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Welcome to the Union of Liberal Nations ~~~ Ad Victoriam!

His Imperial Majesty's Noble Mausoleum of the Union of Liberal Nations

In Memory of the Good Times, We remain.

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Union of Liberal Nations contains 5 nations, the 3,559th most in the world.

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1.The Consulate of SpaceaniaCivil Rights Lovefest“We are the future”
2.The Bonapartist Empire of The Great French StateInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”
3.The Pirate Republic of LunarCityNew York Times Democracy“My old motto was beyond outdated”
4.The Community of Union Of Liberal NationsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Ad Victoriam”
5.The People's Jamahiriya of Aeshmadeva LandDemocratic Socialists“United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

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Union of Liberal Nations Regional Message Board

If anyone's interested, I wrote a thing

This is the Second Edition of this factbook. The first edition was less refined and has some admittedly poor editing, so I reworked it entirely into what you see now.

Chapter I: Beginnings

It's worth pointing out that TGFS founded the ULN many months before the date below, but it was just himself there not doing much, so the true founding occurred a bit later in my mind.

The modern region was founded by The Great French State, at the same time as 2017's Z-Day on October 31, and as such borders were temporarily closed. The first parliament of the region was created.

The region began its first of many roleplay (RP) events during Z-Day. They also joined the Alliance of Small Regions (AMR), a multi-regional alliance, though this alliance is now dead.

Chapter II: Early Growth and Development

Many prominent members of the later ULN joined pretty early in its history, such as 224 and Spaceania. Political parties were created, and the legendary Tinhampton joined at this time. Two militaries were set up. The first was a peacekeeping one, to be used only for defense except on raider regions. This army was owned privately by the Democratic party. Second, the official military to be used more traditionally.

The first election commenced and the Democrats won. The Grand Socialist party formed and both parties gained seats in parliament. A regional census was created.

The peacekeeping army was sent on its first mission, defending a region. The National Assembly was thought of and was being tinkered on at this time. Grande sumba became delegate, and although he felt unqualified for the position, he led the ULN for a time.

Afterwards, 224 was elected Delegate because of the aforementioned confidence issues with Grande Sumba. This established the precedent of Delegates being elected informally based on WA nations' endorsements.

The Grand Socialists underwent a bit of a schism, with some people starting the new Social Liberal Party. At this time all three main parties had equal political standing, none of them clearly dominating the others. Meanwhile, the Peacekeepers became the Napoleonic Guards (NG) while the official army became the French Foreign Legion, however, the name Peacekeepers was still used to describe the NG.

Some moments of importance at this time were The New World being liberated by the NG, and the National Assembly was officially ratified and put into being. The NG then began a larger-scale campaign of defending to much success.

There was a brief drama when an argument arose over the validity of independent candidates for regional elections, which was eventually resolved by them being declared legal. Meanwhile, the official names for the armies were dropped, and the generally accepted and used names for the armies were the Democratic Party Militia or the Peacekeepers and ULN Militia.

The ULN's two armies began increasing in size to the point that the ULN had several colonies, leading to a time spent solely on managing them and sorting out regional alliances and relationships.

Chapter III: The Government Debate

Grande Sumba returned to political prominence when he unexpectedly won the delegate election, prompting a back-and-forth between him and 224. Some nations called into question whether or not formal elections should be established for the Delegate position, which prompted a greater discussion about the government in general. (This was because WA Nations had chosen Grande Sumba whereas a popular referendum selected 224.)

This discussion eventually turned to some complaints about the complex nature of the government, so Spaceania created a rough draft of the Government of the ULN as he would like it. Catalonya, the mastermind of the National Assembly, rose issues over the idea of provinces within the region as Spaceania had suggested within it. The argument quickly turned into how the region should be run as a whole.

As the conversation was underway, Catalonya suddenly claimed that the nation Puma gradualness (Puma) was actively planning a coup against the region and had approached him regarding it.

Puma was the vice president of the Democratic Party, thereby implicating Spaceania (as the President). Spaceania immediately denied any knowledge of a coup. As the debate escalated, Spaceania accused Catalonya of crafting the narrative of a coup to remove Spaceania's ideas from discussion. Puma then said he was simply asking people if they wanted to leave for a new region he was starting, a far cry from a coup as Catalonya was claiming. Puma felt attacked and decided to leave the ULN for this new region.

Puma's departure ended the heated phase of the debate, and no other action was taken. Following this, Catalonya and Spaceania became formal political rivals, while Catalonya made many other enemies due to his often condescending and long-winded tone of writing. 224 announced his intention to leave the ULN largely due to the drama.

Chapter IV: True Culprit Revealed

After a period of cooldown, Puma unexpectedly returned and claimed that Catalonya had attempted to recruit him for an actual coup against Spaceania specifically. 224 then entered the conversation from his new region and backed up Puma, essentially saying that Catalonya tried to convince him that Spaceania was trying to get rid of him. This caused most people to side with Puma and Catalonya quickly lost all support for his side, especially when he called Puma and 224 "beta males" and also stated that he was a superior person to the others since he was European. Catalonya was also caught blatantly editing Puma's quotes, so far as to make them twice as long as the original quotes.

Puma regained his previous positions within the Democratic party and got his citizenship back. After seeing his support slip away, Catalonya began accusing everyone of being the coup masterminds, and he very quickly became seen by all as an obnoxious criminal. During this, a bombshell was unleashed.

In a very long post, Municipal states, a minor political figure, revealed that he had been recruited by Catalonya to act as a spy with the end goal of essentially couping the region. This was the final nail in the coffin for Catalonya, as TGFS stepped in at this time after quietly observing everything. He and Spaceania coordinated the official trial of Catalonya to begin immediately.

Catalonya began a kind of downward spiral, going to insults and other demeaning actions. After a short while of this, TGFS took the initiative and banjected Catalonya outright.

Chapter V: Stability

After the coup was put down, Puma decided to leave the ULN to pursue his new region (the Free Union of Nations aka FUN) full time. 224 joined FUN.

A dual government emerged after a tie in the election between Spaceania and Paisos valencians (Paisos), the leader of a minor communist movement. Tinhampton also entered the higher levels of government. The earlier drama resurfaced after a nation joined the ULN and was believed to be Catalonya, but the nation left.

It was then discovered that Puma said some anti-ULN things and then some minor drama ensued. Puma continued with his negative posts to the point that the ULN closed its embassy.

During this time something incredible happened. The nation Lindesia first joined NS in the ULN. This is incredible because Lindesia would later form the International League of Nations, (ILN), which was a powerhouse and a major player in all of NS in 2018, although the region is dead now.

Anyways, a minor controversy occurred when Paisos suppressed some posts critical of him, removed a lot of tags from the region, and added bizarre tags such as raider and anti-capitalist, leading to massive backlash against him. This occurred as Tinhampton questioned why Spaceania had a puppet in FUN.

TGFS and Space resolved the situation peacefully when Space deleted his FUN puppet, stating that he believed people could have multiple nations in different regions, but he respected Tinhampton's concern. After that, Paisos Valencians was fired as Co-President of the ULN by TGFS, leaving Space as sole President while Tinhampton was Delegate.

Right after that, Puma was declared complete master of FUN. The ULN then found out about the existence of Puma's puppets within the ULN and cracked down on them, the most notable of which was Paisos. It was later revealed that Puma had no puppets at all and that this was a trick by Puma to get rid of some ULN people. 224 came back from FUN after being banjected there.

After the puppet bans, both Lindesia and Tinhampton left. Lindesia's sister had been unfairly caught up in the bans and Tinhampton saw the government as ineffective against Puma and so decided to leave.

Chapter VI: The Great Troubles

The region The Free Sovereign Nations (FSN) issued two warnings of an invasion of the ULN signed by some FSN members, notably the nation Kitten Combines (KC) who was later a very important figure. The FSN said they were hired by an anonymous person or persons who claimed to have been mistreated by the ULN.

No one took the threat seriously since TGFS was an executive founder and as such could easily undo all damages to the region. After the FSN was revealed to be a massive invader force, TGFS decided to just play it safe and made peace.

After that FUN refounded with Assyeria as co-founder, although Puma retained a large amount of control as founder, and they made embassies peacefully with the ULN as long as no one from FUN did something stupid. However, it was just a very short time before something major happened.

Assyeria received some crucial information and revealed it to the ULN. Catalonya using the puppet KC from earlier was attempting to subvert both the ULN and the FSN. As it turned out, the FSN threat of invasion earlier was a fraud. KC created this threat of their own initiative and the actual FSN was not involved in any part of it. KC then planned to enter FUN, wait until they had a lot of influence, then banject everyone. KC then planned to use their lofty government position within the FSN to destroy the ULN and blame Puma. Right before this post was made, Assyeria coordinated with Puma to banject Catalonya and his puppets from FUN.

KC (Catalonya) went on damage control and began banning tons of people from FSN. After KC posted on the ULN RMB, he was banned. The FSN and KC then entered a battle over the FSN itself. During this battle, the FSN withdrew completely from the FUN and Puma resumed complete control. The battle ended after the FSN was successful in completely banning Catalonya/KC from the region and everyone rejoiced.

Tinhampton returned and became Delegate quickly due to their popularity. Meanwhile, Lindesia's ILN was being set up into its main form.

It was then found that Catalonya/KC was banned from NS entirely after repeatedly breaking site rules, and the ULN celebrated.

Chapter VII: Peace

The ULN had just defeated its greatest enemy, and peace returned after so much time spent fighting. 224 left for the ILN, but returned shortly afterwards. A merger of the FUN and ULN was in the works between Puma and TGFS. The ULN's militaries also began the first major operation in a while, creating several new colonies.

The ULN's catchphrase; "Ad Victoriam!" was first used here. The merger was agreed to and the FUN moved to the ULN, with Puma being given the position of Vice Delegate. Puma began doing something similar to Paisos, removing and adding tags and such. The whole merger was soon determined to be a coup attempt and Puma was banned. After a mass warning system went off (first used during Catalonya's ban), Puma was banned from over 12 regions and ULN colonies.

Puma's FUN then fell apart, followed by the FSN which Puma had gained a prominent position in. The FSN under Puma refounded to the Royal Sovereign Nations, which tried and failed at posing any threat to anyone. Puma was then deleted from NS for unknown reasons. Malumynumen (Mal) joined the ULN around here.

In this time the remnants of the FUN was conquered by the ULN.

Adylica first appeared here, as founder of Adylicatpeel EMPIRE (AE, see the History of AE and the UFN for more). This was back when AE was a raiding region.

RP flourished, beginning an extended period where RP was the main purpose of the region instead of politics. A long time passed without any major events.

Chapter VIII: The Great Inactivity

In a now infamous spectacle across all of NS, the summer of 2018 was host to one of the worst inactivity plagues NS has ever seen, and the ULN was affected as well. During this time Adryvia became involved with the ULN and Lardyland.

The unofficial alliance, the ULU local group was formed at this time, being the circle of the ULN, UFN, and Lardyland.

Lesbia, a prominent ULN member, joined.

The ULN-Lardyland relationship grew and Spaceania became involved in both regions heavily. Adryvia did something similar.
Spaceania created a series of factbooks explaining the government which helped to boost participation in government.

During this time the Lily War occurred, an event I won't detail here but is described in other histories, and the ULN had some involvement. Adryvia worked for the Lily forces and as such caused controversy, but it died down quickly. Ultimately the ULN had no real interest in the conflict and once even told Adylica to go away upon mentioning the affair.

Chapter IX: Transition in Culture

The ULN began a change in culture, starting pretty soon after the Lily War ended. Lardyland natives posted more regularly, which is what prompted this. What's interesting is that the Lard culture and the Native RP meshed together naturally and effortlessly. Meanwhile, a newspaper was created and editions were issued.

However, the ULN and Lardyland have held a tenuous relationship for a long time, starting here. Adryvia was banned from Lardyland. (Not sure why)

Later, Spaceania began remaking old documents such as the citizen test and various laws. Kittydog/The Finnish USSR, later a main UFN figure, joined the ULN at this time.

Chapter X: A New Alliance

Orange Nassau joined and caused drama with TGFS over Spaceania's involvement in making bills, which was seen by some as too much power. Importantly, Adryvia supported Nassau, giving credibility to the argument. Ultimately the argument was left unresolved. Afterwards, the Universal Freedom Alliance (UFA) was made with the ULN as its main member. The UFN joined it.

Then, Spaceania made an amendment discussing the role of ministries. This was met with more than the usual opposition, led by Tinhampton. They didn't like it mainly because the constitution already defined the role and they questioned why Space wanted to redefine it. Meanwhile, Nasunia was formed and began to expand. In case you don't know, they went on to be one of the three founders of the UFRC, the UFN's alliance which failed after the UFN became inactive.

Anyways, Spaceania was successful after getting the amendment passed.

Chapter XI: Minor Dramas

A History of the region was made, and was updated until around February 2018, hence me making this one. Pinochet Executionists, Delegate of Lardyland, became involved with the ULN at this time and achieved some political office and a small following. His most major actions were a proposed senate reform bill and a run for a role in the Federal Council. The ULN hit 40 nations at this time. Pinochet won the position and officially proposed the bill, which most people supported.

When the Oscarian Civil War broke out (see my dispatch about it for more info.), Adylica tried recruiting the ULN to their side (The Kingdom of Oscaria). Tinhampton called Adylica out for sending recruitment TGs without marking them as such. TGFS was then contacted by the Commonwealth side and the ULN joined it after realizing that they were in fact the legitimate government of Oscaria. Adylica later withdrew from the conflict.

The RP flourished again, meanwhile the ULN Militias were now being called the Imperial Army.

Chapter XII: The UFN Strikes Again

The UFN left the UFA and created the UFRC. The UFRC's core members were the UFN, Lardyland, Actually Nothing, and Iberian Empire (The remnants of the Kingdom of Oscaria). The ULN was asked to join but refused, saying that the alliance was almost completely identical to the UFA except that the UFN got more power. Spaceania brought up concerns that this alliance was more of a UFN dominated empire, and Adylica like his post saying this, indicating his agreement with that statement.

This incident severely strained UFN-ULN relations, as the general perception of the UFN at this time was a power-hungry region indifferent towards their own values.

It is around here that I first joined NS in the ULN under Lord of the spectres. All I really did was ask why some stuff was happening since I didn't really know.

Actually nothing withdrew from the UFA following the UFN's statements. The UFA only consisted of the ULN and Lardyland at this point, and Adryvia proposed disbanding the whole thing. Lardyland-ULN relationship deteriorated following some drama regarding Adryvia and the UFA was basically over.

Chapter XIV: Foreign Policy

It's worth mentioning here that The United Empires of Carson (UEC) was a region which was a close ally to Lardyland, and had existed in the local area for a while, but they now became more of a world player within this region of NS.

TGFS was becoming more and more inactive, and although he was on vacation mode, he'd CTE soon. The ULN discuss what to do, and Carson engaged in a debate over it. The result was inconclusive but they decided that they'd refound with Space or someone as founder.

Adylica tried getting the ULN to join the UFRC again, but failed. Frustrated, Adylica then insinuated that Mal wanted the UFN dead and wanted their embassies closed, which went nowhere and was dropped. After Lardyland controversially raided the Embassy, the ULN closed embassies and officially disbanded the UFA, though it was dead already in practice. The Yellow Empire raided the Iberian Empire and it fell. TGFS was inactive so much that the ULN decided that they'd refound for sure unless he came on more. Pinochet proposed a Lardyland-ULN alliance, which was rejected.

After a long time of just RP stuff, the Ballpit scandal happened in Lardyland. (In summary, Ballpit infiltrated the LL ranks, used mass supression under the ruse "following NS rules", was caught, then ejected.) This mildly affected relations when among the chaos, Adylica tried yet again to get the ULN to join the UFRC, and failed again.

Chapter XV: New Developments

Because the nation Adylica was plagued with a bad history and drama, the person behind it gave it to Spaceania and made Aestorus and Aestorusia, the latter founded the Free Enclave, the temporary UFN successor state.

TGFS was about to die and everyone knew, so plans for the new founder emerged. As the line of succession was created, he CTEd. Plans to archive the old region on Wayback were devised and later executed. (Thank god! It was my main source for all of this!) During this time Adylica/Aestorus tried getting the new region to join the "Enclave Empire", and failed.

Chapter XVI: The Transition and Later Developments

Adryvia became the new founder, and Lesbia became the Delegate. The old government was introduced into the new region and elections commenced. A dispute arose over Spaceania's possible over-involvement in government, but it was resolved peacefully. TGFS refounded and returned to a rejoicing ULN. He expressed his wish to not to be founder again.

Meanwhile, Spaceania became inactive, too inactive. He was in danger of CTEing, and the ULN went into a mild panic. On March 16th, 2018, Spaceania CTE'd, and he's was put in a status similar to TGFS before his return. Thankfully he eventually returned a few months later.

Afterwards, the UFN and ULN began talks of a merger, however, the details surrounding this proposed merger are not publicly known. To my knowledge, the only thing the public had access to regarding the merger was a single post on the UFN's RMB. Most curiously, the ULN didn't even seem to acknowledge the merger's existence (I found no mention of it at all on the RMB) and the UFN was up in arms over it (most actives did not like it). The merger was eventually suspended by the ULN and was shortly afterwards cancelled by the UFN.

After a while of peace and normal activities, some members wanted change within the region based on perceived corruption in government, mainly regarding how a group of five or so nations were the ones solidly in charge of the region. This sparked a greater debate over the region's future. These requests for change were granted by Space and the region transitioned into a new form of government.

Chapter XVII: A New Merger

After a short period of discussion, the ULN merged with Meat (Lardyland's temporary successor state) to form the Union of Lardy Nations (UMN, formed around March 16th 2020) however the merger was short-lived. It failed because of one disgruntled founding member leaving and taking half the government with him. Despite the other half of the government's best efforts, Pinochet Executionists, the head of government, didn't respond quickly enough to prevent a regional collapse around April 8th 2020.

Chapter XVIII: Post-UMN

Shortly following the UMN, many founding and prominent ULN members moved on to other things, including Spaceania, Adryvia, Malnumyen, and many others. The ULN became very inactive and stayed at around 10 members for a long time. Around October 2nd 2020, the region entered a state of hibernation, and the region now unfortunately appears to be dead.

I'll update this factbook as things progress. This has been KOTG's history of the ULN

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More than a year and a half since I last spoke here.

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