we would face whatever awaited us on the battlefield and fight until the very end.
As the armored moose 640 truck trudged forward alongside its companions, my heart pounded with a potent mixture of fear and bravery. The time for action had arrived, and we couldn't afford to hold back. I took a deep breath, steeling myself for the unknown, ready to unleash the full force of my Gootraxian spirit upon the battlefield that awaited us.
Suddenly i heard a an explosion and saw the front of our truck being destroyed. "Ambush!" yelled the driver. We officialy entered hostile territory in Holy Coalition of New Antarctica. I Opened the truck's door. I grabbed my rifle, with magazines containing syringes filled with assimilative goo. I was wearing my expensive improved Combined Tactical Vest. I see border control units from Ore res. They were shooting at us, so i shot back with my rifle. Those shot were paralized. they were lucky, because my comrades in the truck hed conventional firearms. We fought and i lost two comrades, the one driving and one who was a marksman. As we fought. An airship flew by to pick us up. A nearby trucked arrived to transport away the bagged supplies that our truck carried before it's engine was destroyed. Me with my comrade have escaped by an airship to a small port. Which we were suppose to take over and were given a medic bag and an ammo bag. We both hed the same expensive armor and managed to take it over. Even if only temporaly. I counted and can confirm that i paralized 259 enemies. However by the end of this mission they must have been transformed. I have no idea what happened to them after they were transfured, my guess is that they were left to die...
Three of us are send to a ammunition factory. Our objective is to take it over. I arrived with two other gootraxian soldiers assigned to the mission. We arrive and there was a light security to take care of. They weren't a problem. The problem was that we hed to fight off the units of units of Ore res's border control. The battle was tougher then last time. I lost all the comrades assigned to me on this mission. At least i manage to finish the rest of the mission solo without being captured or killed. I turned on the radio to inform my commander about my success and that there are paralized enemies mid transfurmation that need to be transported. It was supidly cold, even with a heated uniform that was under my armor. I was also almost out of syringes for my rifle. I was told by my commander that i support is on the way. Apparently i will be taking a train to my next destination, when someone who can drive a locomotive arrives to help me on the next assignment. I patroled for a little before going inside to get much needed heat...
Later we traveled by train to a town and found a building of strategic importance. So me, with other gootraxian soldiers have started destroying it. Ofcourse such action could not go unnoticed and we hed border control officers after us. We manage to hold ground inside the mostly destroyed building. The battle lasted so long that i ran out of syringes to shoot. However we still hed officers coming after us so we ran back towards the train that we arrived by. Running with heavy armor in freezing cold outside was awful but it was what we hed to do. I arrived in the train alive with everyone else but someone may have a scar after this ordeal. I was expecting our enemy to try to take out the train but we managed to get back to the ammunition factory that was captured earlier. We resupplied and chatted. Our higher up has decided that since there are wounded and paralized enemy units. They would be taken to a local hospital. So it was decided that we will travel a shorter distance by train. Locate a manhole of the town sewer system and try to sneak inside the local hospital...
We manage to sneek inside the hospital but people weren't blind and raised the alarm. I yelled at everyone to get on the ground. Most complied with few running away. We quickly searched the hospital and found where they were keeping the people undergoing transfurmation. We found them physicaly almost fully transfured but there were few who weren't paralized anymore and tried to attack us out of confusion. My armored comrade was knocked over so i went to help him. Only to also be knocked over by goopy paws. We hed to move fast as hostile forces came into the hospital. The resulting gunfire of our clash causing a lot of civilians to get cought in crossfire. The battle was long as we were carrying paralized bodies out of the hospital into the sewer. I ran out of ammo after paralizing 275 more enemy units. Our armor was still holding up but we were exhausted. The assaults of Ore res's border control, did stop. Giving us enough time to move through the stinking sewer system towards the train...
After this things were quite unexciting. I was send to regroup with other professional soldiers and start capturing more economicaly useful territory in Holy Coalition of New Antarctica. The cold here is brutal but survivable with heated clothes. I continued doing my job, using my rifle with goo filled syringes. After were were exhausted from combat. We hid inside a big heated building and chatted. We hed gourment carnivore rations with horison rosemary spice. I could over hear my comrades questioning why we went to fight on this frozen wasteland and i have to agree. The best answer we got so far was that it's for spreading gootraxians and to get favours from foreigners who are sympathethic towards us. To me this doesn't seem worth it since the terrain and climate is so awful. I hope we get to go home soon. It's really damm cold outside and getting whicles here and out is difficult. We also have medics taking care of the captured people who got transfured. They administered them a inteliboost serum each. They are recovering but will need psychological care and some education before they can be integrated into Anocratic empire.
After all the transfurs were taken care of, i felt tired. The medics decided that since took care of the newly transfured. They will do medical medical tests on me and others. In my case, they just wanted to quickly draw my latex to check for abnormalities. A medic applied a small amount of desinfectant and i feld a little sting of a needle. The filled syringe was withdrawn. "You are good to go Percy. You are doing good work out there." said the medic petting my shoulder. I walked out of the improvised hospital part of the building. And went back to chatting with my comrades who were hanging out next to heaters. We found out that the micro nation we just took over hed weird name "West104 sounds more like a regional designation then a state name." I say "I agree with you Percy, probably thats why those units who identified as working for Ore res defended this place instead of someone else." Said one of my comrades. A higher ranking soldier has walked up to our group saying "I need to tell you that our commanding officers have decided that we need to do a careful retreat." I hed a annoyed expression saying "Ah, that means we will have to travel in the freezing cold again. We aren't in position to argue. It's probably for the better, no more fighting in this frozen wasteland."
The retreat took a while but we haven't encountered any hostile forces on the way back. Thankfuly because we were quite exposed. We traveled towards the ocean where The teleportation back took place. Which was the reason we needed to retreat. There was no way to contact high command back home, so they imposed a deadline for a successful occupation. Since we didn't successfuly occupy the whole region. We need to get back where we were teleported originaly, when the costly to run teleportation device home is activated. In the end i got home with the rest of my comrades. We hed minimal casualties but that was expected. At least i got to shoot 1255 humans with assimilative goo. I also overheard that moral guides of Ignoble-harmonism will be send there to try to recruit some people to join us.

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Ponies and kirins
Military uniforms have a purple color. They are usualy made of animal leather that has been painted. Military uniforms have a serial number over the person's cutie mark. However not many use them, since they are unconfortable to wear over coat (natural fur) with an armor on top of it. A soldier's rank is indicated by a leg band.
All gootraxians wear this heated uniform with a serial number printed on the uniform's back. It contains electric heating pads that keep the soldier alive during low temperatures. A soldier's rank is indicated by an additional arm band.

LinkDragon handlers special force consisting of 8 red dragons and 9 heavily armed handlers. Red dragons have strong immune system, can move slightly faster then a human and it's scales can block or mitigate a lot of incoming projectiles and blunt force. Dragons are 3 times bigger then a human and on top of being resiliant to damage, their bodies can withstand up to 25 times the damage that a human would. Each member of this special force is issued with an assault rifle of good, excelent or masterwork quality as well as an exoskeleton armor of normal, good or excelent quality. 3 of these dragon handlers with there dragons are deployed in the desert city on Acrab.

LinkMechathrumbos special force consists of five Linkmechathrumbos which are giant robots which were recovered from an abandoned laboratory on Acrab. They have cannons on their backs which while slow, fire devastating high yield shells. They aren't as resistant as dragons are. They are ten times bigger then a human. Their main disadvantage is that they need to be in range of an antena, to recieve instructions.

Medals for years of service are made of jade. Star of valor, made of painted volcanic glass and is given for exceptional performance on the battlefield. Star of a protector, made of plasteel and painted with some white paint, tts given out to soldiers who have 50 or more confirmed kills. Malachite of the maimed is given to soldiers who have been maimed in combat.
Forging these medals is considered a crime.

A pupular powerful battle rifle which fires 30-06 rounds automaticaly, though it is slow with firerate of 180 rounds per minute. It has a magazine size of 20. The firearm has good penetration depth. Furry30-06 has a stubby grip and muzzle break, as well a flashligh mounted on it's right side. It has a unique double heart shaped ironsigh to help with aiming. It's good for medium and long range. It comes manufactured with a zebra pattern of the same royal purple color as the imperial flag. 9301 units have been produced so far.
A unpopular assault rifle. It has the same iron sight as Furry30-06. It is slightly less heavy then Furry30-06. It has worse penetration then Furry30-06 and Delta thumper. Slightly better muzzle velocity then Furry30-06. Has a lever to switch between auto and semi fire mode. It is manufactured with a squad barrel, vertical grip and green laser. It fires 5.56x45mm bullets with magazine size of 30 rounds and fire rate of 625 rounds per minute. 1343 units have been manufactured so far.
Colt LMG
A light machine gun which fires 7.62x39mm bullets with a magazine capacity of 40 rounds and fire rate of 700 per minute. It is OK in it's lethality. It has the same iron sight as the Furry-L and Furry30-06. It comes attached with a T-brake, pistol grip and blue lazer. Slightly better penetration then Furry-L. It comes manufatured in a purple pattern. 1343 units have been manufactured so far. Despite it's name, the weapon is not used by the underaged.
Furry 50
An anti machine rifle which fires .416 barrett bullets. It can only load one bullet at a time, so it must be reloaded after every shot. Has very good penetration depth. It has the same weight as Furry-L as well as the same iron sight. It also comes attached with a generic heavy suppresor and skeleton grip. It doesn't have a stock, since such a weapon doesn't need it. It comes manufatured in a black-cyan pattern. 2000 units have been manufactured so far.
LinkDraconic design
The Draconic design is a magical inciendary assault rifle which fires at a rate of 750 projectiles per minute. It has a effective range of 27 meters. It is loaded with with a cartrige containing a magicaly charged quartz. The magical energy contained in the quartz is then fed into a converter, which ejects it as unfocused beam which is then focused by lenses inside the weapon. One of these fully charged cartriges is enough to fire 40 inciendary projectiles. This weapon is good in situations where an enemy is more protected against bullets then heat.
The MSMG is a magical lazer submachine gun which fires at a rate of 900 short beams per minute. It has a effective range of 23 meters. It is loaded with with a cartrige containing a magicaly charged quartz. The magical energy contained in the quartz is then fed into a converter, which ejects it as unfocused beam which is then focused by lenses inside the weapon. One of these fully charged cartriges is enough to fire 50 beams. This weapon is good in situations where an enemy is more protected against bullets then heat.

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Calender: Twelve months, all twenty-eight days. Three hundred and thirty-six days a year. Days are called: Redday, Orangeday, Yellowday, Greenday, Cyanday, Blueday, Violetday.
One thing that may be suprising is that ponies in Anocratic empire don't drink what many would consider "normal wine" Ponies drink wine made from fermented mushrooms. There is the home made wine with yellow color and earthly flavour made in the mainland and in Fequm and there is also "Shimmer wine." Which is wine made by fermenting specific mushrooms from east islands on Acrab. Those three specific mushrooms are called Gleamcap, Glowbulb and Shimmershroom.
A popular drink in Anocratic empire is star dragon punch, sometimes called prismatic punch. Which is a combination of star fruit juice and dragon fruit juice. Another one, popular among bat-ponies is mango juice.

People in Anocratic empire use equine terms when refering to parts of the body. So some things end up being horse puns.

Some political terms are used differently. An "egalitarian" is someone who is very difficult to convert, sees apostasy as abhorent, never prosetilizes and sees slavery as horrible. A "transhumanist" is someone who yearns for robotic bodyparts. Being "religious" means worshipping a deity. A "republican" is someone who advocates for a rule of three people. A "nationalist" is a extremist who wants to streghten national unity by having commisars executing 'undesirables'. An "individualist" is someone who likes being surrounded by people with different ideology. "Corporatism" is any ideology that favors capitalism.

The anocratic empire does not have a taboo on public nudity. Majority only wears clothes when the conditions aren't favourable. However it is possible to encounter few ponies who wear jewery or specific clothes to appear more socialy likable.
The national sport is buckball which comes with the following rules: the game is played between two teams, each consisting of an earth pony, a pegasus, and a unicorn; the earth pony (offense) bucks the ball into a basket held by their unicorn (catcher), while the pegasus (defense) blocks the opponents' basket and passes the ball to their earth pony. It also mixes in the opening face-off of basketball and full contact with the ball with any part of the pony's body like football/soccer. First team to score six goals wins.
In terms of customs there is few that you need to know, they are: Don't eat a meal without a table, unless you have to. Take off your shoes when entering a building, if you don't wear shoes then wash your hoofs or feet after entering. Respect elders. It is expected to work somewhat diligently. Follow the virtues of Harmony to the best of your ability. Don't touch people without their consent (there are exceptions). Don't be sexist. Don't do crime.
The last two are enforced by law. The those before them just make people dissapointed in you.
Most building in Bigpipstan have renesance and constructivist style, with majority of low buildings being build of stone blocks while materials such as concreate are reserved for taller constructions such as apartment buildings. The average town is designed in a circular shape with with residential buildings being on the edge and everything else being in the center. This way everything in the town is within walking distance.

Majority of people get around by trains. Trains in Anocratic empire run only on electricity. The railway network is extensive and you can travel to a lot of places by just switching trains at train stops. Train transportation is free for everyone, operation is covered by local administration and is overseen by ministry of transportation.
The mainland makes use of hydrogen filled zeppelins. These zeppelins are used only for transport of cargo. More commonly used are thermal airships, which are mostly used to transport cargo but not exclusively.
Since the empire is spread across three planets, the use of magicaly powered teleporters. Teleporters are gates that consume a lot of magical energy to connect two points in space and time. Due to their high energy consumption, they can only be opened temporaly to let people and cargo through. Teleportation gates are normaly guarded by eight soldiers or police officers, because their security is crucial. There is few of these connecting the mainland to Fequm and Acrab.
While there is no wide spread use of automobiles, there are steam powered ambulances, steam police whicles and chemfuel powered military trucks. This is due to not having access to crude oil deposits, since the eviroment the empire is in, did not allow for any significant formation of oil deposits.

Due to pressure from enemy forces and to a degree, also from the general public the government has been in recent times investing resources into developing new whicles which are biofuel powered, as opposed to old steam powered whichles. This resulted in two new prototypes. Those being:
The Albatross, an aircraft capable of carrying up to 7 passenger. It can perform bombing runs do to it's good speed and fuel efficiency. Combined with fuel capacity of 1600L and normal combat accuracy. On top of serving as a military whicle, it is also capable of transporting up to 2200kg of goods with an internal electricity generator.

Another combat vehicle being the Manticore. Which is a 6500kg main battle tank consuming biofuel and can fit a crew of 4. It has additional composite armor installed on it. It's turret can be useful against infantry.

The Anocratic empire has also developed a new transport truck to deliver soldiers and supplies where they are needed to be transported by land, with no train available.

Warship designed for coastal bombardment. Can fire 12 explosives at once and can move rather quickly. Capable of taking reasonable damage without sinking. Four of these were manufactured so far in Acrab.

Laser cutting vehicle which carries two magical lasers, powered by magical energy. It is used for mining tough rock.

Alien animals living in the Anocratic empire
Aurum weavers
Aurum weavers are artificialy created spiders the size of a bear. Produces beautiful golden yellow silk,its thick chitinous armor makes it hard to kill, whilst it’s sharp mandibles allow it to rip enemies into pieces. They do not appear in the wild and can not reproduce. The silk itself is a very delicate fabric that seems to shine due to the unique way it reflects light rays. It’s very flammable and provides little protection, but its beauty makes it extremely valuable. They have a lifespan of 3 years. They produce 500 grams of silk every 3-4 days.
Hydra is a serpentine water monster, the hydra possesses virulently poisonous breath and blood, and impressive regenerative capabilities. They are solitary predators that live in very cold areas. They generaly do not hunt sapient creatures.
The Manticore is a monstrous hybrid with leonine-humanoid head, the body of a lion and a scorpion tail of venomous spines similar to porcupine quills. It has non-functional chiropteran wings. The manticore is a fierce predator, capable of stalking its prey and attack from range.
The xiezhi is usually is a a cross between a lion and a goat, with a single horn on its forehead. It's body is mostly green with a blue tail and blue goat beard. It has orange and blue mane and the area around it's maw is orange. They live on Acrab and hunt humans and other predators.
A small, floating gelatinous creature. Propelled by the hydrogen it collects from water and various plant matter, these squishy creatures wander the lands, aimlessly bouncing off objects in their path. Aerofleets are genderless, and reproduce by strobilation, a form of asexual reproduction. Aerofleets slowly produce a thick, gelatinous substance known as Blue Gel.
Oily bee

Oily bees are coated in a thich layer of fuel, which they produce constantly. Their combs are also saturated with fuel, which can be easily canned and used as Chemfuel. They'll need a stockpile with a little bit of chemical fuel nearby to start refining its compounds, though. Safe temperature range 0-30°C. Honey comb production time: 48 hours. 12 liters of fuel produced by a Oily bee hive every two Acrab days in optimal conditions. They also produce dense beeswax and honey. (I would not eat the honey.)
A large, unique, aquatic creature with a knobbly head with a fleshy crest on its head, two enormous light gray eyes, and an indented jaw filled with sharp teeth. It has a trout body with eight enormous catfish-like fins, a small dorsal fin and a thick tail. The Flecransa's body is covered in rock-like skin, and delicate scales. It is mostly deep blue, with ochre sections and tan highlights, while the rest of its body is dark purple with black swirls. It is native to the sea of Fequm.
Average Height: 6 feet / 1.8 meters
Average Lifespan: 2 years
Maturity: 8 months
Breeding age: 6 weeks
No. of young: 1 egg every 2 months
Population: Almost extinct
A massive, unique, aquatic creature with a triangular head, six enormous cream eyes, and a long proboscis.
It has a shark body with six large catfish-like fins, an elongated dorsal fin and a thick tail. The Tricalen's body is covered in rock-like skin. It is light gray and mottled light blue on one half, and salmon pink dark green on the other; the two areas are separated by a thin, pastel pink line. Meanwhile, its face is vivid green. It's native to sea of Fequm and exclusively eats water plants.
Average Height: 38 feet / 11.6 meters
Average Lifespan: 5 weeks
Maturity: 23 days
Breeding age: 29 days
No. of young: 65 eggs every week
Population: Excessive
A rather plump volatile aquatic creature with glowing fluid filled body. LinkIt looks like this
Average Lifespan: 1 year
Maturity: 6 months
Breeding age: 4 months
No. of young: 221 eggs every 5 months
Population: Numerous
Giant spiked amoeba
this strange creature is a huge unicellular organism genetically modified to serve as a biological cleaning machine. Acanthamoebas will happily feed on most types of non-metallic trash, engorging themselves in the process.\n\nAfter a certain amount of feedings, Acanthamoebas will increase in size and, after reaching a threshold, they will split into two different individuals. How this rare creature came to be is unknown.
Atlas crab
A large crab which uses a boulder for a shell. These massive crabs have incredible strength and are commonly seen carrying big boulders that would normally crush living things and machinery alike. These rare crabs are vegetarian and are capable of living for multiple centuries. For comparison these massive crabs are four time bigger then ponies.
An ideal pack beast that carries more weight than their body mass would usually allow. While they are mammals, Gigantelopes have pneumatized bones, meaning they have hollow spaces within them: pneumatized bones are strong, dense and sturdy without being heavy. The gigantelope has a variable carrying capacity, set by their genome at birth.
Animus vox
The LinkAnimus Vox is a small canine with limited telepathic abilities. Like all canines, it is quite intelligent for an animal. It will however quickly bond with human beings and reach with its mind to make happy everyone that treats it well. They are alien hybrids between foxes and wolfs. They are exlusive to Acrab
Unusual plants growing in the Anocratic empire
Paracyte thornbush
The paracyte thornbush is a plant that absorbs magical energy through a process of magical transpiration and collects it into a chrysalis. As the plant matures, the chrysalis hardens into crystal which can be harvested. The rest of the plant consists of almost glass-like thorns and rigid stems.
Paracyte is difficult to grow and only skilled herbalists are able to plant and harvest it safely, but for all it's difficulties, it has a delicate beauty and gives off an ethereal glow that reflects light along its crystalline edges. These do not grow naturaly in the wild.

A slow-growing plant which is used as a herbal medicine after harvest. Sowing and harvesting healroot are both very labor-intensive tasks because of its delicate roots. Xerigium was selectively bred for centuries by settlers. Xerigium also contains small amount of precurser chemicals for many medical and recreational drugs.

A mutagen-infused plant that sprouts odd blue bulbs. Used togather with precurser drug chemicals to synthesize cure of loosing sapience. Unlike other plants, it only grows in 0-15 degrees C

A mutagen-infused plant that sprouts odd orange bulbs. Used to make assimilative goo.

Gauranlen tree
A large, distinctive-looking tree with a unique life-cycle. Each Gauranlen tree contains a small non-conscious animal queen. The queen births animals called dryads which guard and tend the tree. In exchange, the tree nurtures its protectors by feeding them directly. From the outside, it appears the dryads are created by the tree directly and act as part of it. It is possible for a person to form a connection with a Gauranlen tree and partially control the dryads it produces. This tree grows very fast fasts and to remain healthy, it needs a lot of prunning. The tree is classified as beeing near extinction.

Horizon Rosemary
An endangered plant which has blueish leafs. This is because it has evolved cells that interact with background magic field. This can be used as a condiment for gourmed meals. This might be why it is endangered. When consuned in a cooked meal, it provides a slight temporaly boost to skin's resistance to blunt force and tearing. Why it evolved this trait is unknown but it's not helping it's survivability. As it's name implies, it shares many aspects with Salvia rosmarinus. When eaten, Horizon Rosemary has a spicy taste. It naturaly grows on Fequm. It has been discovered and documented by a gootraxian named Noob Marshall.
A mushroom with an unfortunate name. It's named like that because it acts as a potent aphrodisiac. This mushroom is native to Fequm. It used to be cultivated to make hormone drugs for gender transitioning. However this was costly in terms of time and labor and hed health side effects; so this method became obsolite once a organ growing facility became operational on Acrab. Humpshrooms now are instead used to make a drug that support sperm production. However this is still costly process due to the amount of humpshrooms needed for chemical extraction.
Humpshroom can't tolerate direct sunlight, so it can't be grown outside or in greenhouses. It demands a temperature between 0° to 58° celsius, otherwise it won't grow as fast as normal and starts dieing.
A sour purple mushroom that grows in dark places. It acts as a natural halucigen. It has gills on hymenium, it's cap is umbonate, it's stipe is bare. It's native to coasts of Fequm.


This only covers inventions not found in real life. Ordered from oldest to newest.

While cloning does exist on Earth to a extent, scientists in Anocratic empire have developed this technology further. Imperial cloning allows artificialy creating fully grown creatures (not mentaly, just biologically) using DNA samples from individuals. This technology has been approved for small scale reproductive cloning and has seen approval by the majority of population as well. This technology has potencial to increase the number of desirable traits in the gene pool(exeptional hand-eye coordination,strong back, faster then usual learning, etc.), while potentialy slightly reducing undesirable traits in the gene pool (psychopathy, sociopathy, inheritable illnesses, etc.) Ilustration of the first clone created:
This technology however has been frowned opon by the general public and because of this, has been discontinued until futher notice. Nowdays it is only used to grow natural organs.

Biome crystal extraction and biome crystal teleporter
We have created a magic extraction device, that can extract large amounts of ambient magical energy and store those large amounts of magical energy into biome crystals for further use. These charged crystals have to be used quite quickly since the large amount stored in the crystals slowly discharges.

We also created a teleportation device that runs on these biome crystals. The teleportation device can sustain up to two portal gates at once, depending on the energy provided. The device itself is imprecise and needs calibration, which can take up to 15 days.

Assimilative goo synthesize
Technology of gootraxian implants that synthesize assimilative version of their substance from internal chemical reactors for use in assimilative attacks. Simply fangs and claws capable of injecting assimilative goo into the target. Some gootraxians allready have this, but we have a issue where we generaly only want this ability only for selected gootraxians serving in the military, so we can remove the natural ones and install implants into gootraxians who we want to be able to assimilate.

High calibre autonomous turrets
Autonomous turrets are stationary weapon turrets which have an electronic system pulling the trigger when reccognizing a threat. When active, it will turn around and when it sees a face and and movement, it will fire on it's own. These systems come with a safety feature that allows remote forbidding of fire but not remote control of the turret turning. These turrets are often not that accurate and can cause friendly fire at longer ranges. They come in two designs. Autocannon turret: A heavy automatic turret. Its large-caliber shells do heavy damage over significant ranges, but its barrel must be refurbished after use. It cannot fire at close-up targets, and may explode when damaged. Uranium slug turret: An armor-piercing turret. Its ultra-dense uranium shells can punch through heavy armor, but it requires new uranium slugs to be loaded after use. It's more accurate at longer ranges, and can't fire at all close up. May explode when damaged.
<- Uranium slug turret
Gourmet rations
A culinary work of art, characterized by refined, even elaborate preparation and presentation of an aesthetically balanced, albeit low quantity meal. Preserved for use by military personal. You may be asking if this is really an invention. To which i ask "Have you ever heard a soldier say that their rations taste good?" These tasty rations are very far from becoming the norm but once they start getting at least a little more common, it will make ponies and gootraxians glad to serve in the military.
Advanced magical batteries
Advanced magical batteries are more sophisticated way of storing a lot magical energy then more easier to construct gemstone batteries. They are based on iridium and berkelium. Since it was discovered that these two elements interact with the background magic field. However while they are more efficient (Able to store ten times more thaums then gemstone batteries of the same size) they are much more costly and don't last long since the radioactive berkelium decays with time. These batteries are used to power temporaly portals, which are used to send messages to other nationstates. These batteries are heavy and difficult to transform do to being made mostly of iridium. From the outside they have appearence of grey cylinders with a indicator of how much magical energy is stored in them. However these indicators are somewhat inaccurate do to being affected by background magic field.

In terms of education, the literacy rate is 99.8%. Elementary (basic school) is compulsory and consists of a 9 year study. The education system does not use grades. Homeschooling isn't that uncommon but wast majority of people do still learn at school. Teachers try their best to cultivate in learning collaboration, content and choice. Instead of promoting competition through grades and rewards. Teachers encourage studends to help each other in learning and work collaboratively. Teachers also try to make the content of schools relatable to their real lifes. Teachers don't allways have assignmens pre planned. Instead they give students choice in how they want to approach learning a topic in a way that makes them care about studying. Which means that teachers loose some control but gives students independence and space to be curious.
The most well known school on the empire's mainland is the Alpha school.
There is also an Linkold abandoned space station orbiting Equus. Which was used for research and failed attempts at mining nearby asteroid.

Miscellaneous information
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