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Welcome to the United Regions Alliance || Forming An Everlasting Union

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  • The URA is not like most alliances; Rather, the URA has widespread focus, from World Assembly matters, to its own RP. As we grow the URA, we hope to deliver a satisfying experience to our members. Currently 33 regions hold membership in the URA!

  • If you are interested in joining the URA, please contact Ellenburg

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URA contains 16 nations, the 917th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in URA

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, URA is ranked 12,410th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of United Kingdoom 1st Grenadier UnitNew York Times Democracy“For the Empire”
2.The United States of FacodalconInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Facodacon, united, free and together as one.”
3.The Technate of MarlidaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Oderint dum metuant!”
4.The Republic of URA Head of SecurityLeft-wing Utopia“Preserve and Protect!”
5.The Colony of LapentsMoralistic Democracy“For the republic”
6.The Free Land of Sett IntyDemocratic Socialists“We Will Endure”
7.The People's Republic of UppertoniaDemocratic Socialists“Forward to victory!”
8.The Federal Republic of GrygiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Here we are, but there we go”
9.The Holy Empire of EnterauyanahNew York Times Democracy“God, Family, Democracy.”
10.The Democratic Republic Empire of Alternate SingaporeNew York Times Democracy“Kemenangan kepada kami!”

Regional Happenings


URA Regional Message Board

Hey guys I’m our new consultant to the URA

What do you guys think about the next GA proposal Integrity in Law Enforcement and the next SC proposal Condemmn Mikeswill

I am really undecided on this Condemning. I am unsure if this nation is deserving or not.

United Region Alliance wrote:I am really undecided on this Condemning. I am unsure if this nation is deserving or not.

Ok thanks forbyour input.

Hey the proposal integrity in Law enforcement has been took down and I’m wondering what you think of the next one War Times journalism protection act

Welcome Sett Inty to URA home region! If you have not already join our discord we have a blast there with the other regions of the URA Alliance!

Hey who won the elections

I will be posting it on here tomorrow. It is on our discord though now in #Campaign-Central channel.

United Region Alliance wrote:I will be posting it on here tomorrow. It is on our discord though now in #Campaign-Central channel.

Ya I cant be on discord right now

For those not on discord. Please review the proposed Constitution. There has been a few changes suggested that will be updated prior to a regional vote on this.


“Majority” : A vote in which at least 51% of voters are in favour.
“Supermajority” : A vote in which at least 2⁄3 of the voters is in favour.
“Citizen” : A Nation that has citizenship within the URA.
“Impeachment” : Charges against an elected official by the Government.
“Impeached and Tried” : An elected official impeached and tried in the senate.


1. Citizen’s rights
a. All citizens have the right to freedom of speech, The right to freedom of beliefs, the right to freedom of expression,
b. All citizens have the right to freedom of political parties. All citizens have the right to establish their own political party.
c. All citizens that reside in URA have the right to participate in the government.
d. All citizens that reside in the URA have the right to vote & participate in referendums. They can not be punished, rewarded, or revoked based on their vote.
e. All citizens have to reside in the URA for at least 24 hours to hold rights provided by Section D & C.
f. If a Citizen is tried for a crime they can not be tried at a later date for the same infraction.

2. No citizen’s citizenship can be removed without permission from the Founder. They can ask at any time to be relieved from it.
a. Citizens do not have to reside in the URA home region they can also choose to reside in a United Regions Alliance region as well if they so choose.

3. No citizen can be punished without good reason.
a. Any citizen accused of crossing our laws is presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a public court trial.
b. In a trial, every member has the right to be heard by impartial and independent judges.
c. Suppressing, ejecting, banning, banjecting or being reported to NS moderators are punishments, but not the only ones.
d. No citizen can be treated poorly or without respect.
e. Laws can’t be used retroactively.

4. No citizen’s privacy or correspondence can be violated without permission from the Supreme Court. False accusations or attacks upon a citizen’s honour and reputation are not allowed.
a. Every citizen has the right to protection against such violations or attacks.
b. Every citizen has the right to be helped by a Senator when one of their rights described in this Constitution is violated.

Government Branches

1. The Government of URA will consist of an executive branch, a legislative branch and a judiciary branch.
a. The President and Vice President will be the executive branch
b. The House of Citizens will be the legislative branch
c. The Supreme Court will be the judiciary branch.
d. Any member of the Executive branch can not be apart of the Legislative or Judiciary Branch
e. Any member of the Legislative Branch can not be part of the Executive or Judiciary Branch.
f. Any member of the Judiciary Branch can not be part of the Legislative or Executive Branch.

Article III
Executive Branch

1. The President is the leader of the region
a. The President serves a 4 month term with a 3 consecutive term limit
b. The President is responsible for the region during their term.
c. The President can Approve or Veto legislation passed by the House of Citizens. If the President approves of the legislation, the legislation becomes a law. If the President Vetoes a legislation, the House of Citizens can overturn the veto with a ⅔ majority of the vote.
d. The President can appoint cabinet members.
e. The President must get the officer roles of Appearance, Communications, Polls, Embassies, and Border Control
f. The President reserves the power to create and destroy cabinet positions as he/she sees fit.
g. The President is the Chief Executive, Chief Citizen, Head of State, Chief Diplomat, and Commander in Chief.

2. The Vice President is in second of command of the region
a. The Vice President is selected by the President at the beginning of the President’s term or while running for office.
b. The Vice President is the President of the House of Citizens.
c. They must get the officer roles of Appearance, Communications, Polls, and Embassies

Article IV
Legislative Branch

1. The House of Citizens Speaker is responsible for the House of Citizens
a. The House of Citizens Speaker will be the Vice President.
b. They are responsible for bringing votes to the House of Citizens’ floor.

2. The House of Citizens
a. The House of Citizens is the sole house of the legislative branch
b. All Legislation passed by the House of Citizens goes to the President for signing.
c. All Citizen are apart of the House of Citizens in URA and it has continuously resided in URA for the time period of at least one week
d. The House of Citizens is responsible for writing/voting on legislation and discussing the progress of the region.
e. Each House Citizen is responsible for voting on proposals in a timely manner
f. Voting on proposals will be done by regional poll.

3. Definition of what a Bill is:
a. A Bill is a proposed addition underneath the Constitution or a revisal of existing law, that is brought to the House of Citizens Floor to be discussed and voted on
b. Any Citizen can propose bills to the House of Citizens and must be discussed and voted on

4. How to vote on a Bill:
a. Bills passed by a majority vote in the House of Citizens at least 50% rounded up if an uneven number, must vote "aye" for a Bill to pass.
b. If a Bill passes, it is sent to the President to sign or Veto
c. If a veto occurs, 2/3 majority vote, rounded up, must vote "aye" for a Veto Override
d. If a Bill is rejected in the House of Citizens Chamber the Bill can be revised and brought to the House of Citizens again.

5. How to remove a Law:
a. A referendum can be started by the citizens, at least 5 signers, to remove an existing Law
b. The Supreme Court can analyze any existing Law and vote on whether it is Constitutional or not
c. In either case, the existing Law will be brought in front of the Supreme Court to be discussed and voted on
50% of the Judges, rounded up if an uneven number of Judges, needs to vote "aye" for an existing Law to be removed, if it fails the Law is deemed "Lawful" and will stay in place

6. Process of Impeachment
a. A Supermajority in both the House is needed to Impeach and convict any person from an official office.
b. Impeachable official offices

  1. President, Speaker of the House of Citizens , Minister of Forgien Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Defense, Minister of Roleplay, Minister of Cartography, Minister of Information, Minister of Immigration, Supreme Court Judge, and Supreme Court Chief Judge.

c. Requirements to be able to be impeached

  1. Treason

  2. High Crimes or other Distemeaners

  3. Bribery

d. The House of Citizens

  1. Any member from the House of Citizens has the power to call for impeachment.

  2. ⅔ of all votes must be in favor of the impeachment for it to pass

e. Supreme Court

  1. The Supreme Court Chief Justice will overlook the impeachment trial.

7. House of Citizens Voting Rules
a. Voting on a piece of legislation ends in 24 hours after it starts.
b. Votes have to be in favor of the legislation with a simple majority

Article V
Judiciary Branch

1. Consists of 1 Judges.
a. The President nominates all of the Judges and the House must approve of all of the nominees.
b. The President can appoint a new judge temporarily when there is a vacant spot.

2. Judicial Rules
a. All judges have to be unbiased during a trial or an investigation.
b. Judges have to treat all citizens equal in the eyes of the law.
c. All Judges are required to be unbiased, rational and logical in their job.

3. Supreme Court’s Original Jurisdiction
a. Constitutional matters
b. Inter-regional matters

4. Judges must defend against any and all unconstitutional acts.

5. The Supreme Court makes their decisions solely based on the constitution word by word.

6. A judge is removed from when they CTE, Resign, or are impeached.

Article VI

1. Amendments are additions to the Constitution.
a. They can be passed if the House of Citizens has a Supermajority to pass an amendment to the President..

2. Amendments are not apart of the articles of the constitution. Amendments addition to the constitution under a Category called “Amendments”.

3. All amendments can be repealed with a Supermajority in the House of Citizens with the President signing off on it.

Article VII

1. Each member has the right to call for a super referendum/referendum when they can prove at least 5 members support it.

2. Referendum
a. A referendum must be announced to the entire region via telegram at its start.
b. A referendum needs more than 50% votes FOR in it's poll to be successful.
c. A referendum can change a law when there is a lack of government support.
d. A referendum can render an edit to legislation unconstitutional.
e. A referendum can remove a punishment from a punished nation.
f. A referendum can remove a House of Citizens member from power.
g. A referendum can remove the WA-Delegate from power.

Super referendum
a. A super referendum needs a Supermajority of votes FOR in it's poll to be successful.
b. A super referendum can remove an amendment.
c. A super referendum can add an amendment.
d. A super referendum can remove the President from office.
e. A super referendum can remove the Vice President from office.
f. A super referendum can removed the Speaker of the House
g. A super referendum can remove a Supreme Court Justice or Chief Justice

Article X

Elections for President and Vice President and World Assembly Delegate will happen every 4 months on the first of the month and run till the 7th of the month. January, May and September.

The President is able to appoint an elections officer to host and run the elections. This officer can use either Telegram or Google Form voting to conduct elections. They will need to post certified results on both the RMB board and in one of the discord channels made for the URA home region.

Article XI

The Founder is the sole keeper of the region. They have all executive powers and are able to deal out punishments in accordance with the laws of the URA regional Constitution. The Founder is also a member of the House of Citizens and has all rights that a house of Citizen member has.

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