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United Supreme Dictators RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The MT Army Sweet Victory Museum of USD33

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World Factbook Entry

Territory of The MT Army!!!

Taken: 30/05/13

Once run by Dictators and later protected by "Defenders"/Nazis, this region now serves as a living museum against hate. We cannot allow hate to spread to the young and impressionable of society, because it will only hurt/slow the progression of humanity in the long run.

Vippertooth33's vision is to see the Nazi/fascists gone from NationStates forever.

Original Founder: Waraqistan.

Original Tags: Password, Anti-Security Council, Totalitarian, Imperialist, Founderless, and Minuscule.

This region was invaded and taken by The MT Army from dictator/Nazi Gordnesia, whilst under the "protection" of Right Wing Uprising.

Fun information found below :)

Embassies: The MT Army, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Antifa, and Nazi Deutschland Axis.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Democratic, Minuscule, and Password.

United Supreme Dictators is home to a single nation.

Today's World Census Report

The Safest in United Supreme Dictators

World Census agents tested the sharpness of household objects, the softness of children's play equipment, and the survival rate of people taking late walks to determine how safe each nation is to visit.

As a region, United Supreme Dictators is ranked 4,448th in the world for Safest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The MT Army Sweet Victory Museum of USD33Liberal Democratic Socialists“The MT Army will save NationStates from hate”

Regional Happenings


United Supreme Dictators Regional Message Board

hehe silly Fascists. :)

They thought they had got the better of The MT Army, didn't they? :)

Right Wing Uprising? Consider it crushed, fellas.

Let's give a shout out to RWU's Nazi and Fascist assortment including Nazi Europe, GGR and all the other losers who underestimated The MT Army.

Such poor strategical planning on behalf of the Fash.

Resistance is futile. The Viper just snakebit you. :)

The MT Army set the example.

To Vippertooth33, Secret santa and all of The MT Army: Antifasict heroes and heroines. :)

Congratulations to all of you! :)

I wonder who Von Small Woodhausen is going to blame among his fellow Fash for another defeat for the Fash this time, and who will be the next Fash he labels as an Antifascist "Handmaiden"? :)

The anticipation is almost too much as we await the next enthralling episode of "Night of The Little Penknives". :)

Much ♥ to The MT Army. :)

Original World Factbook Entry:

We be great and are open to soldiers, warlords, dictators, and mercenaries. We will one day rule the world.
Join our ever expanding region!
Supreme Dictator: Gordnesia
Vice Dictator: Jhaboi
WA Delegate: Gordnesia
War minister: vacant
General: vacant
Foreign Minister: vacant
Recruiter: vacant
Join us!

"Victory by the Iron fist!"

Monoffian Militarized Zone
The Alliance of Dictators
United Dictatorships
The Mob

Original Embassies: Community of Independent Nations, The Vintagionian Empire, The Tyrannical Union, and Union of Nationalists.

There is a lot of regional happenings to wade through so lets just jump to a few highlights :)

• Seconds ago: Region founded by The Colony of USD33.
• 23 hours ago: The Empire of United Supreme Dictators replaced The Enlightened Imperium of Jhaboi as WA Delegate.
• 1 day 23 hours ago: The Fourth Reich of Gordnesia departed this region for Right Wing Uprising.
• 14 days ago: The Fourth Reich of Gordnesia elected WA Delegate (ending The State of Mind of Secret santa's reign after 62 days).
• 76 days ago: The State of Mind of Secret santa elected WA Delegate (ending The Fourth Reich of Gordnesia's reign after 55 days
• 186 days ago: The Democratic Republic of Rule 7 elected WA Delegate (ending The Colony of Perinpan Island's reign after 34 days)
• 1 year 87 days ago: Region founded by Waraqistan.

Similarly, there are a ton of regional message posts, here are a few highlights:

The xpeoplex (1 year 85 days ago)

so if you could be a dictator which dictator would you be? from past dictators of the world, not made up ones.

Waraqistan (1 year 85 days ago)

Um me i would probably be Adolf Hitler or... I do not know all the dictators but maybe Genghis Khan

Usd military high command (1 year 84 days ago)

Hong Kong is now under our command! Can all troops move there to ensure a peaceful transition. Endorse each other and delegate Mandalu

Agent states (1 year 81 days ago)

hey everybody we need to take down triple d land cause he is saying that we are just's Waraqistans slave

Waraqistan (1 year 81 days ago)

Well guess what guys that USA people are made of trash
that they need to be full of c&*p
and i will send them freakin back
cuz guess what ima be dumpin it
and they abunch freakin ritz
Cuz guess what they are a bunch not white trash
yeah i said it i dream of a white America
and thats no lie
cuz these raps are the way i settle my ties
and i am going to march up to their steps of government
and now ima gonna dump it
so i hope you listen to this
and wait a second i gota take a piss!!!

Gordnesia (1 year 80 days ago)

Those tools aren't the problem. Our problem is that we have stopped expanding. We need to keep recruiting and taking over smaller regions. We can even take that u.s.a region.

The maxim state (1 year 76 days ago)
I agree with Xpeoplex.
But EVERYONE needs to begin a massive recruitment drive. We need many more nations before we can begin raiding!

The Colony of Perinpan Island (230 days ago)

The Royal Empire of Perinpanland is victorious! "Let's dedicate this fight to Wariqstan and Gordnesia"

Epsilon rubicon (186 days ago)

Epsilon rubicon (186 days ago)

Let's see who this escalate. Sometimes I think how nice it would be sit together around bonfire with Unibot, Mahaj, LaPas, Vippertooth, General Halcones etc. drinking beer and discussing 'normal' things...
Nerds of The World! Unite!

Front de liberation du quebec (186 days ago)

Righteous wavists (186 days ago)

Oh Prolesky. I forgot how much the Finnish loved heavy metal. :)
Well guys, this is rather fun isn't it? The FRA, I hear, are very pleasant people.
Would anyone care to say hello?

Vippertooth33 (186 days ago)

Finland has the best metal :)

Rule 7 (186 days ago)

I am afraid you will consider us unpleasant, this time. :P

Epsilon rubicon (186 days ago)

No hard feelings. Seemingly there is lot of work to do with Organisation. You Know.
CMX - Punainen Komentaja

The Cazland (185 days ago)
i have one question where is wariquistan,back when i started i was in kurrupt emirica with him anyone no where he is?lol

The Cazland (148 days ago)

its all yours Gordnesia

Jhaboi (142 days ago)

We are not The United Supreme Colonies! We are the United Supreme Dictators! Viva El Dictadura!

Golly gee whizz, This place sure does smell a whole lot fresher than the last time I was here.

Textbook stuff Vipp. Must be cramped over at High Pitched Uprising tonight, all those dictators and Nazis huddled up tight and waiting for that knock at the door.

Looks like woodlouse was right all along. It was the [region=]MT Army[/region]. Who have figured it?

Gordnesia has scuttled off to the GGR, his dreams of being the new possible founder of this charming region destroyed. :)

Meanwhile Jhaboi in the process of trying to help to refound USD for his fellow Fascist friends, ejected all the Fash from the region and scattered them to the four winds in the process. :)

Hilarious. :)

Woodlouse guessed right, it's astonishing then that he could ever believe that he and his fellow Fash could ever win here against such odds. :)

Such Fash arrogance, ever the Ubermensch. :)

Long Live Vippertooth33, and long live The MT Army! :)

Well well well, what can I say, a classic example of reward for effort. Never give up, never surrender, stay united and the fash will ALWAYS loose, its just a matter of time ;)

USD was clearly a disruptive hate filled region with many Nazi ties, of whom invaded several innocent regions to spread their malicious agenda.

But no longer, this region has been purged of all those whom would seek harm against humanity, and it shall remain as a museum against hate for as long as necessary.

"Victory by the Iron Fist!", seriously? how long did you think it could last? How long did you think that the people of this world would just take your abuse without question? You underestimate people power, the government should be afraid of the people, not the other way around.

186 days ago the modern so called "defenders" of NationStates unexpectedly declared war on The MT Army, despite years and years of fruitful co-operation between REAL defender organizations such as Pacific Defenders and The MT Army, suddenly we were public enemy number one.

Worse still, the UDL/FRA's of the world managed to corrupt our then allies The SOP to work against us in this region, after we asked them for help.

Needless to say that was the first and last time the "defenders" have ever gotten the best of us, and we still question how they can stomach defending the indefensible Nazis/Fascists and Dictators?

“Defenders" as the group is now coined, originated from the Anti-Nazi warriors of NationStates, this comes from a time when the Nazis were the main invading (or raiding) party in NationStates in the early to mid 2000's, The MT Army were effectively an early form of defender.

Despite this unexpected set back we soldiered on and laid the seeds that eventuated in Secret santa' being voted as delegate.

Whilst we were distracted by multiple ongoing Anti-Fascist operations, Gordnesia summoned the dark and twisted Nazi zombies from the hellish depths of The Greater German Reich and NAZI EUROPE these zombies whom always do what they are told, not what is right, sharpened their hate spears of war and pounced (under the umbrella of Right Wing Uprising).

Another set back, we took this in our stride, and worked on setting up the killing blow, the one that would end this region once and for all, history shows we were victorious :)

I bet this one hurt the Nazis/Fascists and Dictators deep inside, know that you will continue to lose (as you have historically) as long as the free people of this world fight against you, it does not matter the name we fight under, we will never give up, we will never surrender, we are eternal!!!

For the end of the fash is just a matter of time ;)


The following nations made this victory possible, I would like to thank, commend and dedicate this victory to them:

- Secret santa (Phuture Musick)
- The dead corpse666 (Gi-Krycek)
- Psykhopathik diktators (Multifarious Anarcho)
- Blood steppes (Blunt Speakers)
- El piazollo (Golden Hind)
- Penilopino (Mscphoenix)
- Klownface (Nudibranchia)
- Phalangist god (Vippertooth33)
- Richard cranium
- Noob reaper
- Cuba socialista
- Carlitoland
- Sprakia
- Righteous wavists
- Front de liberation du quebec

Apologies to any that I have missed/forgotten.

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