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This Region is for the war between the region Iron And Blood and Alliance Of Armed Nations.

Rules and junk
1. Country will make a new nation called _______ Command. Example Bougheyia Command.
2.Name military speciality like Urban combat or something.
3.Name military weakness
4.Name special forces.
5.Pick weapons.

1. No Forcefields
2. No nukes
3. No Godmodding

Tags: Founderless and Small.

Warzone AOAN contains 8 nations, the 1,858th most in the world.

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The Largest Governments in Warzone AOAN

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As a region, Warzone AOAN is ranked 8,513th in the world for Largest Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Incorporated States of CommandismFather Knows Best State“I Am That I Spam”
2.The Allied States of The Lost Souls CommandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“War.... war never changes.”
3.The Republic of SHIN CHANLiberal Democratic Socialists“Can you do this?”
4.The People's Republic of United KolopiaLeft-wing Utopia“Peace and Justice”
5.The Join Lily of 3rd Catgirl DivisionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Join Lily Today!”
6.The Republic of Interceptor XXIXInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Might Makes Right”
7.The Empire of MiskatonioTyranny by Majority“Cuivis dolori remedium est patientia.”
8.The Republic of InheverempenctionsCivil Rights Lovefest“Strength Through Compliance”

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Warzone AOAN Regional Message Board

The void of space spread silently, the darkness of eternal night broken by dead stars and ancient, far-off galaxies. The LSS Vecny led the fleet onward, its sleek, silvery hull breaking through the darkness. The ship was massive, the size of a small city, and for good reason. It was the central command center of the research effort, and contained quarters for all three species participating in this zealous effort. The ship was over 65,000 feet long, and 35,000 feet tall. It was the pinnacle of the Lost Souls fleet, containing the most advanced technology and weaponry currently invented. It's engines were reverse-engineered from the FC warships of old, discovered on Elysium in the early days of colonization. They could travel the galaxy in half the time the most advanced warps created could travel. It's weaponry and defense systems more capable than anything else in the LS fleet.

Secvus leaned out of balcony and gazed upon the commons area, a chamber that seemed to spread on for miles, its ceiling resembling that of a perfect blue sky. The climate felt tropical, as a light breeze swayed the trees along the boulevard. Humans, Kreet, and Sheorians scuttled along the path, soldiers drunkenly stumbled back to their barracks from the red light "district", and scientists hustled along the metallic pathways. Secvus himself was a 7'2'' humanoid creature, his sleek frame encompassed with a black and blue armor, many parts of him reduced to or enhanced with cybernetic enhancements. His carapace had a metallic gleam to it, imbued with thulium to protect their bodies from their home world's original threat of solar radiation. But his people had been been able to move beyond their earliest days of being confined to caves in their home world, building large cavernous cities beneath the surface of their world, advancing technologically to move to the surface. Terra forming their planet's atmosphere to decrease the amount of radiation that entered their world, allowing the environment to return to its once vast, ancient forests. The Kreet had changed since their first days of consciousness, they lived above and below their planet's surface in vast cities and farms. Enhancing themselves with their latest technology to extend their originally fragile physique to be stronger. And here they were now, assisting their ally, the Lost Souls, go beyond the Outer Rim to find their creators. The Kreet had always been curious of those before them, having found the remains of ancient tunnel complexes beneath the charred surfaces of their home world. They had spent centuries researching the FC... Secvus's line of thought was interrupted as he heard the door of his private quarters open. "Sir, they need you in Sector III Command," answered a armored LS soldier before saluting and proceeding down the hallway to the entrance. Secvus sighed, and gathered his data pads to present to the Command Board.

November 30th: Paradise, Lambden

The Bougheyian's had been holding ground. Notably the 46th. Would had managed to lock down their objective. Securing the bridge was essential in allowing reinforcements and evacuations to and from the downtown sector. Imperium marines had slowly shifted their focus from the beachhead to the northern sector of the city. No doubt in search of Dreah. Communications were still down. At least at the galactic level. Bougheyian planetside communications were finally working, although with some trouble. News from the frontlines said the situation was grim. Imperium bolt guns were ripping Bougheyians apart. Ignoring armor. Civilians were targeted. Captured. Killed. No one knew if this was an invasion or a search and destroy operation for Dreah. One thing was certain. The galaxy was at war.

Chancellor Boughey sat in the back of the Viper dropship. With him was Dreah. Looking sick and nervous. Chancellor Boughey put his hand on his friend's shoulder. An usual sign of compassion from the Chancellor.
"My friend, Dreah, calm down. The Bougheyian PDF are more then ready to combat this threat."
"... If they find me Chancellor. They will kill me, and you. If they re-secure the information on the void... I'm afraid Chancellor. The Imperium will conquer the galaxy."
"Don't talk like that. We'll be alright."
"Dark days are coming Chancellor..."

Chancellor Boughey turned his attention to the view of the city. Fire. Disappointing to see the pride of Bougheyia burn to the ground. The Bougheyian's had invest billions into the development of Paradise. Of fighting of native beasts. Battling insurgents. All for nothing. In the years it took to build, it was torn down in a day. For the first time it was clear what the Bougheyians needed to do. They had to get to the Omega nebula first. Otherwise nothing would stop the Imperium.

November 30th: Q'tin Prime, (Kaleesh Space) Sector 15: Relais jai Dummak

Relais fired another round into the human defenders. His slug pierced the large bulking marines armor. Killing him instantly. More targets approached from the east, Isemore handled them with brutal Droth efficiency. Shrugging off bolts from the Imperium forces bolters. Council command had identified the marines as defending a scientist from The Lost Souls. The human they had been hunting for the last nine days. He had convinced local Kaleesh militias to guard him, as well as a large supply of Imperial marines and guardsmen. Quite the prize Relais and his team would kill today.

The scientist was holed up in a massive cave. Kaleesh elders had revered the cave for it's "mystical" properties. No doubt what the scientist was researching. They soon find out, as the last of his outer defenses crumbled. Nasama, the Aunian psyker hurled a massive ball of energy towards an Imperial Terminator, crushing his armor against him. He died with a loud bang, as his cybernetics exploded within him. An honorable death thought Relais. It meant as much to the Imperium as it did the Kaleesh to fall in battle. Perhaps Relais would say a prayer for these fallen foes after the mission.

At the entrance of the cave, Imperium forces were falling back, with Isemore close behind them, firing his slug throwers blindly. Relais rushed forward, alongside Nasama, who flashed him a quick smirk before rushing forward with a burst of speed. "Show off". Thought Relais, as he steadily lagged behind his comrades. His face wrap blowing in the wind. He thought he looked pretty cool. Like an ancient Kaleesh freedom fighter. If his tribe could see him now.

"Relais! Hurry up, my blade thirsts for blood."
"Take it easy Isemore. This is a mission, keep it under control."
The lizard smiled... Kind of... The closest thing a giant lizard could do to a smile. And reloaded his slug throwers.
"Those big humans... Marines? I believe they are called. They fight like a true Droth. Break like one to."
"Those are Imperial Marines of the Vexus Imperium. Often called the best warriors humanity has." Chimed in Nasama.
"That's what the humans say about every warrior group they have. They are the best in the galaxy! It's all talk. They all die just as easy." Isemore surveyed the carnage. Then a quick glance at himself. He was hit, and bleeding. A large of flesh had been torn from his midsection. He had already began healing, however. As Droth are known to do. Much of the wound had been covered in a massive scab. Relais offered him a bandage. An offer that was turned down. Whole heartily.
Keep your bandages Kaleesh. No sense on wasting them on me."

Relais nodded in agreement. Before also reloading his rifle and signalling he was ready to continue the operation. Nasama led the group into the mouth of the cave.

[quote=bougheyia;22955853]November 30th: Paradise, Lambden: Champion Artenius
(OOC: I've already discussed the following events with Bog. He has agreed to this.)

The Rhino's AA weapons turned towards the Bougheyian Viper, as it whizzed overhead towards the Bougheyian fallback area. Onboard, were Boughey and Dreah. Artenius signaled and the weapon fired. The kinetic bolt of the AA weapon tore through the Viper. It burst into flames as the bolt super heated the air around the Viper. The burning husk fell to the ground quickly. A trail of fire and ash following it the whole way down. Artenius kept his eye's trained on the remains. It had began. The Galactic War. The death of President Boughey would ignite the galaxy. The Imperium would continue their crusade from Paradise, the Age of Strive had begun. The war would be long, and the deaths glorious.

"Kill confirmed Champion Artenius. We have killed the traitor and heretic leader. Your orders?"
Artenius stood tall, he raised his power sword and pointed forward. The electric charge of the sword arcing across the blade.
"Templars! Forward charge!"

The marines roared a battle cry and rushed forward. Boltguns firing and Power Armor surging forward. The Baneblade tanks firing heavy Hades shells. Igniting their targets. The final push of Paradise was underway. Soon, Artenius knew the Bougheyian's would come. Would cry for revenge with the death of their beloved leader. And would happily die a futile death against the might of the Imperium. The Age of Strive may have began. But the Age of Vexus was assured.

December 1st; On board Battle ship Merciless , destination Paradise

General Richards stands in the cock pit starring as they see the planet Paradise in the distance. General Richards shivers as he can already see fire "how long until landing time" General Richards asked. The pilot checked some things and answered back " About 20-30 minutes sir." General Richards turned to walk back when he is stopped by Bass. He looks at him " Captain Bass may I help you" Bass's eyes widen and then drop " Sir, it has just been confirmed President Boughey was killed yesterday," Bass looked down Richards stood in awe his face then went stern. He marched to the back room where all of the Joshinian soldiers were at " Men, we land in 20 minutes I want guns loaded, safety's off, and minds focused. When we land and that door opens if it isn't Bougheyia or civilian and it moves." He paused and grabbed his rifle "Shoot it" The soldiers stood saluted with a "OOH-RAH!" They began to load up as the ship reached closer to Paradise. The intercoms turned on with the pilot saying "2 minutes till landing lock and load." The soldiers stood waiting for the doors to open. They felt the ship descend with rifles in hand they saw the door begin to open, they good see hell about to break loose.

December 1st: Paradise, Lambden: 46th Colonial Defense Force

It was official, the galaxy was at war. With the Imperium's EMP finally down, Paradise was able to get a message to central Bougheyian space about the invasion, and the death of Chancellor Boughey, and Governor Dreah. At the same time, Imperium and Bougheyian fleets were clashing all around the galaxy. There was little sense of a plan. Many Commanders simply engaged the nearest Imperial threat in their sector. While on Alexandria, Bougheyian officials discussed the transition into a new Chancellor. The next in line to rule was Chancellor Boughey's eldest daughter. Sasha Boughey. However, the transition would take time. As this was a time of war, and Chancellor Boughey I, would need time to select her advisers. Currently, the military was in charge of Bougheyian space.

Currently, the only plan was retake Paradise, and hold a line against the Imperium's fleets. At least until a longer campaign could be put together. Reports from the ground on Paradise were grim, but familiar. Imperium assaults are devastating. Fighting them on the ground, is difficult and often results in long battle attrition. The Bougheyians were hoping to avoid that with Paradise. They would attempt a new tactic. One learned by their enemy. Called "deep strike". Bougheyian ODSTs would deploy in behind the Imperium, and take their attention away from the front, while Bougheyian marines deployed to the front to relieve the Bougheyian defense force. Then, they would attempt a counter assault. Flanking the Imperium and breaking the siege on Paradise.

Pvt. Logan:

"1... 2... 3..."
Logan popped up from behind cover and fired at the first Imperial Marine he saw charging at his position. All around him the men and women of the 46th clung desperately to defending the bridge. Imperial marine just kept coming. The assault had lasted hours, the 46th was tired. Outgunned, out manned, and out of time. The airstrike they were promised never came. There was a creeping suspicion that with the Chancellor's death, the battle for Paradise was over.
Logan just kept counting in his head. He had reverted to his training. Every three seconds, you fire a burst when defending against Imperial or Xeno threats. His CO used to say. The tactic had worked well in beating the Imperium at the Battle of LV-580 thirty years ago. And drastically increased the amount of firepower the Bougheyians could fire.
"46, listen up, we got two Heavy Crusader tanks inbound to take some pressure off of us. Stay clear and let the tanks do their thing. You guys have done great out there!". Finally. Support

January 1st: Paradise, Lambden: Champion Artenius:

It was over. The last of the guns finished firing this morning. Bougheyia had lost Paradise. Artenius stood now at the steps of the Bougheyian governmental hub of Lambden and looked out over the city. Or, the husk rather. Burned out buildings littered the skyline. An Imperium battleship hovered overhead. Thunderhawk gunships flying to and fro. The Black Templars were done here. Their victory hard fought, but assured by the Emperor. Blessed be his name. The Templars would move from Paradise back to the Segmentum sector. Where Artenius would met back with Emperor before continuing his crusade. He imagined he'd be continuing south. Stopping at Tarnis to cleanse the planet, before making the full push into Bougheyian territory. Assuming all went well with the Emperor. The next issue was the Omega cluster, there was little if LS scientists had been able to get inside the cluster yet.

This region is still dead, but I shall stay in order to keep our history, forged by fire and blood, alive for those who come to its grave.

Main Nation: The Lost Souls
Founders Main Account: Bougheyia

The Lost Souls Command wrote:This region is still dead, but I shall stay in order to keep our history, forged by fire and blood, alive for those who come to its grave.

Main Nation: The Lost Souls
Founders Main Account: Bougheyia


Well. It's been 2 years and 86 days since my "final" message trying to eulogize this place. This region was created as a separate place to post our (Alliance of Armed Nations) war RPs from the main region. I wanna say me and my friends created this when we were in 7th grade in 2012(?) and spent many, probably too many, hours here. It was an amazing escape for a mixed group of nerds and creative folks from a tiny midwestern school. It was our place to carve on the world wide web and I'll admit I owe it some thanks to my developing as a person. Friends were made and lost like the wind. And here I am getting sentimental not even 10 years later. NS you still have a place in my heart.

If any, and I know plenty will lol, raiders come by who know how to archive message boards please shoot me a telegram. That's really the only reason I keep this account so the region hopefully doesn't get deleted.

My name's Ty Kral and deuces.

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