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Founded: July 3, 2014 by St nevis and kitts, Andzhalswoodosia, The briarwood, Langor Empire

Refounded: June 26, 2016 by Langor Empire, Sparkdottir, and North korvakia

Featured: October 1, 2017; January 31, 2018

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News: Military creation announced.

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Nations are required to join the World Assembly and endorse Krualstiken, Novskya and Malonhao.

Embassies: Aerope, Soviet Democracy, Ikuisuus, Iveagh, Solar Alliance, The Roman Empire, Force, The Kaiserreich, Agheasma, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Confederacy of Allied States, Norden, Eientei Gensokyo, The Western Isles, Dawn, Islamosphere, and 13 others.The NewsStand, Avadam Inn, Fort Whitehorse, Yuno, Anteria, United Poland Union, Christianity, The Sands, Paranoia, Canterbury, Stray Dog, UCR Training, and UCR Jump point.

The embassy with Soviet Democracy is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Paranoia is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with UCR Training is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with UCR Jump point is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with Confederacy of Layem has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with RHINIA has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

Union of Confederate Regions contains 437 nations, the 26th most in the world.

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The Largest Welfare Programs in Union of Confederate Regions

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

As a region, Union of Confederate Regions is ranked 9,089th in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Magocracy of SalvigiaDemocratic Socialists“To protect the past, and preserve the future”
2.The Independent Nation-State of Pacific CommonwealthInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Give me your money, you can trust me.”
3.The Federal Republic of The Doitsu-Nippon BundScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Justice, Liberty, Fraternity”
4.The Democratic States of The AlticLeft-Leaning College State“Twirling Toward Freedom”
5.The Allied Socialist States of DratriumScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Peace and Justice through Equality”
6.The Reasonable Republic of SolidariteCivil Rights Lovefest“The Only Thing We're Addicted To Is Good Governance.”
7.The Community of Anarchic Freedom For The PeopleCivil Rights Lovefest“There is no true freedom while capitalism exists”
8.The Republic of DinostoneLiberal Democratic Socialists“We choose peace. Do you?”
9.The Theocracy of LjosalfheimrDemocratic Socialists“Milowda na animals!”
10.The United States of WookakedInoffensive Centrist Democracy“the last man standing wins the case”
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Langor Empire wrote:Please keep problems of this sort elsewhere.

Ok problem solved

Hello my friend recommended this game to me.

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white elephant boy

Ljosalfheimr wrote:How do I request territory on the map?

You can post your claim in the #map-claims channel on Discord.

Fallen Ascendancy

    Lumbering forward into the 20th century is the Retivan Confederacy, an engimatic imperial power ruling over 55 million people in Southeast Asia. Although ever so stagnant as time passes by due to political infighting between important aristocratic families and individuals. The feud had cost the government its efficiency and decisiveness as members of government from different ruling families clash over interests of their own faction. However, the rise of Grand Aristocra Jatukamramthep Kongsangchai as the new Head of State, who hails from House Kongsangchai, has turned the tide of internal politics; by placing heavy emphasis on national unity and integrity, the Grand Aristocra demands the Ruling Families (of which there are 13) to set aside their differences and work together to strengthen the decadent Confederacy and the might of its country, which has continued to decline across the ages.

    Whilst setting a political revolution about, the Grand Aristocra decreed that all Ministries and Offices of government are to no longer be managed by a single Ruling Family, but by a mixed number from all Houses. Therefore it aims to force unity and cooperation into the spirit and mind of the Chiss, that they should work together as Retivans and not as a people divided by mere origin and class. Many have stated that this is a recipe for disaster, although the radical Head of State begs to differ. Surrounded by aliens on all fronts, the Grand Aristocra has set his eyes on capitulating on the xenophobic nature of the Retivans to not only cement the spirit of unity, but also strengthen their overall resolve to work towards empowering the State, which in turn supports the individuals. By playing on the fear of outsiders on the population, the leader hopes to create a technocratic ethnostate that will surpass all other nations in economic, military and technological supremacy. Recognising that it no longer retains the primacy that it once had before, the Confederacy must play its hands carefully as it is surrounded by countries vastly more powerful than itself.

    To this end, the Confederacy of Retiva has announced itself as a neutral power in world affairs, and will be willing to trade with all nations. It has also asked other nations to invest in the Confederacy, the government of which supports a mixed economic system, as well as bring their businesses to Retiva. The country is endowed with an abundance of natural resources (such as oil and gas, metals, gems, rubies, sapphires, pearls, and jade), and although placed under state control, would be willing to contract experienced foreign firms to establish mine and explore prospective deposits throughout the country. Although its industries are fairly developed, it isn't developed enough to be competitive with the world's top countries and would require significantly more investment. This comes alongside transport infrastructure and intraregional connectivity throughout Retiva.

Bruising Shipyards

    Seeing the need for a rapid expansion of the Retivan shipbuilding industry, the Grand Aristocra and the Ministry of Commerce have agreed to allocate a grant of at least $60 million to help fund the construction of at least 10 shipyards, separated into three categories according to the size of ships they are capable of handling; low capacity, medium capacity and high capacity. Low capacity ships can handle up to five thousand displacement tonnes, medium capacity up to twenty thousand tonnes, and high capacity up to forty thousand tonnes. The government has planned for four low capacity, 2 medium capacity and 4 high capacity shipyards to be constructed. The largest shipyards are expected to have at least ten dry docks for shipbuilding, and will be located in the province of Yangon. Medium capacity shipyards will be located in Sittwe, fairly close to the capital city of Pogarnova, equipped with an equally large number of dry docks (10). Low capacity dry docks will be located in Mawlamyaing and would each have five dry docks, although floating dry docks could be used to increase this figure.

    The Retivan shipbuilding industry have build reliable and robust ships in the past, with a qualitative edge, but must be able to punch over to the quantitative belt as well. Therefore, this expansion plan is expected to contribute significant gains to the Confederate war machine and its economy, as these shipyards will produce both civilian and military vessels. The government is working in cooperation with private banks to fund the project, hoping to rejuvinate the industrial sector of the economy and help increase maritime trade with its neighbours, which is much more efficient.

Surging Charge

    Judging the increased production of coal to be detrimental towards the industrialisation effort of the Confederacy, the Senate has agreed to authorise the distribution of mining permits for 10 extraction sites across the nation, particularly in Shan State, one of the most mineral rich regions of the country. These mines will be operated by private entities who will be supervised by the government, the chief customer of lignite coal for power generation. It is expected that industrialists will also be interested in procuring coal for the manufacture. With ample interest and investment, Retiva's relatively large coal reserves can be exploited to strengthen the Confederacy's position as a regional powerhouse. This abundance of natural resources and the wealth generated from it must go towards the development and prosperity of the nation and its people, in form of economic development and growth. However, there remains goods and resources in which the nation itself lacks.

    Thus, the government, with expressed permission from the Ruling Families, have conjured into existence a joint venture between the state and the private sector. A trading conglomerate which represents the nation's top businesses and corporations, the Retivan Chamber of Commerce, is hosted by the Ministry of Commerce. It is given the disposition to conduct trade and operate business ventures abroad on its own accord in ways that will benefit the nation and their profits. Company operations must oblige by Retivan laws, and therefore inspections by agents from the government will be quite frequent.

Mechanised peasants

    The Retivan government's Department of Agriculture has determined that although agriculture plays a massive role in ensuring a large portion of its population is employed, the nation cannot remain dependent on the sector, and must relegate agriculture to a less significant status as it should only serve to feed mouths and generate revenue abroad in export. To transition from a predominantly agrarian society to an industrialised powerhouse, the government will be nationalising the entire agricultural sector, whereby farms will either be under government ownership, or must be under government contract to continue operating their businesses. Additionally, to free up workers for the new "5 year industrialisation plan", agriculture will become mechanised and less labour-intensive than it is now. This would help increase crop yields during harvest season while requiring significantly less workers to work the farms. The workforce reallocated for the government's schemes will be retrained and equipped with the necessary skills to push the "grand" economic transition forward. Workers remaining in the agricultural sector will be educated and trained by the government to become skilled farmers that would be able to grow crops more efficiently and make more money in the process, thereby continuing to incentivise farming as a difficult but well-earning job that can compete with other high-income jobs in the manufacturing and banking sectors of the economy. This would also help ease the economic transition into a proper industrialised economy as the creation of jobs continue to boom as the proportion of workforce employment in the agricultural sector moves towards industry.

    The Ministry of Commerce has designated four regions to become hosts for eight new industrial zones which will contain the nation's largest manufacturing and production facilities for textiles, metals, electricity, chemicals, consumer and industrial goods and much, much more. At least $10 billion is expected to be spent in total across 5 years.


My nation is The Commonwealth of the Peoples Chinese Unified Republics, I am it’s leader, Chairman Cao Guo Jing, the son of a former communist revolutionare, my nation is a Communist Authoritarian One Party, Two Coalition Government, we use to be a nation up in Northern China but we were exiled to the former Qing territories of Mongolia, and we conquered it and established our nation there. We believe in Equality, Unification, Tradition, Honour and Culture in our nation, as once our founder said years ago , when he established our state. We believe one day we will no longer be exiled and reunifie ourself’s with China itself, uniting our exiled lands with China. We would like from today, on the request of me and the government of the PCUR to visit our friendly nation to improve relations with neighbouring countries, to form alliances, to form trade relations, to form relationships with each other. We are very resourceful we can offer you with uranium, arms, steel, metal, iron and coal. We also offer our help if you in need of aid in crisis or in a conflict. We welcome you with open arms and to our nation.

Your sincerely
Chairman of the PCUR
Cao Guo Jing

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