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Pilipas wrote:guys, can ya help a fella out? Im new.

Would you be looking to get into the regions RP? or are you new to Nationstates in general?

Gaillimh Ciarrai wrote:Well, basically electronics. A budget version of a smartphone. And with my Country having weird laws and no infrastructure for electronic products the inventors need to outsource.

If you want a single large manufacturer, try Omega Electronics, since they specialize in low-cost gear. Since Ioudaia's electronics industry is large, there are small design shops I haven't listed that would contract everything out, sourcing parts and arranging for manfacturing from other companies.


Integrated Consumer Products Companies

Technical, Scientific, and Industrial Products and Components

Electronics Components

Electrical Engineering Products and Services


Avazi designs and manufactures consumer electronics, as well as many of its own components. Avazi also has a small entertainment division. In the consumer electronics area, Avazi makes a broad range of medium- to high-performance devices, including computer game consoles, laptop computers, smart phones, still and video cameras, and OLED TVs and displays. Avazi's top of the line camera and display monitors are used for professional streaming and movie-making.

The company is known as a leader in visible light image sensors, producing many of sensors used by other companies as well as itself. It produces other components as well, especially GPUs, memory modules, batteries, and wireless transceivers and modems for 4G and 5G cellular communications and WiFi.

Avazi's entertainment division, Avazi Studio, specializes in computer games, mainly for its own consoles, but sometimes for other platforms as well. As a result of developing the expertise in the sophisticated graphics many current games require, the company has started to produce feature-length animated movies as well.

Avazi's administrative offices are in Shariyath, and it has fabs and factories there and in Eiresion. Avazi Studio is in Ornemion.

Omega Electronics

Omega Electronics sells and makes last-generation and low-end consumer, commercial, and industrial electronics. Their product range is huge, everything from feature phones to microwave ovens to factory control systems. Many of these products are simply sold from stockpiles bought when they were discontinued, but Omega also manufactures some of its own low-end goods as well. The company also sells outdated software as well, at least in cases where older versions are available.

Hadar Cheiron ben Medon founded Omega Electronics on two simple premises. First, not everybody wants or needs the most advanced gadget on the market. Some people can't afford them, and others are just cheap, hence Omega's slogan, "The last word in low prices!". Second, many people are happier with older gadgets or the software that runs on them because the older stuff has features that replacements don't have.

Omega Electronics operates three subsidiaries, Omega Data Recovery, Omega Industrial, and Omega Foundries to support the use and manufacture of trailing edge or outdated electronics as well.

Omega Data Recovery specializes in recovering data from obsolete media, especially obsolete removable media. Many companies and individuals know the importance of backing data up routinely, but they sometimes discover that their only back-up copy of older, but still important, information is years old, and they lack the ability to read the media containing the back-up. Omega keeps old back-up systems running, so they usually can read "orphaned" media. They're also familiar with older disk architectures, and can often recover information from them.

Omega Industrial provides equipment, support, and services to technical and industrial companies with obsolete electronic equipment. Like its parent company, Omega Industrial buys up equipment as it goes out of production, but unlike its parent, it does not sell cheaply, as companies unable to switch away from old gear will pay well for parts and repairs. On the other hand, Omega Industrial does offer services to help those companies migrate to newer equipment.

Omega Foundries makes integrated circuits using obsolete or outdated processes. They also emulate their parent company and make obsolete chips themselves. Hadar was offered the contents of an out-of-date fab when it was being upgraded to the state of the art, and he acquired the equipment, realizing that some of his own low-end products were dependent on chips that would go out of production soon. He was surprised to to discover that other companies also had use for older or low performance integrated circuits made cheaply. Omega Foundries thus produces parts with relatively large feature sizes, but does so very inexpensively.

Omega Electronics and its Foundries are based in Zeteomos, where land and labor are cheap. Omega's other subsidiaries are based in Chyrtiros, close that city's customers.


Zephyr is Ioudaia's largest electronics company. Zephyr Lamp Company started in 1921 as a light bulb manufacturer before branching out to vacuum tubes and then entire radios. They adopted new technologies as they were developed, making some of Ioudaia's first transistor radios, and making early use of integrated circuits in consumer electronics.

As Zephyr made heavier and heavier use of integrated circuits, they began to make their own. By 1982, they were one of Ioudaia's largest IC manufacturers, producing chips for themselves and other companies. And as electronics became more capable, they entered new product areas to make use of the components they could make.

Zephyr has remained true to their roots, and continues to make lighting products. LEDs can be used in more places and in more ways that traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps: Zephyr makes not only LED light bulbs, but also LED signs ranging from small retail signs to immense LED screens for stadium use, LED displays (and some LCD ones as well), and now sophisticated LED walls, which are beginning to replace green screens for movie and TV backgrounds.

They also have an active consumer electronics division, specializing in appliances: microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, and other "white goods". They have a reputation for reliability, and at the high end of their product line, they are known for sophisticated, elegant, and easy-to-use products. Zephyr is also Ioudaia's leading maker of smartphones, though they don't compete at the high end of the market, preferring to use economies of scale and internal parts production to serve mid-range and value-conscious customers.

The company also makes a wide variety of integrated circuits, including ASICs, 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers, and low-end FPGAs, for their own use and to sell to other OEMs.

Zephyr's administrative and research campus is located in Ornemion, adjacent to a subway station. The company has factories in Ornemion, Eireson, Chyrtiros, and Shariyath.

Koria Precision Instruments (KPI)

Koria Precision Instruments began as a manufacturer of scientific instruments, but now produces speciality semiconductors as well. It's a leader in precision instruments, and makes among the most accurate clocks, multimeters, and oscilloscopes in the Western Isles; it also produces electron microscopes.

KPI's specialty semiconductors find their way into many products. They include real-time clocks, analog ICs, power electronics Ė battery controllers and power regulators Ė and accelerometers. In addition, KPI makes a large fraction of Ioudaia's discrete components, especially tantalum capacitors. Because of the unusual nature of many of KPI's integrated circuits, it has its own fabs.

Their line of low-cost, 8-bit microcontrollers is popular with appliance makers who need "smarter" equipment to meet consumer demand, as well as automakers and others with a small need for general-purpose embedded processing power. The new very low power variants are making inroads into battery-powered "internet of things" devices as well.

KPI's facilities are located in Cypharisseis and Thyron.


Thermorasi is Ioudaia's leading producer of IR image sensors and support equipment (optics and electronics) as well as IR instruments, systems, and services for consumer, industrial, scientific, and military use. Their products include everything from sensitive infrared spectrometers for laboratory use to rugged thermal imagers for armored vehicles, as well as consumer-grade thermal cameras and non-contact thermometers. They've also made most of the infrared telescopes and spectrometers used by the Space Exploration Agency's satellites.

Thermorasi is located in Shariyath.

Shariyath Ekfantoros

Shariyath Ekfantoros manufactures x-ray and IR image sensors, ultrasound transducers and decoders, and X-ray, IR, and ultrasound instruments and services for medical and technical use, including digital X-ray machines, CAT scanners, and medical ultrasound imaging and therapy equipment. They do some military business as well.

The company has most of its facilities in Shariyath, and it has a research and development campus located adjacent to Tagaris Medical School in Ornemion, in order to work with the School's clinicians to develop the instruments they need for next-generation treatments.


AMK manufactures batteries, everything from tiny zinc-air cells for hearing aids to massive arrays of vanadium flow cells for bulk electrical power storage. They produce every chemistry and every size of battery, gaining customers in every industry and every country.

They're one of the Western Isles' leaders in electrochemical research, both in-house and sponsored in Ioudaia's universities. They also buy or license battery technology developed elsewhere.

AMK is located in Chyrtiros.

Chyrtiros Dynamics

Chyrtiros Dynamics supplies electric motors and dynamos, including rare earth magnet motors for vehicles, computer disk drives, and specialty applications.

Chyrtiros Dynamics has most of its facilities in its namesake city, but also has factories and research facilities in Shariyath.

Harauvatisnezhad and Triopas Kefir (H&TK)

H&TK is one of the Western Isles' highest-performance GPU manufacturers. They also produce graphics cards and graphics systems for desktop and laptop computers, respectively. H&TK is located in Shariyath.

Mount Alethusos Foundry Services

Mount Alethusos Foundry Services is a contract foundry company, offering IC fabrication to companies throughout Ioudaia and the Western Isles. Their main fab complex is in Eiresion, and they also have fabs in Shariyath.


Nanoscribe manufactures photolithography equipment for IC fabrication. They're one of the Western Isles' few companies in this specialized business. They're located in Shariyath.

STKL Neosemi

STKL produces programmable hardware, specifically field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs), which are superior to general-purpose CPUs and application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for many purposes.

STKL is one of the the government's great success stories that emerged from the 1979 industrial policy. Omid Sanehtajni, Tamir Dardanus, Koroush Noam, and Leodes ben Galal founded their company explicitly to become a leader in programmable electronics.

Their original goal was the develop a new microprocessor architecture to compete with those available on the international market. This proved to be much harder than expected, as Ioudaia's electronics manufacturing industry was not up to producing suitable photolithography equipment, and in any event, many potential customer companies were locked into existing architectures. But along the way, Koroush began to work on configurable hardware to make the company's proposed microprocessors more flexible than foreign designs. Once the company abandoned their original microprocessor goal, FPGAs became their focus.

STKL quickly found customers for their FPGAs in Ioudaia, ranging from consumer electronics makers, through industrial and scientific equipment manufacturers, to military suppliers. The Ioudaian Air Armada and Navy were both very happy with a domestic supplier for their unusual needs, even if they sometimes preferred microprocessors for some military applications.

Today, STKL makes some of the region's most sophisticated programmable devices, including extremely high density FPGAs, mixed-signal FPGAs (analog and digital circuits on the same chip), and PSoCs, which ironically use the standard ARM Cortex M0, M1, and M2 architectures under license, ARM being one of the foreign microprocessors STKL hoped to replace. Some of their devices also include GPUs, USB controllers, ethernet controllers, and other dedicated special-purpose hardware.

STKL sells development systems, design tools, and reference designs for their FPGAs and CPLDs, and provides consulting services for them as well.

STKL's corporate offices and fabs are located in Eireson.

Parsozhad Hydro

Parsozhad Hydro provides one-stop shopping for hydroelectric power. They not only produce hydroelectric turbines and turbo-dynamos, they also design and build hydroelectric power plants. For small plants, they offer a series of standard designs differing only in dam construction for the site, providing turn-key design and construction. For large hydroelectric facilities, Parsozhad acts as an engineering firm and general contractor, farming out work as needed to specialist companies.

Parsozhad Hydro is based in Chyrtiros.

United Electric Products

United Electric Products produces equipment for electrical power generation and distribution. They're Ioudaia's largest producer of step-up and step-down transformers, as well as electrical meters, voltage regulators, high-voltage switching systems, and other gear. They also provide design services for electrical production, transmission, and distribution systems, up to entire power grids.

Like most of Ioudaia's heavy industry, they're in Chyrtiros.

Read dispatch

Athara Magarat

The "coalition" of Nepali Congress, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) and Communist Part of Nepal (Unified Socialist) is in electoral alliance in my city (and most of Nepal). This is how a "coalition" voter should vote in my area. A Nepali Congress cadre at my college gave me this mock electoral paper.

People have trouble voting for the same party 7 times straight right to left. I am SURE this coalition voting alliance would not create ANY confusion at all.

Also, today was the "Hathiyar Bujaune Din". Aka the day all legal gun owners in Nepal have to submit their weapons to the nearest police station until the elections are over.

Does this happen globally?

Aizcona wrote:Athara Magarat

The comments are full of Reddit moments, unsurprisingly.

Thanks for this, Aiz but I prefer and already use Nepali UniCode. Easier to type Nepali words in Latin and have the words changed into Devanagari by themselves.

Athara Magarat wrote:Also, today was the "Hathiyar Bujaune Din". Aka the day all legal gun owners in Nepal have to submit their weapons to the nearest police station until the elections are over.

Does this happen globally?

this would be impossible in the USA

Domanania wrote:this would be impossible in the USA

I imagined so.

Then again, I assume gun violence during past elections has not been an issue there ever.

Athara Magarat wrote:Also, today was the "Hathiyar Bujaune Din". Aka the day all legal gun owners in Nepal have to submit their weapons to the nearest police station until the elections are over.

Does this happen globally?

Not in Luxembourg, as far as I know. So it's possible that voting occurs here at gun point (especially since voting is mandatory), but as I am not a Luxembourger (yet) I don't participate in the elections (except the European ones) so I haven't had a lot of experience with that :)

If voting happens at gun point here, the question is whether that is because voting is mandatory or because certain people want you to vote for a certain party. In the latter case, especially the Pirate Party comes to mind...

Athara Magarat wrote:I imagined so.

Then again, I assume gun violence during past elections has not been an issue there ever.

I would like to say that that could never happen in America, but we have been reduced to mob violence when things donít go the way we want. The burning of cities, take over of the capital building and now a fence around the Supreme Court. Last presidential election stores were told to lock up guns and ammunition and no sales allowed till the election was over.

Athara Magarat wrote:I imagined so.

Then again, I assume gun violence during past elections has not been an issue there ever.

not since 1861

Athara Magarat wrote:The "coalition" of Nepali Congress, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) and Communist Part of Nepal (Unified Socialist) is in electoral alliance in my city (and most of Nepal). This is how a "coalition" voter should vote in my area. A Nepali Congress cadre at my college gave me this mock electoral paper.

People have trouble voting for the same party 7 times straight right to left. I am SURE this coalition voting alliance would not create ANY confusion at all.

Why are there swastikas?

Athara Magarat wrote:Also, today was the "Hathiyar Bujaune Din". Aka the day all legal gun owners in Nepal have to submit their weapons to the nearest police station until the elections are over.

Does this happen globally?

Not in Norway, no.

Nhoor wrote:Not in Luxembourg, as far as I know. So it's possible that voting occurs here at gun point (especially since voting is mandatory), but as I am not a Luxembourger (yet) I don't participate in the elections (except the European ones) so I haven't had a lot of experience with that :)

If voting happens at gun point here, the question is whether that is because voting is mandatory or because certain people want you to vote for a certain party. In the latter case, especially the Pirate Party comes to mind...

Yarrr matie, vote for me crew or we make you walk the plank!

Athara Magarat wrote:Also, today was the "Hathiyar Bujaune Din". Aka the day all legal gun owners in Nepal have to submit their weapons to the nearest police station until the elections are over.

Does this happen globally?

Instant rebellion throughout the South 2.0

Anybody know a good flag designer app? My current flag needs a new look to it and Iím desperate to do it.

Athara Magarat wrote:Also, today was the "Hathiyar Bujaune Din". Aka the day all legal gun owners in Nepal have to submit their weapons to the nearest police station until the elections are over.

Does this happen globally?

LMAO, no.

Athara Magarat wrote:I imagined so.

Then again, I assume gun violence during past elections has not been an issue there ever.

There was some kerfuffle after the 1860 election.

Miklania wrote:LMAO, no.

Could you imagine?


Iím reading Mig Alley by Thomas Cleaver and dear lord Iím realizing how badly Truman and Johnson dog dicked the US military

Jeriga wrote:Could you imagine?

One often meets one's fate on the road one takes to avoid it.

Aizcona wrote:Iím reading Mig Alley by Thomas Cleaver and dear lord Iím realizing how badly Truman and Johnson dog dicked the US military

The whole MiG Alley reminds me to read more about early Cold War Soviet fighters.

...also WW2 fighters which I have promptly ignored for too long but IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad has made me more interested in WW2 Soviet aircraft so that I can better down them with my BF109.

Esterazdravo wrote:Anybody know a good flag designer app? My current flag needs a new look to it and Iím desperate to do it.

You could try photoshop, or if you want to make something really basic there's websites like Flag Maker

Im new to nation states what do I do in this game.

Pilipas wrote:Im new to nation states what do I do in this game.

It differs a little bit from region to region. This region is The Western Isles; we mostly ignore Nation States statistics (most notably the population numbers, which are very unrealistic). Instead, we work with our own map (see below; if you like this region, you can contact Ainslie to claim a spot). To get on the map, you should have some basic information about your country, and as soon as you have been accepted to your desired location, you can define your nation as you like, glancing to your neighbouring nation every now and then (for e.g. overlapping history, perhaps a shared religion or language). There are a number of collaborative role-play themes (such as the Imperial War thread; which is basically our 'WW2'). My colleague the Secretary of Role-Play Roendavar (and others) may be able to help you with that.

Be also sure to read our welcome dispatch:


LinkHello there. Thanks for joining the Western Isles!

You must be wondering what you can do here and how, what is expected of you and how to start role-playing... I'll try to answer these questions in this dispatch.

First of all, if you haven't done so already - go ahead and introduce yourself on our regional message board (RMB). You can post things like what country you're from, if you're new to NationStates or to role-playing (RP), what kind of a nation you want to create, and anything else you'd like to share.

About the Region

Where do we communicate?

  • IC communication (in-character, meaning role-playing) is done on the NationStates forums

  • OOC communication (out-of-character, from general chatting to world-building) is done on the RMB and the forums

  • Telegrams are usually OOC

We don't have offsite forums, but there's a "mostly unofficial" Discord Linkchat.

How does this region work?

We use the NationStates platform to create fun and interesting stories, about our nations, peoples, and leaders. We usually discuss ideas and plan RPs on the RMB and in OOC forum threads, and then co-write them as RPs, news, accounts, information, and history in dispatches and IC threads.

We have a democratically elected government (you can run for office) in-charge of several aspects of the region:

  • Facilitating RP and promoting world-building and cooperation in the region

  • Managing the region in terms of regional rules and standards

  • Recruiting new players and managing our embassies with other regions

For more information, you can read through the following dispatches when you get a chance:

  • The Constitution - It details the responsibilities of the various government officers and the Founder, as well as the processes of legislation and elections in the region. Of course, there's no need to remember it all, but it's there if you need it.

  • The Regional Rules and Conduct - That's just... The rules. You know, don't be a jerk to others, don't spam the RMB, and so on. The map rules are also there, but we'll get to that in a minute.

  • The Monthly Report dispatch - Contains current and updating information about the region (recent stats of the region, weekly updates, important daily events, etc.).

This is confusing... Can anyone help?

Of course, most of us can. If you still have questions, you can do either of the following:

  • Post a question on the RMB; you'll likely get an answer not long after.

  • Send a personal TG to any of the officers (listed in the WFE) or to an active member

Your address for questions regarding specific RP rules is the Sec. of RP (Roendavar). Feel free to tag him in your RMB post or to TG him.

About Role-Playing in the Region

How do I get a spot on the map?

Our regional map is the basis of our RP, and it is therefore reserved for nations who actively engage in RP or plan to do so.

To be added to the map, send Ainslie a telegram with answers to several simple questions - they are listed under "Map Rules" in the Regional Rules and Conduct dispatch.

How do I develop my nation?

Here in this region we don't use NationStates stats at all. Population, economic status, main industries, defense budget - All of those things are up to you, the player, to decide! Make factbooks or dispatches describing your nation's culture, history, religion, government, economy, climate, military, science, industries, people, corporations, trade deals, and anything else you can think of.

Are there limitations?

RP in this region is based on realism and modern-technology, so keep your nation in those limits. There are a few other guidelines we have in place to keep things balanced, for example:

Other than that - the limit is your own creativity. Feel free to look around and read other nations' factbooks and dispatches for ideas. See for example:

Take some time to look around, get to know the other players and the region as a whole, and develop your nation. I recommend doing that before getting into RP.

Alright, what now? Where do I RP?

You can get to the region's ongoing RPs and events in either of the following ways:

  • Through the "Ongoing Events and Perpetual RPs" in the region's World Factbook Entry

  • Through Ainslie's RP Directory, which contains the region's RPs, alliances, and collaboration threads

As a start, I recommend reading the recent posts in the regional news thread and posting some of your own, before moving on to more complex RPs. This would allow players of the region to get acquainted with your nation and your style.

NS is full of useful guides on RPing and writing. This one, for example, is short and to the point. This has all the NSCodes. This thread explains about RPing warfare. There are many more RP guides and tip dispatches or threads around the site - feel free to explore and learn more about RPing.

For any question on the region (or not), feel free to ask on the RMB or to any of the active members.

Read factbook

Map Rules - Read Before Applying


  • You are to have a name that is realistic. You cannot, however, have the same name as a real life country on Earth or something extremely similar.

  • No puppets. You are not allowed to have more than one account on the map unless you have written permission from the Secretary of Role-Play and/or the President.

  • You must have at least one factbook about your nation that proves you are going to actively engage and develop your nation in-character.

  • You must post at least once anywhere on the NationStates forums. This means anywhere across the site where you are allowed to post. However, avoid posting in threads that TWI has made that are marked (IC). These are for those already on the map only.

  • Have been active. For example, if you send us the request on Monday, stop logging in after Tuesday, and we check the request on Saturday, we will not add you, because it appears you are no longer active.

  • The nation which you apply to join the map with should be a member of the World Assembly.

Actively Updated List of Nations on the Map by Location

Map Notes

The Western Isles, like many regions, exists in its own separate reality or plane of existence in order for members to reconcile their own histories with each other. We are Earth-based humans with Earth weapons and Earth culture, although we do not exist on the map of Earth itself. Although Earth's countries exist in our reality, we do not typically interact with them nor do they interact with us; we almost exclusively interact with only the nations in our region.

The Western Isles is very roughly 7000 miles long and 4000 miles wide (10 km by 10 km per pixel). We exist in a northern hemisphere, with the nations at the north typically experiencing colder climates and the nations at the south typically experiencing equatorial climates. If it helps, you can picture our map as being the area between Japan, the western American coast, the Aleutian islands, and Hawaii, although we do not actually exist in that realm. Nations are given free reign to decide their inner geography, so long as it does not bend too deep into unrealistic territory. Similarly, nations may decide their own resources or lack thereof, so long as it is kept reasonable and realistic. We are modern time, specifically current time, meaning that the real-life calendar day is the same as our role-play day.

The central island is named Argus; the large island to the northeast of Argus is called Gael.

LinkGuide to calculating land/water area
LinkWhite blank map
LinkColored blank map

Bold Territories - A Special Type of Role-Play Entity

Information and Guide to the Table Below

Bold territories (marked in bold on the regional map) are essentially NPCs, in the sense that they are used primarily as locations for role-plays that would be too difficult, awkward, or cumbersome to have in one of our nations, and they are not directly controlled by any nation. The idea behind these bold territories is that they perpetually serve to increase the overall degree and flavor of role-play in the region. Major themes with these territories include imperialism and depravity, since often we are reluctant to place our own nations in a disadvantaged position.

Although typically these territories are "run" by one person in the region (i.e. typically the person who comes up with the idea for them, creates factbooks, sets up role-plays, heavily participates in role-plays, and is the contact person for information on them), these territories should be thought of as essentially battlegrounds or loosely-held contestable territories. A major difference between a bold territory and one of our nations is the idea of OOC consent. If I wanted to invade another nation, I would have to ask permission from the other role-player to do so and they would have to agree. If I wanted to invade a bold territory, I would not have to receive permission, but I would face heavy IC resistance. It is in this way that we can raise the stakes and importance of IC alliances. Although no one can destroy your nation without your consent, others can still greatly help or hurt your goal of expanding your influence on the regional scale.

In a perfect world, these bold territories would be permanent and active locations that would have strong, in-depth histories and uses. Ideally, these should not be used for just one role-play and then tossed aside and forgotten about. The goal when creating and using a bold territory is to involve many nations and increase the role-play opportunities with all of our nations. If a bold territory has sat for months with no real activity or is too directly tied to only one nation's role-play(s), it may need to either be shaken up and transformed into a better role-play environment or removed from the map.

Name is the common map name of the bold territory, linked to either a thread or dispatch that has the most information about the territory overall. Typically this will be a dispatch written by the creator of the territory that has updated information about it.

Description is a paragraph of information that should describe the past, present, and likely future of the territory and give a true, honest depiction of what the territory's purpose is.

De Facto Rule is a true answer to the question "Who is in charge?" If the territory is currently undergoing a war, this may be multiple nations or factions. Note that this may differ from the stated or legal rule (de jure). For example, although the International District is legally ruled by a Council, a constant and overwhelming foreign military presence makes the situation more murky than it appears.

Status is a description of what major events or themes are currently occurring in the territory.

Major Nations Involved is a list of nations most actively operating or emitting influence in the territory. The bolded name, listed first, is usually the person who "runs" (see above) the territory and who would be the best person to contact for getting involved with anything involving it.

Notable Links is a list of links to threads or dispatches in which the territory is mentioned or involved. All territories will have a link to "In the News," which will have a chronological list of all mentions of the territory in our regional news thread.

[align=center]List of Active Bold Territories



De Facto Rule


Major Nations Involved

Notable Links

The International District (I.D.)

A neutral, heavily forested chain of islands situated between Argus and Gael, the I.D. is ostensibly "neutral ground" used for regional HQs (including the League & CoFN), treaties, business ventures, recreation, and other gatherings in the centrally located "City." In late 2015, noting growing corruption and lawlessness, a multinational coalition led by Vancouvia occupied the I.D., restored order, and installed a Republican government and police force, the Island Guard. However, a Vancouvian military base remains in the southeastern corner of the island, growing larger with Noronica, Ainslie, Covonant, and other nations building permanent installations.

The I.D. Council, Supplemented / Influenced by Vancouvian Military Support

Occupied and Heavily Patrolled, Transitioning to Self-Sufficiency

Athara Magarat, Vancouvia, Dormill and Stiura, Ainslie

The Occupation,
Current Day Meetings and Intrigue,
The League,
The CoFN,
In the News


Ever since colonisation in the 16th Century, Keverai has been a place which has turned its eyes out to the Isles at large. It has had a turbulent past ever since it gained its independence in 1931 amidst a moratorium on colonisation and the invasion it soon was subject to in the Imperial War One. In the wake of the war, Keverai sharpened its focus on the Isles at large - significantly deregulating its economy and looking to become a nation deeply integrated in all aspects with the rest of the region. However, the dark side of its former government caused a short revolution which harmed its reputation. Now, the young pragmatic and democratic government is looking to forge a new identity for the nation - one that forces them to confront the deep challenges they face head on.


Politically stable, with minor civil and social unrest

Ainslie, New Aapelistan, Roendavar, Aizcona

Collaboration Thread, In the News

Sunset Isle

A wild, jungle-covered land located south of Argus, the Sunset Isle was neglected by other countries for most of its history. It harbours an exuberant biodiversity and it's home to a tribe of viciously independent and isolationist natives. It is also extraordinarily rich in natural resources, although this was unknown until now. The island never received any type of occupation or colonisation initiative from either Martenyika or Laeden, the two nations that compete for its ownership.


Disputed by Laeden and Martenyika

Laeden, Martenyika

Red Sunset Crisis RP

San Javier

The fires of the San Javier Conflict, which has raged since the 1970s, have finally faded. Under the stern rule of a military junta, San Javier has seen almost unprecedented peace for the first time in two whole generations. Faced with the prospect of a permanent peace with the cartels, the question on the mind of every Javierian is: What comes next?

Independent Military Junta

Stabilising under the military junta

Aizcona, Dormill and Stiura, Vancouvia

The Conflict, In the News


A nation built on the mashing of Gael and Raedlon, Arvan has struggled to find its place both as an Alteran protectorate and member of the Commonwealth, and as neighbour to Dormill and Stiura. Following a revolution to assert its independence, the Arvannan political system has struggled to find a compromise between its aristocratic heritage, Alteran meritocracy, and Doraltic republicanism which culminated in the ousting of its autocratic President by international forces. Now with a fully rehabilitated political system, Arvan now contends with finding its footing on the international stage.

Independent Democratic Republic

Economic rebuilding and seeking new international partners

Dormill & Stiura, Alteran Republics

Occupation of ArvŠn OOC
Occupation of ArvŠn IC
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Charbagnian Federation
(North Charbagnia)

Split north and south, the former Charbagnian Federation has failed as a state following its unbidden involvement in the Second Imperial War. Faced with the prospect of further violence as the Federal Union of Charbagnia and the Charbagnian Federation attempt to assert their own sovereignty, the island is poised for further conflict that could redefine the security of the Southern Sea.

Divided nation

North Charbagnia: Moving to gain international recognition and military support. South Charbagnia: Attempting to reassert control over North Charbagnia and gain international recognition.

Dormill and Stiura, Aprosia, Vancouvia

A Nation Divided OOC
A Nation Divided IC
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An absolute monarchy run by a cluey, authoritarian and watchful Queen, who is well aware of the effects soft power may have on her reign over the nation. As one of the nations in the impoverished Wake Islands chain, Norregan experienced a major storm front in April of 2021 which affected the nationís infrastructure although not to the same extent Atolla and Sud did. Whilst the nation itself is largely operational, peopleís lives are still far from normal.

Ruled by Queen FaliniíOkilanoa Ilinakara

Potentially transitioning to a more democratic model, with hints of collective decision-making beginning to sprout in the nation.

Roendavar, Domanania, Ioudaia, Serpens Land

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A young republic with a shaky foundation, the Commonwealth of Atolla gained its independence from Altera in 2016. As one of the nations within the Wake Islands, it beared the brunt of a major storm front in April of 2021 which decimated much of the nationís infrastructure and housing, alongside utilities. The nation, with a strong sense of can-do spirit and community, is struggling as it finds its feet again after the natural disaster it faced. It is also trying to find its way in the world and the partners who will shape and guide Atolla into the future.

Presidential republic

Recovering from a major disaster, foreign influences likely to significantly determine dominant national ideology

Ainslie, Ioudaia, Solaryia, Alteran Republics

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A confident democracy with a charismatic but politically-minded leader, Sud has long considered itself as the success story of the three Wake Island chains. Whilst it suffered to an extent from a stormfront which battered Atolla and Norregan, the disaster exposed the existing inequalities in Sudite society. Sud is the most open of the three nations, relying on international backing to maintain its confidence as an important middlepower within the Raedlon subregion. However, the reality for the Sudites is that the social issues which haunt them remain very prevalent and the same politcking that occurs in Norregan and Atolla is just as rife here.

Constitutional Monarchy

Transitioning out of an immediate recovery phase into rebuilding its society better, refuses to address its social issues

Ainslie, Solaryia

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Illa Isle

A historically isolated island, Illa was peacefully invaded by Vancouvia in 2015, which thereafter implemented massive humanitarian initiatives while simultaneously constructing a military base on the outskirts of the island's largest city, Westilla. Shortly thereafter, it was absorbed into the Vancouvian state. Although Illa Islanders have, for the most part, tolerated or even appreciated the Vancouvian presence, major protests began in early 2018 following a Vancouvian refusal to agree to sign a region-wide declaration of indigenous rights. Many Illa Islanders consider themselves underrepresented in Congress, ostracized politically, religiously, and economically, and secondary citizens to mainland Vancouvians. It is in this wake that a growing contingent of Illa Islanders plan their revolution...

Underrepresented in the Vancouvian Congress

Growing dissatisfaction with Vancouvian rule


Occupation of Illa during Bhumidol War,
Illa Revolution,
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Sawneeak Atoll

Consisting of a menagerie of islands, cays, and reefs, the Sawneeak Atoll is a major through-way between Gael, southern Razzgriz, and the southeastern portions of the Southern Sea. Politically tenuous at best, several governments have laid claim over the islands to secure its geopolitical position and natural resources while other groups attempt to save the Atoll from the pain of human greed..


Disputed by multiple governments

Dormill & Stiura, San Montagna, Vancouvia, Razzgriz, Athara Magarat

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Faronna Islands

The Faronna Islands were two Islands that were shared between Balnik and Roendavar under the 1983 Faronna Islands agreement that set the islands to be used as a nature reserve. The treaty expired and was not renewed. In 2019 surveys reported that the islands had an abundance of fossil fuels and was rich in resources. In 2020, faced with an imminent energy crisis, Balnik annexed the islands and began exploiting the islands and its resources.


Under Balniki occupation

Roendavar, Balnik

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De Facto Rule


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