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Love the family of Yuno
Anyone who retires or gets exiled from their original region is welcome to join this home of mine. Yandere protection guaranteed =^w^=

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Construction of embassies with United Nations of the Atlantic has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with The Cipheron has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with The Grand Holy Bar Stool of McStooley has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with St Abbaddon has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with The New United Commonwealth has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

Yuno contains 1,478 nations, the 10th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Wealthy Incomes in Yuno

The World Census studied the spending power of the richest 10% of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Yuno is ranked 5,947th in the world for Highest Wealthy Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Protectorate of ParheAnarchy“발해의 승리에 과 대한 세상의 악화”
2.The Lilist Monarchy of Pulau ItuCapitalist Paradise“Chan eil na Trapan Co-Sheòrsach”
3.The Operian Corp Businessman of OpstanCapitalist Paradise“Operian Corporation. Making all for all.”
4.The Majestic Lands of Sink or SwimRight-wing Utopia“You have two options”
5.The Kingdom of Yuno59Corporate Bordello“Hiii! my main account is Queen Yuno ^~^”
6.The Queendom of Yuno AmoreBenevolent Dictatorship“This isn't the greatest Yuno puppet; it's a tribute.”
7.The Democratic Republic of HaleyCapitalist Paradise“Land Of The Enlightened”
8.The Queendom of Yuno-97Capitalizt“Https://”
9.The Queendom of Yuno-78Corporate Bordello“Https://”
10.The Free Land of Yuno-865Corporate Bordello“Https://”
1234. . .147148»

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The Community of Felter Chan wrote:Out of the five primary senses (I know that there is more than five don't yell at me). Which one do you like most?

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Goverment Of The Argentinian State wrote:Hello, i've moved here on Yuno's invitation.

Winfallow wrote:Hello! I am here because Yuno said I could.

thank you two for joining (and for cutting ties with your old region because it's got a shady past)

*gives both guests a lot of food and drinks*

got bored, made another puppet nation...

I bought Opstan! Yay me!
You can't have!
*iz mine*

*Lays on ground*

Barristaland II wrote:I bought Opstan! Yay me!
You can't have!
*iz mine*

*Sad u taek*

New issue of Confederation Coverage finally released!

an imprint of Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
"Justice and Truth, perfectly balanced"

19th January, 2019. Issue II Series 2
Published from the Confedereichstag, 1 Emperor Avenue, 3926, Vocryae, Jocospor


  • Repeal: WA Elite

  • TMNU betrays treaty

  • New Secretary, new plans

  • First CCDIO

  • CCD turns 3

  • Lucius Sulinus: Director

  • Grand buildings unveiled

  • Hearings deliver justice

  • Chrome Company,

  • Xir'onn colonists arrive

  • Weddings, trains and more

Coverage returns, better than ever

VOCRYAE: Welcome to all our readers, from within and beyond the Confederation. Confederation State Broadcasting (CSB) is proud to present the latest Confederation Coverage. Issue II, Series 2 is by far the biggest publication to ever come out of the Confederation, and we trust you'll enjoy its content.

We've had an incredible contribution this time around, with nearly a dozen nations submitting articles for publication. CSB would like to thank each and every contributor. Without your input, Confederation Coverage wouldn't be nearly what it is.

Issue II, Series 2 is as diverse as it is meaty. To give the issue some extra clarity, we've broken it up into three sections. "World Assembly" deals with both the General Assembly and Security Council, along with the Confederation's own escapes in the field. "Foreign Affairs" concerns incidents, reports and announcements that are of an inter-regional scale. "Internal Affairs" contains all the correspondence of the happenings within the Confederation. Sean Connery's clone is back to answer your questions, and at the end of the issue you can find the customary Dilbert strip.

CSB has had a productive quarter, particularly its production of the video Link"CCD turns 3!" for the Confederation's third anniversary since founding, and also the inter-regional distribution of His Supreme Majesty Emanoel II's Christmas Address at the end of 2018. The head offices at Channel Six were delighted to receive so many kind well wishes for 2019. With support, both regionally and inter-regionally, we've been able to reach a wide variety of audiences and have met many of our targets.

I personally hope you shall enjoy this issue, and look forward to writing to you in April when Issue III is published.

Hail the Confederation!

Judas Lyon
Confederation State Broadcasting


Repeal: WA Elite

VOCRYAE: Over the last three months, there’s been plenty happening in the World Assembly, both within the General Assembly and the Security Council. Some noteworthy resolutions have hit the floor and passed, including SCR#273 Repeal: “Commend Solorni”.

At the same time, however, several resolutions have passed that perhaps should not have. GAR#454 is but one example: a highly controversial piece that scraped through based on one factor alone: the author’s influence.

The WA (World Assembly) Elite has in recent weeks certainly showcased its prowess and ability to dictate play in both World Assembly chambers. Imperium Anglorum has been particularly active with its efforts to destabilise universal harmony, with Kuriko not far behind.

It seems that the term “WA Elite” is not a unique one to the Confederation. It was supposedly coined nearly four years ago by a now defunct nation, Bitely. This was before the Confederation’s time and as such Imperial analysts have little information on the topic. Readers are welcome to write to the Editor-in-Chief, Naora Natson of Shronok, if they know more on the subject.

Jocospor has published a dispatch entitled Repeal: WA Elite which, ultimately, it hopes will serve as a record of the actions of the WA Elite. CSB has been informed that it would be unreasonable to expect this dispatch to discuss comprehensively every minor detail and happening of the World Assembly; rather, Jocospor intends to only point out what it believes to be of relevance to the international community.

“It’s an exciting new initiative,” Viceroy Sir Walter Memmon told reporters, speaking on behalf of the Confederation. “We’ve always done much to advance member nations’ understandings of what the World Assembly really is. This chronology shall do just that.”

Furthermore, Jocospor has led the way in an attack against Imperium Anglorum, authoring a resolution (now at vote in the Security Council) to repeal SCR#223. It is not expected that this resolution shall be enacted into law, but it does evermore spread word of the corruption ripe throughout the World Assembly.

(Key magnates of the Security Council sit to discuss Repeal: Commend Imperium Anglorum)

As with most actions taken by Jocospor, there has been much backlash. The world has been reluctant, if not hostile, to embrace the Confederation’s message. There has been some support from less established factions, but the majority of the old guard stands fervently against the Imperial Empire.

“We’ve come to expect this,” said Robert Kraaken, High Delegate to the World Assembly for the Confederation. “The old ways of the World Assembly are so deeply engrained that it makes it a hard fight to bring awareness to the community.”

“The veterans of the World Assembly, arguably the WA Elite themselves, are content with the current order of things, and their influence far exceeds that of the Confederation.”

The WA Elite is a difficult predicament for all nations involved. For those like the Confederation who seek to change the current structures, the battle is an uphill one. For those of the WA Elite, however, there remains the ever looming threat that, one day, those structures may just fall.

A commendable effort

ROYAL ULE: As part of the celebrations for the Confederation's third birthday, the Chancellor submitted a proposal, "Commend Confederation of Corrupt Dictators", to the World Assembly Security Council. Despite overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Security Council forum, the proposal narrowly missed the number of endorsements needed to obtain quorum. Ultimately, the timing of this proposal was unfortunate; it was submitted around the same time as a controversy involving the New Pacific Order developed, and the proposal was subsequently overshadowed by "Condemn The Pacific".

Despite the proposal's narrow failure to obtain quorum, the Supreme Judiciary insists that "Commend Confederation of Corrupt Dictators" is not dead - only sleeping - and will once again be submitted to the Security Council in due time.


D.E.R. violates treaty, penalties enforced

LITTTTLE VOCRYAE: The Confedereichstag was sent into mass confusion when on the 13th January, the nation of Litttt, a puppet of Jocospor, was removed from its office of President of the Executive Council of The New Mappers Union by the region’s founder, the infamous Democratic Empire of Romania (D.E.R.).

Democratic Empire of Romania cited that Litttt had been inactive for some time, two weeks, and instead appointed The British-Franco Union as the region’s President.

Secretary of State, Brendan Mendara, was outraged when he learned of what had transpired.

“This is a direct violation of the Treaty of Vocryae, and there will be consequences for Democratic Empire of Romania and the Union.”

The Treaty of Vocryae was first ratified under the very capable administration of Secretary Alyssia Broussard of Cylain. It brought an end to the Confederation’s conflict with the Union, with the Confederation coming out well on top.

One clause of the treaty was that the Confederation would indefinitely occupy the Union’s President of the Executive Council, a post that is of some importance in the region.

The treaty also outlined that the Confederation’s presidential candidate could not be removed from office unless both parties, those being the Confederation and the Union, agreed to do so harmoniously.

“We are disappointed that Democratic Empire of Romania behaved in this fashion,” Viceroy Sir Walter Memmon said. “It had seemed that the Union was finally beginning to understand its place within Confederation society.” The Viceroy did not elaborate further on the latter comment.

The Foreign Office was harsh in enforcing sanctions on both Democratic Empire of Romania and the wider Union community. The export of certain resources, such as timber and coal, have been indefinitely suspended.

Since its rash actions, Democratic Empire of Romania has returned Litttt to its post, apologising for its apparent lack of judgement. Most analysts agree, though, that this event has dangerously soured relations between the Confederation and the Union.

Broussard resigns, Mendara new Secretary of State

CASTELIA CITY: On January 4th, 3:00 am local Confederation time, a surprise announcement was made from the hallowed halls of the Confedereichstag II. Inaugural Secretary of State Alyssia Broussard from Cylain, who held the position since the founding of the Foreign Office on June of last year, suddenly retired. In her place was appointed Brendan Mendara, former President of Castelia who held the position for 8 years. Mendara, while having only been part of the Confederation for a short time, was selected due to his diplomatic skills and previous work in “improving diplomatic relations between the Confederation and the inter-regional community”, to quote his citation for award of the Hero of the Confederation, Second Class.

While this reporter was not blessed with a personal interview due to Mendara being busy with work, relevant information about the new Secretary of State was gathered from reputable news sources as well as interviews conducted with friends and family.

Described as a serious man who is passionate with both his work and his family, Brendan Mendara is known to be a hard worker who strives towards his goals. He is known to have many hobbies, the most well-known of which are reading, cooking, history, and football. He is a prominent supporter of the Castelian military and is noted to have always attended the Annual Military Parade of the Armed Forces ever since he graduated university. He is married to Caitlyn Mendara (née Langley), CEO and owner of Langley Industries, a prominent pharmaceutical company in Castelia. They have 5 children together.

After graduating from Royal Boys’ Academy, Castelia City, Mendara performed the mandatory two years of military service in the Castelian Armed Forces, serving as a truck driver in a logistics battalion of the Castelian Army. In an earlier interview with Castelia News Network, Mendara credited his service as making him change his earlier ways.

“Serving in the military made me clean up my act, you know. I stopped being a terrible person,” he said in the interview. “It gave me discipline, made me realize that what I wanted to do in life is help people. I just didn’t know how at the time, though.”

Later, he attended the University of Castelia’s main campus in Castelia City, graduating with a double degree in political science and law. It was during this time that he was finally influenced by Dr. Lovell to enter politics as a way of fulfilling his life goal of helping people, though he decided to instead practice law for a few years first before running for office. While attending university, he would also meet his future wife, Caitlyn Langley, and would later marry her during his tenure as Minister of the Interior. His career as a lawyer was unremarkable, though it did give him the platform and connections he needed to enter Castelian politics. His status as the scion of the Mendara family helped him too, as his family had many connections to notable people in Castelian society.

His first government position was serving as an adviser to the Minister of the Interior, a role he performed admirably. He then managed to climb the ranks and was himself appointed Minister of the Interior and served for 2 years, before finally becoming President of Castelia. He was able to achieve this through hard work, excellent political manoeuvring, and massive support from his peers.

As President of Castelia for 8 years, Mendara was able to achieve much, including strengthening the Armed Forces including massively expanding the Navy, reforming several laws which were outdated and inefficient, building infrastructure throughout the entire country, and many other things. He was able to fulfil his goal of helping the Castelian people, as his role as President gave him the needed resources to fulfil his humanitarian projects. His most notable achievements, however, were reforming the government into a purely benevolent dictatorship, and bringing the Republic into the Confederation.

According to now-declassified files from the Office of the President, it was during this time that President Brendan Mendara was approached by the Supreme Council of the Confederation to perform several duties, which due to operational security, are still classified as top secret. Mendara wholeheartedly accepted these duties, performing his job with enthusiasm. In honour of this service, he was awarded the Hero of the Confederation, Second Class. Content with having achieved his goals and performed his duties, Mendara retired on December 30th, 2018, passing his position to his best friend and Minister of Defence, Gregor Constance.

However, his retirement would not last. On the early hours of January 4, Mendara would officially receive word from the Supreme Council appointing him as Secretary of State. Describing himself as being “extremely surprised to the point of being at a loss for words,” he nevertheless accepted this honor, and in his inauguration speech, declared that “I shall do my utmost, as your new Secretary of State, to ensure that the Confederation shall rise even further beyond where it is now. To all, I shall not let you down.”

As for what his plans are for the Foreign Office, Secretary of State Mendara had this to say:

“I intend to continue my previous duty of establishing good relations between ourselves and the inter-regional community. I have an announcement coming soon that will hopefully be the first step on reaching this goal. Aside from that, I intend to further the reach of the Confederation by contacting regions yet unknown to us, and to build concrete relationships between our region and those who share the same visions and ideologies as the Confederation. Whether in the form of alliances, free trade agreements, or World Assembly votes, any avenue that will bring forth benefits to the Confederation and to our allies will be explored and utilized.”

Secretary promotes inclusive foreign policy

VOCRYAE: During the last weeks of 2018 and early into 2019, residents of Vocyrae had noticed a massive amount of construction on Emperor Avenue, considered to be the heart of the Confederation. The reason for being called this is because Emperor Avenue is home to most of the administrative offices of both the Imperial Empire and of the Confederation, notably the old Confedereichstag building, which contains the Offices of the Supreme Council. It is also the site for numerous embassies from friendly regions that have formally established relations with the Confederation, which is the reason for the ongoing construction.

According to a report released by the Foreign Office, 36 new embassies had been opened at the time of the writing of this article, with several more under construction. These embassies will be act as representatives of their home region, and it is through them that diplomatic activities can be conducted between the Confederation and their respective regions.

With this, the Confederation now hosts 135 embassies and counting, an achievement described by an anonymous Foreign Office official as “a diplomatic triumph for the Confederation as this means that we now have relations with more than 100 regions.” Secretary Mendara, in an earlier press conference, stated that “This means more than just having relations with 120 different regions. These regions are potential partners and allies in an increasingly hostile world that continuously rejects Confederation ideals and ideologies. While the Confederation is more than capable of standing on its own, having partners and allies makes bearing this hostility a little easier for all of us.”

He would state further in the conference, “I invite all of these regions that already have embassies with the Confederation to take further steps into expanding our already positive relations. We are always looking towards exploring available avenues that will bring benefit to both the Confederation and your region.”

Secretary Mendara has stated that the Foreign Office welcomes all eligible regions to send embassy requests, provided they meet the standard requirement of practicing similar ideological doctrine to the Confederation; namely, the advancement of the right and dictatorial power.

(A Confederation delegation arrives in the Fascist Republic of Israel, International Fascist Federation)

"New ambassadors to strengthen relations," says Secretary

CASTELIA CITY: The Foreign Office hereby announces the start of the Ambassador Program for the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

The Ambassador Program is the first step in furthering relations between the Confederation and the inter-regional community. In this program, a citizen from the Confederation shall be appointed as an ambassador to an assigned region and shall be sent there to act as the official representative of the Confederation within their assigned region.

Each ambassador will be required to perform several duties in service to the Confederation, all of which are aimed to further the Confederation’s relations with their assigned region. As such, ambassadors will be required to reside in their assigned region, participate in regional activities, communicate with regional officers, and several other official duties. It is also through these ambassadors that their assigned region shall communicate with the Confederation, and as such citizens who are aspiring to become ambassadors are required to be active members of the community. Being an ambassador is thus a great way to be exposed to the inter-regional community in NationStates, get opportunities to meet new people, and experience different cultures.

However, such an honourable and dignified role is not for the faint-hearted. Aspiring candidates are hereby required to apply to the Supreme Judiciary (ShrewLlamaLand) and the Foreign Office (Castelia), following the same procedures as applying for any government position within the Confederation. The requirements to become an ambassador are also stricter, as the following requirements must be met to be considered for the role:

  • Must have resided in the Confederation for more than two weeks;

  • Must be an active citizen of the Confederation;

  • Must have proficiency in English;

  • Must be a member of the Confederation’s Discord server; and

  • Must be willing to create puppet nations.

Regions that have established embassies with the Confederation are eligible to receive an ambassador. Those interested in participating in the Ambassador Program are encouraged to send telegrams to the Foreign Office detailing their intention to join the program.

It is hoped by the Supreme Council of the Confederation that through this program, the Confederation may be able to foster positive relations throughout the inter-regional community of NationStates and be able to build lasting relationships that will bring benefit to the Confederation and its allies.

UFF launches Three Month Plan

FLAAK: A Confederation vassal, the United Fascist Federation (UFF) has laid out some goals they hope to accomplish for their region.

The Federative Committee of the United Fascist Federation hereby establishes the first Three Month Plan, running from 7 November 2018 to 7 February 2019. This Three Month Plan shall outline the goals and tasks of the Federative Committee as well as the general populace of the United Fascist Federation. The First Three Month Plan states:

By 7 February 2019, the Federation shall have accomplished the following:

  1. Have a regional populace of at least 50 members;

  2. Have at least half of said members be active within the region;

  3. Have all Federative Committee positions filled;

  4. Have at least half of all non-committee government positions filled;

  5. Promote and establish frequent activity within the Regional Discord Server and the Regional Message Board; and

  6. Gain semi-autonomy.

The Federative Committee is committed to ensuring that these designs are met within the allotted time.

Inter-regional Olympics “promotes positive relations,” Cultural Direktor says

VOCRYAE: The First Confederation of Corrupt Dictators International Olympics (CCDIO) was held from November 26th to December 1st as part of the region's third anniversary celebrations.

The CCDIO was just one of many things organized to help celebrate the region's third anniversary. Suggested by the Confederation Head of the Department of Transport, Arka Vandez, the Olympics was opened to the inter-regional community and was to showcase some notable athletes within the Confederation as well as the world.

"We wanted to open this to everyone for diplomatic reasons obviously," said Mark Arkas of Shronok who was one of the organizers of the Olympics.

The Olympics weren’t particularly expansive and the only events held were Basketball, Swimming, and Marathon. "We figured we would start out small. Because something like this hasn't been attempted by the Confederation before we figured it would be best to start small and test the idea out, Jocospor’s Cultural Direktor Tiberius Welsh explained.

“It helped that we were able to use the Confederation’s third anniversary celebrations to help promote the events."

Despite what was mostly considered to be good competitions, the Olympics themselves received mixed reception. "The Events themselves were fun to watch and the athletes themselves certainly were excellent. But ultimately this all seemed like it should have had more time being organized,” admitted commentator for the CCDIO Stanley Smalls.

(Emanoel Stadium, Vocraye, Jocospor)

“Though considering this was the first time it has been attempted within the Confederation, the relatively small size can be forgiven.”

I hope if there is ever another CCDIO held that it will be much improved from this one.”

The Olympics came and went largely without any disturbance. This can be attributed to the excellent security at the event as well as the professionalism shown by everyone involved throughout the whole event.

"I would say that everyone involved held themselves to high standards. The athletes, coaches, and diplomats from every nation that participated all were very polite and the sportsmanship between them was simply excellent," Tiberius Welsh later stated in an interview.

"We are certainly glad we tried this. I personally believe this helped our efforts to promote positive relations throughout the region."

Readers can view the CCDIO event recaps and results here.


A very happy anniversary

VOCRYAE: On 25th November 2018, the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators celebrated with great frivolity its third anniversary since founding. A week of celebrations took place across the region, a festival that has been dubbed “the most brilliant thing since birth.”

Celebrations began when Sir Walter Memmon, Viceroy of the Confederation, opened with an address to the region, outlining the week’s schedule. Very shortly after, a telegram was sent to all regional World Assembly Delegates, inviting them and their regions to participate in the festivities.

In that telegram, the Confederation released its tributary video, “CCD turns 3!”, a masterful stroke in digital editing and historic reconstruction. The video was received to great applause throughout the Confederation. CSB was proud to distribute it across the region and the NationStates community.

Following this, Chancellor Grulain Curronfold of ShrewLlamaLand submitted an old classic to the World Assembly Security Council: Commend Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

“We were unlucky this time,” Chancellor Curronfold later stated, “but, I assure you, we shall succeed come our fourth attempt. Hail the Confederation!”

Chancellor Curronfold has often been described as a man of great passion and enthusiasm.

(Guests of the Imperial Palace dined in absolute style on the first day of the celebrations)

The 26th saw the installation and appointment of many new government and honorary figures across the Confederation. The day began with the promotion of four brave soldiers, each of a different nation, to head Chrome Company, the Confederation’s raiding force.

Following this, several new citizens of the Confederation were invested as Heroes of the Confederation, First and Second class respectively. A full list of the honours can be viewed here.

The War Ministry was very proud to unveil the Confederation’s greatest super weapon on the 27th. The Banhammer was commissioned by Viceroy Memmon and its first public firing left mass audiences shocked in silence.

“The Banhammer possesses even the ability to blast an entire nation from the Confederation, hurling it into The Rejected Realms,” Minister for War Dimitri Ivanof casually divulged. It is said that he often twirls the authentication codes to fire the Banhammer through his fingers, waiting for the day that he’ll be able to press that little red button.

Some hours later, the first Confederation of Corrupt Dictators Inter-regional Olympics began, starting off with a wonderful opening ceremony in the heart of Vocryae, Jocospor.

The early hours of the 28th saw a grand military procession of all the Confederation’s branches throughout Vocryae. “You’ve just got to love men in uniforms,” someone from the Royal Box was heard muffling. CSB speculates it was His Supreme Majesty Emanoel II, but cannot confirm this.

The 29th saw the Grand Imperial opened in Vocryae. “This institution was spared no expense,” said Director of the Exchequer Lucius Sulinus. “We went over budget by-”

Later that day, Viceroy Memmon bestowed brave Confederation leaders (including himself) with the Confederation’s first chivalric order. Recipients of Knight of the Order of the Severed Hand were honoured due to their contributions during Z-Day 7 and are permitted to preface their names with “Sir” or “Dame.” That list, too, can also be found here.

The 30th was, by all accounts, a rest day for celebration organisers; but the 1st December saw the opening of the Great Library of Shronok in Shronok City and the conclusion of the Olympics. The Viceroy later concluded the week-long event with an address to the Confederation.

This is but one incident that has dramatically improved relations between Confederation nations, unifying the region to a degree never before experienced.

The inter-regional community’s reception was somewhat mixed. Some, like Queen YUNo, praised the week as a great success, wishing the happiest of birthdays upon the Confederation. Others were not so liberal in their offerings of congratulations.

One thing is certain, however, and that’s that, three years ago, no one would ever have thought the Confederation would become what it is today. “It’s an incredible testament to hard work,” Viceroy Memmon said. “We must thank our forefathers for sowing the seeds for what is now one of the biggest regions in NationStates.

“Without our community, we are nothing, and so I thank every nation that contributes to our great Confederation.”

The man with the money

NEW WORTHINGTON: Since becoming what was then known as the Director of the Exchequer, of the Office of Economical Observation and Progression on August 14 2018, Riakou's Lucius Sulinus has overseen many improvements to the Confederation's economy. Brad Jensen recently was able to conduct an interview with the Director and so here is the transcript of the conversation:

Brad Jensen: Hello Lucius Sulinus. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

Lucius Sulinus: You’re most welcome.

BJ: Now, most people know you as the Director of the Exchequer. What first got you interested in the subject of economics?

LS: Economics is inarguably the most important aspect of a nation, you can flaunt all the technology and military might as desired but without a solid economic foundation nothing else can exist. Therefore... clearly, it is de facto the most vital lifeline of the Confederation, economic planning supported the knowledge and might needed to bring us where we are today. That’s how we built Riakou too, it’s a... modestly wealthy nation, I suppose I could say.

BJ: Did you have anything in particular that inspired you to get into economics growing up? Or did you mostly get into economics on your own?

LS: Inspired, no, I wouldn’t say so, Riakou was a poor state after the revolution, I was merely a junior minister in the economics office trying make ends meet before all that occurred, I didn’t have any particular love for it. Once most of the original government was wiped out necessity is what inspired me. Necessity to do better than before, and that started with a solid economic base, one that was productive but also more free from cruelty of the past. It was certainly a challenge that built my leadership.

BJ: While you are currently most known for your economic prowess, you also have many other talents. Before you became Director, you served as the Director of the Bureau of Security under the late Paul Fisher's War Ministry. How did you feel when you heard the news of his passing? You certainly seemed to work well with him.

LS: Our relationship was fairly amiable, I couldn’t say I felt particularly devastated, I’m mostly dedicated to my work so there wasn’t much time to form personal connection, nonetheless I recognised all his professional accomplishments, he was a very diligent individual in his role, this is why out of respect I memorialised him in the construction of the The Great Library of Shronok, by dedicating a room to him.

BJ: The Confederation has grown exponentially within the past 6 months. Were you expecting it to be as large as it is now when you decided to first get involved in regional government?

LS: I expected it to grow, but certainly not to the level it has done, I’m quite glad to see it so, the Treasury dedicated a great many funds to ensure that our Confederations campaigns were successful. I look forward to us leading the new world.

BJ: What inspired you to commission the Great Library of Shronok and the Grand Imperial Hotel in Jocospor?

LS: Ah, I love architecture, there is so many fascinating unique buildings in the world and to have something to add to the skylines of that world something is remarkably enjoyable. I abhor drab grey high rises and brutalist office buildings, I hope these structures will inspire others to add vibrancy and styled decorum to the worlds buildings. Specifically however, Jocospor is experiencing an influx of refined tourists and needed a space befitting of grand to house them. Shronok, as I covered in some older interviews, is a bastion of information and journalism, and I thought Naora would be keen to add to that with this modern wonder of learning.

BJ: Do you have any hobbies you enjoy when you do get some free time?

LS: I do enjoy a nice private game of poker whilst socialising with some friends, perhaps you should care to join us this evening as our guest of honour. Worry not, the stakes are relatively low, we play for the enjoyment of each other’s company, as Director I’m not a keen advocating of wasting money, so no chance I’ll be gambling away our Confederations fortune.

BJ: That sounds fun. I think I will take you up on that offer. Anyways, do you have any thoughts you can share on the recent appointment of Brendon Mendara as Secretary of State?

LS: I thought he was a very worthy candidate, there were certainly also others that could’ve performed the job diligently I believe, we have a real influx in talent. He has my blessing in joining the Supreme Council, I hope he shall perform well, in that it shall lead to more growth for us all.

BJ: What do you have planned for the region's treasury in the future?

LS: There are currently more plans existing in their provisional stages, but nothing that I can truly discuss publicly right now, I can however promise we shall only continue economic growth and I would like to take this time to thank all my offices for their work.

BJ: Well that is all the questions I have for you. Do you have any closing thoughts you would like to add?

LS: Not at all, thank you for the pleasant interview, I’m just looking forward to a little relaxation time this evening, there’s been a lot to do as always in the Confederation, this too has been a nice change of pace. Thank you for having me.

BJ: You are welcome. It was certainly a pleasure to interview you. Best of luck to you going forward.

Confedereichstag II opens

SHRONOK CITY: A marvel from both architectural and technological standpoints, Confedereichstag II was officially opened and dedicated on November 29, 2018 to a large and enthusiastic crowd in Vocraye, Jocospor. “It was glorious. What a great way to add to the CCD's third anniversary celebrations,” Viceroy Sir Walter Memmon later recalled. At ten times the size of the original Confedereichstag it is officially the largest government building the Confederation possesses. Overlooking a large area of Vocraye, it is certainly understandable why it has been termed “one of the greatest pieces of architecture in the modern age.”

(Confedereichstag II, situated in Vocryae's east)

A lot of work, planning and financing was put into the project. "We wanted a structure that would showcase the power and glory of our region. We worked hard to make sure that the building itself is fit for a modern age but still showcasing the retro look of the greatest structures of old," said Senior Designer Timothy Kardinus, who also worked on the original Confedereichstag when it was first released.

"Basically we wanted something that would accommodate the need for more space for our ever growing region while at the same time staying true to the CCD's proud heritage. No matter how strong and powerful this region becomes, we shall never forget where we came from," Grand High Direktor Farland Macmillan stated.

Architects were also greatly assisted by the nation of Glacikaldr, whose winning designs from the Confederation Design Competition were considered and included throughout Confederationstag II’s construction.

The building itself now has offices for all the undersecretaries of the Supreme Councillors as well as a theatre, large operations rooms for Confederation military officials, an archive, and much more. The building is also highly secure with some of the most advanced and complex security systems out there.

The original Confedereichstag will remain open and serve as a museum to commemorate the Confederation’s rich history. As the Viceroy himself said in a recent interview, "While the New Confedereichstag II is a great accomplishment, it will never be able to replace the original Confedereichstag. The tradition and memories of the Confedereichstag mean too much to the Confederation for it to be closed down."

Hear about the hearings

ROYAL ULE: The Supreme Judiciary has had a busy period over the past three months, maintaining peace and order throughout the Confederation. Chancellor Gurlain Curronfold, and in his absense, Acting-Chancellor Sir Walter Memmon, conducted a total of three Inqusitional Hearings against nations acting in violation of the Imperial Law.

Inqusitional Hearing #23151118 involved two nations, The United Sultanates of Tribe of Peace and The Principality of Swag Chief Bubba Estate, charged with failing to follow the orders of a Supreme Councillor, and insurgence against the Supreme Council.

The Supreme Judiciary found The United Sultanates of Tribe of Peace guilty of insurgence against the Supreme Council, and not guilty of failing to follow orders from the Supreme Council; following the nation's repentance, they were issued a formal warning for crimes against the Confederation. The Principality of Swag Chief Bubba Estate was found guilty on both counts, and permanently banished from the Confederation.

Despite the Chancellor's absence during a period of leave in December, these last few weeks have actually been some of the busiest within the Supreme Judiciary. The Viceroy of the Confederation, Sir Walter Memmon, assumed the role of Acting-Chancellor in Grulain Curronfold's absence, and conducted two Inquisitional Hearings during this time.

Inquisitional Hearing #24081218 saw The Colonial Empire of Fetra face the consequences of embracing the zombie hordes during Z-Day; with the Acting-Viceroy charging their nation on three counts: treason against the Supreme Council, sedition of her peoples, and disturbances of peaceable society. The nation in question was found guilty on all three counts, was exiled to Vangmar for a period of one week, and stripped of their position as General of the Confederation Air Force.

Inquisitional Hearing #25131218 soon followed, investigating The Militaristic Dictatorship of DeLongtasia and The Republic of The Free Islands of Independence for their role, as leaders within the Chrome Company, in a failed raid. Both nations were charged with incompetence unfitting of command, damaging the reputation of the Confederation, and disturbances of the region's peaceable society. The Militaristic Dictatorship of DeLongtasia was found not guilty of incompetence, or of damaging the Confederation's reputation, but was found guilty of disturbance of peaceable society, resulting in their nation's leader being stripped of their title of Hero of the Confederation, Second Class.

The Republic of The Free Islands of Independence was acquitted of all charges. Finally, the Supreme Judiciary has noticed an increase in the number of nations violating the Regional Message Board Act.

All nations are encouraged to re-familiarise themselves with this legislation, which can be found pinned below the Confederation's World Factbook entry. Furthermore, all nations are reminded that all off-topic discussion is to be directed to the Confederation's Discord server.

Chrome Company’s campaigns

DUBROVA:Many developments have unfolded recently in the Confederation's raiding forces, otherwise known as Chrome Company. Cameron DeLong of DeLongtasia was chosen to lead the Company, and has been working alongside Commanders Richard Glücks of Republic of United Providences, Baudoin Leopold of The Fascist Waffle Empire, Paul Dukas of The Free Islands of Independence, and Albert Von Freuden of Bad Wolfe.

However, these great developments have not come without some setbacks. Between November and December, 2018, the Company carried out raids on the two regions of Sol Confederate and the Peoples Republic of the Commonwealth. Sadly, both regions were soon counter-raided and liberated by forces from democratic regions. Fortunately, the future looks bright for the Company. After experiencing exponential growth and recruitment, it seems that the valiant raiding forces of the Confederation will soon have plenty of forces on-hand to call upon when they choose their next target.

Are you interested in raiding for the Confederation? Why not enlist in Chrome Company yourself, and help the Confederation bring peaceable society to all the regions of NationStates.

Z-Day 7, 694,000,000,000 dead

DUBROVA: October 30th, 2018 marked the beginning of Z-Day 7, in which hundreds of nations in the Confederation fought to defend her against the zombie hordes. During the initial waves of zombies, several nations loyal to democratic regions, such as Europe, entered the Confederation and embraced the infection, targeting nations with zombies. Fortunately, after closing the borders of the Confederation, the Viceroy ejected these hostile nations. .

As Z-Day dragged on, more and more nations began falling to the overwhelming zombie hordes. As a result of these tragedies, the Minister for War, who was tasked with organising the defence of the Confederation, ordered the end of all cure research, and for the mass-extermination of all infected. This policy proved to be effective; although the death toll reached all-time heights, zombie growth in many nations was stunted, and the infected totally eradicated in many others. Fortunately, despite the day's carnage, the Supreme Council, as well as the Emperor and his family, were safe and sound in a secure bunker at an undisclosed location. .

At the end of Z-Day, on October 31st, the worldwide leader boards ranked the Confederation at exactly 100th place in "Most Infected," with 159 billion infected. The Confederation also ranked 35th in the world for "Most Dead," with 694 billion killed. This high statistic is likely due to the Minister for War's zombie extermination policy. Fortunately, all citizens of the Confederation that were either killed or infected have been brought back to life by the latest in Confederation medical advancements.

Jocospor II: galactic colonists arrive safely

NEW VOCRYAE: Bells ring throughout the Imperial Empire, as, on January 12th, five million adventurous citizens landed to formally populate Jocospor II, Jocospor’s first ever colonisation of another planet. Reportedly, the new arrivals were overjoyed by what they found: the beginnings of a grand metropolis, with great strategic and luxurious promise.

Jocospor II has been a long time in the coming. Some twenty-six years ago, a research shuttle was launched into space. Data was analysed and later revealed that the nearby Begga System possessed a hospitable planet, then termed P3482511 and now christened Xir’onn. The Imperial Cabinet, enthralled by the prospect of extending Imperial influence into the galaxy, quickly began lobbying for an expedition. Several survey teams ventured to Xir’onn, drawing satisfactory conclusions as to the planet’s ability to sustain life. Construction ships then embarked to begin building a preliminary foothold, which pioneers aptly named Jocospor II. A starbase also orbits the planet, known as Xir’onn Outpost.

(New Vocryae, Jocospor II, Xir’onn)

The colony will be provincially administrated by a dedicated authority answering to the Imperial Cabinet. In charge of this authority is Governor Monn Tarquin, who has been living on Jocospor II now for nearly three years.

“We’re excited to see the outcome of this Imperial ambition,” Governor Tarquin said. “It’s a new age or Jocospor, an age of space, and I’m honoured to be a part of it.”

In Vocryae, a reception of enormous scale was held at the Imperial Palace, hosted by His Supreme Majesty Emanoel II. Delivering a speech, the Emperor outlined Jocospor’s prerogative in space:

“Long have our forefathers dreamt of this day, even those forefathers who answered to their Republican masters. Now, we’re off. A new chapter for Jocospor, a new victory in the coming.”

Volunteers were the primary contingent of the colonisers, along with various detachments of armed forces and necessary artisans and civil servants. They enjoyed a speedy journey of some sixteen months, and the Imperial Cabinet expects that, as Jocospor II develops, more Jocospites will be called upon to populate a new world full of scientific wonders.

It has been rumoured that Jocospor II is to serve as an available option for evacuation should anything happen to Jocospor, though no government official will confirm this.

Trains for transport

MACEN: The Department of Transportation has been especially active within the past few months. Serving under the Social Assembly, both of the men that have most recently led the Department have led the way to continued innovation of the Confederation's transport systems.

Markus Vander of the now defunct nation of Knechting led the way to a regional Bullet Train that aimed to make travelling between nations of the region more efficient. Markus served the Department with valour and he will certainly be missed.

Over the summer of 2018, the Confederation experienced exponential growth. This however posed a problem for travelling between these many nations that weren't in close proximity to each other.

On August 29, 2018 the Master of Knechting, Markus Vander, was appointed as the Head of the Department of Transport under the Social Assembly. Over the next week, plans were made and construction began on the railway. The entirety of the slave force in Knechting (around 4 billion) was put to work on the railway in the residing places of the officers of the Supreme Council. Early morning on September 11, 2018 the railway was finished in these nations and their train stations constructed as well.

Construction for the rest of CCD was finished on October 2, just slightly behind schedule. As of now, the bullet train is running smoothly and no problems have been reported.

It is vital that the Confederation keeps her new railways in pristine condition. They took a lot of hard work to construct and it would be a waste of manpower to have to constantly clean and repair them because of nonconstructive actions of citizens.

Customers are reminded that there is to be absolutely no vandalising of trains or stations. The railway network is under the administration of the Social Assembly and thus answers to Imperial Law. Criminals will be prosecuted.

The current Head of the Department of Transportation, Arka Vandez of Ingostan has also led the way, "providing, strengthening and improving transport facilities across the now monumentally large region." Ingostan has valued the Department's current net worth at around 25 billion blackmarks.

When Arka Vandez of Ingostan became the new Head of the Department, a new plan to build a full-fledged all-purpose rail network for the whole of the Confederation was unleashed. Project Hokkaido, a hugely successful venture, helped greatly improve public transport and movement of soldiers and arms region-wide. The Department followed with Project Dresden, a scheme to improve air transport of passengers and cargo. These have improved the efficiency of public transport within the Confederation by colossal magnitudes.

(Two B-32c bullet trains making their way to Grand "Emaneol II" Central Station)

The Department has managed this by having its staff and labourers work for at least 14 hours a day, and that's only for first-time interns. The average staff member at the Department of Transport works 16 hours a day, with 80 hours of overtime per week. All staff members are trained for the job with incredible rigour and some of the finest intellectuals of the region, especially successful scientists, have been cherry-picked for training and employment by the Department. These über-industrious practices have been of massive benefit to the Department of Transport.

"When we hire new people to work at our Department, we let them know that we're ambitious people. We threw together a complete all-purpose railway system for use by all Confederation member-countries in just a few months, whereas most other transport providers take years for such a thing. Next thing you know, we'll be up in space mining asteroids and making moon bases. But we need work, work and work to do this, and we never fail at working hard. It's okay if whatever project we planned was a disaster, as long as we tried our best. We'll climb out of the pit of difficulties and aim to be the kings of the hill again, no matter what happens to us."

And it looks like the Department won't need to anymore, since its early successes, especially with Hokkaido's military transport facilities, have earned it staggering amounts of money and respect. It hopes that it will further help the Confederation reach newer heights and gain more glory.

Ambassadors under a new kind of sweat

VOCRYAE: The Confederation’s Christmas party was truly a night to remember. The drinking, the singing, the dancing and the brutal assault upon the Confederations Great Leaders. The dinner, held in Imperial Palace, Jocospor, was abruptly crashed around 11:30pm local time by a group of armed mercenaries equipped with Confederation made firearms and equipment. For four agonising hours, the members of the party, some 500 individuals, were held hostage by the gunmen until the hostages made their move. Magistrate Imperator Augustus Octavian of Toaslandia opened fire upon the terrorists with his security detail, providing enough of a distraction for the General Secretary of Regna Loreau, Assam Elne, and her party guest, Rosehip Bellator, to eliminate enough of the threat for the armed forces of the Confederation, spearheaded by the forces of Jocospor and Regna Loreau, to storm the palace and free the hostages.

In the wake of the event, General Secretary Elne and Rosehip Bellator were both ordained as Olympia, the highest honour of Regna Loreau, by Queen Viktoriya Relina for their actions that night. The hunt is now on to discover who had orchestrated the attack that lead to the deaths of the leaders of several nations during a tense standoff with Confederation forces. Once again, Regna Loreau has taken the spotlight as MI 1, its intelligence agency, leads the investigation into the issue. All that is publicly known about the investigation is that the transgressor has been identified and an international warrant for their arrest will be issued within the coming days.

Head of MI 1, Olympia Darjeeling Chie (DSO) (PhD), had this to say about the investigations progress:

“The transgressor of this attack was clearly quite confident in their ability to pull off this raid without being discovered. As a result, there is quite a large trail leading back to them. Our current stance is that of waiting, and we will wait until we receive our warrant, or the target slips up. I may walk slowly, but I will never walk back.”

General Secretary Elne could not be reached for comment, nor could Bellator. With the trail seemingly hot, we can only hope the transgressors are caught sometime within the next few days. More will hopefully be revealed come Confederation Coverage’s next instalment.

Two peas in a pod

PORT HARUNA: Barefoot Empress Takao I of The Barefoot Anime Girls & Rosehip Bellator of Regna Loreau officially joined in holy matrimony on the 4th of January. The wedding was paid for and managed by Emperor Erwin Zenzefer III and Takao's maid of Honour Empress Momo Kawashima, Takao's best friends & leaders of Scherzinger. The wedding was held in Port Haruna at Takao's Palace in the room that her Marshall had designed in the hopes that Takao would find love. Notable at the wedding was the entire staff of Barefoot Emrpress Takao. Other important notables included:

From Regna Loreau:

    Assam Elne - General Secretary
    Aurina Pekoe - Press Secretary
    Darjeeling Chie - Head of Intelligence
    Tanya Von Spee - Assistant Director of the RLSA

From Scherzinger:

    Erwin Zenzefer III - Emperor
    Momo Kawashima - Empress; Maid of Honour
    Maho Nishizumi - Großkommandant und Unter-Kaiserin
    Yukari Akiyama - Minister Für Auswärtige Operationen

Gaspard Remau of Jocospor was also in attendance, representing the Imperial Empire and His Supreme Majesty Emanoel II.

The wedding ceremony was held promptly at 10:00 A.M. Confederation time, in which Associate Justice, Honourable Milana Katori, lawfully administered the wedding traditions practiced in law and she formally and officially declaring Rosehip & Takao Bellator Wife & Wife. Then, the newlyweds spent their entire time at the reception dancing and holding each other in their loving embrace. Upon watching the two dancing, an inspired Empress Kawashima was observed at a table drawing sketches for a new class of ship named 'Bellator' in honour of the two dancing beauties she had observed while being held and loved by her husband.

The nations of the Confederation await the consummation of the couple’s marriage with great anticipation, and look forward to The Barefoot Anime Girls calling Takao’s child their new heir.

Mourning an emperor

DUBROVA: On December 13th, 2018, the Emperor of Depackya, Nikolay Voronin, died after a sudden stroke at age 84. Unfortunately, as he died without an heir, the nation will have no royal successor, possibly spelling an end to Depackya's monarchy.

The Emperor's funeral took place on December 23rd after lying in state the day before. Leaders of several nations in the Confederation, including Emperor George Farrera of Kontoga and Empress Takao of The Barefoot Anime Girls, were in attendance. Several other leaders sent their condolences.

With the Emperor laid to rest, Depackya must now turn its attention to installing a permanent leader. Vladislav Aleksandrov is expected to make a public announcement in the near future, in which he will be naming the new leader of the Corporate Empire.

Strife in the South

RICHMOND: On December 3rd 2018 General Thomas Jackson III was assassinated by democratic rebels that launched a civil war. Jackson was giving a speech on the anniversary of the country when democratic rebels, inspired by the WA, gunned him down in, beginning the first Southern Civil War. A few days later, Aaron Don became temporary leader of the Union during the tragic civil war. But tragedy struck again outside Atlanta on the 8th January, 2019. Aaron Don was bombed in his summer home by more democratic rebels, who had hoped to take over the country, but an allied Confederation military force led by the Confederate's ally New Sparta Ascendancy squashed them not too far, but a remnant of their contingent escaped. One day later, former Communications Officer Erin Blaire became official leader of The Dixie Confederate Union, and promised she would do nothing more than stop these rebellions once and for all. As of now, the Southern Civil War continues.

Bourgon arms exports under fire

COLIS MARI: Bourgon is aiming its focus away from Europe to the rest of the world as Bourgon PM Hans Mertens said: "Bourgon wants access to new markets and create new diplomatic interactions". The Bourgon Government felt the need to open up new markets and enlarge current ones due to the slow decline of arms export in Europe. A bad move according the Bourgonians Left opposition.

Over the years Europe calmed down and nations started spending less on their military. Most nations no longer fell the need to arm themselves to the teeth and started spending less on Defence. This was noticeable in the Bourgon private arms sector, especially by Fenser Fabricatie. "The AGG-10 has been our most successful export rifle to date. Its simplicity and low production cost have been a key factor in making it a success. If we have to downscale production thousands of jobs will be at risk! However this new direction will give us a chance to sell our arms in other regions of the world. We are confident that our product will be a success outside of Europe as well!" As said by the Fenser Fabricatie spokesperson.

This has sparked fierce debate in Parliament regarding weapon export. Currently only Fenser Fabricatie (a Bourgon company) has rights to export its AAG-10. The Opposition fears that future trade partners would use these guns suppress the populace and silence opposition. Old wounds where being torn open followed by a filibuster of 17 Hours 43 Minutes and 12 Seconds by the Social Assembly Party. "It is unbelievable that the Bourgon Government is willing to support Corrupt and Insane Dictators! How do you sleep at night Prime Minister knowing our guns can now be used to suppress thousands, maybe millions of people!?" many parties expressed their concern over potential arms export licenses to the CCD. However it seemed the Government was not willing to change its plans.

The proposed bill allows private arms companies to apply for export licenses with other nation states without complicated Government approval. The new bill states that the only necessity for export are to have:

- No negative relations with said country
- Have an embassy in said country.
- Have a non-Aggression Pact with said country.

The current vote has resulted in a majority for the sitting Government.

For more information about Fenser Fabricatie: [Company] Fenser Fabricatie; and the new law: (Law-52:237) Bourgon Arms Export Legislation.

Eudaschia to abolish conscription

(Faces of the drafted Eudaschian)

AUGUSTINOPLE: The Eudaschian government has announced plans to fully abolish compulsory military service by next summer, marking the most radical overhaul of the armed forces since its postwar founding and a major change for Eudaschia.

Under the reforms, which will transform the Unified Armed Forces of Eudaschia into a fully professional defence force by July 2019, the size of the existing military and its inefficient bureaucratic apparatus will be considerably reduced as part of a cost-cutting exercise aimed at shaving about 11 Million Choirs from the defence spending budget.

(Ahmed Alexopoulos on the status of the military defence)

Speaking on the sidelines of the Eudaschian Defense Conference about the status of the military defence minister Ahmed Alexopoulos, called the decision "responsible and right".
The changes follow recommendations by military experts who have called the armed forces "ineffectual" and "in desperate need of modernisation".

Alexopoulos said he envisaged the launch of a voluntary programme open to both men and women who will be able to serve in the military for up to 23 months, in order to appease the large number of Eudaschian who are opposed to the changes to a core policy of postwar Eudaschia, considered so sacred it is cemented in the constitution. But he stressed that the voluntary sector would not help Eudaschia's ability to engage in missions abroad.

Eskandar Aslan, The Princep, also agrees to transform the Unified Armed Forces into a fully professional army, which military strategists have long argued was necessary to cope with modern demands. Most crucially they said it would increase its expeditionary capacity.

The size of the military is to be reduced from 1,550,000 to 1,000,000 soldiers, but is expected to increase the number of troops capable of being deployed on foreign missions from the current 200,000 to 400,000.

(Marching is one of a skill that must be mastered by the Eudaschian youth)

The decision is not only a groundbreaking one for the country's military but also poses a major challenge for the social welfare system. Until now thousands of young men from the age of 18, who either due to their pacifist views or for health reasons were excluded from national service duty, were drafted into posts at mosques, hospitals, and industries instead, where they were considered a valuable source of cheap labour.

Provisions will now have to be made to plug a shortfall of around 300,000 such workers. The government has tried to play down the changes saying it will retain a programme for young people to volunteer for social work, arguing that the demand to take up such posts for post-school and pre-university youngsters will still exist even when national service is scrapped. Let's hope these changes will benefit Eudaschia in the long term.

True, old or puppet?

NEW POLARIS: In recent weeks, the eyes of the Confederation have been turned towards the nation of Max1and and their issue of succession after the death of the previous President General, Max Hartfire. The matter has mainly gained so much attention, thanks to the actions of Empress Sophia Gull II, of Winter Gulley, and her insistence upon democratically electing a leader from the high ranking members of Max1and’s former government. Question has arisen as to whether or not this is a ploy for Winter Gulley to attempt to puppet the state of Max1and.

As Associate Justice, Milana Katori of The Barefoot Anime Girls put it “…The fact that you mentioned that filthy word (election) is heretical and insulting to everything we [the Confederation] stand for.”

The fact that the possibility of an election has been raise begs a new question. Is Winter Gulley truly part of the Confederation, in their style of governance? With the recent intervention in Max1and and their highly aggressive response to the questions of The Barefoot Anime Girls. When approached by Confederation Coverage in response to the accusations, Empress Sophia said:

“If I did puppet Max1and, both True Max1and and New Max1and would declare war on me. Yes, I could take care of them but it just isn't worth. I would have to deal with uprising, environment, fixing the infrastructure. If True Max1and didn't show up then I would stabilise the environment, build key infrastructures. Sends troops back and have a constant feed of supplies to Max1and until their agriculture could handle their population. Make no mistake, though, the Confederation is not my enemy.”

Who knows what the future has in store, but one thing is clear, the Confederation should keep a close eye upon Winter Gulley.

Ask “Cripes, it is a Clone of Sean Connery!”

"Good Morning Vietn- Oh, hello everybody. Sorry for the mix up there. I was practicing for a role in a movie. It’s…been a while. I’ve been busy fighting alien kangaroo crabs, finding love and losing it again, and saving a friend of mine, Private Ryan, from crippling debt. Since this is a new issue of Confederation Coverage, I was told it deserved my input and of course I am glad to provide it. Oh, (and because I am apparently contractually obligated to say this for some reason), happy belated New Year!"

Your favourite advice giver has returned to answer your questions! Remember, to have your question published in Confederation Coverage, send it to Shronok. Anyways, here is this month’s instalment:

Dear Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery,

  • A random person somewhere over the rainbow (Lies And Videotape) asks:

    “Do you have any pets?”

    Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: “Not currently. Though I have had a decent amount of pets over my lifetime. When I was younger, I had a Fire Breathing Magical Pony Cow. It was named Cornwerstagithanatersictic. Oh how I loved it so. I took care of it, trained it, and played with it. We went on many adventures together. Saving damsels in distress, fighting the most vile criminals, and preventing a movie about a tornado of sharks from being made (but, to my dismay, it did get made years later). Ah, those were the days.”

  • John Gulletsburg III from a small town somewhere (Shronok) asks:

    “I am thinking about climbing Mount Everest. Do you have any advice on how I should prepare?”

    Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: “Buy a Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery Mountain Climbing Kit! It comes with all the features you need to overcome any mountain! Items included in the kit range from normal necessities like coats, tents, and food and water to actual gear such as helmets, jetpacks powered by the power of Grayskull, and more! Mountains are no match for the ingenuity of this kit! Buy it today and you will even receive a second one for 2% less than what you paid for the first kit! Get into gear with the Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery Mountain Climbing Kit today!”

  • An ol' fella asks:

    “What do you reckon I should do with my gold I found recently?”

    Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: “Well, I reckon you should be able to do what you want with it. I imagine it is worth a good amount of money that you could use to retire with. Then you can dedicate your time to things you would have never thought to do before. You know things like exploiting obscure rules in trading card games to get a victory, spending time with the ones you love most, and fending those pesky kids off your lawn.”

Confederation Coverage is brought to you by Shronok, Confederation State Broadcasting, the offices of the Social Assembly and the community of Confederation of Corrupt Dictators. Enquiries should be sent to Shronok.

Printed with the express permission of the Viceroy of the Confederation, His Excellency Sir Walter Memmon. Authorised by the Imperial Palace, Jocospor. Copyright 2019.


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Why would yuno help a human?

Cadnbaland wrote:Why would yuno help a human?

Because Yuno, you know.

~An ominous red glow emanates from a newly built factory.~

-Whilst skimming through Youtube videos you see an ad appear before a video and you decide to watch it…-

Greetings from Operian Corp! I am here today to show you our new house product! We call it, House O. Here, let me show you how to use it!

-He pulls out a small black and red box with a wall adaptor on it.-

All you do is plug it in. ~He plugs it in.~ That's all! Now you’re ready to use it! All you need to do is cover your eyes and say House O, then a command afterwards. Let’s try it out shall we?

-He goes off screen and comes back with a rolling table and a hamper full of unfolded laundry.-

Ready? Here we go. -His eyes are covered.- House O, fold my laundry.

-The video buffers and somehow skips to him uncovering his eyes-

Wow! Would you look at that! It even sorted them by color! How neat and it's at the low low price of 8.99. Click this ad to find out how you can order one today!

-The ad ends and goes back to your Youtube video.-

~The organism has awoken and He has spoken.~

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