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Okay number one, I DID not start this. Just for the record, I did not start this I swear. This is important that I mention this. I was just trying to make conversation on the RMB.

Lovely day today!

Nightingael I don't know your history, but simply on a point of technicality, mods do lurk around and ban stuff and people without anyone having to report anyone / any activity.

Tiku wrote:Okay number one, I DID not start this. Just for the record, I did not start this I swear. This is important that I mention this. I was just trying to make conversation on the RMB.

Lovely day today!

Nightingael I don't know your history, but simply on a point of technicality, mods do lurk around and ban stuff and people without anyone having to report anyone / any activity.

Big Brother is (literally) watching you.

Pookyvania and Asardia

What's going on. The mod team are unrelated to the region right?

Particle wrote:What's going on. The mod team are unrelated to the region right?

Correct, they act on behalf of NS as a whole. However, some regions have mods residing within them.

Here is an update from Forest along with a couple of updates from me that add to it:


Forest April Update


Government of Forest

Founder: Errinundera
WA Delegate: Ransium
Forest Keeper: Turbeaux
Deputy Forest Keeper: Lord Dominator
Foreign Affairs Minister: Ruinenlust
Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister: Verdant Haven
Voice of Forest: Uan aa Boa
Face of Forest: Mozworld
Roleplay Mentor: Caracasus
Forum and Discord Sower: Mount Seymour
Head Cartographer: Areulder


First off, Happy Easter to all of the lovely people playing Nationstates. Whether you’re religious or not, I think we can all agree that this is a great time of the year (until someone inevitably eats too many chocolate eggs and gets sick). Also, we made it to a second update! That means we now have a tradition!


As per the Forest Constitution, from March to April, we had an election season! That means we have a lot of changes to the government.

The election process started on the 16th of March, and we only had two candidates come forward: Turbeaux and Chan Island. Both ran stellar campaigns, Turbeaux promising to increase non-WA nation involvement in government (dispatch linked at bottom), and Chan Island offering tours of NSG. Turbeaux won, with a 27-8 lead on April 2, however I believe that Chan Island would have had a better chance if it was tours of anywhere except NSG. Nonetheless, congratulations to Turbeaux on a well-deserved win!

When Turbeaux came into government, they brought a lot of changes with them. Firstly, we had Ruinenlust (Foreign Affairs Minister), Mount Seymour (Forum and Discord sower), Caracasus (Roleplay Mentor), and Areulder (Head Cartographer) returning to their positions. Welcome back all! Mozworld was also reappointed, but their role was changed from “WFE Editor” to “Face of Forest”, and they are now also partially responsible for making all future updates look good. After Chan Island turned the position down, Lord Dominator became the Deputy Forest Keeper, and Verdant Haven became the Deputy Foreign Minister. On top of all that, Uan aa Boa replaced Yours Truly as Voice of Forest (more on that at the end), and Blon Gre hasn’t been reappointed to Statistics Officer, likely agreeing to do their work without a shiny badge. Very commendable of you, Blon Gre. Thank you for your service!

And that about sums up our election season. Congrats once again to Turbeaux, and to all the ministers, old and new. I look forward to seeing what the next six months bring!



In the past few months, we’ve had few changes when it comes to embassies, probably due to election season taking up so much of everyone’s time. But, we did have an embassy open with Pacifica on February the 20th, following a 13-7 vote. I’m very excited about our future with them, seeing as they are such a vibrant and active region! We also opened embassies with Osiris on April the 17th, following a 26-18 vote in favor, and despite them being a sinker, I can be sure a lively and upbeat partnership will result in this embassy.

On a sadder tone, we also had an embassy closure with The LCRUA, due to an incident on discord, and some disagreements stemming from it. I can’t recap it here in an unbiased way, nor a way that wouldn’t fill my telegrams with hate, so I’ll leave it at that.


Well, while our regular Forest contest season ended, we still had a very exciting event in junction with The Rejected Realms! Dead I Jack and Turbeaux put on a story-writing event, Journey Through the Woods! It was a great time, and I got to take part in some story writing, something I don’t get to do often. More information can be found in the dispatch below.



Right, to end this update, I’d like to address one of the changes in government noted above. I am no longer the Voice of Forest, and this will be the last dispatch I write (unless I get reappointed later, of course). I would like to make clear that this was because I stepped down, due to upcoming personal commitments that will render me without internet for a few months. I enjoyed every second of serving on the government of Forest, and I hope I may get the opportunity to do so again in the future. There are no hard feelings between me and anyone on the Forest government, and I am very excited to pass the baton off to Uan aa Boa, seeing as they basically made these updates a thing in the first place. Speaking of which, Uan aa Boa sent me the following as their introduction:

“I'm the previous Forest Keeper but I first started doing updates in the summer of 2016 when it was part of the role of Forest Affairs minister. I'd like to see updates that look professional but for that I'm definitely going to have to draw on the design and IT skills of other people in Forest. Since we don't have much going on in the way of regional politics I'd like to showcase some of the good stuff we do produce by including creative writing, short essays or other interesting content from some of the very talented people we have in the region.”

Very noble goals, Uan aa Boa, and I wish you luck.

Well, that’s all for this update. If you have any concerns about this update, TG me and I’ll get back to you, and any suggestions should be sent to Uan aa Boa. Thank you to all the people of Forest for letting me serve the community in this way, and to all of the people who make Nationstates such a great place!


Read dispatch

Mielikki woke up in a cold sweat after having a dream that her favorite maple tree had been destroyed by a rogue lumberjack. She saw a flickering orange glow lighting her room and was able to easily find and put on her glasses before looking out the window to see that her prized maple was ablaze. This realization made her feel like her stomach was being eaten by snakes. She had planted the maple as a small child and grown up with it. She had her first kiss under its ruddy canopy. She cannot remember who she kissed there many decades ago but had become to consider this tree to be her best friend. She had watched her son play under it before the incident. She grabbed her cane and rushed outside to futilely attempt to douse the flames with her garden hose. Despite failing to stop the blaze its light revealed a gas can, a lighter, and footprints leading away from the tree toward the woods. A sense of resolve grew in her. She went back inside, called the fire department, and then asked her wise old spider plant if she should follow the footprints and get revenge on the arsonist after sunrise. The spider plant shakily whispered, "Do it if your arthritis won’t stop you! You should go for a walk in the woods in any case because it will calm you."

Mielikki stormed off into the woods at the crack of dawn with all the haste a woman of her old age could muster. She hadn't moved with purpose like this in years and she would assuredly feel the effects of this later on. The footprints she wanted to follow weren't as clearly defined due to the passage of time, but she could still make out enough for a start. About a mile into her trek, she stopped to catch her breath. Mielikki used the time to observe her surroundings. These woods really were beautiful with vibrant greens, yellows and even reds dotting the treetops. As she prepared to start again, she heard faint whispers on the wind calling her to a path up ahead to her right. She glanced around and pondered if she should follow.

Mielikki hadn't completely lost her curiosity, so she decided to follow them. The path led deep into the forest, and soon she was lost. Not much light could reach the floor, and she wandered around aimlessly, trying to trace her path, but to no avail. She realized her back was sore, and leaned back against a nearby tree. Glancing up, she realized it was a maple. "If only you were mine," she thought bitterly. She was then overcome with emotion, and was soon a crying heap. "I guess I'll die with my maple," she thought. Then, a rough hand touched her shoulder.

She looked up, and found herself staring at a man she hadn't seen before in her life, yet who still seemed familiar, as if from a memory a few years too old to recall. Despite the low light levels, Mielikki could tell that this was an older gentleman, with a face wrinkled by time, and soft blue eyes, that conveyed a wisdom only achieved through experiencing life's best and worst turns. His hair was short but unkempt, and had the color of a birch tree, white with a few flecks of black. He wore a brown leather jacket which was slightly wrinkled, and has a small tear on it's left shoulder, as if it had been snagged by something sharp. His touch was gentle, but not timid, an carried a mild sense of importance, suggesting that this was a moment that wouldn't be soon forgotten. The man didn't seem confused, irritated, or even confused as to why Mielikki was there; it was as if he was expecting her. She didn't know why, but Mielikki felt compelled to stand, not to greet the man, but just to meet his eyes, all of the previous emotion seeming distant.

It suddenly occurred to Mielikki that this man resembled her son Nyyrikki. However, she was certain that she had seen him get run over by the truck. It was very odd that his body was never found. She weakly said, "Nyyrikki?" The man smiled winsomely and nodded. Mielikki asked, "Nyyrikki, what happened to you and why are you out here?" Nyyrikki gently said, "I was saved by the fungus that lives under this Forest. It reintegrated me using fragments that were left over from the accident." Nyyrikki began to cry and hugged Mielikki. He held back his tears. Then he said, "I love you Mom! I never thought that I would see you again!" Mielikki softly said, "Son, I do not think that I can make it back to the house. Would you please help me get there?" Nyyrikki's eyes got misty and he said, "I wish that I could but I have to stay here because the forest's fungus reintegrated me. If I were to leave, I would disintegrate and die again!"

For a few moments, Mielikki glanced around, thinking. "Did... did you see a man who looked like he had just left from setting something on fire?"
"More than saw him, Mom," he said, a dark shadow spreading over his face, "Your maple — our maple — was precious to the woods too. When that man took it down, I could feel myself begin to smolder." Mielikki's expression contorted into a determined scowl. "But! I know better than to bother you with the details. We both know that that man has done some terrible, terrible things, no matter how minor it may have seemed to him!" He began to walk down a shadowed path in front of them, turning back after a few moments. "Right... I'm sorry, but we'll have to walk for a bit longer," he ran back towards Mielikki, & their two hands became entwined, "There's a cabin, right down this path. Living in the woods has taught me a great deal about natural remedies. I'm not a doctor, but I know it'll work well enough."
The two continued their walk onward, Nyyrikki serving as guide for his mother through the dark forest.

The path seemed somehow darker as they continued. The trunks were encased in carpets of moss while ivy, honeysuckle and other creeping strands festooned the branches. Underfoot the remnants of untold autumns were soft, like a bed at the end of a long day. A scent of forgetting was in the air.

The cabin stood beneath an ancient beech. Its wooden walls were also wrapped in vines and moss so that it seemed as much a part of the forest as a man made thing. The shuttered windows seemed like lidded eyes, somehow sad.

"Do you live here?" Mielikki asked uncertainly. "It seems..."

The taller man looked down at her. For a time she had thought she recognised him but now she wasn't so sure. His name had been... but she couldn't grasp it. Her name was…

The story was never concluded in the RMB, so I have done that below.

Mielikki had forgotten her name but it did not matter. The fungus had begun to integrate her so she was seeing another man who had also been integrated.

“Oh hello there, Tsintah! You are looking good today!”, said Mielikki. “Would you happen to know how I have been integrated into the fungus? I do not remember dying.”, she asked Tsintah.

Tsintah turned toward her and said, “You died in the fire when one of the maple tree's top branches fell on top of your house and set the roof on fire.”

“But I called the fire department!”, Mielikki insisted.

“Sometimes the fungus makes us believe that we are still in our flesh bodies to ease our transition.”, explained Tsintah. “Welcome to the forest, Mielikki!”, Tsintah said warmly.

“Who is Mielikki?”, asked Mielikki.

“You are, silly!”, teased Tsintah. “You should start to remember more as you finish integrating.”, he said.

Here is the Rejected Realms' story: page=dispatch/id=1176171

Read dispatch

Verdant Haven realized that April marked a couple of important anniversaries for Forest. One of them was five years ago, so we decided to reflect on wood because it is the traditional gift for five year anniversaries. The results are below and we had a diverse range of written forms including haiku, prose, and concise thoughts.

Echo of the past
In a terra cotta pot

Edit: Holy Jupiter, it works in Latin too!

A praeteritō
In argillā urnā

Now that's a haiku.

Uan aa Boa:
This is my body
which is felled for you. Take, build,
and remember me.

Selected by Frieden-und Freudenland:
From Mythologies by Roland Barthes



The bourgeois status of toys can be recognized not only in their forms, which are all functional, but also in their substances. Current toys are made of a graceless material, the product of chemistry, not of nature. Many are now moulded from complicated mixtures; the plastic material of which they are made has an appearance at once gross and hygienic, it destroys all the pleasure, the sweetness, the humanity of touch. A sign which fills one with consternation is the gradual disappearance of wood, in spite of its being an ideal material because of its firmness and its softness, and the natural warmth of its touch. Wood removes, from all the forms which it supports, the wounding quality of angles which are too sharp, the chemical coldness of metal. When the child handles it and knocks it, it neither vibrates nor grates, it has a sound at once muffled and sharp. It is a familiar and poetic substance, which does not sever the child from close contact with the tree, the table, the floor. Wood does not wound or break down; it does not shatter, it wears out, it can last a long time, live with the child, alter little by little the relations between the object and the hand. If it dies, it is in dwindling, not in swelling out like those mechanical toys which disappear behind the hernia of a broken spring. Wood makes essential objects, objects for all time. Yet there hardly remain any of these wooden toys from the Vosges, these fretwork farms with their animals, which were only possible, it is true, in the days of the craftsman. Henceforth, toys are chemical in substance and colour; their very material introduces one to a coenaesthesis of use, not pleasure. These toys die in fact very quickly, and once dead, they have no posthumous life for the child.

Feline Masters:
Neither scratching posts
Nor sofas give me more joy
Than clawing a tree

Verdant Haven:
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the US, in the State of Washington - aka "The Evergreen State." I've always loved being around trees of all kinds, and enjoyed experiencing the different smells, feels, and products their woods could produce. The smell of cedar, cut fresh, was beautiful, and you could light it directly with just a match when kindling a fire. Poplar, light weight but hard, perfect for a hundred duels with sticks, my brother and I, or the neighbor kids, constructing forts or brandishing "swords" from its branches. The sappy fir wood which, once it caught, would crackle and pop in the fireplace for hours, filling the nostrils with a pleasant sweet smoke if you took a whiff.

Our home was full of wood of various types. Polished cherry for the dining table and my mother's desk, a rock maple coffee table that I still have to this day, the ebony of the keys on the piano, hardwood floors that my dog's claws would make clicking noises on. A workshop in the basement where my dad taught me to use tools always had planks of interesting wood around, and reminded me of his father, my grandfather, who had a full professional wood shop in the basement of his small house, which he had built with his own hands prior to my father's birth up in Maine (another very tree-filled area!). On my shelves and in my closets I have toys made of wood, hand carved and shaped by my grandfather, including even a little wooden log truck carrying, of course, real (miniature) logs cut from an appropriate tree branch.

When I got married, our wedding registry was full of wooden housewares - bowls, cutting boards, serving trays - and every table at the reception had a large clean slice of pine in the middle, not just holding the centerpiece, but being a part of it itself. I store things in ornamental wooden boxes, stashed around our apartment, and dream of the shop I'll some day have in our future home, not because I'm a talented carpenter, but just because I love the smell and feel and the memory of the wood and woodworking there.

Wood is an amazing natural resource, and I've never found another that fills its place adequately in my aesthetic opinion. It's one of the few "design" or "fashion" things that really stirs strong opinions in me, and I think it's safe to say it's at the core of who I am.

My love cedarwood
makes the best pencils
and smells wonderful

Cedars are my favorite trees. Their wood smells super nice and it's lovely. It's an [absolute] bi[r]ch to work with though :c

Shwe Tu Colony:
A Doll & a doll are different, so thus is Dollmaking & dollmaking. The former creates indistinguishably sapient artificial beings (they have a different process when put under undue stress, but it's too impractical to actually happen), the latter creates just normal dolls. Most dollmakers in the Shwe world nowadays are golemancers overall, which means they're involved in processes of creating artificial, mechanical-based life, so you can expect most dollmakers to know how to fix up a golem as well. Now, a Dollmaker is someone specialized in working with Dolls, & is thus more knowledgeable in the sort of soul programming you'd need to perfect Dolls. In order from least to highest complexity, it'd go dollmakers that make just inanimate lifelike models; golemancers that can imbue such models with a degree of sentience & defined functon; & Dollmakers that create lives that resemble any other.
If one needs to differentiate between dollmaker & Dollmaker such as in a title, Đollmaker is typically used for the latter & Dollmaker plain can thus be used to indicate a dollmaker, & as just seen, italicizing like that would be used for this specific circumstance where one has to explain how titling with Dollmaker versus Đollmaker works, as Dollmaker without italics in any circumstance indicates the advanced sort. A similar rule applies with Đoll & Doll, but again, only for titles. Most linguistic historians pin this blame on Elijah Phee Loew, one of the premier Dollmakers of their world who had brought the concept of a Doll from his father's homeworld with the Five Fragrances Series. When he first created a soul-blending formula for his own Dolls based on the ones his father owned, he continued to call his creations Dolls, & eventually widespread usage caused the word doll to acquire two different meanings dependent sheerly on capitalization, though it is not all too essential anyway. Conversations typically differentiate based on context, & most will be able to differentiate it in the written word as well. Shwe dictionaries, typically being lowercase, have Doll & doll as separate entries, though ones that are all capitalized for whatever reason use the Đoll & Doll distinction.

Some languages do translate a distinction between Doll & doll, such as Demonish, which calls a doll "ci'daruk" & a Doll "ci'daruk-hon," meaning "breathing doll."

For example, if these were all titles for some sort of work:
The Dollmakers' Dolls: A normal dollmaker, normal dolls.
The Dollmakers' Đolls: A normal dollmaker, Dolls.
The Đollmakers' Dolls: An advanced Dollmaker, normal dolls.
The Đollmakers' Đolls: An advanced Dollmaker, Dolls.
The Dollmakers' Dolls: Incorrect formatting (it is clear this is a title, so one does not need to italicize).

...[T]he wood does have some bearing, typically based on the symbolism, historical usage of the wood, or its own characteristics — even well-established placebo or incomplete research can count (I'm mainly referencing sandwalwood's supposed healing scent, albeit with caution since we have a doctor here), though personal anecdote will not. As such, one can find certain cultural specialties within certain Dolls depending on what culture the Dollmaker was raised in, which may in turn affect their perception on their wood. If, for example, a Dollmaker associates oak with death, their Doll is likely to be finished with improved killing capability & a more morbid mind, whereas a Dollmaker in a culture that associates oak with protection will likely create a selfless paladin-like Doll. Skilled Dollmakers like Elijah Phee Loew are thus also somewhat knowledgeable in anthropology, in order to have as many connotations as possible to give to their Dolls.

Aside from wood, other Doll materials include fibers for cloth, multiversal fiber, clay, stone, & metal, but wood is still one of the more popular options since it often has the most moderate stats for a Doll & the subtle effects from the different wood types can often result in a greater specialization for a Doll. Normal fiber is typically reserved for flexible Dolls, multiversal is a forgotten technique for... reasons, clay is usually reserved for Dolls in danger of dying a lot or would like runes inscribed in them, stone is usually for stoic statue-like Dolls intended as decoration, & metal is usually used for combat-intended Dolls that need to take hits.

Wombazzia: A [w]ood I like to export is [m]ahogany[.]

Read dispatch

Tiku wrote:Okay number one, I DID not start this. Just for the record, I did not start this I swear. This is important that I mention this. I was just trying to make conversation on the RMB.

And you expect everyone to believe that? You can join Pookyvania in South Titania's dungeon.

Allemeine II wrote:And you expect everyone to believe that? You can join Pookyvania in South Titania's dungeon.

Ah man! ST does THINGS in there to us. Unspeakable things...

Tiku wrote:~snip~

I'm doing great, already broke my promise to myself to at least check this place once a day.

OK wait, what's going on here? Did mods do something?

South Titania wrote:OK wait, what's going on here? Did mods do something?

Soooooo one of our newest Members Nightingael now has the unique distinction of having had his posts deleted by a Mod TWICE in one day from TWO different puppets.

That’s not Easy, takes a lot of effort.

Anyway it’s fun to see a lot of spicy stuff happen on the RMB

Also, Allemeine II sent me to your dungeon. Please go easy on me Senpai.


SteamPunkFishToo Yeah man I sympathise, You know I also promised my forest friends at the start of my Ambassadorship that I would use my Ambassador puppet as much as main to really communicate with Forest. It becomes hard with Real life.

Happy belated Earth Day!


We only have one, please protecc her!


THis nation burns as it has, but it will never truly die, much like those in times past, we will put down all those who defy against us. the call to war against our brethren has been sounded again, as the Queen of the Imperialis rule, all who dare support my wicked grandfather are to be tortured and executed.....that is all.... carry on
-Queen Agita Haltz in her attempt to try and get some lendlease support from any nation


by Miriliarith

the country tears itself into two as people rally to their leaders

At 0700 hours friday of April 10th, “The Wise Wolf” Decius Haltz the 13th, a very influential leader known for his ties to the religious sect published a statement.
The strongly worded speech was personally carried out by Decius Haltz himself from an observation spire located at the northern fringe near the Border wall. His statement claimed that: “The rotten carcass of a government has squeezed the people for too long.” And he demanded that the citizens and soldiers of Miriliarith to rise up against the queen. This public display of aggression have caused much shock and confusion among the population, the clash of the extremists have rendered the Imperialis Army in discord. In the chaos, Decius Haltz utilized the opportunity to seize the weapons and military equipment of Imperialis Stockpiles. capturing or destroying fortifications and locations of strategic importance.

Revolution is at hand.

The Chadian Gateway, known to be the major Head Quarters of the Military Armed forces has fallen; due to the numerous raiding operations conducted upon it by Decius Haltz’s loyalist army, known as the separatist forces. As they retreat and fortify themselves around the border wall, they have cut off almost all land connections to Miriliarith and the outside world.

Queen Agita Halt has reportedly fallen ill due to the betrayal of The Wise Wolf. In her public response she pleaded all to take arms to defend her and the order of The Motherland. Though various offensives have gone underway by the Separatist forces, many of these attacks have been repelled by the now called “Loyalist forces.” They are now reorganizing in haste to defend her Highness’ integrity and ability to rule.

In her public response she states that the country is under a state of emergency, thus by imperial rule, the state of martial law is in effect, in an effort to suppress any chaos of the separatist forces. She warns sympathizers to the separatist cause, as the country prepares for war.

“All who betray us treacherous cowards and weaklings- they must all die.” To quote Agita Haltz, as both a direct and official decree, which is titled as Directive 9001.

Journalist from the Savesta Journal will keep those up to date with details as the new conflict arises.

The wolf guides all

Read dispatch

*first time im doing this, as i want to revive my nation a bit* heheheheh

South Titania wrote:OK wait, what's going on here? Did mods do something?

Yea i missed it too.. stupid always having to work.. heck i'm not even answering issues daily anymore!

Wow, it's been so quiet for quite a while.

Pookyvania and Asardia

Tamanian wrote:Wow, it's been so quiet for quite a while.

I always find it strange how there can be a lot of activity in a day or so, then a few days of non activity.

3 days 17 hours ago: Sternberg ceased to exist.


Thembria SSR wrote:3 days 17 hours ago: Sternberg ceased to exist.


Oh no! Not Sternberg! He was so young! He has so much ahead of him! He.... wait... Who was Sternberg?

The Singularity Core wrote:Oh no! Not Sternberg! He was so young! He has so much ahead of him! He.... wait... Who was Sternberg?

Overworked Australian Holy Roman Empire in the Warhammer 40k universe, I think?

That's the gist of what I got, anyway.

Carrasastova wrote:Overworked Australian Holy Roman Empire in the Warhammer 40k universe, I think?

That's the gist of what I got, anyway.

Ah! Noted. Thank you. (momentary pause). NOT STERNBERG!!!! (Weeps uncontrollably)

7 days ago: The Socialist Winterlands of Skothafjordur arrived from Lazarus.

Oh at least Skoth lives again!

Do the map links work for anyone else?

Silure wrote:Do the map links work for anyone else?

They've... been down for a while. Sorry. I really need to figure out hosting my site again. Including those maps.

Edit: Okay. Temporary solution.

Anon Zytose wrote:They've... been down for a while. Sorry. I really need to figure out hosting my site again. Including those maps.

Edit: Okay. Temporary solution.

I'll still create that mega tsunami when I go boom one day..

Particle, Pookyvania, Tamanian, and Asardia

Hello everyone! Sorry, I haven't been on lately, been too busy with life, work, and college.

I have results for the Spanish election. The PSOE has won the most seats and gets first shot at creating a coalition which is possible. The PSOE has also managed to turn Spain a deeper hue of red and saw massive gains right across the country. The PP had a devastating night and saw their support plummet and saw massive losses, including losing 66 seats. Most of their support is likely to have fled to Ciudadanos who have made gains. The far right Vox has seen a rise, mostly by using fear, hatred, and ignorance as the other authoritarian nationalist parties have done across Europe. Glad to see that Spain stood up against these fascist thugs in the Vox party.

Brexit is turning into a disaster in the UK. The conservatives are losing support, their own party is deep in internal conflict, and Brexiteers are going to Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party. They are also on track to do poorly in the EU Elections in late May, and they are collapsing in support in the polls for the next election there. Labour has seen a jump in support in the polls and the lib dems have seen a small jump in support. The SNP have seen a massive rise in the polls and support in Scotland. That could bide well for support for another Independence referendum, which Nicola Sturgeon has promised.

The US is in turmoil after the release of the Mueller report. But then again, it has been a mess since 2016.

Tiku wrote:Loads of guys CTEing or ALMOST CTEing.

Glad you’re still around my man.

Prunasia and SteamPunkFishToo How you guys doing??? Long time no fishy

I’m drifting between being sick and being healthy, mostly sick but still...

Tamanian wrote:Wow I don't log into nation States for a couple of weeks and this happens.

Glad I was in bed when that happened, only a select few knows what was written, and it should stay that way.

Tiku wrote:Ah man! ST does THINGS in there to us. Unspeakable things...

trembles uncontrollably

I’ve never been there...I’ve never been there...I’ve never been there...

Prunasia wrote:
I’m drifting between being sick and being healthy, mostly sick but still...
Glad I was in bed when that happened, only a select few knows what was written, and it should stay that way.
trembles uncontrollably

I’ve never been there...I’ve never been there...I’ve never been there...

What does st do?

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