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Welcome Comrade or Visitor,

The United Socialist Republics is an ancient union of Socialist Republics pledged to the sovereignty of its individual members, Collective Democratic rule and the worldwide advancement of Equality, Liberty, Workers Democracy and Internationalism.

The USR operates Socialist Democracy for its member nations, and strives to promote it internationally. All residents have equal right to call elections, propose Legislation, Polls, Policy and debate on our RMB below.

Co-author of the 2014 LinkRed Forum Treaty

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United Socialist Republics contains 7 nations, the 2,139th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Borderlands of Pies Are SquaredAnarchy“All pies are tasty.”
2.The Federal Socialist Republic of Eastern ActriaFather Knows Best State“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
3.The Republic of KombeeLiberal Democratic Socialists“Join us for one hell of a ride”
4.The Interstellar fleet of Dynamic RevolutionNew York Times Democracy“There is only forward”
5.The United Socialist Republic of PanzaraCivil Rights Lovefest“Memento Mori”
6.The République Socialiste of GAMMAEGOLiberal Democratic Socialists“Raison et Egalité”
7.The United Federal Republic of StratovarLeft-wing Utopia“De omnibus dubitandum”

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New immortallia

As always, wrote out a huge message just to be confronted with "contains innapropriate language" Lol! Didn't save. Much regret. <3 Censorship. Here goes again!...

Greetings Comrades! Apologies for my absenteeism! I hope I find you all well?!

On a quick note, Nation states has finally updated and I have granted some powers to the delegate. I can only apologise profusely for this wildly overextended period of emergency control on my part, but without a strong base of WA nations to vote for us I felt it was irresponsible to grant full powers to the delegate. I personally monitor the fascists in this game on their forums, and without wanting to cause huge alarm; we are still a target, primarily because of our age and reputation.

But I digress, I wanted to talk to you Comrades about our democracy, future, and what I hope we can do for progress.

As some of you know I have been attempted single handedly to design an updated system for our region, I thought in light of our total upheaval the best method was simply to make it, implement it, then turn it over to you my Comrades for any amendment, enhancement, or even total deconstruction. But we are blessed with our sudden contraction in my opinion with the ability to discuss this frankly and openly without the need for a bulky weight of procedures.

If therefore you will grant me your ears allow me to take you all through my thoughts Comrades, and please, contribute!

- Our Goals

To me, we are, and always have been, genuine progressives, not here to solely enjoy ourselves and chat but also to contribute actively to the collective good, to use nation states as a tool to engage politically minded individuals and spread critical thought, awareness, and progressive, scientific ideology.

The USR has managed this before many times, we have in nation states and NS2, through diversity of thought and debate, brought about ideas and changes which rippled through other leftist regions, a few times toppling roleplaying Stalinist regimes, and once or twice I am proud to say; actual Stalinists too. I look around nation states today and I see the same as before, a degeneration of the left, a growth in reactive rather than proactive politics, an ossification of genuinely ideological discussion and critically minded progress in favour of the stabilisation of the bloated powerful "leftist" regions.

I believe we can light a fire under this world, and again make our contribution, not for ourselves but for the sake of educating people about genuine democracy and freedom, not simply allowing gross caricatures of the left to persist, parroting thoughtless capitalist anti-progressive propaganda through their activity. A single spark can start a prairie fire, and everywhere I look the grass is dry and aching to be burned away and make way for new vibrant growth.

Our system

I believe, as in the past, we can affect this change on the left the same way again, simply by providing the example of the future that is not 'best' But definitely better. All over nation states elitist WA driven 'democracy' rules, where any nation which chooses to disassociate with the WA immediately loses its voice politically. So; here are my proposals in vague order for how we can build a better system, guaranteeing More rights, More democracy, and in doing so tap into a wealth of activity, action and new ideas.

- Legislation and policy

In my mind the best system, simply put, would be to devolve our law drafting and policy drafting to an offsite forum, thus providing us the dual benefit of verifying that no one is attempting to cheat us using puppets, And allowing us the elasticity to broaden the number of specific policy groups as our region, needs and interests grow.
To me the best realisation of this is therefore a series of committees, covering whatever topics or specific interests we devise, in which any member may freely at any time sit and contribute, all revolving around a coordination committee which will hold the dual responsibility of scheduling votes on legislative and policy proposals, and of creating or disbanding committees through discussion and vote.

Then we could hold our votes on the actual policy and law here, using the polling system, providing transparency and a good record of our voting history.

- Administration

I have been writing a number of dispatches which could be posted under a puppet nation, which could be accessed by our trusted comrades and updated regularly with news, policy, law, history.. or whatever.

While we won't be able to wholly circumnavigate the power of founders and WA delegates, I believe that this democratizing of our public spaces could make great strides in bringing control of our USR closer to its members, and further away from half elected or un-elected fake leaders. I have no desire to be anything more than a Comrade of our union, and I'm sure I can say the same of Comrade Panzara as well as any nation which we would elected delegate.

To me, if this could work well, we would require no executive; no "day to day" dictatorialism, but simply all be endowed with the power to govern together.

- Conclusion

I don't want to impose this system, as much as I don't want to impose anything. These are all just suggestions, and while I admit I have carefully thought them out and spent much time trying to design a working system, capable of stretching and contracting with our demands and needs I still bow to the infinite authority of you my Comrades in bridging the gap between right now and the future of our union. I would be overjoyed to hear suggestions, or even if you just want to tell me to hurry the fudge up and produce a model, thats all great!

I know we are capable of building a better world in nationstates, and more importantly providing a strong solid example of the un-ending power of democracy, not only to our Comrades but also to the proletariat who play this game but buy into detestable capitalist propaganda advocating hierarchy and repression. The myth of the necessity of power and subjugation Must be smashed, and I believe our success could ripple through this world, and into the consciousnesses of people in the real world.

So yes, apologies for my complete inability to be brief, believe it or not I tried hard lol. But yes, any thoughts? And for that matter, by Marx's beard have you been reading the news Comrades? It is one long litany of despair! Fascism rears its ugly head in America, Britain is trying desperately to xenophobically paddle away from Europe, Bankers have again begun trading sub-prime derivatives, the precise activity which crashed our entire world economy only a few years ago, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are joining in the bombing of Syria with Russia, with no end in sight, and to round it all off our masters don't seem to care in the slightest that the environment is about to fall apart. So to echo Lenin: What is to be done?!

Eastern Actria

Comrades of the United Socialist Republics,

I would like to officially endorse the revised proposals hither to outlined by our founder The Workers Socialist Republic of New Immortallia. The existing way to govern a region in Nation States in inherently anti-socialist, therefore a series of devolved committees suggested by The Workers Socialist Republic of New Immortallia would be immensely beneficial not only to our region but to our ideology. We do not want to leave ourselves vulnerable to similar tragedies that befell us in the past. ‘If Socialism can only be realized when the intellectual development of all the people permits it, then we shall not see Socialism for at least five hundred years.’ –Lenin. We have the benefit of all being intellectually developed, we can reach Marx’s goal.

Yours Faithfully,

The Soviet of Workers Deputies of Eastern Actria

P.S. In an attempt to answer the question proposed by The Workers Socialist Republic of New Immortallia regarding the world’s state of affairs, I would look to history and realize the present futility in national actions in a world governed by proto-fascist bureaucracy.


Post by T-nation suppressed by New immortallia.


yawn nothing has happened here since I came. seeya


Post by Bunicken suppressed by New immortallia.


*the Kaiser orders a retreat. Scorched Earth Policy is established. Retreating soldiers burn farms, towns and fields. Any filthy defenders caught are hastily executed.*


Hello Comrades !

Hello Comarade ! Be welcome to the United Socialist Republics. Things are somewhat quiet now, but feel free to rise any discussion points.

New immortallia

Greetings Comrades! I hope I find you all in good health and spirits? :D

Welcome to the new faces! I don't believe I have had the pleasure of an introduction! Welcome to the USR Comrades The Interstellar fleet of Dynamic Revolution, Alariland, Mainez, The Borderlands of Pies Are Squared, The Republic of Kombee, The kansas free state and The Rainforest enclave of Panstatum! I must congratulate all of you on your nations, I meant to post a hello as soon as I came on but I've been totally absorbed in your beautiful creations. It seems comrades that we are not only blessed with some new and inventive free thinking brothers and sisters but also some damn fine artists too! Your flags put my pitiful attempts at art to such shame I'm really struggling to settle on a flag to pick from my library xD

It would be great to get to know you guys, if you wanna say hey feel free to tell us here what you are about, what kind of ideas motivate you and or your nation and if you like let us know where you are from!

I myself had the misfortune or fortune, depending who you ask, to be born in the UK, I'm in my 20s and well, my ideas have changed alot over time but at present for the sake of brevity I would class myself as a libertarian communist, left communist, or classical marxist. My sole concern in politics is the emancipation of the human race from the shackles of class, government and all forms of discrimination and injustice and see us unlock our true monumental potential before the powers that control our world at present obliterate our entire species and or much of our tiny planet in their galloping greed driven competition for power and wealth. I started playing nation states a decade ago or so to meet people that would broaden my knowledge (and I must say I found them in abundance!) and founded the USR collectively with a few friends many years back as we were tired of the excluding policies of the very few leftist regions who we felt were more interested in a cold war simulator than communicating ideas and improving our planet.

We were, and are still, all equal in the USR. I was voted back then to accept the responsibility of being the founder which back then we accepted as an unfortunate nessecity to insure the region could never be destroyed by raiders who sadly, even then, were just as common as they are now. Despite our region changing in many ways, and many new faces, I have tried to keep my promise to you my comrades and I return regularly when we are under threat of invasion. I do not, like many founders, believe that I have any special right over you my comrades and I have only ever been dictatorial when we are in danger and have always sought the approval of that action both before and after the event.

I take this promise seriously, I created my nation even down to its name as a solemn oath to the immortality of the USR, for (as any long term resident here will tell you) the USR has been host to hundreds of nations over the years, thanks to our deliberately inclusive policy and free thinking comrades who I have been proud to rub shoulders with. My point new comrades is that here you can say anything, and be anything, we believe in the sovereignty and rights of our members to rule the USR above all else. This is Our USR!
Although our external websites and general information stuff has been repeatedly jumbled, lost, and derailed by reactionary assaults, both internal and external, us old timers remember all and regard your rights as sacred as ours and until such time as we reinstate all our old public information and stuff please know that you can say anything here, even insult me or whatever, the only reprocussion is discussion!

On that note I apologise comrades for not being able to invest the time I had promised to re-create our infrastructure on a modular system that would allow for any of our comrades to contribute, grow and exercise their power. I had big dreams but I have been struggling very hard with depression and other crap and I must admit I haven't been able to find the same motivation again until now. I intend now to be back for some time and am basically accepting that I cannot be a one man band when it comes to updating since I can be unreliable, and I lack many of the skills I would require to integrate good ideas into the new forms of technology we now have at our disposal on NS.

Which brings me last, but a gigantic distance from least, to my comrades Stratovar, Panzara and Eastern Actria, it is great to see you brothers and sisters! And well done in taking charge of the USR, I cannot apologise enough for the state of limbo that my promises of hard work have left the region in, and cannot thank you enough my comrades for sticking around for the sake of all our comrades who are not here, but from many of whom I have received messages promising their return when we re-establish. If we had medals and I had the right to give them I'd give you all so many that you'd be bent double under the weight of them like some decrepit aging soviet general who looks like his hobby is making gold chain mail! Would love to hear from you comrades!

So yeah, now I look back on what I wrote its ball achingly long but whatever, sorry, xD Its really good to be back now that in real life I'm starting to haul myself out of my problems too. I hope we can all work together to build this region back, not for ourselves, but because I still believe it's message of communication, cooperation and emancipation is one that is of great benefit not only here on nation states to the left, and the reactionaries, but in our world beyond, because this game is part of our world and it shapes the beliefs and opinions of its players.

To that purpose I am proposing a poll:
Our laws and customs, proposals, legislation and systems are a massive tangle, an almost inextricable web of great ideas made by our members spread over a heap of external websites, google docs, dropbox, and well, everywhere. I have been slowly collecting everything together but I am hampered in designing a new system because technically all our laws and everything are still in force. However, our membership has changed so radically that is clearly time for all our legislation to come under review anyway, as we commonly do, so I propose that we twin this with a Transitional Reform Period (TRP from now on).

The purpose of the TRP would be to open us up to completely unrestricted changes by temporarily suspending all our laws and legislation for a period of three months, after which if any law is left unchanged by us it will be re-instated and enforced or obeyed as before. Any new legislation we make in this period, or rule, or whatever, supercedes our old legislation, and anything old (if affected and not otherwise update itself) would have to be re-interpreted in any instance of conflict to bend to the will of the new. This allows us to temporarily side step the issue of all the confusion left in the wake of repeated reactionary assaults on the USR long enough, I hope, that we may update, re-establish, and re-build together, without excluding anyone new who does not know all the old rules by heart xD

Although it may seem I am proposing naked lawless power, I am not, throughout the TRP there will remain the same general assurance of security, and the rights of free speech guaranteed to every comrade in the USR.

If you do not wish to vote for either option in the poll, or you would like to change the nature of my proposal in any way shape or form then vote DEBATE POLL.
The voting will be done in two rounds, first we will vote FOR, AGAINST, or DEBATE, and then in the second round the option with the least support will be removed from the ballot and we will vote again on the remaining two options. The TRP will come into effect, if approved, midnight UTC (+0) on the day of it passing.

Moving on:
Whether the TRP does or doesn't pass I'm sure you are all up for having your say on how the USR works, its aims, and well, anything xD! So hit us comrades! Personally I'd like us to remove the flag as soon as possible. Due to being attacked; current flag was hastily instated in my opinion against the will of a significant minority of our members. I have on my compy saved all the old designs from the last competition before we were attacked to make a new flag, one of which is absolutely gorgeous and I used as a theme for the websites and documents I had begun designing for us. But the reason I would like rid of the flag is that although I am a marxist myself I am keenly aware that the symbol of the hammer and sickle is, to some people including myself, as much a symbol of tyranny, evil and oppression as a swastika is to all of us, and as much as I respect the concept behind it, it is therefore excluding.

And FUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuDGE how bout that trump XD No one thought america would do it ! But to be fair; it didn't. Trump is now the 5th president to be "elected" on a minority vote, which is just a complete anathema to me. How can you set up a system with a YES/NO question where most people vote NO and you pretend the answer is YES even when you know what everyone voted? XD how the frusk does the american system get away with this in 2016 when back in 1776 all my british ancestors wanted was a lil tax and all we got in return was bullets XD WHAT HAPPENED AMERICA? Why does everyone buy all these guns to shoot badguys then ignore all the bad guys? XD

Ps if any of you in the states are monumentally depressed as i would be, sorry comrade xD but don't worry! Presidents aren't really all that powerful without the stubborn mule of congress and trump shows about as much skill negotiating as a toothless Romanian hag with a speech impediment from the mountains attempting to communicate an order or rocket parts and heart surgery machinery to someone who speaks no Romanian :)

Haven't really followed much other news, curse the fanfare of the bourgeois press xD anyone seen or read anything interesting recently?

PPS I cant be bothered to re-read all this even myself but I just corrected some errors, massively misspelled exercise and the only correction nation states offered me was "Did you mean supersize?" XD me thinks McDonalds might be getting into programming XD currently giggling manically lollolo

Post self-deleted by Dynamic Revolution.

The Dear Leader Imperius Maximus Progrensus, the incumbent of Progressive Socialisticistika and 21st Century Socialist Internationale, the Supreme Ruler of the Peoples' Republic of Progressive Socialisticistika, All-Powerful Supreme Leader of the Socialist Land, Founder and Chairman of the Regional Political Bureau and the Regional Socialist Party, Upholder of the Regional Constitution has died in the age of 150 due to stage 6 heart cancer. We encourage your participation for the mourning of the Progen Populises of the Nation and the Land of the Nation once he ruled. R.I.P Imperius Maximus Progensus

The People's Republic of Progressive Socialisticistika wrote:The Dear Leader Imperius Maximus Progrensus, the incumbent of Progressive Socialisticistika and 21st Century Socialist Internationale, the Supreme Ruler of the Peoples' Republic of Progressive Socialisticistika, All-Powerful Supreme Leader of the Socialist Land, Founder and Chairman of the Regional Political Bureau and the Regional Socialist Party, Upholder of the Regional Constitution has died in the age of 150 due to stage 6 heart cancer. We encourage your participation for the mourning of the Progen Populises of the Nation and the Land of the Nation once he ruled. R.I.P Imperius Maximus Progensus

In serving with the long standing traditions of the Fleet of Dynamic Revolution the dead but not forgotten Comrade has been added to the "Codex of Revolutionary Workers". The members of the fleet have elected A small union of Representatives who would be honored to attend any public rememberence, if invited of course.

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