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Welcome to the World of Xedas!✨

A land of powerful magic, legendary weaponry, diverse people groups and species, lore, wars, darkness, prosperity and countless other events and possibilities. Rule your own nation and share its story.

Featured on 02/02/2019

The majority of rp, as well as more casual content, is held on discord, though the RMB is open for the former as well.

  • Be sure to join the discord to get set up.

  • Neo-Yuan takes all map requests and questions.

  • Contact any admin via telegram/discord on any other questions you may have if you can’t find your answer in the rule book.

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    Current Regional Era: 4th Era, Year 23

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      Rules of Xedas, RP and Discord

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    Xedas contains 137 nations, the 92nd most in the world.

    Today's World Census Report

    The Most Extensive Civil Rights in Xedas

    The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

    As a region, Xedas is ranked 13,834th in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

    NationWA CategoryMotto
    1.The Most Strange Republic of Emily KaneAnarchy“School Kids on Buses are Singing My Name”
    2.The Republic of ClammerAnarchy“Carpe Noctem”
    3.The United States of YEET69420Anarchy“Mumble rap”
    4.The Confederacy of AyumLeft-wing Utopia“Motto...”
    5.The Micronation of Fort WilkinsCivil Rights Lovefest“Freedom of the Seas”
    6.The Armed Republic of ThehelllandsLeft-Leaning College State“Only the Good shall prosper and thrive”
    7.The Republic of VilentzianaCivil Rights Lovefest“There is one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”
    8.The Holy Empire of GommoriaCivil Rights Lovefest“Peace and Justice”
    9.The Nomadic Peoples of Green WolfAnarchy“Our patience will achieve more than our force.”
    10.The Republic of Outer Island PeoneAnarchy“Peace and Justice”
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    Hello, I am Jumguma. I was recently talking with people on the discord server. I let my sister have my device and she logged out of my discord (which I just created, along with an email adress). I have forgotten my email address and as such may need to log in with a new account. Is this okay

    Jumguma wrote:Hello, I am Jumguma. I was recently talking with people on the discord server. I let my sister have my device and she logged out of my discord (which I just created, along with an email adress). I have forgotten my email address and as such may need to log in with a new account. Is this okay

    Yeah, that's no problem at all. Feel free to rejoin.

    Crystal Clear: Part 1

    His Highness Zevran I Chrystalis-Arainai, Emperor of the Crystal Empire of Valassyria, was not the happiest of men. The burden of rulership, of holding an entire country’s fate in his hand, was not so enjoyable as it had once been, when perhaps he had been too eager to become Emperor, to have people kneeling before him in fealty, instead of being eager to be Emperor, to have all those responsibilities placed before him.

    He sat on the veranda of the Crystal Palace, looking out north-westwards over the Imperial Harbour of the Crystal City, and as a slave poured him a glass of zivania and he began to drink it, he reminisced. It had been a long century for century for him and he had come further than most. From being of the lowest of the low of Brakara, son of a longshoreman and a prostitute, raised in a family where the mother was never known and the father neglectful; he was now here. He’d had to take charge of the family when he was but fourteen; he remembered the harrowing days and nights as Rinna suffered from the gangue plague, perched upon the edge of life and death for months whilst Taliesen never cared.

    Tears could be seen on his face as he remembered those dreadful days, but he was not alone with those. Not anymore, for Auroriel was there, sat with him, and as he cried she wiped away his tears with a handkerchief, the warmth of her soft hands on his face bringing him comfort.

    “What is the matter, love?” she asked tenderly, her voice soft in the evening air.
    “The past,” he said simply.
    “The past?”
    “The past. I started to think about how I ended up here, how I ended up here with you, and I remembered – “ he paused, trying to put his thoughts into words as the tears returned. “Did I ever tell you about Rinna?” he finished softly.
    “Rinna? Possibly, Zevran, but it is not something you have broached in a while. Was she dear to you?”
    “She is – or was, I suppose, I do not know – my sister,” he answered slowly. “When we first met, I believe it was, I told you about her.”
    Auroriel visibly thought back through her memories of the two of them together, and something clicked. “Yes, now I remember, I remember you talking a little about her. I recall little of that, but I remember.”
    “It was the year of the gangue plague, when it spread through Brakara and rampaged up and down Chalsa. I was only fourteen at the time, and Rinna, my sister, the only part of my family who was related by anything but blood; she was eight, she was young, she was weak, and she came down with the gangue.” Zevran drank more of the zivania, steadied himself, and as the slave refilled his glass he continued to speak.
    “She had high hopes at the time, and was always cheery, but the gangue; it is a disease of the lungs, of the throat. She could barely breathe for such a long time, could barely eat and drink, for her throat was barely wide enough to let the air through.” He struggled with the words, but the alcohol helped him focus on it a little, or at least it helped him to not cry as he spoke. “For many months, whilst Taliesen did not care for his children, I had to care for her myself, had to support myself and her at the age of fourteen with no inheritance to rely on. Only my mind, my body, and my tongue; I – “ he stopped speaking as the tears returned.

    “I know that they’re painful memories,” Auroriel replied as she embraced him, letting the tears fall onto her evening dress, “you don’t have to be thinking about them right now.”
    “I could,” Zevran answered, “it’s just – “ He sighed, and slumped into Auroriel’s arms.
    “What is it?”
    “I’ve been thinking, you know. I’ve been an emperor for two years now, and here for a year before that. A century ago I was born into nothing, and now I’m here. But I’ve never been in the same spot for long, not since I became an adult, and now? I don’t know.”
    “Zevran? You sound unsure. What are you unsure about?”
    “Many things, I suppose. But,” he hesitated, drank some more zivania, and continued. “Emperor. It always sounded cool, always sound desirable, alluring, *important*. To be an emperor, to be someone who commands and at least part of the world obeys, always sounded, I don’t know, like a life goal of sorts. Not something I ever expected to attain, but something that would be *nice* to be.”
    “Really?” Auroriel replied, looking mildly but visibly crestfallen at this new-found knowledge. She blinked several times, now likewise uncertain.
    “I’m sorry, but it is a part of it. I love you Auroriel, since I first laid eyes on you I loved you, and I wouldn’t put that aside for the world.”
    “I love you too Zevran,” she said, and she kissed him square on the lips, placing her hand on his bare chest, feeling his muscles under her palm.
    “Not right now,” he said as he guided her hand off of him, “I can’t get that out of my mind.”

    Auroriel complied, a little disappointed. “Can’t get what out of your mind, my dear?”
    “Can’t get out of my mind the fact that since becoming Emperor – hell, since becoming Minister Plenipotentiary, even since I left Brakara in the first place – I haven’t done anything to find RInna again. I last saw her alive when I left Brakara to join the navy. She had recovered some, was alive, but her throat had been scarred by the gangue and she would never sing again,” Zevran replied, stopping before he would start crying again.
    “That’s,” Auroriel responded in a sorrowful tone, “that’s awful. She wanted to sing?”
    “She had a voice like a goddamn angel that even Sarula would look up to!” he shouted as he started crying again. “And the plague took it away from her! And yes, I may have stopped her from dying – but when she needed me more, when she had lost that which let her be what she wished, I left her! I ran away!” He paused, out of breath, and Auroriel embraced him again.
    “It’s,” she said, “it’s fine.”
    “I spent thirty years at the other ends of the world because I fled that,” he continued to say, his breath recovered but his voice ragged, “whenever I returned to Chalsardu I avoided Brakara. I spent eighty years fleeing my responsibilities, Auroriel! I abandoned her! I had all those resources, all that time at my disposal, and instead of trying to find her again, instead of trying to ensure that she was safe and healthy, I did nothing. I didn’t lift a finger. I’m an Emperor now. If an emperor can’t even find their younger sister, then - WHAT’S THE POINT?”
    He took deep breaths in between his crying and managed to drink a little more zivania before he collapsed back into his chair.

    Auroriel kept quiet briefly, waiting for Zevran’s shouting to subside, then as the rage turned into sadness embraced him again, wiping away the tears that rolled down his bronzed face. “It’s not too late Zevran,” she said softly as she held him, the love of her life, in her arms, “it’s not too late to try. You’ll still be an emperor in the morning, with all the power that entails.”
    “I didn’t need to be reminded of that Auroriel,” he replied tersely. “I am well aware that tomorrow you and I formally swear fealty to my fatherland, as Valassyria becomes simply a protectorate of the Commonwealth. It’s why I was thinking in the first place; thinking about the decisions that led me to this point. A century ago I was nothing, barely even Elven; now I’m an Emperor, about to bow before a democracy.”
    “There is no need to admonish yourself so,” she responded, resting her head on his shoulder. “You’re a good man, you’ve worked hard, kept the faith, been loyal. You have much to be proud of Zevran.”
    “You’re right,” he answered, the sorrow and despair of his voice weakened but still present. “I did do right by my countries. I represented the Commonwealth abroad for over a decade. I could have represented them for many years more, had it not been for you.” With that, Zevran held Auroriel and lightly kissed her on the forehead.
    “Do you regret it at all?” she asked sweetly.
    “There are times when I think back to back then, when I had fewer responsibilities and much greater rein to travel as I wished. I did not hold the fate of millions in my hand then as I did now. The role itself had its perks as well.”
    He smiled at a fond memory of his, and turning back to Auroriel, asked her, “do you remember at our coronation and wedding, when the day after we shared our chamber with Elxiras and Elessar?”
    “Indeed I do,” Auroriel replied with a devilish smile. “That was a fascinating decision of yours which worked out very well for us. Why do you ask?”

    “For I was Elxiras’ lover for a while,” he said. “For a while, whilst I was Minister Plenipotentiary, she and I had a dalliance; first under the nose of her husband Elessar, then on a couple of occasions with his involvement. I understand that she left that part out of her anonymous retelling of events.”
    “Really?” Auroriel was visibly and exaggeratedly scandalised by this, of course, totally unknown, revelation. “It would explain why they agreed to join us. But that doesn’t quite answer my question now, does it?”
    “Indeed, it does not. You asked if I regretted leaving that life behind to live with you. The answer is very simple – no, I do not, and never have. When I walked into the Crystal Palace that fateful day, I did not expect to be in your bed, let alone your life, but the affection was sincere and that is what we became. I would not give it up now for anything.”
    “Then let me help you find your sister.”
    “No.” A sudden reply, a stern one, a terse one.
    Silence. A pause, pregnant with anticipation. “Why?”
    “Because,” Zevran answered, lost for word, “because I don’t want to be dragging you to the ends of the world for her sake.”
    “Do you really think that I would let you bear this burden alone, my love? Do you believe that I would sit idly by and not help you? We’ve been ruling together for two years now. We haven’t taken a proper break for that entire time. Come the morning, we shan’t have so many responsibilities. We’ll have the time to go. And did you not say that you enjoyed travelling the world? Take me with you this time, Zevran.”
    He saw the pleading in her eyes, heard the earnestness in the voice, felt the love in her heart. He could not deny her this. “I will, Auroriel. We shall search for her together.”



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    Spicy-tacos wrote: I'm new to this reginn

    Please join the discord for casual conversations, the RMB is reserved for rp. You can find a discord invite link in the region description.

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    Please join the discord for casual conversations, the RMB is reserved for rp. You can find a discord invite link in the region description.

    A Heretical Resurgence - part 2

    Briesk. Verka Brusov as a majority of its residents knew it as. By some accounts a great, modern city, one that could even rival Pravel, maybe even Morea, the jewel of the Fatherland. By other accounts, a hive of an untrustworthy people and enemies, and a heavily fortified one at that. It was all in how you viewed the city's ethnic majority, which, unfortunately, quite a few Vallsichs viewed as barbaric, and mistrusted them. This opinion wasn't unreasonable though; there'd been a number of conflicts between the Vallsichs of Messaria and the people that now inhabited Briesk. In fact, Briesk was the latest in many solutions to those conflicts.

    Such were the views on the Langvachs and their rather recently acquired city.

    The city square, though almost always bustling with market vendors, soldiers, civilians, and holy men, seemed more... alive today. Ruzslav walked through the streets, observing his surroundings and occasionally stopping to make small-talk with various citizens, Langvachs and Vallsichs. The young merchant tended to avoid the city square, as he found it crowded and boring more often than not. But today, Ruzslav found himself smiling and enjoying the square. In his right hand, he held a bottle of Shovyak, the sweet beverage which Messarians so loved. The drink's taste hadn't graced Ruzslav's tongue for over two years, as it was hard to come by abroad. Upon returning to the Fatherland, Ruzslav had found out just how much he truly enjoyed the comforts of home.

    As a boy, Ruzslav had enjoyed the peace that seemed to only be found inside the Briesk Woltéhais (the equivalent of a church). The building had burned down once during Ruzslav's early childhood. It was rebuilt, then it burned down again. The cathedral was then erected in the old Woltéhais' place, and its marble facade and gleaming domes of gold still stood tall, just as Ruzslav remembered.

    Upon entering the building, Ruzslav was somewhat surprised. During his youth, he'd familiarized himself with the attire of the Cahirian clergy, but the individual who was preaching wasn't dressed like one. That being said, he wasn't dressed like a civilian either. Instead, the man wore a simple golden-colored robe and a mantle displaying a sun design. The preacher spoke of something called 'the Great Sun' and repeatedly denounced the Cahirian faith in a number of ways. It became clear to Ruzslav that this man, whoever he was, was a heretic.

    Ruzslav heard the preacher' words, but they were muffled, fuzzy, and merely drifting in the background. The young merchant didn't usually pay attention to any matters of the theological or ecumenical sort, although he was a practicing Cahirian.

    People eventually turned around to leave, as most had better things to do. Ruzslav was no different. The citizens of Briesk - or at least the majority - tended to leave discussion of religion for the priests.

    "I once heard the Langvachs were an ignorant people, but I never really believed that. Well, look how wrong I was. You turn your backs to the true faith, you live life under the yoke of the Vallsichs, and you view your pathetic city as great." Sneered the preacher as he watched the small gathering leave. Ruzslav stopped in his tracks, right as he was nearing the cathedral's great lacquered pine door. The preacher's words were meant to try and cutdown the spirit of the Langvachs, and Ruzslav did not like that. "The yoke of the Vallsichs? What do you propose we do about this so-called yoke?" Ruzslav was indeed angry, but he wouldn't show it. Instead, he'd oblige the preacher, let him feel as if he'd succeeded.

    "You must break it, of course! Rise up against the Vallsichs, and the Great Sun shall favor you, for the Vallsichs have forsaken it!"

    This was a call to arms, an attempt to disrupt the peace, and a war with the Vallsichs could possibly destroy the city they took so much pride in. Ruzslav didn't like that at all. "So, a war, in short. Is that what you mean?" Said Ruzslav, now slowly advancing towards the man.

    The preacher could sense that something was off. At first it was only a small suspicion, but it gradually grew over time, so much so that the preacher knew it as a fact. As the young merchant drew closer to him, the preacher truly felt fear in his life. However, if this young man tried anything, the preacher would kill him if need be, for in the folds of his golden-colored robe hid a small dagger.

    "Get back, young man. Maintain your distance from me." Said the preacher, backing up. "Your lecture is faulty. You would plunge the Fatherland into war, and see our great city burn." Ruzslav reached into the inner folds of his red coat, where he hid a thin-bladed dagger. The preacher and him thought alike.

    "No, no, not like tha-" The preacher's sentence was stopped short as he looked down and found Ruzslav's blade in his gut. The preacher tried to pull his own dagger, but it didn't matter. The light was already fading from his eyes. The last thing the preacher saw was the scowling visage of Ruzslav from the checkered marble floor of the cathedral.

    Ruzslav was thrown in the Briesk prison, course. The city guard couldn't let an incident like that go. The young man languished in Briesk prison for a month, as it seemed his sentence was cut short, in this case by two heavily armed and armored men. Their faces were concealed by helmets, both bearing face masks instead of visors, which, on an off note, reminded Ruzslav of the helmets that Langvach lords wore. Those face masks looked to each other, then Ruzslav before a hood was slipped over the young man's head.

    Ruzslav had brought the attentions of the Inquisition to him, and had gotten himself involved in something he didn't know anything about, and didn't want to know anything about. On the way to... wherever they were going, Ruzslav knew he was in for some trouble.

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