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Founded: July 3, 2014 by St nevis and kitts, Andzhalswoodosia, The briarwood, Langor Empire

Refounded: June 26, 2016 by Langor Empire, Sparkdottir, and North korvakia

Featured: October 1, 2017


Siege I reclaims the Throne

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Regional Power: Moderate

Union of Confederate Regions contains 367 nations, the 27th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Colony of MacuroPsychotic Dictatorship“Hail Zukof!”
2.The Empire of TheTerranImperiumPsychotic Dictatorship“Et Servient Omnes”
3.The Oppressed Peoples of Rice KrispeesPsychotic Dictatorship“Mans Can Never Be Hot”
4.The Kingdom of Arabia and Iraq of BonerePsychotic Dictatorship“Long live to the King! | عاش طويلا للملك”
5.The Jingoistic States of The Iowan FatherlandPsychotic Dictatorship“Me as well?”
6.The People's Republic of KalashnikoveaPsychotic Dictatorship“Salvation through Struggle”
7.The Dictatorship of Russian SeveroslaviaPsychotic Dictatorship“Strength Through Submission”
8.The Dictatorship of The Holy BearPsychotic Dictatorship“Subservience Earns Respect”
9.The Republic of WabbitanPsychotic Dictatorship“Pride and Industry”
10.The Republic of UsritPsychotic Dictatorship“Usrit loyalty”
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Union of Confederate Regions Regional Message Board

Omg after picking a guys argument for a movie that made me look bad who’s name is literally Marshall Kim J. Unn my civil freedoms and political freedoms fell and I’m dying of laughter right now
(Also unrelated but where in Africa should I start invading?)

Morals to be learned
United tribes of Crystalia welcomes refugees from New Ingloniania regardless but would not send boats to take them to a nation run by rufugees until the leaders of ingoniania decided what to do with them, the minera alliance requested merging with the ICRC For unknown reasons, issues concerning the Sherken empire start to rise as the thoughts of Italian, American, and Canadian “imperialist campaigns” in Africa are being discussed over thier legitimacy as conquest campaigns (the minera alliance is split on believing the 3 Nations especially Italy are their for conquest or to deal with the Sherkens In case you’re confused), one thing is clear regardless, corruption and war must be Stopped even in previously unseen places like [nation]Union of Siberia Natives[/nation where war and tryanny is unseen, as it is crystalia’s foreign policy that the minera alliance must obey, whether the other nations like it or not
Pressure on the Sherkens
In an attempt to see whether the campaigns in Africa are for conquest or for liberation, the minera alliance agreed to to send its army to assist in the defeat of the Sherkens on a new front enforcing pressure on them with multiple fronts to defend, but just in case, 2 little boy bombs are pointed at the Sherkens, whether the Sherken war was almost over or not was yet to be seen.

Humanitarian Aid
The Minister for Foreign affairs, Marcus Martial, has answered New Ingloniania plea for help following the recent and unfortunate event that crippled the country's infrastructures and displacing many people from their homes. In his recent conference he stated that "We are obligated to help a country in their time of need. We stand with U.K.I as a sign of our testament and commitment to help those who seek to rise above all odds and our most sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones."

A dozen merchant ships, packed with food and other essential supplies, has already left Manila Bay. On board the ships include several dozen search and rescue teams which totals to 300 Centopians. The Centopian government has also offered to help rebuild damaged infrastructures across the country by providing not only skilled workers but $5,000,000,000 which will also go towards rebuilding damaged homes.

Marcus Martial has also offered a trade agreement to U.K.I with the world's largest producer of agricultural products. Part of his recent conference he also stated that "We will not accept their technology. Why? Because by doing so you are taking advantage of their request for help despite offering their technology to foreign governments. No... that is not how humanitarian aid works and we will be the beacon to those who stand with us."

Operation Sepulchre
'Soldiers, sailors, and airmen of the Rhodellian Wehrmacht, you are about to embark on The Great Crusade. The eyes of the world are upon you, for the very fate of all mankind rests on your shoulder, this very day. You shall not fear. You shall not falter. You shall not give a single step to the enemy. You will show the world bravery, courage, and spirit only Rhodellians can achieve, what - you- can achieve. Hand-in-hand with our Itherum and Byzantine comrades, you will bring about the final destruction of the Sherken war machine. Here and now, in the rugged lands of the Levant, you will bury the Sherken Scourge once and for all, and etch your name into history.

The path ahead will not be an easy one: the Sherkens are battle-hardened killers. They know no mercy or good will. They will fight fiercely and savagely, like animals backed into a corner. But fear not! Much has happened since the Sherken triumphs of 1903. The year is 1905: our Byzantine friends have raised their flag over the Sherken capital of Dreu Serno, the Canadians and Americans are giving their all in Egypt, and the Rhodellian and Centopian Expeditionary Forces, led by none other than our King August, have sent the Sherkens fleeing out of Arabia. The tide has turned. This war is almost won, but it is you, warriors of Rhodellia, who must claim the final victory.

I wish you the best of luck and the greatest of fortune. This is Crown Prince Reinhardt von Rödel speaking, on behalf of King August III. Fight on, my brothers. For The Fatherland!'

The Mediterranean Fleet
The Rhodellian Mediterranean Fleet, under Admiral Wilhelm von Oberlitz arrived in Israel 3 days after it disembarked from Genoa. They had finally reached Haifa, only to find the horizon up in smokes. Black smoke pillars were rising all over the Israeli port city. Were they too late? Had the allied fighters of Itherum already fallen? Did Rhodellia... fail to help its allies in their hour of need...? For a minute, all hope seemed lost. But then, came an explosion. Then another. Then more. The echoes of sporadic gunfire grew louder as the ships drew closer to port. There was fighting, and lots of it. Against all odds, the Crusaders of Itherum were still resisting! This filled the Rhodellian soldiers with hope.

8 aircraft carriers - SMS Langley, SMS Aumont, SMS Slough, SMS Cotillard, SMS Churchill, SMS Kingston, SMS Carré, and SMS Boyer - launched a total of 24 reconnaissance planes for vital info-gathering. Within an hour, Army Group Levant would know the exact coordinates of Sherken artillery outside of the city, as well of the Sherkens' troop movements towards and into the city. 3 battleships - SMS Jacobin, SMS Mansley, and SMS Fossey, would open up a scarily-precise barrage to silence the Sherken artillery pounding the city. Using blinker lamps, reconnaissance planes would continue their sorties to provide fire correction. In case of interceptors, the carriers may collectively launch up to 72 fighters within minutes. 6 cruisers - SMS Signoret, SMS Ulliel, SMS Marceau, SMS Pradier, SMS Sauvage, and SMS Diaby - would be conducting direct fire at any Sherkens trying to shell the incoming Rhodellian fleet from positions inside the city. Allied freedom fighters would swiftly clear out of the affected city blocks, seeing how they're being carpet-shelled. 6 destroyers - SMS Claudel, SMS Phalle, SMS Fignon, SMS Bobet, SMS Huret, and SMS Artaud - would be comprehensively scanning the waters further from the coast for approaching submarines. Meanwhile, the other ships would venture on to land troops, equipment, and supplies at the port. Every ship was doing something to contribute to the eventual victory.

The 39th Army
Led by General Erich von Wallenstein, 108,000 soldiers of the 39th Army have arrived at Haifa. Their task is to clear the way ahead of the other armies. As is always the case of Rhodellian deployments, approximately two-thirds of the entire force are support troops working in policing, medical, veterinary, sustainment, engineering, communications, and logistical roles.The ships would be moored into place. Tanks, trucks, artillery pieces, and infantry would be rushing off the ramps to make landfall and reorganise into their respective units. Officers would link up with local Itherum fighters to confirm who owns what streets and city blocks. Detailed and up-to-date news of the situation would be made clear to those of all ranks. Supply units would be prying open the cargo containers, and quickly filling many ad-hoc supply depots to the brim. Medical units would be preparing field hospitals anywhere they can find underground space. Maintenance crews would be setting up motor pools in a nearby parking lot, and repair bays in some nearby warehouses. Engineers would be placing down mulberry harbours to increase the port's shipping capacity. Communications units would be switching on all the radio equipment in a random administration building. Meanwhile, the combat units formed up to retake the city. Maps would be consulted so no unit would ever get lost in the city. The 9th Panzer Division, 10th Panzer Division, 231st Infantry Division, 232nd Infantry Division, 233rd Infantry Division, and the 234th Infantry Division were ready to blitzkrieg the Sherkens into submission...


Submarine Improvements
The Department for Defence has introduced the new Y-class submarine as an improved version of the Neptune-class 1 submarines. The CNS Y-1 was the first to be laid down the previous year for test runs. The tests was a success and 44 submarines have been ordered at a total cost of $571,505,000. This marks the end of further naval developments for the rest of the year and possibly the following year. The Grand Navy currently posses a total of 424 ships including transport vessels and submarines with 151 more in construction.

The Y-class have been modified to maximise the number of 21-inch (53.3 cm)torpedoes carried in the bow. The submarine had a length of 235 feet (71.6 m) overall, a beam of 23 feet 6 inches (7.2 m) and a mean draft of 13 feet 2 inches (4.0 m).[1] They displaced 914 long tons (929 t) on the surface and 1,089 long tons (1,106 t) submerged. The L-class submarines had a crew of 44 officers and ratings.They have a diving depth of 150 feet.

They can reach 20 mph on the surface and 12.1 mph underwater. The Y-class has a range of 4,200 nautical miles. The boats are armed with six 21-inch torpedo tubes in the bow. They carried eight reload torpedoes for a grand total of a dozen torpedoes. They are also armed with two 4-inch (102 mm) deck guns.

Northern Haifa
Itherum fighters in the north had been pushed back to the neighbourhoods of Kiryat Haim West, Kiryat Haim East, and Kiryat Khashmal. The situation was dire. They were running out of ammunition and medical supplies while the Sherkens were slowly but surely gaining ground. They were doing well until, at least until the Sherkens showed up with tanks. With no dedicated anti-tank weapons of their own, they had to improvise with molotov cocktails. But still, it's not as if they had an infinite supply of gasoline and glass bottles. They were about to retreat to the next defensive line at Haifa Airport. Thankfully, the Rhodellians arrived before they were forced to withdraw. Led by Lieutenant General Christoph Kryssing, a Corps consisting of the 9th Panzer Division, 231st Infantry Division, and 232nd Infantry Division had rolled northwards to relieve their Itherum allies.

Rhodellian Colossus tanks would go face-to-face with Sherken FT-17s in open avenues. They'd come out on top every time with barely more than a scratch on their paint jobs. The FT-17s' guns weren't powerful enough to penetrate the thick armour. Many of their shots kept bouncing off because of the sloping. Meanwhile, the Colossi didn't even have to use their main guns to win: they could easily turn the FT-17s to Swiss Cheese with just their 13 mm heavy machine guns and armour piercing bullets!

Meanwhile on the side-streets, the Rhodellian infantry had split into squads and platoons, accompanied by tanks and their APCs. The infantry would screen ahead of friendly armour, preventing any Sherkens from getting close enough to throw a molotov cocktail. The soldiers would be entirely equipped with submachine guns and selective-fire battle rifles. Each squad also has their own light machine gun. The squads with battle rifles would suppress and/or mow down Sherkens still out on the streets. Sherkens firing from windows would quickly find themselves ducking beneath the window sills for cover, only for Rhodellian soldiers using full metal jacketed bullets to shoot them dead right through the exterior walls. Sherken sharpshooters and machine gunners would just get blasted to pieces by the aforementioned tanks if they tried to engage. Of course, that's assuming that Rhodellian snipers haven't gotten to them first. If the Sherkens somehow manage to block a road with rubble, the tanks would just plough through with bulldozer blades. The Rhodellians would dominate the outdoors as if God himself blessed them with otherworldly martial prowess.

Meanwhile, the soldiers equipped with submachine guns would be engaged in indoor fighting. Rather than let the Sherkens get the jump on them, Rhodellian soldiers would surprise them by taking other options. They'd use siege ladders to breach houses through upper floor windows. If a building had part of its roof blown off, soldiers would use grappling hooks to latch onto rooftops just so they could breach through the hole. If there was no big-enough, they'd just make their own by planting demolition charges. If soldiers did have to breach a room through a door, they'd use a maneuver called 'slicing the pie', in which they move carefully in a semi-circle around a corner, gradually expanding their field of view of what’s around it while minimizing their own exposure. Each individual would be equipped with no less than 10 to 12 frag grenades. The soldiers would not enter a room or turn a corner without first tossing a frag grenade to kill any Sherkens camping on the other side. Alternatively, Rhodellians equipped with battle rifles would just switch to full auto and kill hidden Sherkens by spraying bullets through the walls and ceilings. If they can't be bothered to breach a house at all, engineers would burn it down using flamethrowers. The Rhodellians are also equipped with Plattenpanzer body armour, which reliably protects the torso, legs, and shoulders from rifle bullets and shrapnel. With this, Rhodellian casualties would be minimised while Sherken casualties would be maximised. The Rhodellians would dominate the indoors like it's the most brutally one-sided Rainbow Six: Siege match ever.

Eastern Haifa
Itherum fighters in the east had been pushed back to the neighbourhoods of Kiryat Nahum and Giv'at Nesher. Many are fighting a bloody battle to keep control of the ORL Group's chemical plant. Here, the fighters were faring only marginally better than their comrades in the north. The arrival of the Rhodellians was a godsend, as a massive wave of Sherken tanks and infantry was advancing from the fields due south of the chemical plant. Led by Lieutenant General Falke Spiers, a Corps consisting of the 10th Panzer Division, 232nd Infantry Division, and 233rd Infantry Division would advance eastwards to intercept the incoming wave, which was just several kilometres away from the city.

The Eastern Sherken advance would be met by a freakishly-accurate barrage of direct gunfire from Rhodellian Colossi tanks several kilometres to the northwest. Infantry stuck in the open would be torn to shreds by shrapnel shells, with the survivors running for the nearest linear irrigation ditch for cover. Lumbering FT-17s would get sniped, exploding magnificently from the torrent of high explosive shells penetrating their armour. Despite inevitably heavy casualties, the officers would still push for the offensive. They refused to be defeated by mere humans. The Sherkens were pinned down in the irrigation ditches, and would refuse to expose themselves to enemy fire until an alternative route was found. By the time the officers figured out a different course of action, it would already be too late. Rhodellian fighter planes, launched from aircraft carriers, would already be strafing down the full lengths of the straight, linear ditches, killing many, many Sherkens. Any that fled out into the open would be mowed down either by advancing Rhodellian tanks and APCs, or picked off by other fighter planes. The entire eastern front would be a laughably one-sided massacre.

Southern Haifa
The Itherum fighters on the south side of Haifa are doing well to hold the hills and coastal road. The natural advantages presented by the terrain have favoured the defenders well, and have put off the Sherkens from committing to any serious attacks. The 234th Infantry Division would advance southwards to reinforce the fighters anyway.

The Sherkens would be stunned by the Rhodellians' advanced skills, sophisticated tactics, and the sheer professionalism with which they carry them out. They'd also be equally horrified by the humans' overwhelming advantage in raw firepower and technology. Everywhere, even in the rare few places they outnumbered the so-called 'inferior' humans, they'd be grossly outgunned and outmatched. Their FT-17s couldn't even scratch the humans' Colossi tanks, but the Colossi tanks could easily destroy their tanks with just their machine guns. Only molotov cocktails captured from Itherum fighters could possibly destroy those tanks, yet the tanks' infantry escorts would always stop those molotovs from being used in the first place. The Rhodellians would have the clear upper hand in this battle. The tactical flexibility, responsiveness, and sophistication presented by Rhodellian mission-type tactics and military doctrine would far outmatch the Sherkens in the chaos of urban combat. The prevalence of grenades and fully automatic weapons would guarantee that the Sherkens were always outgunned. The overwhelming presence of well-armoured and heavily-armed tanks and APCs would seal the deal. To top it off, the Rhodellians would have a massive advantage in that they enjoyed air, artillery, and logistical superiority. Haifa would fall into Rhodellian hands swiftly and with minimal casualties.

The Rhodellians would not show mercy to the Sherkens. Any trace of the ethics and morality they’d normally to show to human opponents would be thrown out the window. Sherkens would be shot dead. Not a single prisoner would be taken. However, in another display of professionalism the soldiers wouldn’t abuse the Sherkens with excessive cruelty; except for very few isolated cases, all injured, wounded, and surrendered Sherkens would be gunned down with one shot in the head and another two in the chest (the Mozambique drill). Very few would escape as aircraft and fast-moving APCs gave chase to stragglers who have lost all hope in victory. Only a deliberate few individual stragglers would be allowed to flee with their lives. After all, someone has to tell the rest of the Sherken military how utterly shafted they are.


The Onyx tribe, why do you keep mentioning United tribes of Crystalia? Just wondering because that nation isn't even in UCR.

El Kasasin: ‘Where the hell are the furries?’ Malonhao
Bancroft, surprisingly marches into El Kasasin without having to fire off a shot. 70,000 and 240,000 infantrymen link up. With the army combined, they will rest in El Kasasin and prepare to set out in the next 12 days. The Army would have taken all gear, equipment, and anything belonging to the Canadians, before they would be able to move out. This includes sandbags and other equipment. The Army would set out after 12 days of resupplies and rearmament.

Rhodellian Engineers! Rhodellia
Canada has recently contracted Rhodellian Engineers. Plans for a Canadian tank, or a land ship, as they may call it, would have tremendous impact on Canada’s military, as it would be the first ever land vehicle that the Canadians would use. So before the land ship would even be in thought, mechanized armoured cars would be a first. The Canadians would consider haftracks first as a way for mechanized vehicles, for motorized vehicles, would be constructed by the military for military purposes. The Canadian land doctrine is only looking for mechanized haftracks first.

Oil, Oil, And More Oil
Recently in Texas, there has been a skyrocketing boost in the Canadian economy. Over 500,000 barrels of oil in Texas alone has been found. Because of this, Canadian private companies have moved into Texas to get their hands on his oil, which would abruptly raise up Canadian economical interests. With this, Canada would invest around 29.6 million dollars into constructing oil mines in the Texan region.

(Sorry for such a short RP post)

Post self-deleted by Levonast.

Through Triumph And Honour!
350,000 infantrymen from North America has finally landed in Port Edward. Where’st the troops would have to restock and resupply. With already 140,000 Marines in Riyadh, small skirmishes and encounters have occurred. The following are what the results are:

Canadian Marines:
KIA: 214
MIA: 17
Injured: 231

Sherken Troops:
KIA: 528
Injured: 812
Captured: 123

Captured and injured Sherken soldiers would be gathered and stripped of their gear. Injured Sherken soldiers who cannot stand will be shot once in their heads, then three times in their chest. Those that may be able to stand, will be lined up and executed. With Sherken soldiers being shot and executed, Canadians would force the Sherken officers to watch as their fellow Beastkins are brutally executed. The bodies of Beastskins would simply be dumped in the desert and left there to rot, without burning or burying. This is to leave a message to the Sherken Army.

Naval Production
A Canadian Submarine has its final design built, it now joins with the E-Class submarines in the Canadian naval arsenal.

Bigger And Larger
Now with the new Canadian Defense budget raised, tons of money would revert straight to developing a semi-automatic rifle. 5is new variant of rifles would be able to switch its rate of fire from a single shot, to a machine gun-like fire mode. Though the gun is unspecified, details to the gun will be remained in the future. Purposes for the gun is because troops would rather have a gun that can shoot far range and can fire at a dramatically high rate of fire. As soon as Canada can get their gear and equipment at the maximum technological advancement, the Canadians wouldn’t need to rely heavily upon New English sub machine gun companies.

And with Canada’s now bigger economy, Canada shall take advantage and will indefinitely expand its military. Bigger numbers do not mean anything, now with better technology. As Canada, all Canadian pre-dreadnoughts would either be scrapped, or sold to developing human countries. Airplane production would be put on halt, as better airplanes are going to be developed as soon as haftracks are built and developed.

Authoritarian Democracy Spreading?
Auth. Democracy has been a pull-up in the government of Canada. Many people of around 83% of Canada’s population see that the government should have one leader in charge, except voting would still be a thing. King Edward III would say exactly, ‘Why not let the people decide? We shall see what the fate of the changes may bring.’ Maybe government change could be possible.

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