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Welcome to the United Alliance, a roleplaying region. Carve out an empire for yourself with cunning diplomacy, intrigue, and military prowess in our 1920s theme.

After a period of rebuilding following Great War, the world entered a period of supposed stability and economic prosperity. The winning powers have constructed a global order of their desires. The Treaty of San Cleare and the Roaring Twenties promised the world a lasting peace, but soon it will become clear that this wave of optimism is merely a mirage, set to fade.

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1.The Kingdom of KalaratheLeft-wing Utopia“From Many, One”
2.The Republic of The Free Economic Zone of AtlasAnarchy“Leave Sleeping Bears Lie”
3.The Empire of AblianticCivil Rights Lovefest“The Life of People Needs To Be Treated Fairly”
4.The Three Democracies of Gosta-Miu-RutlandLeft-wing Utopia“United We Prosper”
5.The Republic of TrygmarkCivil Rights Lovefest“Tautai pieder spēks”
6.The Republic of ZenbarkiaCivil Rights Lovefest“United we stand, divided we live in anarchy”
7.The Communal Allied Republic of GetreidelandLeft-wing Utopia“Wait, hold on.”
8.The Constitutional Monarchy of Orn EarksandaiderthionBenevolent Dictatorship“We Will Endure”
9.The Syndicat of CyberTechnologies CorporationLeft-Leaning College State“Veritam, Pulchrum, Bonam”
10.The Republic of QuiaboLeft-Leaning College State“Another red letter day”
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The Shogun Incident
In the Seas Between Calarim and Goose Hell
March 19, 1929
Collaboration With Calarim

The 'Ghost Ship', now known as the Shogun, sailed ahead to rising smoke. Its escort of 5 Cruisers and 6 Destroyers to it's side.
"Sir, your orders?"
"Man your stations, we got unidentified vessels coming up."
"Yes sir."

The Victoria-Class battleship HMS Alexandria, was firing at the second-to-last target ship taken with them from Port Gardiner.
"Sir, there's a fleet incoming," a bridge officer announced.
"Calarim?" Admiral Thiesman replied.
"Unknown, sir."
"Understood. Turn us around, prepare broadside in case they're hostiles."

The captain looked ahead, observing their movement. He was going to have to make a call, he always hated doing that.
"...Hostile vessels, all ships prepare for battle."
"Yes sir."
The Fleet moves into wedge formation, with the destroyers moving ahead to scan for any underwater threats.

"Sir, they've taken a wedge formation."
"Form our own wedge, and line up the secondaries to fire on the destroyers."

"And here I thought I got the comfortable assignment. Bring us in, half speed."
The destroyers notice the fact their about to get lit up and proceed to retreat closer to the Shogun's line.

"Their destroyers have come closer to that battleship."
"Damn, that's a big boat. Wait... that's the damn 'Ghost Ship', isn't it!"

"Alright, turret A and B prepare to fire, and have the destroyers try and identify. I need to know what i'm facing up here."

The Destroyer Asakgi moves out of the line and speeds on the outskirts on what you'd consider the 'battle area' as they try to get a good view and identify the vessels, while AP is loaded inside the Shogun. To note, cameras are also rolling onboard for future propaganda footage.

"Sir, A turret is loaded. They're sending a destroyer, seemingly to see what we got."
"Fire A turret at the Shogun, and load all other turrets. Send 2 heavy cruisers to deal with that destroyer."
The A turret of the Niagaran Battleship fires its three 18" guns at the Shogun.

"So its the same type of ship as the Shogun, eh?"

"What are you talking about????"

The shells splash water on really expensive cameras, as turret A and B onboard the Shogun return. Asakgi meanwhile panics as there is 2 much bigger and heavier cruisers coming for it. It does some deja vu level drifting as it makes for farther away from the main battle.

The shells land a single hit on the HMS Alexandria, hitting the belt armour, which was 15" thick in that area.
"Damn, not good."
"Sir, B and X turrets are ready to fire."
"Then do it!"
The massive guns fire 6 18' shells at 810 meters per second.

2 Shells rock the weaker decking, the kitchen being demolished with the 2nd shell passing with less damage.
"Those are some scary guns... Any word back from the Asakgi?"
"No, sir."
Meanwhile the Asakgi moved in a wide semi circle to avoid the 2 heavies while snapping some pictures and Identifying the main force.

Aboard the heavy cruiser HMS King Michael II, the Captain looks out at the Askagi.
"Guns, wipe it out of the water!"

The Destroyer rocked as water splashed around it, with a glancing blow along the side leaving marks.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Turn, move us faster, smoke, I don't give a hoot! We are outnumbered and outgunned!'

The guns of the other cruiser fire, and the guns of the first fire again.

"Are these things machine guns?!" The Destroyer starts ziggin and zaggin about, narrowly escaping a mild case of sunk syndrome.

Two destroyers were dispatched to deal with the Askagi. They fire their guns at the main armament of the Askagi.

A turret goes up in smoke as a shell lands, that's gonna be expensive to repair. The Asakgi then releases its torpedos at the Cruisers as it continues zooming closer to the main fleet, its remaining armament firing off.

"Torps! Pull back and launch our own!"
Two torpedos launch at the destroyer.

The Destroyer goes in between the torpedoes launched by the enemy, and when they notice the cruisers pulling back they go all in. The Asakgi speeds ahead, to the main force of the Niagarans.

Back aboard the Alexandria, Admiral Thiesman sees the Askagi heading towards them.
"Fire a single warning shot from A turret."

The Asakgi keeps weaving around, the A turret's shells doing little but get water on the deck and uniforms of the sailors.
"I think we are in range, lets see what we got!"

Three more destroyers escorting the Niagaran battleship fire 6 torpedos at the destroyer.

"Jesus Jojo christ, move out of the way of those torpedos!"
In a moment of either sheer luck, incompetence, or skill, they somehow slide on through the wall of torpedoes and get e v e n c l o s e r.

"Dammit, can't you hit the damn thing!"
The two heavy cruisers fire all their guns at the destroy, launch for torpedos, and the destroyers launch torpedoes at the Askagi.

The captain of the world's luckiest destroyer looks as the cruisers throw everything they can at them, as shells shade the waters and a torpedo hits the rear, smashing the propulsion as the reloaded Torpedoes fire off. The main guns also fire, and they drift in for the Identity....

"Captain Roberts?"
"Yes, Admiral?"
"Blast that destroyer into next Thursday with the secondaries."
Six 6" guns fire at the destroyer, hitting the Askagi.

The captain of the now suddenly very on fire Destroyer Askagi gets onto the highest point, taking the Rising Sun flag off its mast and holding it in the air as the ship begins to sink under. The last message of the destroyer was sent to the Shogun.

The Alexandria fires all of its 9 18" guns at the Shogun.

The Shogun fires all of its 6 guns at the Alexandria, as shells batter the deck and side armor.
"Message from the Asakgi, sir!"
"Well then, lets see..."

The shells from the Shogun hit the conning tower, but let's be honest, who uses the conning tower?

The shells are brought to reload, as the captain reads the Asakgi's last message.
"Well then, that's something..."

The Niagaran guns prepare to fire again, while also preparing destroyers to launch torpedoes.

The destroyer's of the Shogun line move to distract the enemy while the Shogun and it's cruiser escort close in.
"Alright... Steady!"

"Sir, they are getting awfully close to us."
"Fire again, try and take out a turret."
The Niagaran ships turn to face the enemy with their main guns.

"All vessels, fire!"
The Shogun's ships all spit their flame, shells flying at the Niagaran Fleet. It made for good film.

The shells of the Calarim ships hit the conning tower of the Alexandria, but fortunately it had been evacuated after the last hit. All nine guns of the Alexandria fire in return, hitting the turret of the Shogun. The Destroyers also launch torpedoes at their Calarim counterparts.

Smoke forms around Turret A as shells land near and on it. Couldn't see worth a damn.
The Destroyers speed forward and make their torpedo runs on the enemy as 1 of the destroyers splits in 2 from a Niagaran Torpedo.

Two Calarim torpedoes hit the destroyer HMS Augustine, she rolls over and sinks within seconds.
"Damn, not good. Order all ships to fire torps at the destroyers."

"I want their ships sunk, do it for the Rising Sun!"
The Destroyers continue closing, the sailors frantically reloading the torpedoes as the small guns fire.

As Admiral Thiesman watches the battle from the comfort of the HMS Alexandria , he realized something. Niagara and Calarim were not at war. Why should they fight?
"Send a signal to the Shogun. Ask for a cease-fire."

The message boy onboard the Shogun reads the message.
"Sir! Message from the Alexandria, they request a cease fire!"
"....tell them we accept."

As the battle comes to an end, both sides begin search and rescue to recover their sailors in the water.

This is taking to long, Plan B!

The Hero of Arcadisia sat in a tent in Northern Arcadisia, observing the recent war in Goose's progress. A map displayed estimates of enemy forces and naval power as well as geography. The tent had very little decoration besides for the the table that the before mentioned map was sitting on and a chair. The Field Marshal wore various medals and awards as well as the Royal seal.

"This is no good, we haven't made nearly enough progress."

One of the lower generals walked in, not nearly as decorated.

"Might I recommend a land offensive?"

"That's no good, the Emperor expressed his wishes to not want to use manpower."

"At this rate the war will drag into 1930, if we push now we can crush them. The bombardment should have softened them up enough."

"It's still a risky operation."

"This is the perfect chance to use the I-Go's in combat, see how they perform. Besides, our men our rusty after sitting around, the time is now."

"I suppose if it's a victory, then the Emperor will be pleased..."

"Then I shall relay the order to prepare to go on the offense?"



The men sat behind their positions, rifles in hand. They had their orders: hold position and wait for the signal which would come soon. Then they'd push and crush goose in-between the sea and the land forces. In command of the operation, Hero of Arcadisia himself, Field Marshal Yukio. He would observe from relative safety of the rear of the offense. His personal detachment would be protecting him as he moved with the line incase of a break in the line and a run for him. That is if they found out where he was.

The artillery sat silent in a mobile position, mostly just crates and sandbags. Shells sit ready to be loaded off to the side as the crews smoke or sit. The front was all quite, with the Calarimians waiting for that every important signal. The signal that, at least to them, ended this pathetic war against a fragile and inferior nation. That's the magic of propaganda and divine destiny for you.

Then it came. Their signal. With the signal the artillery boomed, tanks rolled, men surged out of positions and pushed forward. They will not stop until this war was over. Until their lands stretched across Goose's valuable lands.

The Sun hovers over the mountain range to the east of Dragon Hollow. King Sylvus stands level with the crowd. They form a circle around their leader, faces shining. "No longer shall our kingdom toil over losses in pointless boot camps and untrained soldiers wasting their lives waiting for conflict! Today we look back at these mistakes with disgust. Law and order have ruled for FAR to long. Today we march to the grounds of those who oppress our freedoms, culture and ways. Today we march opon the nations the oppress the rights of their peoples! The corruption must end! We must free them from the grip of their xenophobic rulers! Today We march. Those who are corrupt shall fall. We, the bringers of freedom, shall bring freedom to these lands!" shouts Sylvus as the crowd around him erupts in cheering.

After the speech King Sylvus airs a radio call. On every radio in Kalamvir Sylvus plays a message. Short, sweet and simple. "Today we start the fight of our lives. The fight for freedom. The war for the freedom of the United Alliance. Fire Hearted Forever.

Post self-deleted by Greater Niagara.

Just a Few More Ships
Admiralty Building
Greater Niagara

The Admiralty Council entered the chamber. Leading them was Admiral Saganami, the First Sea Lord, followed by Admiral McKeon, and Admiral Toscarelli, and several other admirals. Lastly, His Majesty, King Matthew III, who, although not technically needed to be there, had made a point of joining as many meetings of the Admiralty to keep in step with his military subordinates.

Admiral Saganami was the first to speak. “If everyone is here, we may begin. First order of business, we shall begin by coming to the Lord in prayer.

“Loving heavenly Father, We come to you this hour asking for your blessing and help as we are gathered together. We pray for guidance in the matters at hand and ask that you would clearly show us how to conduct our work with a spirit of joy and enthusiasm. Give us the desire to find ways to excel in our work. Help us to work together and encourage each other to excellence. We ask that we would challenge each other to reach higher and farther to be the best we can be. We ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

“With that, I call this meeting to order. I call Admiral Toscarreli, the Third Sea Lord, to speak about the new ship designs proposed.”

Admiral Toscarelli pulled out his notes. “Good morning everyone. I come here with several new proposals. As you know, in last month's meeting, we agreed to decommission eight battleships, to cut costs. However, I believe tactical realities call for us to build four more. I come to with the plans for the Rodney-Class battleships, which were shelved to make way for the Victoria’s. BHowever, they are still a good design, so the Bureau of Ships has modernized the designs and proposes that we build 2 of these ships, along with the 2 Silon-Class battleships, which plans were purchased from Caloy a few weeks ago. I also propose that we build 4 more of the Haltoria-Class, considering the excellent track record they have displayed so far, along with the new destroyers I prepared plans for.”

Admiral Saganami spoke up again. “If you are finished, Admiral, we shall hold a vote. All for?” 9 of the ten admirals rose their hands. “If that is the case, we have decided. Your Majesty, we seek your approval.”

“I grant my approval,” King Matthew said quietly.


Admiral Edward Saganami, the First Sea Lord of the Royal Niagaran Navy, stepped up to the podium. He takes one last look at his notes, then begins to speak to the waiting crowd.

“Good afternoon, everyone. I have some naval construction announcements to make. First, the navy has put in an order for 24 new Amazon-Class destroyers. We have also ordered 15 Odin-Class Submarines. As for capital ships, we will be building 4 of the Haltoria-Class battlecruisers, formerly known as the G3 battlecruisers. We will also be building 4 new battleships to replace the Iron Duke-Class battleships. They will be 2 of the Rodney-Class battleships, and two of the Ajax-Class, also known as the Silon-Class of Caloy, plans of which were purchased from Caloy.”

A Broken Kingdom

January 17th 1928

Akatoh in it's recent year's has undergone stagnation, after the Military expansion of 1921 and the collapse of the Matsrakian federation with both nation's unexpectly
reforming their monarchy's. The New king has been crowned in 1922 and he has watched his subject's the past 6 year's with care.

but time to time, he still thinks of that car ride to his palace for the first time, in centuries. He has witnessed the worst and best of his nation but something is
changing, he knows it.

"Prime Minister!!" shouts a mysterious voice to a busy Prime minister Jowoski Kuger in office for the past 2 years. she has established diplomatic and domestic needs to
the nation albeit having a rarther Suspicous Reputation.

"What is it, im very busy" Jowoski said in a monotone voice working on paperwork. Jowoski was always a industrial woman, she was never the type to dress up unlike most other
girls. instead she admired hard work and determination and would only socialize on weekends or other holidays.

She worked hard and climbed the politcal ladder by the time the Great war started she narrowly escaped the dreaded "typewriter secetary" position as all the other interns
were and found herself in the office in 1926.

"it's the file, that you asked me for, it's classified" the assistant said a young boy, who had his father killed in the great war he always meant well.

"then you got the right one, plop it on the desk will you" Jowoski then shuffled and organizes a stack of papers. the assistant then walked away to another room.

"hopefully this gives up a sense of this agreement, but first i need to see the king"

Jowoski is driven to the palace to have her bi-weekly meeting with the king to address issues the nation is currently facing.

louis presses the buzzer, Jowoski walks into the room.

"Your Majesty!" Jowoski then proceeds to bow down.

"i assume, nothing major this week." Louis looks confidente with lack of anything interesting.

"Actually i need to talk to you about something that popped up" Jowoski then sat down with a reassuring tone.

"Well im listening" Louis then sat back awaiting.

"back in May of last year we had talks with the Calarimians and we had an agreemant" jowoski then pauses for a momment

"what is it?" Louis continued and the nature of what he was about to hear, was unorthodox




MINING OPERAITONS: To be proceeded in 1930 after Safety Materials are Mass produced

To be Continued....

Summary execution
These guys weren't the people Geun was looking for. The young anarchist, his face bloodly and beat up, finally spoke.
"We...aren't affiliated with Nameless. They're horrific terrorists, we just want no nations. But they're willing to go a lot farther than us, to form a state to kill a state. Hypocrites."
It seemed like he was honest. Director Kim sighed, seeing the young anarchist. There was no way this guy was leaving the room in once piece. He left the room, and just as soon after, a loud gunshot rang out.

The Great 104th
The officers of the 104th lounged about, drinking.
These men were the ones that took to the streets in the coup of 1920. They were veterans of the Great War, and had lead this country during the Calarim Invasion. The officers all sat around, talking loudly over one another. Kim couldn't stand them, they were too entitled. He was a member, a member of this brotherhood that lead this place but...why did he feel so annoyed by them? A guest of honor, the upstart Cha had entered the room. Oh boy. Kim rolled his eyes, waiting for another annoying moment.

HHS Apollonia - May 4, 1929

Innocent sat bolt upright in his bed, his hands clutching the thin green blankets which felt more like sackcloth than actual silk. He struggled to catch his breath, the sound of disjointed and heavy breathing filling the rather empty room. Turning to his left the pontiff could see the dull gray sky which did little to alleviate his darkening world. To his right was a small clock reading 3:33 AM, its ticking and tocking a maddening reminder that though he could hear he could not speak. Then he turned and faced the nightmare that he had been avoiding.

A figure, clothed in a bloodstained cassock, stared at him unmoving. It turned its head, the dented papal tiara which adorned its crooked crown threatening to crash down onto the floor beneath it. The figure made a low, raspy growl before moving forward towards the pope. “Innocent…” it whispered slowly.

Innocent tried to scream but found that he couldn’t. The figure got nearer and nearer until its face, covered in blood, was close enough for the pope to make out what was approaching him. In the gloom, Telmachi’s face emerged. “Innocent…” He whispered again. He raised his hands, inching them towards the Holy Father. “Join me.” A fire ignited in Telmachi’s eyes, a reflection of hell itself as his fingers closed around the pope’s throat. “Join me and my friends,” he taunted. “We do miss you so.”

Innocent struggled once again to move, to scream, to fight, but found that he couldn’t. His world grew darker and darker as Telmachi tightened his grip. The last thing he heard was the sound of the dead cardinal’s maniacal laughter and the crackling fires of hell.


“Your Holiness?” Came a soft voice from beyond the dark. “Your Holiness? Are you alright?”

Innocent opened his eyes, the full light of day filtering through the porthole. Glancing around his small room his drowsy eyes slowly met the worried gazes of three others. Sister Mara the Redeemed, Governor Macguffin of San Luca, and Third Officer Cesare Subiaco were all looking at him with concerned faces. Innocent furrowed his brow. “What are you all staring at?” He demanded.

Sister Mara the Redeemed took a step back from the pope’s bed, her face becoming overwhelmed with relief. “I heard you scream sometime this morning, Your Holiness. Third Officer Subiaco was already by your door when I arrived to check on you and when we had discovered that you were having trouble breathing we promptly alerted Governor Macguffin.” She swallowed hard, bowing her head slightly. “We’ve been trying to wake you up for some time now and were beginning to worry that you had… umm…”

“That you had died, Holy Father.” Governor Macguffin said through his thick red beard. “You weren’t responding to any of our attempts to wake you up. Your breathing got so shallow that we were convinced that you were near death. Scared us half to death, you did.”

“I’m fine.” Innocent snapped. “It was just a bad dream. Now go back to bed.”

The three guests looked at each other in confusion. “Holy Father,” Sister Mara said. “It’s a quarter past noon. We’ve been trying to wake you up since six-thirty.”

Innocent fell silent. Had he really been asleep for that long? No. It must have been an odd time change or something. He couldn’t have been asleep for so long. Then again…

He looked past the Third Officer, his eyes catching a flash of scarlet cloth, there one moment then gone the next. Instinctively he pulled the blankets further towards his throat, a vain attempt to shield it from any would be attacker. The Third Officer followed the pope’s gaze, his own senses failing to see what the pope believed he did.

“Holy Father?” Third Officer Subiaco asked. “Are you alright?” Innocent’s eyes met his, the old man looking more irritable than before.

“I’m fine.” Innocent said as he got out of bed. The sudden burst of cool air making it apparent to him that he was soaked in his own sweat. He turned to Sister Mara. “Would you kindly replace the sheets? I, uh, seem to have gotten a bit warm last night.”

The nun nodded, her plump round face flushing with some embarrassment for the pontiff as he lumbered off to clean himself up. “What do you think happened?” She asked the two men who still stood at the foot of the bed as she began to tear the sweat covered sheets off.

“I’m not sure,” Third Officer Subiaco said. “But I sure as hell don’t like it.” He turned to leave when a sailor suddenly began to knock furiously on the door.

“Officer Subiaco! Officer Subiaco!” The man called.

The Officer threw open the door, briskly closing it behind him as he came into the hallway. “What is it, sailor?” He asked.

“Sir!” The sailor said breathlessly. “There’s been a murder! Someone’s killed the Second Officer!”

The Land of the Eternal Dragons

For Centuries, the land of the Eternal Dragons was Raided, conquered and reconquered. It all ended when the first ever Dynasty: the Yue Dynasty rose to power in 17AD. It lasted for centuries, during the Yue Times the first ever maritime expeditions and conquests were made. It all ended with the 567AD Goktürk Invasion: Nomads of the East whom decided it was time to destroy the Yue Dynasty.

For decades, the Goktürks raided and destroyed the Lands until the Xian Coup of 608AD. The Military was runned by several Cliques, the Xian Clique was the most influent one.

The General and Count Cheng Xian captured the Beijking Imperial Palace and reconquered the lands. His Sons throughout the generations achieved his works. The Lands onf modern Yue Xian were all conquered by 1879, but the Difficulty of Industrializing and reforming the political system caused the Downfall of the Centuries Old Xian Dynasty.

Inspired by the Democratic and Liberal Revolution in Matsrakia after the war, the Country was swept by Waves of Liberal, Federationist, Democrats and Republicans Revolts. The Rose Revolution of 1924 put the Market-Liberal and Libertarian Coalition: the Kuomitang, in power.

Stability was achieved in most of the country, wich the Bureaucratic reforms named 'Executive Yuan' undertaken by the Minister of Administration Ben Lifang, and the Democratic and Federal reforms named 'Democratic Yuan' undertaken by the High Commissioner for Democracy: Fang Lhi, the Revolts were stopped and everyone rejoiced for the Transition.

The Last Emperor, Qi Puyyi Xian, was beheaded this year, after the 'The Wei Trial', Rummors say that the Last members of the Dynasty were roaming in the North of the Country trying to form a Opposition to the new Governement (under the rule of Chancellor Lu Xi).

Like we said, most of the country was stabilised: in the north the Ma Fang and Xibei Wei Ma Cliques were fighting the Nationalist Army. Those Two Cliques, where fighting the Liberal Reforms and Opressing the Populations. What Also was a threat rose to power in 1927 in the Eastern North region Shanxi: the Xianese Communist Party (or XCP) under Ma Tzedong.

Nonetheless, the Nationalist Governement was strong, the Exodes of Matsraks and the Arrival of Notorious Intelecutals of the NSDP and TNF, gave a Dose of 'Renaissance' to the Liberal Policies. In 1929 was also the year where the Provisional Governement became the Federal Republic of Yue Xian.

Due to the Democratic pressure, a Indirect Democracy was established but nonetheless it was a Democracy. The Nationalist Army was Given Priority in the Cnetral Governement Budget, but the lack of efficency from the Local Autorities to develop was more and more a concern: the Transition from a Agrarian Society to a Industrial Society was taking it's time... too much time.

Talking about the army, the Central Governement didn't have a Clear Naval Policy, the governement started to develop modern dockyards but saw the idea of having a High Seas fleet as too much complicated for the state of the Transitioning Xianese economy.

With now new threats and with the ultimate goal of Reclaiming the Lost Lands: the Xianese Foreign Policy is at a turning point. What will happen next will be a big deal for the The United Alliance of Nations but also for Macala, Akatoh, Greater Niagara and Calarim. It all depends if the Guangxi Idealists or the Imperialist Idealists gains the trust of the power: it all depends of the 'National Conference for Foreign Affairs of 1929' Outcome.

In democracy the Xianese Trust, but what the futur holds the Xianese Don't know... What will happen now ?

The officers were prepared to go into the first actual battle, they had only been training until now since Goose Hell had been neutral for a while. They had to use all that they had learnt in training. "Some people here may die, we won't say otherwise, but it will be for the survival of this peaceful and prosperous nation, we can't just surrender, right?" said mayor Arnold Modin to his troops while in despair. "We may not have been in actual conflict but we have been trained very well, we will win this fight, this war even. At least hopefully." he says that last part more to reassure himself than to give that soldiers hope.

"Sir, the Calarimians are firing, are we allowed to fire at them too?" a soldier says, sweat dripping down him. "OF COURSE, IF THEY FIRE YOU SHOULD OBVIOUSLY FIRE BACK" said the mayor so fast that some words were incomprehensible. "Be calm, be calm" he said quietly to himself. "Fire at them, show them what we got! If we lose this I don't know what I would do, there is almost no way we will, luckily. We will show them the strength of Goose and beat those bastards" as he said that he heard a bullet hit someone, he looked around and saw a dead soldier right beside him.

"Sir, I think they were trying to hit you" "Yes, they were obviously trying to hit me, I need to get to somewhere sa..." he says as he gets shot. "SIR? SIR? ARE YOU ALIVE?" says lieutenant Gabriel Nordström. "WE NEED TO GET A MEDIC, QUICK! PLEASE! FIRE, FIRE ON TH..." he died, to the same Calarimian that shot the mayor.

Many soldiers died, it was a brutal battle, if they didn't die, they were lucky, 11,000 soilders died in that battle alone, it didn't really seem like god liked the soldiers, they seemed to be especially angry in this specific battle.

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