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Greetings nations of the world to the United Nations (UN)!

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The current RP year is: 2070


The history of our region involves RPing nations coming together from various regions, mainly old United Nations regions, to create a RP focused United Nations region, built on the concepts of National Sovereignty and Democracy in regional decision making.

Do note, the proper way to refer to the region is "United Nations (UN)". I would have put parentheses, but NationStates does not allow that in the name of a region.

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United Nations UN contains 30 nations, the 542nd most in the world.

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As a region, United Nations UN is ranked 11,971st in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Sovereign Kingdom of AnthaciaCapitalist Paradise“Der Mensch allein ist Gott”
2.The Free Federation of States of ConmericaAnarchy“Primo Victoria”
3.The Empire of UlutorCapitalist Paradise“Ditra Luni Al Imperium!”
4.The Toraist Republic of ChinernScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Vox tala for ten!”
5.The Federation of SumeritiInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ditra Luni al Federateon!”
6.The Enlightened Sovereign of SinderlandNew York Times Democracy“I Am A Sinder”
7.The Queendom of BonpleInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bonds Unite People”
8.The Civil Warring State of PalancheFather Knows Best State“For Freedom!”
9.The Provisional Government of AzaltanFather Knows Best State“Willpower Triumphs”
10.The Autocracy of SwalloniaFather Knows Best State“To Honor Those Before Us”

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National Oliandirian Tidning ~ The War on Two Fronts

For a period of time around the onset of the war, it was thought that victory for the Crown over the USSN was assured. The Loyalists had the larger military on land and sea, more resources to draw from, and the IUN at their back. Things looked worse after the Battle of Easterville, when the USSN began recieving foreign funding and resources. The outlook became dire when Akaibold Aozunai made his move.

Akaibold is a popular politician and former governor of Nordlig Metirekya. The history of the Metirekyan region is a long, but in short, it’s mountainous and rugged terrain helped it stay independent from colonizers until it was absorbed by the Third Oliandirian Empire, and it remained within Oliandiria ever since. While the coastal part of Metirekya became culturally Oliandirian, the further inland province of Nordlig Metirekya remained culturally Metirekyan, and was always granted a certain degree of autonomy.

Akaibold’s neutrality in the Civil War ended very suddenly when he made his declaration of secession from Oliandiria. Metirekyan forces were able to quickly overwhelm unsuspecting and lightly manned Oliandirian forces at Södraögat and Grimshaw, however, attempts to take Norembega and Fort Foxwood failed to meet similar success.

Further north, USSN forces have decisively won the industrial center of Drakaenacaenagon, and have made progress taking large parts of Folster Island. In their campaign, they laid a crushing blow to the Oliandirian forces at the Battle of the Edsbyn Plains. Their success on the island is matched by Oliandirian success across the Red Channel, in mainland Grakost. The Battle of Sundsvall, while ending in Oliandirian victory, resulted in large losses for the Oliandirian side.

Meanwhile, the Oliandirian navy thrives. Maritime superiority was achieved under the command of newly-appointed Wilhem Aleksanderson, although it is rumored he was only appointed because of his friendship with the King. Wilhem’s navy, based out of the port in Olian City, is in a strong position, poised to throw off the USSN naval forces in the Red Channel. If the navy can successfully force the USSN ships back, it may help the Crown in retaking Folster Island.

While the situation develops, it is impossible to say who will triumph. Be it the Crown or the USSN on the throne when conflict concludes, the Oliandirian Nation will be changed forever.

Here is the written up history of the archipelago war.

The History of the Archipealgo War
*Note: The dates on the following Calendars are of the Ulutorian Calendar, which includes January and April in the Previous Year. So January 2053 is January 2054 to most other nations.
A UW is a win for the Ulutorian side. A CW is a win for the Coalition side. A D is a draw.

10 March 2053: Ulutor conducts a raid on an island near the Harkness Islands, owned by Grand Ossta, in the Ulan Ocean. The Raid is supposed to be on a reported pirate base harrasing merchant ships.

11 March 2053: Grand ossta demands a formal apology. Ulutor denies the request.

12 March 2053: Grand Ossta declares War on Ulutor. Several hours Later Chinern declares war, followed by Soltena and Sozkana.

13 March 2053: Battle of the Harkness Islands Ulutor launches a massive air assault over the Harkness Islands fighting a mixed Sixth International Air Force. Meanwhile, initial landings on the island go smoothly after most of the Osstan Fleet and Coastal defenses are destroyed by a Ulutorian Missile Barrage. UW

18-22 April 2053: Ulutor finishes its conquest of the Harkness Islands, and begins a brief but massive bombing campaign on Ossta.

2 October 2053: Battle of Aren Marine. Ulutor begins a small naval engagement nearby the island of Aren Marine in order to push the Chinernian fleet off to prevent them from becoming a hassle. The Ulutorian navy is successful in driving Chinern off the island, but the port is completely destroyed. UW

20 November 2053: Anthacia begins arming the Sixth International.

13 January 2053: Sozkanan Submarines found south of Bolivant.

18 March 2054: Ulutorian Cruiser sunk in port at Nanulo.

1 May 2054: Ulutorian submarines sink a number of Sozkanan Destroyers off the Coast of Sozkana.

3 July 2054: Battle of the Missing Fleet combined Sixth International Fleet attempt to Flank the Harkness Islands from the East, but are meet by the INV Leviathan, which rains down missiles upon them with the help of other missile submarines. UW

5 July 2054: Second Battle of the Missing Fleet. The Ulutorian fleet, attempts to capitalize on this by sailing straight for Chinern, but are fooled by the same tactic from Sozkanan submarines. CW

9 March - 31 March 2055: Ulutorian planes begin pierce Chinern Airspace. However a combined Sixth International Air Force prevents any further damage and drives off Ulutorian planes, securing International Airspace for the rest of the War. CW

8 April 2055: In response to the bombing of a homeland territory, Anthacia publicly demands Ulutor cease its bombardment, and remove its forces from the Harkness Islands.

9 April 2055: After a Ulutorian refusal, Anthacia declares war and promptly launched a massive air assault on the now Ulutorian controlled Harkness Islands.

11 April 2055: States of Conmerica declares war on Ulutor.

20 April 2055: Emperor William II dies from a gunshot wound.

4 May 2055: Empress Anashara is coronated as Empress of the country.

13 June 2055: Known communists arrested and jailed, protests in Parliaments, 3 Marxist Parliament Members arrested, for conspiracy. Over 1,000 people in New Aoraki, are arrested, all of them of Anthacian descent.

11 December 2056: Battle of the Salar Islands. Ulutor and Anthacia's first engagement in the Sea. The Straight on bruise fight results in the mutual loss of a Carrier, while Sozkana submarines sink another of Ulutors Carriers on the fleets way home. CW

2 January 2056: 2nd Battle of the Harkness Islands A landing is attempted on the Harkness islands, however due to massed firepower, the men landing die upon the 1st beachhead, after 2 waves, the landing force withdraws. UW

14 February 2056 - 9 June 2057: Anthacian bombing campaign over Sumeriti begins.

1 May 2056: Long Range Stealth Bombers strike at Anthacian homeland. They do little damage but they do strike fear into Anthacians. Who demand retribution. Leading to the 1st Battle of Sumeriti. D
3 June 2056: 1st Battle of Sumeriti, Anthacian Paratroopers attempt to secure a landing area, some troops make it inland, but they are trapped when a armoured division retakes the landing zone, then a makeshift port. Most of the Battle however is between Coastal Batteries and the Anthacian Navies. Little is lost between them. One Anthacian report like to claim the battle as a 'Searing mark of Retribution upon the city'. UW

17 September 2056: 3 Ulutorian Crusiers are sunk in the port of Bolivant. CW

2-30 May 2057: Second Battle of Sumeriti. The Anthacian Fleet begins to smash through the Ulutorian and Sumeritian Fleets, Splitting them into 2 Sections. The Western group of ships is destroyed, sinking 1 Ulutorian Carrier. The Easter Group However make its around South, where it links up with the few remaining westerns ships, and the the new Ulutorian 8th Fleet, and the INV Leviathan the super-submarine. Not seeking to repeat their mistakes of rushing the invasion, the Anthacian Fleet kept pounding the city and wait for even more ships and another 2 carriers to help in the bombing campaign. Ulutor also reinforces, flying in around 500 additional planes at night , losing 100 on the journey. This waiting however, allows Ulutor to circle around the island, around to the back of the Anthacian Fleet. The Anthacians are caught off guard, by a false sleep of of ships from the south, while the real fleet from the north cripples their carriers, sinking 1. Ultimately the battle is costly, around 100 ships lost between Anthacia and Ulutor, with the loss of another Ulutorian Carrier, and the Anthacian Fleet draws away conserving their remaining Carriers. This is Ulutors biggest victory of the War. UW

5 June - 20 August 2057: Shipping routes to Aremista are frenzied by Sozkanan Submarines. They are only repulsed by intelligence suggesting a Ulutorian Fleet is moving north to resupply the Harkness Islands. A False report, but with the time available, lines of mines are placed on the supply routes, and they prove treacherous for the Sozkanan ships. 18 submarines are reportedly lost in the 4 days following their placement. D

29 October 2057: Ulutorian fighters from Aremista sink the a Anthacian Carrier moving to Chinern. UW

18 February 2058: Battle of the Three Navies. Ulutorian command, after a skirmish with the Chinernian Fleet, decides to finish of the nations fleet and end its pestering in the north of the Ulan Sea. However, the assembled fleet draws Anthacian attention, and the Ulutorian fleet is forced to retreat and is constantly pestered by Anthacian Aircraft. The Battle is a humiliating defeat for Ulutor and Results in the sinking of 2 Carriers and another 30 ships. While Anthacia only loses 8 ships, and Chinern, 2. CW

13 April 2059: Ulutorian missiles are fire en masse a the massive Anthacian Carrier the ARS Victoria. With 20 missiles launched, the Carrier is hit thrice. Stealth drones above report that the pride of the Anthacian Fleet, is sunk.

14 April 2059: Ulutorian intelligence report back, that the Victoria survived, although it is being held up by other ships. While out of commission it is not sunk. Anthacian media report it as barely scratched, while Ulutorian media reports it as 'near to being scrap, as a man on a volcano is near to a burnt crisp'. Never the less, the ARS Victoria does not see combat again. UW

14 May 2059: Battle of the Claw. A Anthacian fleet suprises a Ulutorian fleet and lures them into a killzone, 1 Ulutorian Carrier is sunk immediatly. But the Ulutorians provide stiff resistance and break out, only losing another 6 ships while sinking 10. CW

29 May 2059: Armistice agreed to.

30 September 2059: Treaty of Fragenhaus signed.


I. Cessation of any hostilities.
II. Annual Yearly inspection of Ulutorian Satellites in orbit until 2072.
III. War reparations to all Coalition nations($6 billion Ulas to each nation of the Coalition).
IV. Ulutor will renounce territorial claims on members of coalition nations.
V. Cancel production of one of the Oshoru class vessels.
VI. Ulutor will be restricted to only two Oshoru class ships until 2071.
VII. All Oshoru class ships will be restricted to only operating in the Ulutorian Ocean until 2071.
VIII. No construction or replacement of lost carriers until 2071.

Total Victories:
Ulutor: 8
Coalition: 6
Draws: 2

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Fort Cherry Times

With Oliandiria engulfed in civil war and conflict, President Rex, as the leader of the only nation that Oliandiria borders, thought it wise to address the situation.

Full-blown intervention was shot down by Rex as a costly affair that would play out badly internationally. Rex also wasn't a fan of sending Skahyhanian boys to die for basically nothing.

But with a large ethnic Oliandirian minority population, especially on the borders, fighting began in Oliandirian villages and neighborhoods. While it wasn't anything more than fist-fights and clashes between protesters, after fifteen people were killed in one of these brawls Rex ordered a complete lock down of ethnically Oliandirian populations. Armed soldiers, curfews, checkpoints, the whole nine yards.

Yet after several Oliandirian Crown and USSN underground supply routes were discovered going under the border, Rex ordered these shut down. But the operation was larger then originally thought, with whole underground weapons-manufacturing plants set up in Skahyahn so each side could produce their own weapons in peace and without fear of bombardment from their enemy, and then smuggle them across the border for fighting. Whole intelligence operations were also discovered, with each side sneaking captured enemy files into Skahyhan so they couldn't fall back into enemy hands. The list could go on, but suffice to say each side was operating in a great capacity in Skahyahn.

Rex was not pleased. In fact he was more than a bit angry. Without delay, he ordered his son, Ashens, the head of Skahyahn's Intelligence and Investigation Agency, to crack down and arrest anyone in Skahyahn associated with either side of the civil war, and to shut down their operations and smuggling routes. And boy did he, within the first 24 hours of the order Ashens's agency had arrested over 4,000 people, with another 22,500 arrested over the course of a few months. Regrettably, not all threw their weapons down and held their hands up, and the agency was forced to execute about 28 people, but so far no agency causalities have been reported. Those arrested are currently being held in internment camps far away from the Oliandirian border and under 24 hour watch. The agency has been highly successful in shutting down smuggling routes and weapon-manufacturering plants as well.

In other news, the civil war has led to a mass influx of refugees into Skahyahn as people are running to escape the violence. At first most were legally processed as asylum-seekers, but soon the Skahyahn immigrant system was overwhelmed with over 175,000 applications for asylum. So, with the border checkpoints about to burst with the sheer amount of refugees, Rex opened the border.... right into refugee camps, under 24 hour watch from armed guards. While a refugee, after being vented, could apply for asylum and go through a process, that takes up to six months now; Rex offered them another option.

After being vented, having their backgrounds checked and demonstrating good moral character, a refugee could alternatively apply to become a migrant worker- nicknamed "geese workers" because they migrate. These migrant workers wouldn't work glorious jobs; ranch/farm hands, miners, factory/manufacturering, and shiphands, but they would be guaranteed a paycheck. And when compared to the six month asylum process, becoming a goose worker takes as little as a week.

This solves an issue Skahyhan has been facing recently. Most people that did the previously mentioned jobs have either retired or went to college to pursue an education, leaving a massive gab. With an added prevision saying a person can't deny a Skahyhanian employment then turn around and hire a refugee, the policy went off to the races. So far its been a huge success, with over 50,000 refugees taking Rex up on his offer. This influx of workers has also helped Skahyahn's economy deal with the effects of the Medietierra Economic Crisis.

Of course this situation is far from perfect, with crimes against Oliandirans up by nearly 200%, but most pundits say that Rex is handling the situation swimmingly.


Her and His Majesty

2 shock waves of news swept Sumeriti and Ulutor today. Waves that were generated by 2 announcements by the Royal Family of Ulutor, now the families of Sumeriti and Ulutor. Both of these announcements followed up on previous concerns of both families, but 1st we will be tackling the news out of the old fatherland.

Empress Marianne II of Ulutor is 56 years old, her reign in Ulutor is assured by the law to only last another 9 years. And as her Excellency has yet to bear more children, as unlikely as it would be, leaving the question of Succession open. Before Tuesday, the heir would have fallen to the son of the disgraced Prince Jamerus(younger brother of Marianne II) Owen, who was last seen shooting the air at a baseball game. Thankfully, the people have been saved this fate. On Tuesday, Her Excellency declared her second son, Prince Anilus, as heir to the Ulutorian throne. The Prince, currently 20 years of age, was living in Sumeriti with his brother in the Royal quarters being taught the ways of the Admiralty. He is currently the only direct descendant that could inherit the throne without a stain on his name, or being the ruler of another country. There is not a long list obviously.

The Prince was about to come to the ceremony to be held on Saturday, where he would be given the heir's crown. But on Thursday, he received news from his brother, King Denatre of Sumeriti...

That news, given to the nation later that day, announced the King's Marriage to Azula Isomore, his former secretary when he helped his mother in the government of the Ulutorian Colonial government of Sumeriti. The woman has made waves as the situation has immediately been seen as a incredible scandal by several in the media. A Prince marrying his secretary brings up certain venereal thoughts that would normally cause great disdain. But most of the news, especially those of talk shows, relate the scandal to the old romantic book by Jula Hirom, Red Like Roses, which similarly depicted a low level government offical falling in love with a member of Royalty, although in a much more....detailed manner. Which has cause widespread, and widely discredited rumors that, like in the book, Ms. Isomore was with child. The Royal doctor's office has at this time released no more than 6 statements on Ms. Isomore's current state. But like many a time, that has done little to calm the minds of those who would run this thread out.

The Marriage of the King and his new Queen is slated to be at the end of the year. As a gesture of open diplomacy and good will, the King has invited any and all world leaders to the festivities and the ceremony. Wanting them all to come and witness holy matrimony. We here at the Ulutorian Broadcasting Station pledge to bring this great sight to you all at its given date, with 4 hours of guaranteed coverage. With warmed hearts and eager minds, we bid you goodnight.

Telegraph Agency of Chinern
After the embarrassing defeats at the Battle of the Missing Fleet and the Battle of the Three Navies, the Chinernian brass realized that they would need to replace their aging fleet with newer, high tech vessels capable of fast maneuvers while maintaining high firepower. This project has been underway for years, and has finally borne fruit: the new Masaska-class frigate, Masaska meaning “Serpent.”

In Chinernian analyzation of the Naval losses during the war, it was found that ships were primarily lost due to a lack of detection capabilities compounded by easy detectability, low maneuverability, and too light an armament. The Masaska class intends to remedy these issues. The Masaska has several upgraded sonar and radar arrays, and has stealth capabilities, having a radar cross section of a small boat. The Masaska makes use of magnetohydrodynamic drives to make extremely sharp turns and maneuvers, eliminating the need to drift for a few miles while turning. Finally, the ship’s armament. With two 65 mm main guns and two 50mm secondary guns, she’s able to defend herself in a pinch, but that’s not all. The Masaska comes equipped with JAL anti-air missiles, and a small helicopter hangar for anti-ship/anti-submarine actions.

The Masaska is planned to be finished in a few years, and will undergo sea trials just off the coast.

Nationale Deluta - National Spirit
Ulutorian-Zambet Fatan Routes Complete; The Rest Gets Rerouted

Just last night the last batch of asphalt was poured and the lines painted, sealing the completion of the International Interstate System on the Stelin-Ulutorian routes.

This completion, however, is simply just the road and surrounding infrastructure with rest stops scattered along the way, with things such as dedicated gas stations, restaurants, etc. still under construction. Still, for the first time in history a person can drive from Kolanica to Nedporen, then from Nedporen to Lapod, then from Lapod to Ulutor, all in a car. Heck, they could drive from Kolanica to Ulutor only stopping for fuel and rest. Test drives indicate a roughly week-long journey, although ironically said week-long journey burns less fuel then if one used previously overseas shipping routes.

Of course the vast-stretch of land between Lapod/Sozkana and Grand Ossta presented a challenge at first. That is until a deal was struck with the Sirainuh Crown- a royal family that controls vast economic resources roughly in the middle of that vast-stretch of land, mainly in the form of the lucrative Sirainuh Royal Transportation Co. The Crown did provide resources to the project, but the sheer economic and military might of the Crown was able to ensure that routes that go through this unclaimed land remain protected. More importantly, the Sirainuh Crown's vast economic machine always needs transportation jobs, especially now, giving trucking employment opportunities.

Zambet Fatan trucking companies have also experienced a growing need for more employees, and after hiring all the Zambets they could, they open their doors and allowed foreigners to come service trucks for quite the decent wage- starting salaries of up to $70,000 a year in some cases. That has, naturally, led to a flood of foreign migrant workers coming in. Irongia Trucking's workforce in particular is now almost 58 percent foreigners. This explosive job growth is expected to only further increase with rest stops and travel centers popping up all along the system, and it's fully expected to draw in more foreign employees.

Now, while the routes east of Zambet Fata have experienced tremendous success, the routes west not so much. With civil insurrection raging in Palanche and Malarsia and the always-so-stable Kyokai, it was decided to just reroute the whole system. This reroute takes the system to Zambet Fata's exclave of Aburglie, the only part of Zambet Fata that borders Sinderland. From Aburglie the system will go underwater to the artificial island of Northpoint, which was constructed by the North Nebraskan Waterpike Corporation way back in 2055. From there the system will go straight to the northwestern point of the Nebraskan continent.

This reroute isn't the only new construction of the system being made, as the Zambet Fatan government approved Sumeriti's request to extent the system to the Sumeri nation. The decision was made to route the system from the main Chinernian "port" that goes to Ulutor, but instead add to the "port" with another route that instead goes to Sumeriti.

So, despite the tremendous cost required to build the system, it appears to have been worth it.

The Rokedsian Herald
Lawson Overthrown In A Coup


Prime Minister Danny Lawson has led Rokedsia since UDI with his Rokedsian Front Party, but that's changed. With the Rokedsian nation, society, and economy hanging on by a thread, a group of Rokedsian Front Party ministers made agreements with other parliamentary parties and a large part of the military and overthrew Lawson in a coup. Lawson took whatever supporters he had left, and did battle with the new government on the streets of Anthony, the nation's capital. Lawson's forces were defeated, and Lawson and a few supporters fled north to Dundina, and formed a government-in-exile. While he claims he is still influential, Lawson is basically out of the picture.

That leaves the new government, headed by Josiah Gibson, a former religious minister and preacher. Gibson and the "New Rokedsian Front" are going to continue the war against the rebels, but have "opened the negotiating table" for the rebels, so the two can come to a comprehensive agreement and end this dreadful war.

But there's a problem with that. There's currently roughly 600,000 rebels engaged in combat against the Rokedsian government, and those 600,000 are spread between 46 verified groups. The largest group, the Rokedsian Toraist People's Union (RTPU; formerly the Ankraid Toraist People's Union), has 60,500 members and are considered the "head" group of the rebel movement.

But to declare the RTPU representative of all the rebel groups ignores the reality on the ground. Of the 46 groups, only 19 recognized the RTPU as their "leaders". The other 27 include a wide range of groups; fascists, radical Three Godists, and even some monarchists in the mix. What's key, however, is the RTPU and its allies have more troops then the other 27 groups and even more then the Rokedsian military itself; with 395,000 troops. While poorly-trained, they are well-equipped and well-motivated, and determined to see Rokedsia's old system destroyed and replaced with something new.

Of the remaining 205,000 rebels, the group with the largest amount is the Conservative Rokedsian Party, with a measly 34,000 troops. Other groups in this category of note include the Rokedsian Order of the Three Gods, with 12,000 and the National Fascist Party with 4,000. There's also the Democratic Front for Rokedsia, who recently signed an alliance with the Rokedsian Republican Rifles/the Democratic Protection Force. This alliance has in total 8,000 troops, which shows how fractured the rebel movement is.

Could we see an end to the war soon? And more importantly- if the war ends, what will Rokedsia become?

Nationale Deluta - National Spirit
A New Cold War?

It's election season in Zambet Fata once again, and this time President Ozmra and the Phoenix Party have some serious competition.

To start, it's worth detailing President Ozmra and the Phoenix Party first before we cover their opponents in this election. They need no introduction; beckoning Zambet Fata's national animal as their party name the party sought to bring Zambet Fata into a new era of prosperity, both economically, militarily, politically, and socially.

For the most part they've done so, at a cost. Some of their most notable accomplishments have already been covered in international news; sending peacekeepers to Palanche, the buildup and reorganization of Zambet Fata's military into an effective modern-fighting force, and of course the construction of the International Interstate System, and the boost in the economy.

They have accomplished other things too of course, such as backing and funding nation-wide sports and culture programs. Such actions led to sports like racing, competitive gaming, table tennis, and golf becoming popular and taking national entertainment by storm. Other forms of entertainment, such as the ever-so-famous scrionant and fictionant, also saw a boom in popularity. There's also a new form of entertainment that enjoyed massive success due to government funding called anivia, it combines traditional Anthacian anime character and location designs with Zambet Fatan animation and story-telling to create a unique hybrid of sorts. Anivia shows like Team 23, Genome, and Marksmen have seen a stupid amount of success, and they'll surely be covered more in-depth in another story.

There's also the buildup and reorganization of the military. This included the start of three new Ceste class ships, new, more advanced tank and missile designs, and a new radical main battle rifle being introduced. Constant drilling and military exercises have been used to fine-tune and hone in on parts and plans that need attention. Needless to say, the military is no longer a mass of men and machines, but instead an organized fighting force.

Now, all of that is well and good, but it's come at a cost. The main victim? The national treasury, which completely ran through its surplus and ran a deficit, which led to the government having to get national loans from North Nebraska in order to not go bankrupt. Higher taxes were also introduced which, although Zambets are no stranger to high taxes, even the most moderate taxpayer thought these new taxes were insane.

President Ozmra has also conveniently swept some domestic issues, such as the fur farming issue, under the rug, leaving them to the Commons House and Senate to deal with.

Now, as for Ozmra's opponent in this election, we see an interesting challenger in Codrin Cardei, an independent. Cardei is a man of many beliefs, none of which align with any political party. Overall he believes the Ozmra administration to be wasting money on expensive projects that, while yes they do serve a practical purpose, the main reason they were built was to show Zambet Fata's supremacy over other world powers in "megaprojects". "That's all well and good" he said, "until the bill comes in".

He's also accused President Ozmra of trying to build a cult of personality around his grandfather's name, what with another megaproject Ozmra's building; a 600 ft tall statue of Kurj Ozmra. He been quoted as saying "It's fine to honor the former president, but evoking his legacy to suit Sim's own needs smells of a personality cult around the Ozmra name."

He's also blasted the Ozmra administration of their foreign policy. "We live in a new Cold War" Cardei said, "And they've done nothing to address that; gladly slamming Anthacian foreign policy then turning right around and signing a new trade deal with them. And we truly trust a person that makes back door deals with our greatest foreign adversary?"

Needless to say his talks on Anthacia sparked controversy, but when one considers how the recent Medietierra Economic Crisis saw the Zambet Fatan economy dip down but the Anthacian one go up, a lot, and we do mean a lot of the more nationalistic economists and politicians are saying Zambet Fata should cut all trade, or at least most of it, with Anthacia, and Cardei seems to echo that opinion.

But Cardei also holds other political views, most notable the eradication of fur farming in Zambet Fata and eventually around the world, and that makes sense when you consider how Cardei's parents run a fox and mink sanctuary. Cardei even went so far as to claim he'll gladly use military force to end the "animal concentration camps". Needless to say Cardei has made the fur farming issue a national issue.

Aside from the obvious Anthacia issue, Cardei also has a less than stellar reputation when it comes to some issues like political and religious extremism, gambling, and teenage labor. But despite that he's gained a significant following in recent years, and is finally able to challenge Ozmra for the presidency.

So, only time will tell who comes out on top. Well, both time and the Zambet Fatan people.

Nationale Deluta - National Spirit
"It's Too Close To Call"

The election is over, and it was quite an interesting one.

Both sides ran furiously and gained supporters from all over, and the race was a constant nail-biter as the results were tallied. Cardei gained an early lead by wiping the floor with Ozmra in Utell, but then Ozmra was able to challenge him successfully for points in Porumb, Imperiu Mare, and Apa. Ozmra took the lead by destroying Cardei in Sheba, but Cardei came back by "stealing" the historically Ozmra-controlled Stejar. Cardei finished strong in Peste, and by the time the Pepper City election came around, both were tied with 15 points each.

In the Zambet Fatan election, the candidate with the most points gained out of 31 points is declared the victor. The 2070 election is unique as it was the first time since the modern Allied State's founding in 1996 that only two candidates ran. That's not to say other parties didn't try to run candidates- the Voclanears tried to run Marcel Ciumak, and despite gaining a strong following he, much like every other candidate, dropped out after realizing it was futile to challenge the two juggernauts of Zambet Fatan politics.

And so, winning the Pepper City point by only 5,000 votes, Cardei becomes the new president of Zambet Fata, and the second independent to win since Florir Rotaru in 2058.

Of course, Sim Ozmra's defeat doesn't mean he's completely out of politics. Due to a loophole in Zambet Fatan election law, Ozmra was able to win a seat in the senate, where the Phoenix Party won a large minority of the seats. So, Ozmra will lead the Phoenix Party, who recently made a coalition with the Gloria Party, in the Senate. Suffice it to say, Sim Ozmra's political career is far from over.

Cardei's victory, while it's probably going to send shock waves around the world, nowhere did it send more shock waves then in the southern Great Tundra. You see, the Great Tundra is technically home to many fox and mink species (just ask any Lapodian). But while Lapod and to a lesser-extent Zambet Fata have protections in place for foxes and minks, the southern Great Tundra- the part where no "official" nations exist- relies heavily on fur farms, so much so leaders in these nations declared states of emergencies after Cardei's victory.

While Cardei needs time to set up his government before he addresses really any issue, needless to say the fur farming issue is about to become larger than ever before.

Your new Zambet Fatan president- Codrin Cardei.

Rise Again

Today Parliament passed the largest tax cut in Ulutorian history. The upper fifth of the tax bracket has had its income taxes cut from 46.7% to 35.0% which surpasses the cut in the 1992 Tax Reform bill of 8%. The 2nd fifth earned a cut of 7% in income taxes, dropping their previous rate of 36% to 29%. Each of the bottom 3 fifths received a 3% cut in income taxes. Additionally, the tax on arms shipments to other nations has been removed, as well as the 'Red tax' or the tax specifically on goods from members of the 3rd international. The only tax hike has been on the 'Purple tax' or the tax on all things from Anthacia including animation.

This tax bill has followed the increasing number of tax cuts passed by Parliament. And while Ulutor's GDP has continued to rise, so has its income inequality, the real wages of the 1/3rd of Ulutor has not seen a rise in the last 15 years. This has generated criticism and the Conservative Coalition has shown no interest in fixing the problem. Most of the debate is still on GDP as the liberal parties now wield much less influence and have to argue on the conservative's terms, unable to bring up the issue of wages.

However, a bigger criticism is on spending. Military spending is on the rise, with a special increase in the construction of massive ship hulls and armories. Despite cuts on many programs, the projection for the following year shows Ulutor developing a huge deficit, even with the current surplus. There are considerable risks to this spending, as Ulutorian credit abroad is still low. While foreign investment could rise, many still feel uneasy at the idea of going in the red.

Whatever their worries, the Conservative coalition seems to be holding nothing back as this tax bill is its 18th bill pushed through Parliament, even if its only the 10th one to get through the courts. The Empress, however, seems to be giving tacit approval as none of these bills have met resistance. Still armed with the political will and power to do so. It is likely that we will continue to see the vision of the old Ulutorian superpower returning.

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