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All region snipes conducted after 7:30 AM EDT, June 4th,2021 will have the Fascist tag as an Embassy Request Prevention.

Starting today, anyone who submits a Release Complaint Telegram, will receive a warning after 2 weeks of the complaint being accepted that the avoidance of that region by the Verchy Keepers will no longer apply if the region is not refounded.
(Unless the complaint is denied, in which case the region is still under the Verchy Keepers)

Complaints now have to go to Verchy Keeper Complaint Center.

The Voice of the Keepermaster nation is now Morias Eitus.

Effective on September 24th, 2021 at 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, the complaint system will be shut down and reopened on September 26th, 2021 at 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time due to the N-Day event.

Due to the ending of N-day being found to be too close too the end of the global complaint blacklist, the new N-day Verchy Keeper complaint shutdown is now ending on October 1st, 2021, midnight Eastern Daylight Time.

After N-Day, all of the regional officers of these regions are getting complaint blacklisted:

The complaint lines will be shutdown again because of today being the Hostility with Bluecrown Keep termination day.

Sending just "42069" or "420" or "69" in a complaint is now severe spam.
Nations with clean records will get 2 week blacklists for the first offense.

The complaint blacklist is now the persona non grata list for the open regions (The Oceania,OnO.. etc).
Any complaint blacklisted nation entering or requesting embassies with an open Verchy Keeper Occupation will be banned from that region immediately.

We now have a Discord server for discussion. The link is in the WFE of this region.

The status of the complaint system will now be able to be known with Verchy Keeper Complaint Center's flag.
Open(or a holiday shutdown day) = The flag will be this: NationStates built in Argentine flag.
Closed = The flag will be this: NationStates built in Chinese flag.

The policy of complaint line opening indication has been changed. Just before SessEnd on a day before a holiday shutdown day, Complaint Center's flag will be changed to the Closed indicator.

Downtime on the NationStates Game Forum will now also lead to Complaint Center being shutdown.