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We're in a period of no Growth/Decline. So I would say as a region it's going ok.


Bej wrote:There hasn't been a RMB post in about a month. So I decided to post that I was alive, to avoid the question being asked by Jamestownnnn.


I hope everyone is still alive, nowadays you just never know.

After learning that Borism is infact "The symptoms that result from the ingestion of borax or of another compound of boron" the national Religion of the Secular country of Bej will be none. It's a monumental change that will hopefully strengthen Bej for many years.


guise im back?

Rip Jamestownnnn.

Bej, -Confusionland-, and Jamestownnnn

Saxlan2 wrote:Rip Jamestownnnn.

He's back from the grave.

Hey everyone, is this region still alive?

Bej and Gays in space

Email wrote:Hey everyone, is this region still alive?

It's not completely dead.

I guess I violated the WA regulations, that sucks, but I honestly don't know what I was expecting I shouldn't of let Saxlan2 use a device I accessed this account with. Honestly I feel worse for Saxlan2 then myself. It's been an great time, even if my time as WA delegate was rather unproductive. I'll enjoy not getting telegrams all the time. I'm thinking about taking a break from the game for a couple months, hopefully when I come back the region has gotten back on it's feet. I'm sorry for not being able to do more, but I'm sure The Liberal Fascist Union of Fronk will do a great job like they did before. I hope to see you all in the future.

Black Hawks suck.

Post by NRoR14 suppressed by -Confusionland-.

Layem wrote:Black Hawks suck.

Yes definitely for sure 100%

Post self-deleted by Saxlan2.

This region has seen better days.



Anyone still alive

Jamestownnnn wrote:Anyone still alive

Not currently part of the region, but I'm still kicking.

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