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Welcome to The Western Colonies!

Whether you call this world WestCol, Terra, Alt'erra, Alteri or simply Earth, it is a world of colourful and creative nations, characters, and roleplayers. We have many members from around the world, each with a unique perspective that lends to the rich and detailed world of The Western Colonies. With original cultures, maps, religions and histories interwoven by our members, The Western Colonies has a home for any nation!

Whether you're looking for a casual dip into roleplay or a place for your story-telling skills to blossom, we have a safe and friendly region for NationStates veterans and newcomers. So come and share ideas, characters and nations with like-minded roleplayers!

YEAR 2312 2E

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The Western Colonies contains 24 nations, the 545th most in the world.

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1.The Grand Confederation of UelvanCorporate Bordello“Ued Hominar, Regniad”
2.The Unitopian Imperial State of Unified HomelandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Glory To The Empire”
3.The Tuvhalian Dual Kingdom of RecheveMother Knows Best State“Breeding Ground of Warriors”
4.The Long Forgotten Republic of Friday FreshmanDemocratic Socialists“Neque Crudelem Neque Ignavae”
5.The Federal Republic of Eucadian FederationDemocratic Socialists“Liberty. Diversity. Equality.”
6.The United Socialist Federation of Greater IstanistanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A Life For The People”
7.The Honourable Socialist Empire of ShriveCorrupt Dictatorship“Fukoku Kyōhei, Shokusan Kōgyō”
8.The First Oceanic Union of Eclipsed SunInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unyielding.”
9.The Eighth Federation of K9ationInoffensive Centrist Democracy“War is not to be taken lightly”
10.The Eastern States of PyrazInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Orado e Progezza”

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Eclipsed Sun wrote:
Who knows though? Maybe at the start of the school year I will find some motivation and grind away at this revolution Ive been working on. Whatever happens I wanted to let yall know that it has been nice 6 years (jeez it feels so much shorter than that) getting to know all of you and to RP with you.

- Colin

I have a similar sentiment, work and school have me busy as anything and I don't really have time to spend here. In my 8 (9?) years of doing this I've seen how we've all changed but more than that it's been cool to see how we have all evolved as people, how even though we couldn't feel ourselves changing, looking back we can't deny we did. Much as I hate to say it none of us will ever get the hours we spent writting our factbooks and posts back, but I for one am glad I spent a crazy amount of time here with you all making a record of who we were, who we are and how we changed. I don't know if I'm posting here again but I know some cold lonely night I'll come back to see how far we've all come. Thanks for the good times lads.

SIPHER to Combat Eucadian Strife
SIPHER have quickly made public their projects into renewable food sources as well as offered assistance in combatting the T-Strain Flu. A spokesperson for the Institute read a letter written by the board:
"We have no less than fourteen projects working on contingencies for the outbreak. Everything from vaccines and cures to genetically modified blightworm that can eat infected corpses, or counter-viruses rendering the infected incapable of spreading the T-Strain Flu any further."
However, in order for SIPHER to follow through on any one of these contingencies they would require a wide array of samples both of the virus and infected individuals. With the approval of the Eucadian Federation, SIPHER would like to send a security force and epidemiologists to Eucadia to either collect samples or set up a SIPHER station in Eucadia from which they can continue their research.
Telahmin Abhishek has voiced his support of such an action, stating that "this is what SIPHER was founded for," and that "an international body [SIPHER] without legal restrictions can be more effective, even in unilateral operations, than state-affiliated bodies."

I'll do posting tonight maybe. Also, proud to announce that to revitalize the region, I've linked your keyboards to The Blockchain. More typing means more IstanBux. Post for your coins, piggies!

I have some stuff in the works. I promise.

First week of school is always hectic


The world was a chaotic place, danger looming around every corner and uncertain futures awaiting almost every stagnant and crumbling state. It was a world in which few new or small nations could succeed, lest they be gobbled up by the opportunists that circled round like ravenous vultures. Nonetheless, where civilization takes root, humanity will naturally build, and from these meagre beginnings nations rise. Such was the case of Meridian, the isles where a great state once stood, recently toppled and reverted into anarchic squalor.

Hiere was not some hastily fashioned state lain upon the corpse of its predecessor. It was rather a rejection of Consentualism, and a reaffirmation of the people's belief in the monarchy. Not in the Warrendrops, of course, with their Parliamentary system and stagnant ways; in Absolute Monarchy, that most decisive and unpredictable model of governance, where the people shackle themselves to a mere individual, placing their souls in the hands of a single and unwavering lord.

The Queendom of Hiere would be led by Queen Patricia, a young but enterprising young woman with ties to the Warrendrops. Unlike her relatives she was decisive, conservative and successful. She came from a noble background and had gone to finishing school in Belka, where her peers included the Foulkes and the Frederiks. She had run in the same circles as the Newmans in Eucadia, had spent a year living with the Balders in Recheve, and had attended almost every major diplomatic event in the past ten years. She was a rising young star on the international stage, and it was likely her hope that she would one day become second in command to a powerful monarch in one of the Great States, an international power in her own right, not simply in the connections she held. Now however, she was called back to her homeland, a disastrous wreck of an island rife with death, evil and suffering. Nonetheless, as she would often remind her advisors, "The truest hearts lay upon themselves the lowliest duties." The isle was a gem, buried deep inside a godforsaken shell of dirt and refuse. It was Patricia's responsibility to dig it out.

For now, the state is small. The maritime city of Harmonia, newly settled upon the northern coast, is all that is securely held under the Queendom's control. Its only garrison is the 1st Royal Infantry Corps and the Royal Artillery Commission, enough to stave off raiders and reactionaries, but no good for conquest. The ability of the new state to develop and innovate will be key in determining whether or not it can grow, rallying new allies to its cause and unifying the great isles of Meridian.

Harmonia, Hiere
The First Council of Notables
2300 Hours

"It is a cruel moon, your majesty. The heavens foretell disaster."

Queen Patricia sat upon her modest oak throne, her chin resting upon her fist as she stared out a nearby window, eclipsed in deep thought. Before her stood the First Council of Lords, a colourful collection of influential figures from around the area. Front and centre were her trusted Marshals, former firemen, policemen and soldiers whose loyalty had carried over to Hiere, men who favoured order over personal gain. Between them they held the true power over most of the Queendom's muscle and sinew, and thus they had been carefully selected by the Queen for their honour and sense of duty. Most of them had been given a helping hand to get to where they were; their predecessors pushed into retirement, or otherwise "persuaded" to see the Queen's desires as their own. Aside from the Marshals there stood a number of distinguished lawyers and judges, some scientists, former politicians turned advisors, holy men from a variety of churches and other notable intellectuals or public figures. Only around 60% of those summoned had actually arrived, and most were confused as to why they were included. It was understandable why. Though Patricia had the popular support of Harmonia, she did not herself hold any true power, and had made no movements to establish herself or solidify her rule. The summons were really more of a suggestion than a royal order, and those that had chosen not to arrive were the most powerful, sending a message regarding their loyalties with their absence.

"Your majesty, shall we... proceed?"

Patricia raised her head to look at the man speaking, a wiry bespectacled man clad in a well tailored blue suit with several medals pinned to his chest. He was Marshal Pinnard, a former clerk who had demonstrated some limited tactical proficiency during the Third South Westwinds War. Astonishingly, he was the most accomplished man Patricia had been able to appoint to her staff. He was not some buff, inspiring figure, but he knew the logistics of running a military.

"Yes. We shall."

Pinnard smiled. Patricia's second in command, Lord Huesmann the Duke of Campton, stepped out from beside her.

"This Council is now in order. First, let us hear fro-"

Huesmann was interrupted by the Queen, who raised a single hand to silence him. He nodded and stepped back, allowing the Queen to rise.

"Gentlemen, I do not intend to run this government like its predecessor. We shall be decisive, and while I shall lean on you all for your expertise, I will act unilaterally when I feel that unilateral action is necessary. I feel that, in this moment, our little nation needs us to move deliberately and with great haste. I shall not be hearing you tonight, and for that I apologize. I am sure all your concerns are pressing, and I do not doubt that each one of you shall provide a great service to me by the time this week is through; nonetheless, this little nation has been entrusted to my care, and I fear that I must take drastic measures to preserve its life before we bicker over its future growth, stability and trajectory."

The Queen scanned the crowd, and was met by a sea of mixed emotions. Some of the attendees looked confused, while other looked concerned, and some even looked angry. Most, however, watched the Queen intently with a mixture of intrigue and determination. Satisfied with this reaction, Patricia continued.

"Marshal Pinnard, you will take your men and assault the Dockyards, the HLLP building and the Police Headquarters no later than 2am this morning. Bring me Dawes, Perkins and Thomson, in cuffs if practical, dead if necessary."

Pinnard nodded as a torrent of whispers moved through the crowd. He took a step back, drew his sword, saluted, and then backed out of the room with his head bowed. The Queen continued.

"Mr. Torrey, you shall gather your associates and prepare to take inventory of these locations once the Marshal has cleared them. Afterwards, you are to bring me your reports along with a summary of local assets within our control. I would also appreciate it if you could gather some accountants to assist in the formation of a statistical commission."

A well dressed man near the rear of the room bowed and then departed. The Queen scanned the rest of the crowd.

"The rest of you may go, and think about how you might assist our nation in the coming weeks. Many men have chosen not to answer my call, and soon three of them will be either imprisoned or dead. If that is not clear enough a message, take this back to your absent friends and associates: the Queen's word is law, and the Queen's penalty is death. I shall send another summons, but to ensure that no unfortunate mishaps result in unnecessary unpleasantness, I would like to inform you here and now that the Second Council of Notables shall occur at this very place, tomorrow at 8am. Farewell."

OOC: I'm bored and had half an hour so here's yet another classic Jeff poorly written action post.

The James P. Ogelthorpe Memorial Dockyards, Harmonia
3rd Advance Company (3.AC), 2nd Regiment (2.R), 1st Royal Infantry Corps (1.RIC)
0300 Hours


The guards inside the westernmost barracks heard the shouts and woke up suddenly, fighting with their sheets as they desperately tried to grab their weapons. It was too late as the entire room erupted in smoke and blinding light, quickly followed by the sound of breaching charges blowing and submachine guns firing. The guards who had managed to grab their weapons in time began firing wildly, hearing screams as their bullets tore into friend and foe alike. This desperate action did little to slow the intruders, who moved into the fire fearlessly and opened up on the occupants. Within a minute the firing had died down, the only surviving guards left bleeding and whimpering on the floor. The assailants, clad in an uncoordinated mixture of woodland and multicam uniforms, finished off these wounded enemies and then quickly exited. This building, sitting at the west gate to the dockyards, was just the first of several targets they'd have to hit that night.

The 3rd Advance Company was a force of light infantry, mostly snipers and scouts from the previous military. With shortages of their specialized equipment forcing them into more traditional infantry roles, they were made into a force not unlike Rechian Rangers, highly mobile and trained to make rapid assaults through rough terrain. Urban warfare was obviously not their specialty, but no other force was quite up to the job of clearing the dockyards. The enemy here, the personal guard of local strongman Pyotr Perkins, were largely ex-private security and police, trained to defend positions just like the ones they now held. It was somewhat of a mismatch, and only the element of surprised gave the 3.AC any chance of success.

The force move quickly, tossing grenades through windows and breaching through walls rather than risking doors or windows. Speed was key, and the men could not afford to get bogged down. Enemy snipers and riflemen began taking proper positions and laying down fire, men of the Advance Company starting to drop at a more rapid rate. Nonetheless, those still on their feet did not dare stop to help their wounded, knowing that any hold up would allow the enemy to dig in further. They snaked between and through the cranes, shipping containers, dock facilities and storage buildings, gunning down exposed opponents and bypassing reinforced positions or machine gun nests. This was not an attack aimed at clearing out the entire area, but rather a raid aimed at causing as much havoc as possible. The enemy was still on its heels, and could not prepare a proper line of defence. Every time machine guns and fire teams were coordinated along a position, the 3.AC would probe for gaps and then blow through the weak points. Soon, they arrived at the house near the water Perkins had been using as a residence.

It was 5th Squad that reached the building first, gunfire raking them from every possible angle as the enemy desperately attempted to protect their financier. Somehow unfazed by this onslaught, the Squad moved rapidly to the structure and put a rocket propelled grenade through on of the walls, advancing through it. As they entered they were bracketed by tracers from Perkins and two guards, the three men in cover behind a dinner table. The man leading 5th Squad, Corporal Klein, opened up with his K-78 assault rifle from the hip. The bullets tore easily through the wood and into the men sheltering behind it, 7.62mm rounds tearing their chests open and sending bone splinters tumbling through lungs and organs. Perkins fell to the ground in a heap, his blood gushing from the tattered remains of his exposed ribcage. He'd taken about fifteen of the thirty rounds in Klein's emptied magazine, and needless to say he was no longer breathing. 5th Squad advanced into the room and took cover on either side of the newly opened hole in the wall, barely getting out of the way as a heavy machine gun unleashed a torrent of lead through the breach.

Perkins was dead, and by morning his forces would disperse. Hiere had, with one bloody assault, regained control of its waterfront.

Harmonia, Hiere
The Second Council of Notables
0800 Hours

Queen Patricia rose from her throne and smiled at the council before her, arranged in a semi-circle around two men on their knees. The room was far more crowded than it had been the day before; around 90% of those summoned had come, those attending for the first time standing timidly near the back of the room. Outside, distant gunfire signalled the demise of the remaining 10%. There would be no rebellion in Hiere.

"Welcome all to the Second Council of Notables! As you all know, I am Queen Patricia the First, sovereign of Harmonia and of the Hierian nation. Our last assembly was rather brief, and as such we shall ensure that this Council observes all the necessary formalities."

As Queen Patricia spoke she walked forward, stepping down a set of stairs and towards the two men kneeling in the centre of the room. They were all stood in the Grand Hall of Harmonia, an absolutely massive structure complete with gleaming marble floors, a stained glass ceiling, a red and gold embroidered carpet and a massive bema with the Queen's throne atop. The throne itself was a humble but powerful design, dark oak with red cushioning and a few hints of gold to access the carved surface. It was a glorious sight, quite offset by the clump of confused guests in diverse outfits standing before Patricia. The Queen observed them, and gave a little chuckle.

"We will have to establish a dress code. Nonetheless, such frivolous standards will do nothing but delay our business at hand. Until we can appoint tailors to prepare for us a common uniform, this much shall do."

"Your majesty, if I may..."

The Queen looked behind her and nodded at Lord Huesmann, who bowed and then turned his gaze to the room.

"Though I am most certain, sirs and ma'ms, that no offence was meant your failure to observe Royal Custom - as I am equally certain that few of you are privy to the proper procedures when addressed by a monarch - I nonetheless feel it is my duty to inform you all as to the necessary course of action in instances such as that which is currently occurring. When approached by a Monarch, the assembly shall bow themselves so as to lower their eyes to the level of the Monarch's belt, or lower. The assembly shall maintain this posture until the Monarch expressly orders they return to a standing position, or until the Monarch crosses out of the room or upon the Bema."

The Lord Huesmann then raised his eyebrows at the 'Notables,' who immediately bowed in the fashion described by the Lord. Content, Huesmann continued.

"When spoken to by a Monarch, the subject shall give this same bow and hold for a period of at least five seconds, after which they shall rise and remove their hat should they be wearing one. It is only once the Monarch nods in approval that the subject may respond should the Monarch's words have been communicated in the form of a question. At no time during the exchange will the subject meet the gaze of the Monarch, and they shall instead train their eyes to the Monarch's chin so as to keep their line of sight below that of the Monarch's."

The Queen smiled again and looked at the room of billionaires and officers bowing down before her.

"You may all rise."

The Notables straightened up as Huesmann concluded his lecture.

"Finally, if you are asked to depart a Monarch's presence, you shall make a full bow as quickly as you feel is appropriate, and shall then retire from the room without ever turning your back to the Monarch."

Satisfied, the Queen turned her attention to the two men kneeling upon the ground before her.

"Before my Council proceeds with the necessary administrative business, I would like to address these two gentlemen. Mr. Samuel Dawkins and Mr. Percy Thompson, please rise."

The individual on the left, a stout and elderly man with a thick moustache, angrily shoved himself to his feet as a nearby soldier in ceremonial dress raised his rifle from the man's back. To the right, the tall and slender Mr. Thompson attempted to rise but struggled. The Queen waved to a second soldier, who assisted the man to his feet. Thompson thanked the soldier quietly and then straightened out his jacket before clasping his hands together. The Queen looked them both over before speaking.

"Mr. Dawkins and Mr. Thompson, you have been accused of multiple crimes ranging from Malicious Mischief to High Treason, with the most severe amounting to capital offences. In deliberations, you have been deemed guilty by a Judicial Council that I have overseen personally. You will be taken from this Hall and executed either by hanging, by firing squad or by lethal injection, according to your personal preferences. I shall now hear your final pleas before justice is fulfilled."

Dawkins, the stout man, began shouting immediately upon the conclusion of the Queen's statements.

"I have nothing to say to you and this... this lynch mob! You're all nothing but cowards and empty suits, and my only regret is that I won't be able to see your illegitimate sh*thole of a county crumble."

The Queen gave Dawkins and death glare and then waved at the soldier near him, the latter grabbing his prisoners and dragging him through the crowd to a waiting group of MPs. All attention now turned to Thompson, who stood silent and alone. Patricia waited for a moment, then stepped over towards him.

"And you, Mr. Thompson? Or does Mr. Dawkins speak for the both of you?"

The tall man cleared his throat then looked at Patricia's chin as Mr. Huesmann had detailed.

"I do not feel that it is my place to apologize, for it is clear that I have made my decision by my treason. I shall not deny that I conspired against the crown, and took up arms to challenge it. I made my decision for a number of reasons, but I can assure you that money and personal gain had nothing to do with it. I shall not draw this process out with a description of my personal circumstances, but I chose to take the course of action which I thought would benefit those dearest to me. I have lost, and hold no animosity towards my betters, that being your Majesty and the honourable Marshal Pinnard."

Queen Patricia stared at Thompson, then back at Huesmann, who traded a glance. When she returned her gaze to Thompson, her gaze was warmer than the cold stare she had given him before.

"Mr. Thompson, your assets shall be dissolved and your property shall either be claimed by the Crown or demolished. Your previously held titles will be abolished, and your citizenship shall be revoked. You shall be taken from this place, and placed in the South Harmonia Remedial Institute for a period of two months."

Thompson's expression did not change as his own attending soldier grabbed him by the elbow and guided him out the door, taking careful steps backwards until they were out of the hall.

Choral Elections Permanently Suspended
In light of international developments and ongoing terrorism in support of Morien rule, the Sovereign Statesman has moved to permanently suspend the already-delayed provincial elections for representation in the Choir of Deacons. Instead, the Choir will be replaced with clan and family representatives for the ruling parties of each province. For example, Sera'amos Province will permanently be represented by a member of the Sephanos family, and Sela'Mor will be governed by a law-abiding Morien relative.
Critics have noted that this would place more than a third of provinces under permanent control by the Al-Sephani clan (by Sephanos and allied families), and very few under Morien rule. The larger clans (not counting Al-Mori) would see greater control over large swathes of Korahlia, with the Al-Spih'riael clan controlling almost 70% of Korahlia's agricultural territory.

Locally-organized elections for mayoralty and Provincial parliaments will continue, as these are provincial duties. Some Deacons may conduct internal elections of this kind for their seats to continue practicing national democracy, but it is expected many families to see this as a way to advance their influence and careers towards the throne. However, the Sovereign Statesman assures us this will be useless, as Telhamin Abhishek vil-Akhil Kora'Seik Tarun Al-Sephani shall never die, for his is a man of God and is chosen in his seat atop Taris' most fruitful kingdom.

Harmonia, Hiere
The Embassy of Borderers
1600 Hours

"... and if we were to summarize the sentiments we have lain before you, we would do so by way of parable; for your nation is Lazarus and you are Abraham, destined to deliver these stricken Meridian isles from their time of peril. We, however, shall not be the Dives. We shall stand beside or behind you, and shall follow your august leadership through the trials of the coming years."

The dignitary, in concluding his speech, stepped back from Queen Patricia and gave a deep bow. Patricia nodded in thanks and the man rose, returning to his fellows further back in the chamber. Lord Huesmann stepped forwards and gestured to a low table a few feet in front of the Queen, upon which was laid a single piece of paper. The men came forth in their groups and, one by one, signed the paper and bowed to the Queen before departing. As they exited the Hall, each delegate was greeted by a general salute volley from the Royal Marines outside. Soon, after five rounds of shot, the Hall was empty.

Surrounding Harmonia were sox counties, formerly known by different names. Harmonia itself was formerly known as Ebreichein, though like Primus and Belstones the original city was annihilated during the Wars of Division. The area only became repopulated due to the presence of nearby Nigraxath Island, which was a refugee haven during the violence. Once Hiere rose however, the area stabilized and society began to take root once more. This latest conference, the Embassy of Borderers, had guaranteed that this newfound security would begin to spread.

The Borderers, those residing in surrounding counties, had just sworn allegiance to Hiere and signed the Harmonia Unification Pact. The region of Whent, formerly Zaekliover, was now largely under the absolute authority of Queen Patricia and her Monarchist supporters. The new additions - along with their original Meridian names - were as follows: Connetry, Ussatara; Robinston, Ittabis; Moarcester, Earriorune; Havadesmor, Weomonary; and Lucsfeld, Tiaggeghar. There was, however, one territory that had failed to swear allegiance. Plaeddithaer, containining much of Belstones' ruins, was a turbulent territory under an ethno-nationalist Xandrian administration. Hiere, being primarily made up of Belkan, Nordic, Istano and Luveric peoples, was the natural enemy of this 'government.'

The challenge for Hiere would now be the reunification of the northern isle, and the first step would be conquest of Plaeddithaer.

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