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Founded: 2016.07.03

Decided to move here instead of my previous region. This region at least has a future. :)

Transition begins from my embassy oracle list to my embassy matrix list.

This region will begin accepting embassy offers in a day or two.

Mbabane: seems to require 7 puppets to fit in the matrix list

I know there is at least one other region in that situation

I'll have to add Singaore City to that list too.

Soon I'll need another puppet holding region for all of these puppets that needs sorting.

Four more puppets and we'll be at capacity, unless I decide to add another division.

I plan to build State of New York before that. I still have a list of regions that were placed on my Matrix Regions List that still do not have any puppets.

Looks like I have to readjust this region on my play list. All of these new puppets that joined here today.

And the purge continues . . . :)