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We have just received word out of the interim capital in Unity City that His Majesty has submitted articles of declaration to the Legislature, asking for an official declaration of war in “an attempt to keep the union together and to free those from tyranny.”

Reports of letters arriving at Eucadian forums and other government offices have poured in. Letters from so-called concentration and death camps asking people to help.

“What we can see in the East is that right now, no single group is targeted other than those who defy the Crown. King Tylarian has been purging left and right for the last year. The death count could possibly be in the hundreds of thousands, possibly low millions.” says analyst Carter Smith.

The Federation’s support has caused, according to some observers, massive disruption amongst the civilian population. Reports of citizen militias and mobs of people are pouring out of the UES at such a sheer scale, the Office of National Intelligence is struggling with verifying them.

Already, Eucadian weapons platforms in space have started bombardment on key military sites. It is unknown if the entire EU will be involved.

Picus News

Eucalien Vs Eucadator: Whoever Loses, We Win
Upon hearing of Eucadians killing Eucadians (unsurprisingly under the command of another bloodthirsty monarch), the Telahmin Kora'Seik has stated concern only for the Seraphicists and Kori refugees who may be targeted.
"For all we care, godless Eucadians can wipe themselves out," Telahmin Tarun said before the Choir, "but many Kori and Seraphic refugees found their new homes in the east and many in Eucadia. At first notion of violence against the children of God's kingdom, we will have to ask for intervention from Eucadia's 'allies' as well as the wider global community."
ADVENT SABRE is being recalibrated to monitor and analyse all Eucadian communication and military action in an attempt to anticipate any coming attack against the holy land or the Kori refugees. Anti-EU operations in Sahma Daemonda and wider Tuvahlia are continuing, with the alleged genocide providing ammunition to win public support for an EU-free Seraphic sphere.

Duskwatch Returns from Space
After an unidentified object left the planet's atmosphere at great speed some years ago, Duskwatch quickly followed in pursuit. Now finally returning to Alteri, the para/human crime fighting league has announced a return to normal operations, assuring the world that the fleeing object was in fact the juvenile hero known as 'Mirror'. A shuffling of the 'prime' lineup now puts Duskwatcher, Miss Magpie, Vigilant, Riptide and Crystal Ibis at the forefront of the league.
A public service will be held next month for the anniversary of the death of Captain Triumph in Elara.

Anyone have the discord code?

We must all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all be hung separately. . .

"in the last 30 years alone our nation has been humiliated at the hands of nations we once called our friends and allies. and even in the past Thirteen years as we slowly peiced together a peaceful and co-existent relationship, that was all throne away in moments as they voted to punish us for moving to assist there own member in removing a tyrant from power and acting to free potentially millions from persecution and death. Yet because of us extending a hand to help they slap it aside and accuse us of Imperialism and being bitter of our defeat 13 years ago when this is not the case for Meridian has a history of helping those in need and under my administration as Prime Minister we had crafted a trade relation and before this we were prepared to finally pass a treaty that was five years in the making that would have brought the EU and Meridian closer.

that has ended with there decission to Threaten, Accuse and Insult us. To which i have a simple response to there Insults and Accusations. You say you have been nothing but kind yet instead you have decided to threaten those that have decided to help and we will remember that in a day where the EU lays in crissis and calls for help Meridian will turn there back to the EU and shun them . You call us Imperialist when you maintain a puppet government over Sahma Daemonda in a Region where the EU has no reason to be, has no objective of peace but exploitation and indoctrination. They have robbed the people of there own Democratically Elected government and put in place a new system taking from the Democratic system Meridian helped to create over Twenty years to create Stability and Prosperity and they sucked the life Force out of with overburdensome regulation and collectivisim that has plunged the country into and insurgency crissis so we hope this sheads light and they will respect the peoples there right to Self-Determination. This is ontop of there imperial conquest of Lake Global which still host ethnic Meridians and was founded by Meridians in 2245 and taken in 2295 . . . it directly caused a refugee Crissis as millions of Meridians fled the city to escape the Religion of War that is used by Shrive to indoctrinate those into there Communist ways to follow under there totalitarian leader as it proposes that Meridian is the one that is lead by tyrants that subverted its democracy to leave the Symbiotica when it was the one that landed forces with the express purpose to kill those in government positions that would not bend a knee so as to keep there position and not have to adjust to a world where actions have consiquences.

Now today i stand here in 2308 with the EU making direct threats and claiming there kindness when that kindness has only ever given Meridian Strife and Hardship so here with Parliament and the House of Lords we will build Starfleet to stand as a bullwork against the influences of Communism and against Meridians largest threat . . . the Eastern Union itself. Immedietly the Various ambassadors of the EU and EU members will be required to leave Meridian and the Meridian ambassadors to the EU and its members will be recalled the only exception is the Istani Ambasador to Meridian as throughout these experiences they have truely been nothing but kind and tolerant of the Meridian and share the frustration with the EU's Decusion while other EU Members lash out in anger and fear of Meridian and seek only to punish and stifle us with there 'Kindness' and 'Generocity' that of a dictator with unrully subjects. We will stand defiant of them and begin preparing for conflict should they decide to show there Generocity and Kindness again, Meridians i ask of all of us to raise our arms in resistance against them for even if they stand on the steps of parliament we will not surrender and we will continue the fight till our last breath. If we want Peace, We must prepare for War. . .

To unshackle ourselves from the EU we will be having votes to remove the old treaties that limit Meridian Military activity as well as increas Starfleet Forces to well above 50 million and updating our plans for such numbers. We also hope to more allign ourselves with the Xandrian Pact with membership being a possibility that Parliament is in favor of and as they have not Humiliated, backstabbed, Stole from, Invaded, accused and Insulted us as we ironically find friendship, compassion, trade, progress and understanding with those we have little but blood in common with. To protect ourselves we will increase our numbers within Starfleet to safeguard ourselves from the Agressive nature of the EU should reason fall on deaf ears with there Leaders and they yet again lash out in Fear and Anger against us and to make a thinly veiled reason to take teritory in an imperial fasion while they scold us others for doing the very things they have in a hypocritical double standard.

Here Meridian must stand as a United Country where we will face the challenges of the coming months i don't know if they be peaceful or filled with war we will not know but one thing i know for certain that We Are Meridian's and while we know the chances are grim we will fight the EU on our beaches, on our hills and on our streets where every man women and child will continue the fight long after our Government has ceased to function we as a people will cary the torch of Meridian Democracy forward for i know we must fight and We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all be hung separately. . .

Royals and Diplomats land in Meridian

Early this morning, Minister of Foreign Affairs Terry Tarbell landed in Meridian in the beginning of a hopefully prosperous discussion regarding the current state of the world and the goals of the Southern Tuvalhian nations. King Thomas Dayne and Prince Michael Dayne also made their arrival at the Warendrop residence and will be staying there for a short period of time during the negotiations.

Discover of Camp 6 in Choriyos sparks outrage from Easterners, as EU citizens demand something be done

Aaronius said to be working closely with EU government to bring an end to the crisis in Eucadia, however, he cites “conflicting” opinions

With Eucadians being removed from Meridian, along with fellow Easterners, Aaronius says “The EU is a great power. Meridian has been a constant thorn in our side but we’ve chosen to ignore it. The only harm done here was an incompetent government’s desire to involve themselves in foreign matters at the expense of their own people.”

More secessions from Tylarian’s Eucadia bring many to believe an end to the crisis is on track


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“This is a simple equation. We have to accept here that, despite your high-flown rhetoric and formulas, Eucadian culture and society will always be monarchist. What – do you think the republic was any different? They had one president and he held office for decades. For all your denials, someone is going to have to take that role, and our only viable choice right now is Aaronius Stone. Intervene we must, and intervene we shall. But when the dust settles, we must dispense with your utopias and build a government. No government can exist without Aaronius Stone.

Many colleagues to my left might not understand or agree with this position, although I expect that the Rechian delegates might. Let me put it simply. The monarch is identified with the nation. There is no nation without the monarch, and the monarch personifies the nation. When pan-Eastern delegates talk sloppily about mind-numbing cultural theory or bandy around personal slurs, they don’t simply mock the monarch. They mock Eucadia itself. Each poorly-considered statement here only worsens matters. Do you want another secession crisis? This is how we get another secession crisis. The equation is simple. If you want Eucadia in, act like an adult. If you want to break the Union and enable the perpetrator of monstrous crimes to get away with it outside Eastern justice, keep this going – you’re doing a fantastic job.”

-Quintius Chisholm, UR-Sentinel North

“Mr Chisholm would have us be polite and well-behaved as one half of Eucadia murders my people for their faith and the other half parleys with them and buys time – do they think us blind to bending cosmology? This is not adulthood Mr Chisholm exhibits – it is either senescence or treason.”

-Adrahan Irrenos, EPP - voting delegate for the Autonomous Seraphic Government, South Daemondrial

“It seems history moves in circles. Centuries ago – that’s only a few generations for Eucadians – the so-called Mad King was dethroned after attempting a national regeneration. Now we’re back at it again. Let me be perfectly frank – this is nothing less than cultural genocide. These governments you despise for their violations of so-called human rights are nothing less than the people waking up from the spell of smug and hedonistic liberalism to a higher calling. The people become conscious of themselves as the people, and achieve a joint purpose. For a brief, brave moment, they achieve an infinite and mystic brotherhood.

Then you people come through with your conspiracies, your liberal lies, your Communist plots, your historic revisionism, your dull universalisms, and your nihilist materialist filth to re-impose mediocrity because you fear our joyous burden. We could have been great. We still can be great. We are in a moment of infinite potential for a rebirth that could take us beyond the grimy humdrum and drag the whole Eastern civilization to a new dawn, and your petty little egos won’t allow that. I can’t stop you in this assemblage of the senescent and the small-minded, but I will bear testament to the martyrdom of my people’s future. I will not go silently. You may beat us down now, but the youth who grow up in the emptiness of your eternal present will redeem our failures. We know our past, and it will burn us through to the future. Hail the coming victory!”

-Anderson Amherst, EN-Emmalyn

“Get over here and I’ll break your greater purpose along with your teeth, you fascist piece of sh1t!”

-Fatima Ibd-Ahrun, EWP-Qarsh

“This government was elected on action, and regardless of Stone’s demands we owe it to the people to act. Even as the ‘legitimate’ king of Eucadia hashes out a deal with his husband to divide power, immigrants are being slaughtered and children are being killed. And they’re ‘in communication’. The Federalists are letting UES troops come and go freely from military facilities and handing them back and forth. They’re letting known criminals against justice, peace, and humanity simply leave for Pandora. Pardon me if I don’t trust Stone’s motives – or, failing that, his impartiality. They’re arranging something, and in the end it’ll be just like last time. We’ll have a show trial at best, and then a century or two later we’ll find out that the war criminal in question was never actually executed and they’ll pass them off as innocent. I will not accept that. The people of the East will not accept that. The Xandaran Pact will not accept that when their citizens are being slaughtered in the streets.

We have an army. I don’t give a good god damn about delicate Eucadian political sensibilities – let’s get in and enact our democratic mandate. Or are we too cowardly to do it?”

-Cadwyn Flyndwr, EWP-Dallenslas

“The fascist over there was right when he said that history moves in circles. He’s not wrong – something something stopped clock. But this is the nature of the liberal society. Your government never really changes. At first, you vote out of conviction. Then it’s out of material interest. Finally, it’s habit. One day, you realize that if voting changes nothing and you value social stability most you give up on that altogether and delegate your decision-making to a monarch who replaces meaningful policy with petit-bourgeois vapidity.

You replace the great, messy, and beautiful process of mass participatory democracy with a set of celebrities that also make laws. Then you grow fat, smug, and arrogant, tout a mediocre standard of living bought at the cost of a total absence of aspiration or greater dream, wallow in past glories, and vote on the important issues by buying into middle-brow culture on cheap credit. If it gets boring? No problem! Pick a far-right extremist who promises not to meaningfully disturb your life, watch the troops slaughter some people that don’t fit into your insipid social aesthetic for a sick adrenaline high, and then throw them out once the novelty wears off. Then, having fulfilled your animal urges, you return to your glassy-eyed pettiness and occasionally laugh at more barbaric cultures for not having figured things out as well as you.

Here’s the thing – the Eucadian people do this out of boredom because their politics were never participatory. With their over-saturated media market and consumerist society, the extent of choice in their lives is which set of garish overlords to lick the boots of this week. We could restore Stone, but just wait – within a century they’ll get bored again and decide that instead of exploiting the poor and differently-abled for social-media likes they’ll purge them instead. It’s never going to end. If we’re going to break this, we have to make a decisive break with the past. Recheve did it, Stadtderflammen did it, Istanistan did it – hell, Uelvan did it. Now it’s Eucadia’s turn to free itself from the prison of history, and we can’t afford any more flailing. Let’s get this done.”

-Dr. Per Andrade Aenderberg, EWP-Valgard South

“With all respect to Dr. Aenderberg, I find it hard to believe that Eucadians are capable of caring about his particular brand of cultural-theory prattle. This is a socialist party, no? Then we must use the socialist method of material analysis. The question is of democratizing economic power in Eucadia and ending the cycle of oligarchy, and how to integrate it into a programme for immediate action. I defer to Chisholm’s judgement on the question of Stone. He is not ideal, but we work with the material we have. Nevertheless, we must address both the immediacy of the problems we face in pursuit of the social struggle and the long-term correlation of forces in Eucadia.

We must back Stone for now, but only through the deployment of independent, social-democratic forces. I propose the creation of an independent pro-Eastern political armed force within Eucadian borders, the establishment of a coalition with Stone against his husband, and an attitude of complete ruthlessness to all feudal elements. In the defeat of Tylarian Newman, we will lay the groundwork for the defeat of monarchy as a source of political power. In saving the Eucadian monarchy as an institution, we must break it as a social force. Even as we defend its person, its monopoly on power must be disintegrated.

Our position must therefore be towards Stone as that of the rope to the hanged man – support.”

-Airys Irynberg, EWP-Vhenskberg

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Chorus Official Response to Friday Freshman
It is encouraging both for the Chorus and the Telahmin Kora'Seik to see Friday Freshman once again engaging with the world stage. It is hoped by the Telahmin Kora'Seik that the Refuge State can strengthen ties with both nations in the face of overwhelming EU presence in Tuvahlia.

Chorus Official Response to Meridian

Invading forces close in on Pax Newmania

The war in the UES has been silent. But silence is often the loudest.

With Tylarian’s forces almost completely absent from Luveria, sans a few spots of activity in Horizon, Eastern and Eucadian forces look towards staging a mass invasion of Eucadian-Pandora.

Pax Newmania, located in an isolated region of the Razgriz Straits, has not heard the sounds of war. In fact, Pandora has remained untouched.

But even in Eucadian-Luveria, fighting has been minimal. One general compared it to “helping the enemy retreat. That’s all we’ve been doing, is just basically forcing them out of Luveria. Barely any of our guys have been injured.”

Of course, this could be part of a larger strategy.

“The Trinity is upon us. If we can defeat Tylarian before it arrives, billions of lives can be saved. If not, the sheer scale of destruction may be nothing not seen since the First Mad King.”

According to photos taken from orbit, mass fortifications are taking place in Pandora. “We're preparing for a very strong fight.”

Aaronius forms “Framers Committee”, a committee devoted to removing political power from the monarchy

With Eucadian-Luveria now in the hands of the Federation, King Aaronius allows international inspectors to visit a few of the concentration camps built by Tylarian’s regime

Newman Corp assets in Luveria handed over to Prometheus Inc.

Federation returns the capital to Eucadia City. City reopening event planned soon

Shrive and The desert island

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Commie Surge

The Eastern Worker’s Party, currently the ruling formation in the Eastern Union, has begun to wage a brutal military campaign in Eucadia against both overt pro-Newman forces and known civilian collaborators. Armed elements, prepared with federal funding and trained by smuggled-in veterans and professionals, have begun taking control of coastal urban areas, ousting UES forces and subordinating neutralist local elements at the barrel of their guns. Most EWP cells seem to be obeying instructions from the party’s central committee, and are implementing a vicious programme. Militia groups have begun presenting papers issued by the Eastern Ministry for State Security giving them extraordinary authority under the Eucadian Crisis Bill to take control of territory and administer the rulings of the Crisis Committee. Resistance of any kind is met violently, and all those complicit are being treated as armed and dangerous. This includes not only military and state backers, but known civilian supporters as well.

Stacy Purge

OOC: People get disappeared.

Of course, much of this is not independently organized. Militia groups have been seen with lists provided by State Security drawn up under the authority of the Crisis Bill, and in some cases State Security Commissars (SSCs for short, colloquially known as “stacies”) have even been seen directing arrest activities. Property belonging to proscribed corporate entities – including Newman Corp., Picus News, private Newman assets, and corporate entities known to be doing or having done business with or funding or having funded UES activities – is being “centralized” and held on behalf of the Crisis Committee Victim’s Restitution Fund. MSS squads, backed by militias, have also begun taking over public buildings, including police stations, hospitals, and intelligence buildings with a mandate to seize documentation and evidence and to arrest any who obstruct them in their duties.

In major cities, the MSS has set up field stations and handed instructions down to all local militias, police forces, and state authorities demanding collaboration. The lists of the arrest warrants remain in the hands of the MSS, which believes much of the Eucadian civil service to be complicit in state crimes. However, all major airports, seaports, highways, and transit grids are now being aggressively monitored for wanted criminals. Private security cameras, as well as public grids, traffic cameras, phone grids, internet services, and other monitoring systems, have also been put under MSS surveillance to track the wanted. Rumors suggest that a variant of the VYLKYR AI (a Stadtd-origin computer used to coordinate information for economic planning) has been deployed to sift through personal data for clues.

Mass censorship of the press is also likely to be implemented, with a Media Commission responsible for weeding out pro-Newman propagandists appointed by Parliament. Social-media companies are encouraged to hand over all possible data to the government on known pro-Newman voices, while traditional media companies are put under increased scrutiny for present and past services to King Tylarian. Picus' near-monopoly, regardless of later scruples, makes it an object of suspicion. When asked about the draconian nature of this policy, a Ministry spokesperson responded that "Many claim they didn't know. Either they're lying, in which case they will face justice, or they legitimately knew nothing. That's forgiveable - but why didn't they know? How was this hidden from us? The answer lies with two places - the government and the media. They were complicit, and now they're going to face up to the consequences of their abuse of power."

As for what is being done with arrestees, the answers are uncertain. All arrested criminals, under the authority of the Crisis Act, are remanded to Union custody and whisked away. While many of the lower-profile individuals are likely being held in massive isolated prison-camps on Athena Island (within Eucadian borders) for pre-trial processing, mid-level and high-profile individuals are more likely to face rendition to Stadtderflammen for enhanced interrogation beyond the reach of would-be rescuers. While their rights will be respected within the letter of the law, it has been noted by legal scholars that anti-centralist sentiment has long delayed certain measures within the Eastern Union – notably the introduction of a central set of basic human rights. At present, accepted practice remains handling prisoners in line with the law of the territory they are on. Stadtderflammen is notable for many things, but its human rights record is not among them.

It seems the full fury of the Tuvhalian police-state has been brought to bear against Newman’s network of support. This is, needless to say, all legal under the Crisis Act.

UDF Units Back In Streets

Almost six months ago, the Union Defence Forces were ordered back to bases after a personal request from Aaron Stone, who did not want to “inflame the situation”. Instead, he claimed to be in “constant communication” with the UES and hoped for a diplomatic solution. With that path having completely gone down in flames, the Union Defence Forces have once again been deployed. UDF naval units have begun a blockade of all major UES ports, with Marine divisions launching assault landings in major ports to stem the flow of pro-Newman figures towards their Pandoran refuge. Helimobile divisions and special forces units are also assaulting concentration camps as new intelligence comes in. Troops have been deployed in most major Eastern-held cities to assist with security screenings and put down further riots and uprisings. A fleet group, along with every army unit available, is also being prepared for a mass assault on Pandora in conjunction with Eucadian militias.

Refugee Camps Constructed

Almost a billion people have fled the UES, resulting in mass humanitarian catastrophe. To deal with this, mass refugee camps have been built under the Ministry for Industry, Trade, and Infrastructure to offer basic services and provide people with homes until order is restored. While many of these camps are in Eucadia, limited construction capacities there have also led to the construction of temporary camps in Recheve, Stadtderflammen, and - in some limited cases - South Daemondrial. This is a two-stage process, with refugees initially diverted to processing centres where they can find out about loved ones, sign up with Union-sponsored militias, register for social services, submit initial claims for lost property, and offer testimony for upcoming war-crimes tribunals, and secondary settlement camps where they will stay until housing can be rebuilt. These camps are far from luxurious, but they provide necessary services, the opportunity for paid work, and - above all else - safety.

Murder Squad

The arrest warrant for Tylarian Newman is still outstanding, but the Ministry for State Security has now moved towards executing it. An elite raid squad, made up of a mixture of Eucadian master-benders and Istanistani Special Commissars adept in a variety of paranormal and anti-bending techniques, has been formed with the explicit mandate to arrest Newman when the time comes. The question of what to do with him is still outstanding, but this new group is uniquely well-suited to clearing out resistance and dragging him to face Eastern justice - alive.

Eucadian Federation, Shrive, and The desert island

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Post by Limu emu and doug suppressed by Eucadian Federation.

Limu emu and doug

I’m back!

Didn't we kick that guy out?

United Eucadian States no longer in Luveria as Eucadians take to the streets and celebrate

The last hotspots of military activity have all but vanished from Luveria-Eucadia this morning as General Wishon of the Eucadian Department of Defense stated that the last UES forces were removed from Luveria this morning.

“In Horizon, the island was completely under the control of King Tylarian’s forces. This morning, after months of intense stand-off and the occasional exchange between soldiers, we were able to successfully negotiate the return of Horizon to the Eucadian Federation. Thank you to King Aaronius’ administration for assisting with these efforts, and to those from the Eastern Union who helped with the return.”

The Federation now has total control of Luveria, correcting an earlier report from our agency stating that all of Eucadian-Luveria was in the hands of the Federation.

The UES is officially confined to Pandora, where analysts say that an all out war may take place if satellite imagery is any indication, showing strong fortifications. The UES is home to around 400+ million Eucadians, many who live in a constant state of oppression due to the extreme nature of King Tylarian’s regime.

King Aaronius on EU Parliament demands: Serious revision needed.

In Eucadia, the Federation court system has remained somewhat independent from Eastern control, that was until the Crisis Bill was passed by Parliament.

Many corporations and business entities, political groups, Eucadian elites, and others from various groups have lawyered up and are challenging centralization, repossession of property, and illegal detainment.

“The Eastern Union came into the Federation and ripped up the Bill of Rights.” said one Eucadian elite, who is not named due to fear of detainment. “One oppressive government was removed and replaced with one that is just as oppressive, loose with law and justice, and extremely reactive.”

King Aaronius reportedly is demanding withdrawal of SSC entities. “These militias,” said Aaronius, “have no right to be in the Federation if they’re not going to respect Federation laws. EU Parliament needs to seriously revise this Crisis Bill, otherwise they’ll be passing another one when Eucadians start rioting.”

“I am authorising the Eucadian Department of State to reinforce Eucadian law enforcement units and assist with taking back control of municipal buildings, such as City Halls, police and fire stations, airports, hospitals, schools, and other points of interest. Eucadia will be a land of law and equal justice for all, not one where foreign groups come in and start ripping things apart because they feel like it.” said Aaronius.

Reports of protest and civil unrest continue to pour out of major cities across the Federation where “stacy” activities are being carried out unchecked.

The Federation Peacekeepers, formerly known as the National Guard, have been given authorization from the Eucadian government to remove “any group, person, or entity that poses a severe threat to the life and liberty of Eucadian citizens, this includes activities carried out by the EU SSC and any groups associated with them.” Peacekeepers are not a part of the Eastern military and have remained a part of the Federation’s independent system.

Eucadian courts have also been denying warrants left and right out of the EU. “It’s not that we don’t want to cooperate, we just don’t like unchecked control of the government. Therefore, any warrants deemed to encroach on the rights of our citizens will be denied.” said one judge in the fifth circuit.

Organizations, like Picus News and Prometheus Inc, have carried on as normal.

“As far as we’re concerned, this is Eucadia, not Istanistan. Not Vanparia. Not Recheve. We’ll continue our daily operations as normal and if any group impedes on those operations, they’ll be challenged to the fullest extent of Eucadian law, which is on our side.” said the CEO of Prometheus.

“We’re trying to rebuild lives and families. This has gone out of control and we’re going to fight it. Even if it means resorting to other non-peaceful methods.” said King Aaronius.

Newman Palace in Eucadia renamed to Palace of Eucadia as de-Newmanization is once again in full swing

The last time the government waged a campaign of removing Newman influence from daily life, it only removed the negative aspects of it. This time, King Aaronius is making sure the job is done once and for all.

“Monuments to all Newman family members are to be removed from public spaces and placed in storage to be donated to museums or private collectors.” said Aaronius at a meeting this morning. “Local municipalities have final discretion in regards to the fate of all larger monuments, such as statues, pavilions, graves, and other Newman-related areas.”

Local governments have been already undertaking the enormous task of removing Newman references from everything. In Eucadia City, Queen Atalania Boulevard was renamed to Jackson St. Emmalynn DC was renamed to Liberty. Lastly, various buildings with references to the Newman family have either been torn down and replaced with parks or museums, and some with plazas and new monuments symbolizing King Aaronius’ campaign of “Never Again.”

“While most of Newman history has been reflected in positive light, two recent Kings have brought heartache and despair. We promise to never again live under the reign of a Newman, and never again will the Eucadian people suffer.” said Aaronius.


Cronin empire

Cronin to re-emerge in the world of Terra

With new borders being hammered out, Cronin looks forward to rejoining the world of Terra and participating in the complex geopolitical system that intertwines the nations within it.

And it ended in silence

In a remarkable turn of events (OOC: mostly because I'm bored and the region is quasi inactive right now), Chancellor William Akers of the United Eucadian States announced that as of this morning, he and many high level officials have turned themselves over to Eucadian authorities. This is out of fear of what punishment awaits them in Eastern courts.

King Tylarian Newman, who was stripped of his titles this morning by the Imperial Institution in the Federation, has gone missing according to official state reps. He was last seen leaving Pax Newmania. Eucadian authorities have offered an award of 1.5 billion credits for whoever can bring him in. Eucadian authorities are also working with Eastern officials to ensure he faces punishment for his crimes.

Many were dreading a full-scale invasion of the UES in Pandora. Satellite imagery, aerial data and miscellaneous reporting confirmed that the fighting would have been bloody and millions of lives were expected to be lost in the first days. The National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) had constructed thousands of refugee centers as the humanitarian crisis would've been the worst seen in years. Eucadian government agencies were preparing municipalities with the influx of citizens; hundreds of organizations have poured trillions of credits into charities and funds for those seeking to move back home.

On social media, the #WelcomeHome campaign began trending both positively and negatively with some Eucadians claiming those who left shouldn't be allowed back and charged with being complicit in crimes against humanity, with others stating the opposite: placing an emphasis on national unity.

In Pax Newmania, a scene unfolded live on television and phone screens across the globe as members of King Tylarian's government were escorted into police vehicles. According to the Secretary of the Homeland, they'll be placed in a highly secured facility somewhere outside of Eucadia City where they'll remain detained for questioning. "If need be, we will forward their cases to the Eastern courts depending on severity of their crimes."

King Aaronius has allowed more and more inspectors into Eucadia to take tours of concentration camps constructed under his former husband. "As far as it looks, King Tylarian targeted anyone. From what we can see, less than 5,000 people were killed. Had it gone unchecked, Tylarian could have killed many more." Not surprising is Program 7. "The death of 287 children took place under Program 7, which promised prestigious care for people with severe handicaps and disabilities." said a representative for Aaronius. "We're working with the proper authorities to identify and alert families of the deceased."

We'll continue to monitor the situation.

Picus News


With the Eucadian Crisis stabilized, in part due to EU military and diplomatic pressure, the Eastern Union has taken the next step in cleaning house - finally dealing with the thorn that has been in its side for years. The justification given was simple: constant malevolence. Not only did Meridian repeatedly and deliberately break the terms of the settlements put in place after the War of Three Councils with Shrive, they have attempted to interfere in foreign events outside their sphere of influence, such as their unjustified colonialism in Telemarcia and attempts to send military forces to Eucadia amid the recent crisis.

Operation Shimmer

The opening salvoes in the war against Meridian have been planned and are being executed under the codename Operation Shimmer. Operation Shimmer is a massive surprise attack that is designed to cripple Meridian's forces in the opening days of the war, since they do not have the economy to outproduce the EU. There are several operations that fit under the umbrella of Shimmer, but so far, there are only two being executed, those two being Operation Turtledove and Operation East Wind.

Operation Turtledove

The first shots of the war have already been fired, with the first battles beginning immediately after the declaration of war was handed to the Meridian Ambassador to the EU. No major engagements have started in the land, air or sea yet, but immediately, the Union Space Defence Forces and the Imperial Shriven Abyssal Navy launched massive surprise attacks on the Meridian StarForce. Both the USDF and StarForce are heavily fighter-based forces, with the significant firepower in Meridian Space Forces coming from SDF-Class spacecraft. However, the SDF-class relies heavily on energy shielding, and as such is incredibly dangerous to the extraordinarily fast projectiles of the Ryoju-Class Space Dreadnought. Not only does the EU have a firepower advantage, they have a massive numbers advantage as well. Major surprise attacks have been launched on several installations in Terran orbit, Lunar Orbit and Kaulderan Orbit.

Meanwhile, small contingents of the Union Space Defence Force and the majority of the Imperial Shriven Abyssal Navy's committed forces target and destroy Meridian infrastructure, such as spaceports, storage depots, repair facilities, and mines. No major land offensives have been launched on Luna or Kauldera, as it is infeasible for either side to launch an offensive without orbital superiority. As such, wary of desperate Meridian attacks, the EU has evacuated citizens on Luna and Kauldera to lower levels and taken up defensive positions. Extra care has been taken at Eikō-Shōri, which is the most populous EU Lunar City and the capital of space operations. Eikō-Shōri is surrounded by Meridian on the surface (although deep tunnels do connect it to the rest of the various EU lunar holdings). If the defenders can hold on to Eikō-Shōri for a week, it is expected that dominance in orbit of Terra can be established and they can be resupplied. Meanwhile, the thousands of Rechian Space Mines, deactivated two decades ago at the request of Shrive before their EU membership, have all been reactivated. At the same time, the Shriven Kabuki Array and the smaller Rechian and Eucadian Kinetic Bombardment Arrays have begun shelling Meridian positions on Luna, Kauldera and Terra. While on Terra, many of the projectiles are intercepted before they can reach their targets, they reveal the positions of Meridian's Anti-Orbital Guns, providing added, surefire intelligence for Operation East Wind.

Operation East Wind

Operation East Wind is very similar to an operation performed by Shrive with Rechian air support in the War of Three Councils. However, where the 60,000 Shriven Guerrillas were dropped in to destroy the Meridian economy and create chaos to support a land invasion, this time the mission is smaller in scale and tighter in focus. Approximately 23,000 fighters of mostly Shriven origin from the IMP X-04 "Gyrfalcon" Special Forces Unit. Inserted seconds after the declaration of war before the Meridian defenders knew to look out for them, the X-04 soldiers have one purpose - destroy the Meridian Coilguns. Scattered across the country, the X-04 soldiers will, when possible, guide in EU hypersonic missiles, and if not possible, manually destroy the coilguns. Once this task is complete, each unit has a different purpose. IMP X-04 is designed specifically as a suicide unit (the reason why the majority of members, who are all volunteers, are of Shriven origin), used for missions where extraction is impossible, odds are deemed impossible, or the destruction of the unit has strategic value. Once the coilguns are destroyed, the soldiers will destroy infrastructure, assassinate important figures, assault military bases, lay low and support the eventual land invasion, et cetera.

The EU has released a brief statement regarding the declaration of war:

With all of our member nations back at full strength, it has been decided that the best course of action is to reassert our global dominance. The EU is the world's leading power, yet we have allowed ourselves to be pushed around. That ends now. A belligerent nation who has been stepping on our toes, violating peace treaties deliberately, and attempting to take military action against member states will be put into its place. As of seven minutes ago, a state of war exists between The Great Union of Meridian and the Eastern Union. Rest assured that this war would not be prosecuted if it could not be won, and this war would not be prosecuted if casualties would be too high. As this broadcast airs across the union and the world, our Union Space Defence Forces and the Imperial Shriven Abyssal Navy are combating the enemy, and we pray for all involved. This war was not a war we wanted, but it was a war that was necessary. We know that the people of the Union will rise to the task, to protect their nation and their fellow countrypeople. If there is one lesson we have learned from history, it is that we are strongest together. The union will win, and we will win as one.

Queen-Empress Alytathalia Addresses Shrive on War

My dear Shriven countrypeople. As you will have heard, the Eastern Union has declared war on the Great Union of Meridian. This was a necessary action. I would like to assure you that none of you are in any danger, and we will not lose this conflict. However, due to the nature of the war, especially within the opening days, it will be Shrive that takes the brunt of the casualties. This is a trying time - it is always difficult to lose a sister, a father, a child, a friend. But we are Shrivens. We understand sacrifice in the name of the greater good better than anyone. We must understand that this was a necessary conflict. And we will meet the challenge head on and win. We conquered Meridian before alone. We can vanquish them with our allies this time. There has never been an unpleasant task that a Shriven has refused, and this will not be the first time. No matter the consequences, we will persecute this war to the best of our abilities and we will be victorious, as always. Every morning at sunrise I will bless those who will die in the coming day, and at sunset I will bless the dead. These ceremonies will be open to all. Honour your dead. Call upon your ancestors for strength. Honourable blood courses through our veins and we will once again show the world what we are capable of! To the end, bitter or sweet! Fukoku Kyōhei, Shokusan Kōgyō!

Freshman Foreign Minister and Royals Leave Meridian

As attacks rained down across the countryside, Freshman Royals and the Minister of Foreign Affairs were forced to cut their trip short as a sudden deliberate attack was brought on The Great Union of Meridian by the Eastern Union. As the Royals and Foreign Minister were leaving the airport, the airport runway was destroyed by Shriven Special Forces leading to the death of Captain Ray Armstrong of the Freshman Air Force as his plane was caught in the explosion of the runway. It has been ensured that the Royals and Foreign Minister have made it back in an emergency landing in Dawn. It is expected that the Prime Minister will speak on this matter tonight.

Friday Freshman Pushes Back Against Eastern Union

Good Evening! My fellow Freshman, tonight I would like to speak on the unprecedented and deliberate attack of the Eastern Union on our close friend Meridian. The Eastern Union has once again shown its true colors, colors of imperialism and nationalism that it seeks to force upon other nations in the world. It has become clear to me over the past few years, that the Eastern Union has no true wish to spread the ideas of democracy and hope to others around the world and would rather spend their time pushing around smaller nations rather than pushing to give the world a place to be free. Freedom, that is what we believe in as Freshman: freedom from tyranny, freedom from hypocritical agendas, but most importantly freedom to live as we wish. We help our neighbors. As of this moment, Freshman troops have begun to secure our territorial waters, our borders and our air space. All EU ambassadors with the exception of the ambassadors from Recheve and Greater Istanistan have been declared personas non grata in Friday Freshman with the hope that perhaps through dialogue with two great nations who we have always worked with to ensure a more democratic world. All EU ships have been given fair warning to leave the country and our waters and will not be harmed if they follow these orders. If they do not comply with these orders, all civilian vessels will be boarded and their cargo seized. With the exception of the Rechevian military and their base at Sand Island, any military vessels, troops or planes found to be in Freshman air space, territorial waters or land who do not comply with orders to leave will be seen as enemy combatants and an aggressive action by the Eastern Union. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Captain Ray Armstrong, a hero of this nation, who was brutally murdered by the actions of Shriven Special Forces. I promise you all that we will not stop until they are brought to justice for the murder of Captain Ray Armstrong. I promise you that we will not stop until his body is returned home. I promise you that we will not stop until the world knows that an attack on a Freshman citizen, a Freshman hero, is unspeakable and will bring the wrath of Friday Freshman down upon them. I call upon the Xandara Pact to band with Friday Freshman to push back against the Eastern Union's hypocritical goals in Meridian. We will not be silenced and the Eastern Union will not force even more nations to roll over in their quest of rampant imperialism!

Amelia Gray
Prime Minister

Reserve Troops put on Standby

Freshman advised to return home and not travel to Eastern Union

Flights not cancelled to Eastern Union and Eastern Union citizens are still free to come and go

Post self-deleted by Eucadian Federation.

Freshman Support And Travel To EU Down

Recent data and polling has shown that very few Freshman have been heading to EU nations on vacation. Since Eucadia had last impounded Freshman citizens and taking their passports, travel to Eucadia by Freshman citizens had dropped by nearly 87% even before civil war had broken out in Eucadia. Recent Freshman estimates put people abroad in Eucadia to be in the mere hundreds rather than the millions who used to flock to the nation for vacations. Similar drops have been seen to other EU nations, with Shrive dropping 74%, Istanistan dropping 64%, Pyraz dropping 53% and Recheve dropping 26%. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recommended that all Freshman come home from Eastern Union vacations and many have begun coming back from Meridian as well due to the ongoing conflict. Surprisingly Vanparia has seen an uptick in Tourism from Freshman who seek to stay close to home along with Telemarcia which as unstable as it is seems safer then getting trapped in Eucadia or another Eastern Union country.

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