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Tyrrhenia RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Infinite Empire of Yallak

Last WA Update:

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Largest Agricultural Sector: 64th Largest Mining Sector: 70th Most Avoided: 90th+36
Fattest Citizens: 98th Highest Economic Output: 105th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 115th Highest Disposable Incomes: 116th Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector: 151st Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 159th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 163rd Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 171st Largest Insurance Industry: 215th Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 218th Lowest Crime Rates: 219th Largest Gambling Industry: 227th Lowest Overall Tax Burden: 235th Most Corrupt Governments: 279th Highest Average Incomes: 285th Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 327th Largest Populations: 328th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 364th Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 365th Rudest Citizens: 548th Largest Pizza Delivery Sector: 662nd Largest Governments: 764th Largest Black Market: 787th Most Efficient Economies: 904th Most Armed: 909th Most Secular: 1,020th Smartest Citizens: 1,090th Largest Retail Industry: 1,170th Most Influential: 1,179th Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,239th Largest Publishing Industry: 1,302nd Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 1,364th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,378th Largest Cheese Export Sector: 1,602nd Largest Soda Pop Sector: 1,967th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 2,564th
World Factbook Entry

TYRRHENIA | Sic Semper Erat, Sic Semper Erit | Founded: 12 March 2007

An ancient region forged in fire and tempered in blood, spanning four continents and most notable for the diversity of its racial groups, cultural styles and political systems. It is a realm divided by conflicting ambitions, ideals and methods and consumed by perpetual warfare and political and religious machinations, where the screams of the innocent oft go unheard between the clash of the righteous and the wicked.

LinkTyrrhenia Web Portal | LinkMaps | LinkIRC: | Contact Laysley to apply.

International Incidents RP Region of 2011

Embassies: Greater Dienstad, Western Atlantic, Maredoratica, Greater Ixnay, Nova, Gholgoth, and The Dark Lands.

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Tyrrhenia contains 3 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Populations in Tyrrhenia

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Tyrrhenia is ranked 328th in the world for Largest Populations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Infinite Empire of YallakNew York Times Democracy“Captivus Aem Naeis Hostis”
2.The Sovereign Imperial Dominion of AschenhyrstIron Fist Consumerists“Vincit Qui Patitur”
3.The Corporatocracy of Elcric KcalbCorporate Police State“Avarice, the spur of industry.”

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Tyrrhenia Regional Message Board

Yallak wrote:You were always my favourite two haha

I think you and I go back to shortly after my beginning...

At least somewhere in my first six months.

Aschenhyrst wrote:I think you and I go back to shortly after my beginning...

At least somewhere in my first six months.

That's all a blur now, it was a surprisingly long time ago

Ancient history, lol

It appears I`m temporarily in-charge.
"Abandon hope all ye who enter here"

Christ. Does this game still not let people transfer foundership?

We've even got a vice-delegate who doesn't live here any more.

Whoops, 30 days does go fast

So glad I can be part of a pseudo-scientific NS study, lol.

Once a year every mid-October, we are being given an international societal values quiz, and indeed a very long one to see which values make us get along well with and which ones that wouldn't fit best. In the Rebel Academy, being an anarchist nation, while such a quiz does not give its participants an ideology category, we use the standardized WA categorization to make up for it.

The long quiz version, being the longest in the world than the standard end-of-semester exam, contains an outstanding 216 questions, divided evenly by 24, and after a two-hour session, the results are staggeringly true.

1. There should be no police force. (Strongly Agree)
2. The government has no business looking into most people’s personal lives. (Strongly Agree)
3. A group of states without a strong national government is merely an alliance, not a nation. (Strongly Disagree)
4. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. (Strongly Agree)
5. People should have to work for anything they get. (Agree)
6. Religion must decline for society to progress. (Strongly Agree)
7. Environmental regulations are essential. (Strongly Agree)
8. National cultures are important to protect. (Strongly Disagree)
9. Laws should vary from area to area and culture to culture within a country. (Strongly Disagree)
10. Direct democracy is the best form of government. (Strongly Disagree)
11. The government must be by the people for the people. (Strongly Agree)
12. Traditions are of no value on their own. (Strongly Agree)
13. We are first and foremost citizens of Earth. (Strongly Disagree)
14. Society was better many years ago than it is now. (Strongly Disagree)
15. Subdivisions should not be able to exempt from national laws. (Strongly Disagree)
16. A hierarchical state is best. (Strongly Disagree)
17. Local governments address issues that the national government would never touch without them. (Strongly Agree)
18. Support regional unions, such as the European Union. (Strongly Disagree)
19. A country cannot function without a national government. (Strongly Disagree)
20. The national government needs more power. (Strongly Disagree)
21. Only those who served in the military should be able to gain power in government. (Strongly Agree)
22. Genetic modification should be used rarely, if ever. (Strongly Disagree)
23. A country must be sure to take all measures to enforce its laws. (Strongly Agree)
24. Public utilities like roads and electricity should be publicly owned. (Strongly Agree)
25. The United Nations should have a military to enforce its resolutions. (Strongly Agree)
26. Only our national language(s) should be spoken in our country. (Strongly Agree)
27. Technology is negatively affecting modern society. (Strongly Disagree)
28. We should not allow any refugees. (Strongly Disagree)
29. Immigrants should be expected to learn the language of the country. (Disagree)
30. I am proud to be in my country. (Strongly Agree)
31. We should put effort into getting a person on Mars in the near future. (Strongly Disagree)
32. We should respect those who have served in our military. (Strongly Agree)
33. People should think of themselves as citizens of their nation rather than their state. (Strongly Agree)
34. Local governments should have more power than they currently do. (Strongly Agree)
35. A united world government would be beneficial to mankind.(Strongly Disagree)
36. Anybody who wants to enter the country should be able to. (Agree)
37. All societies are a blend of cultures. (Strongly Agree)
38. Technological progress is usually good. (Strongly Agree)
39. Our culture would be better with other cultures mixed in more. (Strongly Agree)
40. To chase progress at all costs is dangerous. (Strongly Disagree)
41. Most drugs should be legalized. (Strongly Agree)
42. Any deals other countries want must be bad for us. (Disagree)
43. Maintaining family values is essential. (Strongly Disagree)
44. The government should not break up monopolies. (Strongly Disagree)
45. International trade is generally beneficial. (Neutral)
46. A constant state of war benefits a country. (Agree)
47. Only those who serve in the military should be allowed to have influence on who is in power. (Strongly Agree)
48. Children should be educated in religious values. (Neutral)
49. Countries fall apart with constant war. (Strongly Agree)
50. Local governments give each region good representation of their views. (Strongly Agree)
51. Catering to popular opinion is detrimental to a nation. (Strongly Agree)
52. Everybody should speak at least two languages. (Strongly Agree)
53. Those who disagree with the government should be removed from the country. (Strongly Disagree)
54. If AI could rule more effectively than humans, then AI should rule. (Strongly Agree)
55. Automation overall is extremely good for society. (Strongly Agree)
56. Communism, if implemented correctly, would be a good form of economics. (Strongly Agree)
57. There is no higher power. (Strongly Agree)
58. Immigrants are a net positive. (Strongly Agree)
59. Police need more power and protection. (Strongly Disagree)
60. Democracy makes it too easy for a majority to further itself at the expense of minorities. (Strongly Disagree)
61. Religion usually provides the truth. (Strongly Disagree)
62. It is important that the government follow the majority opinion, even if it is wrong. (Strongly Agree)
63. The government should monitor all citizens to combat terrorism. (Strongly Disagree)
64. States cannot function without a strong national government. (Strongly Disagree)
65. Laws should not be based on religion. (Strongly Agree)
66. Human Caused climate change is currently one of the greatest threats to our way of life. (Strongly Agree)
67. Excessive government intervention is a threat to the economy. (Strongly Disagree)
68. Some freedom must be given up in order to keep people safe. (Strongly Disagree)
69. We should be more accepting to other cultures. (Strongly Agree)
70. Every religion must be looked upon equally by the government. (Strongly Agree)
71. It is important that we maintain the traditions of our past. (Strongly Disagree)
72. Oppression by corporations is more of a concern than oppression by governments. (Neutral)
73. Democracy is more than a decision-making process. (Strongly Agree)
74. The benefits of open borders would outweigh the costs. (Strongly Agree)
75. People should hold more loyalty to their local state than their country. (Strongly Disagree)
76. Support gay marriage. (Strongly Agree)
77. War is never justified. (Strongly Disagree)
78. The government should not fund any religious organizations in any way. (Strongly Agree)
79. The United Nations needs more power. (Strongly Disagree)
80. The very existence of the state is a threat to our liberty. (Strongly Agree)
81. Genetic modification is a force for good, even on humans. (Strongly Agree)
82. It is more important to retain peaceful relations than to further our strength. (Strongly Disagree)
83. The government should support and only recognize one religion. (Strongly Disagree)
84. Theocracy is a good system of government. (Strongly Disagree)
85. War usually leads to worse outcomes. (Strongly Agree)
86. All humans share a common identity. (Strongly Agree)
87. When people have already suffered for technology to be developed, we should use that technology (Strongly Agree)
88. Society could not function without leaders and followers. (Strongly Agree)
89. The poor choose to be poor. (Strongly Agree)
90. Support single-payer, universal healthcare. (Neutral)
91. International aid is a waste of money. (Strongly Agree)
92. The more people asked the better chance there is of reaching the best decision. (Strongly Agree)
93. A government must maintain a strong military to defend itself. (Strongly Agree)
94. A nation's culture is important to protect. (Strongly Disagree)
95. A nation must obey its leadership without question. (Strongly Disagree)
96. Absolute freedom makes a society dangerous. (Strongly Disagree)
97. War is needed to make an economy thrive. (Strongly Agree)
98. Capitalism is better than any existing alternative. (Strongly Disagree)
99. Having independent nations with the risk of global conflict creates a large threat to humanity as a whole. (Strongly Agree)
100. The government should have access to the emails of suspected terrorists. (Strongly Disagree)
101. No cultures are superior to others. (Strongly Agree)
102. Subdivisions of nations should have their own militaries. (Strongly Agree)
103. Military spending is a waste of money. (Strongly Disagree)
104. There are many issues that it does not make sense to address at a local level. (Strongly Disagree)
105. Whistleblowers should be strongly protected. (Strongly Agree)
106. Abortion should be legal in all cases. (Strongly Agree)
107. Religion does not belong in government. (Strongly Agree)
108. The stronger the leadership, the better. (Strongly Disagree)
109. Nations should not maintain a military. (Strongly Agree)
110. The freer the market, the freer the people. (Strongly Disagree)
111. No authority should be left unquestioned. (Strongly Agree)
112. We should be taking in more refugees. (Strongly Agree)
113. We must go back to a basic way of life without modern conveniences. (Strongly Agree)
114. It is important that we further my group's goals above all others. (Strongly Agree)
115. Traditional medicines are often more effective than modern medicines. (Strongly Disagree)
116. Peace is preferable to war whenever possible. (Strongly Disagree)
117. Sex outside marriage is immoral. (Strongly Disagree)
118. Public opinion swings too much with emotional events to be useful for policymaking. (Strongly Disagree)
119. Representatives rarely represent the nation well. (Strongly Agree)
120. Equality of outcome is important. (Strongly Agree)
121. Testing products on animals is ethical. (Strongly Agree)
122. There should not be international law. (Strongly Agree)
123. Popular opinion is not always right. (Strongly Agree)
124. It's a good idea to test a policy in one state rather than implementing it nationwide right away. (Strongly Disagree)
125. Even when protesting an authoritarian government, violence is not acceptable.(Agree)
126. The elders in society know the best path for it. (Strongly Disagree)
127. People born to wealthy families have unfair success even when they aren't skilled and don't work hard (Strongly Disgree)
128. People's freedom should have no limits. (Strongly Agree)
129. It is important to maintain our national sovereignty. (Strongly Agree)
130. Basic things needed to live, such as healthcare, are rights. (Strongly Agree)
131. Religion should be removed from everything in our government. (Strongly Agree)
132. My nation should stay out of international affairs. (Neutral)
133. Illegal immigrants should be deported in most or all cases. (Strongly Disagree)
134. The United Nations should be abolished. (Strongly Agree)
135. A military option should always be considered. (Strongly Agree)
136. Diplomacy only hurts nations. (Disagree)
137. Elections are a waste of resources. (Strongly Disagree)
138. A nation usually needs a military in order to survive (Strongly Agree)
139. Foreigners should never enter the country. (Strongly Disagree)
140. Elections are an effective way of showing government approval. (Strongly Agree)
141. Those who do not work should die. (Strongly Disagree)
142. Victimless crimes (such as drug use) should not be crimes at all. (Strongly Agree)
143. State laws should have precedence over national laws. (Strongly Disagree)
144. In order for humanity to survive, we must get past having separate nations. (Strongly Disagree)
145. We have no right to intervene militarily in other nations. (Disagree)
146. Countries that do not serve our interests should be toppled. (Strongly Agree)
147. State and local laws should have precedence over national laws. (Strongly Disagree)
148. People must be allowed to follow a religion. (Agree)
149. Local governments can understand their citizens better than the national government could. (Strongly Agree)
150. Military action by our nation is often necessary to protect it. (Strongly Agree)
151. Religion should be banned. (Strongly Disagree)
152. Each person should have one vote, each equal to every other. (Strongly Agree)
153. If you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn't care about the government having access to your communications. (Strongly Disagree)
154. We believe in a higher power. (Strongly Disagree)
155. Government surveillance is necessary in the modern world. (Strongly Disagree)
156. In general, immigrants are bad for the country. (Strongly Disagree)
157. Governments should be accountable to the international community. (Strongly Agree)
158. Religion is beneficial for society. (Neutral)
159. Alliances are important for protecting a nation. (Strongly Disagree)
160. Faith is complete nonsense. (Neutral)
161. Police should be regulated more. (Strongly Agree)
162. Nations should cooperate whenever it benefits them both. (Strongly Disagree)
163. We enjoy some foreign cultures. (Strongly Agree)
164. Alliances can pose a threat to a nation's sovereignty. (Strongly Agree)
165. Strong states weaken a nation. (Strongly Agree)
166. Personal religious values should be spread as much as possible. (Strongly Disagree)
167. We believe there is something after death. (Neutral)
168. There is no need for local or state governments. (Strongly Disagree)
169. A national government must be strong to adequately protect all its citizens. (Strongly Disagree)
170. Nations fighting among each other gets in the way of progress. (Strongly Disagree)
171. Governments should be as concerned about foreign citizens as they are about those within their borders. (Strongly Agree)
172. The sacrifice of some civil liberties is necessary to protect us from acts of terrorism. (Strongly Disagree)
173. In the modern era, militaries aren't really necessary. (Strongly Disagree)
174. Illegal Immigrants have no benefits. (Strongly Disagree)
175. There must be a separation between church and state. (Strongly Agree)
176. Traditions are important. (Strongly Disagree)
177. The wealthy have far more than they need. (Strongly Disagree)
178. People should have equal opportunity to succeed. (Strongly Agree)
179. Laws should be completely consistent within all regions of a nation. (Strongly Agree)
180. Economies without any capitalism will collapse. (Strongly Disagree)
181. Religious organizations often provide better assistance to the poor than the government does. (Neutral)
182. Countries that violate human rights should be toppled. (Strongly Agree)
183. The general populace makes poor decisions. (Strongly Disagree)
184. Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others we've tried. (Strongly Disagree)
185. Lasting peace leads to prosperity. (Strongly Disagree)
186. People should be given freedom whenever it causes little security risk. (Strongly Agree)
187. Government owned industry is usually a bad idea. (Strongly Agree)
188. Only extremely talented immigrants, if that, should be permitted to enter the country. (Strongly Disagree)
189. People should vote issue by issue themselves. (Strongly Agree)
190. There should be compulsory military service. (Strongly Agree)
191. Border protection is important. (Strongly Agree)
192. The government should not regulate the economy at all. (Strongly Disagree)
193. It is better to maintain a balanced budget than to ensure welfare for all citizens. (Agree)
194. Most bad things happening in the world are caused by us turning away from religion. (Strongly Agree)
195. Leaders must be strong or a nation will suffer. (Strongly Agree)
196. Diplomatic options should always be tried before war is even considered. (Agree)
197. The national government protects minorities better than some local governments do. (Strongly Disagree)
198. It is very important to maintain law and order.(Strongly Disagree)
199. There is no need for a national government. (Strongly Agree)
200. Nobody in other countries has our best interests in mind. (Neutral)
201. People should have the right to leave their wealth to their descendents. (Strongly Agree)
202. People should not have protections that could hinder discovering their criminal activity. (Strongly Disagree)
203. Our nation is closer to one’s own real-life views than most nations in the world. (Strongly Agree)
204. If we accept migrants at all, it is important that they assimilate into our culture. (Strongly Disagree)
205. Religious clothing should be banned from public. (Strongly Disagree)
206. The national government can't understand what the people need. (Strongly Agree)
207. Tradition just hinders the progress of technology. (Strongly Agree)
208. People should have the power to choose their leaders. (Strongly Agree)
209. Technology is not always beneficial. (Strongly Disagree)
210. Immigrants can never really adapt to our way of life. (Strongly Disagree)
211. It is necessary for the government to intervene in the economy to protect consumers. (Strongly Agree)
212. Marijuana should be legalized. (Strongly Agree)
213. Taxes should be increased on the rich to provide for the poor. (Strongly Agree)
214. The Internet should be banned. (Strongly Disagree)
215. Nobody but us can adequately represent our views. (Neutral)
216. A better world will come from automation, science, and technology. (Strongly Agree)

We then compare the revised version with the old version to see how it turns out:

We finally compare both versions to our actual WA classification:

Survey's classification: Democratic Socialism [Democratic Socialists, middle row, west rectangle]
Target freedom values: 80, 30, 75

Actual classification: New York Times Democracy [Democratic Liberalism, middle row, north rectangle]
Current freedom values: 77, 70, 69

Sampled list of five nations from the top 1,000 matching a particular stat that will get along well within the survey's target range if we encounter them (only used as reference):

Income Equality is used for the target ideology Democratic Socialists:
New Shinonome
Yeldan Nature Preserve

Sampled list of five nations from the top 1,000 matching a particular stat that strongly opposes our survey's target range if we encounter them (only used as reference):

Wealth Gaps is used for the opposite ideology of the survey's ideology Capitalist Paradise:
Fort Christina
Most serene republic

Sampled list of five nations from the top 1,000 matching a particular stat that matches our current classification if we encounter them (only used as reference):

Inclusiveness is used for our current ideology New York Times Democracy:
New good order
Super Happy Land
United Phoenicia

Sampled list of five nations from the top 1,000 matching a particular stat that strongly opposes our current classification if we encounter them (only used as reference):

Charmlessness is used for the opposite ideology Father/Mother Knows Best State (depending on pre-title classification)
The Souless Damned

Read factbook

Elcric Kcalb wrote:Christ. Does this game still not let people transfer foundership?

We've even got a vice-delegate who doesn't live here any more.

Foundership is still locked. Other regional offices are controlled by the founder, whether it`s their creation or the amount of power they have. I would concur that if our vice-delegate is no longer a resident, his position should be vacated and replaced with a local or eliminated.

We should have discussions in private for contingency plans for the eventual demise of any of our members and/or the region as a whole.


God bless you Sir! I`ve faltered a bit lately because work thinks they own me this year. I`m to the point that I have to look at a calender to know what day of the week it is.

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