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Nulli Secundus!

All operations are run from our LinkDiscord server. Feel free to join, either to participate or just to banter.

Please contact the Minister of Military Affairs Aumeltopia or General United States of Vietnam, Federation of the Resentine Kingdom and Roavin with any inquiries.

Feel free to make any poll if you ever tag this place.

Feel free to use this as a jump point or puppet storage although we can stop you from doing that at any time without any reason.

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Versailles Isle contains 37 nations, the 366th most in the world.

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The Highest Wealthy Incomes in Versailles Isle

The World Census studied the spending power of the richest 10% of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Versailles Isle is ranked 12,168th in the world for Highest Wealthy Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Propaganda agency of SPSF Recruitment OfficesAnarchy“Nulli Secundus!”
2.The Roavinian SPSF Puppet of Kutumal VICapitalist Paradise“The falcon cannot hear the falconer”
3.The Republic of MAF-Raider-10Capitalist Paradise“Motto...”
4.The Roavinian SPSF Puppet of Kutumal XMoralistic Democracy“Lux Veritas Virtus”
5.The Roavinian SPSF Puppet of Kutumal XVIINew York Times Democracy“Lux Veritas Virtus”
6.The Roavinian SPSF Puppet of Kutumal IVRight-wing Utopia“Lux Veritas Virtus!”
7.The Roavinian SPSF Puppet of Kutumal XXLibertarian Police State“Lux Veritas Virtus”
8.The Third Wheel of SPSF of Hakatisi HotanosoniCivil Rights Lovefest“I like this flag, made it myself!”
9.The Fashy Bashy of Kutumal XVICivil Rights Lovefest“Lux Veritas Virtus”
10.The Jump Point Maintainer of SPSF and FriendsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“SPSF and Friends”

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*waves to the jump point*

Have you seen our ass?

We've an entry, Hercules, in the Royal Ass Côte. He's one of the under-donkeys - please give your support!

No puppet voting though - you can vote for more than one donkey, but the rules are only one vote per donkey per real life player.

Show us how much you like our ass! Thank you!

International Chess Games 2028

by Sakhalinsk wikipedia


Welcome to the 2nd International Chess Games! This is a chance for your nation's top chess players to compete in the greatest chess tournament in the world!

We welcome people of all ages and skill levels, from new players wishing to learn from the best, to the best themselves wishing to compete. However, for the sake of simplicity, if you wish to send a telegram stating who will attend, only list the top 5 players. Make sure to prepare all delegates with money and luggage good for two weeks, as well as any transportation tickets needed.

The games will be held in Dawning Springs, the capital of Antarritah.

A total of over a hundred people will be attending the Games, but for brevity we will only be listing here the top 5 players from each nation.

  • The Sakhalinsk Empire

    • Milorad Annikov

    • Lavrentiy Stepanov

    • Erik Danshov

    • Olyusha Daniltsina

    • Genrietta Nenasheva

  • Techolandia

    • Miguel Lopez

    • Daniel Tremblay

    • Sofia Smith

    • Liam Morales

    • Maria Diaz

  • Antarritah

    • Franchesca Belzeki

    • Pheona Baker

    • Antoine Anderson

    • Betty Carter

    • Patrick Connor

  • Beepee

    • Alistair Bishop

    • Bernadette Castle

    • Colin King

    • Katherine Day-Knight

    • Jay Doube

  • Slanduya

    • Narisaluyv Dmitiriov

    • Sanya Slivorniya

    • Sinatra Leonov

    • Ashley Carter

    • Vasilyev Zaytsev

  • Zuhayrian

    • Joanna Liu

    • Soham Mehta

    • Ibis Diaz-Martinelli

    • Irina Hart

    • Sarzitha Ranukove

  • Hanguk-Nippon

    • Han-Kyo Kawasaki

    • Kang Se-Hwang

    • Yoshiharu Habu

    • Lee Soo-Geun

    • Mito Kashi-Soru

  • Datland

    • Amy Acosta

    • Andrew Anderson

    • Anthony Webb

    • Grant Grater

    • Patricia Parker

In the International Chess Games of 2027, the results were simply calculated with a toss of a coin (in This time, however, I will let two Level 9 Stockfish players fight it out using (In case of a draw, it is recorded and a rematch is held with the winner progressing to the next round.)

UPDATE: I reverted back to flipping coins as, well, two level 10 Stockfishes fighting each other always ends up in a tie...

I have decided to post the results.



Read dispatch

Imperium Anglorum

Good morning, VI!
I, Pencil Sharpeners 2, and Si-topia are now the new Local Councillors in TSP! 〜(⌒∇⌒)〜

The International Chess Games of 2029 have been... not yet announced. However, you can already make reservations.

Greetings, members of Versailles Isle
I would like to inform you that Lardyland will be holding an online Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament on or around the date the game releases.
below is a dispatch about it. Please spread this around/pin it to your region if you can so more people can find out about it.
Send me a telegram if you wish to participate.
Give it your best shot and bring glory(in the form of a trophy) to your region!

Greetings, fellow nationstates players. As you may or may not have heard, Lardyland will be holding an online Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament!
Be sure to spread this factbook everywhere you can, so we can get more participants!

What Is it?
We will be holding a big online Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament, for all who wish to join. We haven't finalized much about it yet, but we have a general idea of how we want it to look.

Cool! When is it?
We think we will have it start on December 28th, 2018. We originally wanted it to be on the 7th, as that is the day the game releases, but right now we prefer the 28th for a few reasons:
•We want to give people time to unlock their mains
•We want to give people time to adjust to changes made to their mains
•Some people might not get the game until Christmas
•To get a better idea of which stages should be allowed
•to allow time for any big bugs to be fixed in a patch
So we prefer the 28th of December, although this date is not final.

So what will the rules be?
We have a few different ideas of how the rules should be. We haven't made up or minds yet on everything, but we have decided for certain rules.
Even what we think is final might be changed later if we get new information.
These are the rules we HAVE decided:
•Each match will be 1v1
•No Items
•No custom sets
•3 Stock
•Best of 3
•In a bout, Loser picks next stage
•Who picks first stage will be decided by whoever's name is listed first on the bracket(don't worry my dudes its random)
These are some of the rules we HAVEN'T decided on yet:
•Time limit
•Final smash meter
•certain stages
•Whether to allow mii fighters
•Stage morph

Stages that WILL be allowed:
•Final Destination/omega stages
•Battlefied/battlefied forms
•Big Battlefied
•Yoshi's Story
•Fountain of dreams
•Lylat Cruise

•Town and City
•Pokemon Stadium
•Pokemon Stadium 2
•Peach's Castle
•Duck Hunt
•Prism Tower
•Super happy tree

Stages we HAVENT'T DECIDED yet:
•Great Plateau tower
•Moray Towers
•Dream Land
•Umbra Clock Tower
•Tomodachi Life
•Pilot Wings
•New Donk City Hall
•Yoshi's Island
•Brinstar Depths

Sounds great! How do I participate?
If you wish to join the tournament, there are a few different ways you can contact us.
The first would be to send a telegram to Pinochet Executionists, stating you wish to participate and your nintendo switch friend code. If you don't have a switch yet, be sure to let us know so we can add you to the list of people to ask later. Preferrably, we would like you to send your friend code as soon as possible.
The second way is to contact us on discord. The link to our discord server is, but it is preferrable that you send a message to TimmehTimmeh#0623.

This might be pretty big, how do you plan to manage all this?
The first thing we will do, once everyone has registered, is create a tournament bracket, using a random number generator. We aren't sure how big this will be, so we shall prepare for it to be big in case it is. We will have several people running this, spectating each match to record placements and statistics. For each bout, we will have each participant add one of our moderators as a friend and join their lobby. The said moderator will then spectate the match and record the results. All the results will be send to a small group of tournament administrators who will manage the bracket. Moderators and administrators CAN participate, but they will not be able to moderate their own matches. The bracket will also be agreed upon by all administrators to ensure nothing fishy happens.

That's great and all, but what is the prize?
Since we have a low budget, and we want the tournament to be free for everyone, we have a pretty low budget, so there won't be any life-changing prizes or anything, but we do have small offerings. Note that none of this is final.
The 1st place winner will have Lardyland Smash Tournament 2018 Champion sent to the region of their choice, with the national animal set as their main, and the motto as their name. They may also receive a position of power in Lardyland. They also, of course, get the satisfaction and bragging rights that come along with winning.
2nd place will have Lardyland Smash Tournament 2018 RunnerUp sent to the region of their choice.
3rd place will have Lardyland Smash Tournament 2018 3rdPlace sent to the region of their choice.
If you have any ideas you think would be good, contact Pinochet Executionists

Why are you advertising this so early? The game doesn't come out for another ~3 months.
We want as many people to know about this as possible, so we want some time to get the word out. We want to spread the word to as many regions/people as possible, and this might take some time.

If you have any questions
If you have any questions that aren't answered in this dispatch, send them to Pinochet Executionists so that information may be added accordingly.

Nations Participating so far
Pinochet Executionists
Captain Lard
Heropeas Mid Region
New Grand

Read dispatch

*breaks your silence*
We are expanding our operations.

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