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Hail Dilber! Hail NWPO! Hail the Crimson King!

Teralyon wrote:Hail Dilber! The Delegate of the West!
May your reign be legendary and the raves epic!

And the steak ultra rare?

Hail! The One! The Only! The Dilber!

*changes hats*

As Governor General of Equilism, I send our heartiest Congratulations on your Delegacy, and look forward to the continued strong relations between our regions. Equilism and The West Pacific have been friends, partners, and allies since those early days in 2004 when Dilber and Westwind helped plot our takeover of NationStates. I love seeing a plan come to fruition.

*changes hats*

As Founder of The Watchtower The Black Necromancer, I send 'Greetings!' and 'Congratulations!' from the Eye of The Watchtower. May your Delegacy bring joy and prosperity to you and all of The West Pacific.

*changes hats*

As The Crimson King of The Crimson Order, I and the College of Cardinals are pleased to know that The West Pacific is in good hands with Dilber. Along with The Crimson Order, we know that Dilber encourages the spirit of activity in NationStates in all it's righteous forms; appreciates with thankfulness the blessings of Creator Max Barry and his Administrators and Moderators; recognizes the inescapable foundations of Game Mechanics and Rules; and supports the Sovereignty of Players and the health of their Communities.

Dilber's history and understanding of The Seven Concepts will serve the region well, and lead into a glorious and crabby future.

Our very Best Wishes to you, your Guardians, and nations of The West Pacific.

*removes hats, goes back to his rocking chair*

Long live the Delecrab!

Hail Dilber! May his delegacy be prosperous!

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While this speech was made to the Hall of Nations, I'd like to publicly announce it here as well for all to read. For those of you that aren't citizens, it's a great time to join!

All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia

Delegate Dilber's First Speech

Welcome to the first speech of the Delegate of the now illegitimate Government-in-Exile-in-Residence! I would like to start off by thanking Bran Astor for all of his hard work, and time over the last year as delegate. He did a fantastic job, and under his reign we saw numerous new programs and initiatives go into effect that are clear wins for the region. I appreciate his trust in me to continue his legacy and continue to drive The West Pacific as the best Pacific. Bran will be staying on as Guardian under the title of Sasquatch and will continue doing great Bran things for the region.
I would now like to announce two new members of my Cabinet. Fuentana and Giovanniland will both be joining my Cabinet as Ministers without Portfolio, and will temporarily be heading up Foreign Affairs together while working on other projects. Fuentana will also be assuming my role as Provost of the University, and I believe he will continue to drive the University as the premier institution in NationStates.

Now, we come to something that I am very proud and excited to announce. The soon to be open Deputy Minister elections will be the last Deputy Minister elections to occur in the Hall of Nations. I believe it is time that we do something new with the Hall, and I am going to ask you what you think should be done with it. With our doctrines and history, The Hall is no longer needed as a legislative body. I believe the hall does great work with its regional commendations, but our current system of electing deputy ministers is outdated. I will be replacing that election with the election for a Hall of Nations Guardian, which will act as a Junior Guardian for the region. This member will maintain the same endorsement cap as regular members of the region but will be lifted up overall to help maintain our standards in-game, and provide council to me directly. The Hall of Nations guardian does not need to be World Assembly locked to the region, as their role is not as a primary guardian, and I believe we have worthy candidates in our military that need to be able to move around.

With that said, my first official act is to name Teralyon as the first Hall of Nations guardian. Teralyon has been a fantastic member of the region, and there isnít a single person that I think is more deserving of the role. This appointment will last until the next Hall of Nations Guardian is elected, which will not be in the current cycle of elections.

My current vision for the Hall of Nations is to act as a transparency body, with rotating Q&As with different ministers to discuss projects being worked on, alongside other questions as asked by the members. I believe that transparency is a great way to grow engagement and help raise a new generation of talent to keep us on the right track for years to come. I want to be the most open delegate that we have had, so that you all can see, recognize, and know what the government of the region is doing. I also want to see our commendation program continue, as recognizing what people have done for the region is a great way to help merge the past and the present. The Speaker of the Hall will remain an elected position to manage all of this.

With that said, my vision for the hall isnít the only thing that matters. I want to know what you believe the perks of the Hall of Nations should be. We have a lot of great people here with great ideas, and I believe we can transform the hall into something unique that maintains our traditions while moving to something new. Please start thinking about what you would like to see, as I want this discussion to be the first action of the new Hall of Nations post-election. Weíll meld everything together and come out with something great.
I am looking forward to working with you all, and I will be releasing more plans over time. My inbox is always open.

Delegate of The West Pacific

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Post by Allhu akbar al-sala suppressed by Dilber.

Allhu akbar al-sala

In other news, former TWP Minister of Defense Darth zorn reminds me that yesterday was Godzilla's birthday, having made his first appearance in the original Japanese film in 1954. Letís all join together to wish Godzilla a very happy birthday before he decides to go on a 2020 rampage.


Hello hello I'm the glorious president of Deadovia just dropping by to introduce myself and say hey

No-no land

Deadovia wrote:Hello hello I'm the glorious president of Deadovia just dropping by to introduce myself and say hey

Welcome! Come join us on our discord and learn how to really integrate yourself in the region :)

Congratulations to our new Delegate Dilber!

You may have noticed the competitions held to make this transfer easy and fun. Hereís a list of the winners of the Epic Endorsement Challenge I held:
435 440 445 450 455 460 465 470
This is the first time Iíve done something like this, so if you have any feedback donít hesitate to send me a telegram.

All Hail Dilber!

Congrats Dilber!

Dilber, Bobki, No-no land, and Grosseresnordland

No-no land

Good job on getting the delegacy Dilber. I wish you nothing but the best during your time as delegate! On behalf of me and everyone else in the region, I'm sure, congratulations.

The united merchants corporation

Hello everyone. I'm the United Merchants Corporation, a newly formed nation. I hope that in our upcoming future we form a good relationship with all countries. After all, peace is good for business.

No-no land

Blame Dilber.

My motto has never been more apt.

Congratulations, Dilber and a well served term to Bran.

TWP will only continue to get better from here.

Anyone else suddenly getting lots of dodgy attempts to log in? Is this just me/new attack, or is it merely a new setting that now notifies of unsuccessful attempts?

Willow Gate wrote:Anyone else suddenly getting lots of dodgy attempts to log in? Is this just me/new attack, or is it merely a new setting that now notifies of unsuccessful attempts?

Unsuccessful attempts to log in whether by yourself or a theoretical hacker always show up in your notifications.

If there were a number of attempts that werenít you I would suggest filing a GHR and get the Mods to look at it.


It is Thank You Thursday! Usually our main invitation is to share your gratitude on the RMB. You can still do that, but if you're grateful for TWP, the best way to show your gratitude is by endorsing Dilber. Let's see if we can get Dilber above 500 by the end of the month!

Hall of Nations: make sure to read Dilber's first address on the offsite forum (link in spoiler), and get prepared for regional elections on November 8-14. I am sure many are fatigued by elections, though I can't imagine why (sarcasm). Still, these regional elections are vital for continuing the good work that we do. Be prepared to nominate and vote.

I continue to be grateful for a smooth transition and the energy and initiative that so many of you showed. I'm also enjoying seeing known TWPers return and previous Delegates helping with the action. This is what makes us the Best Pacific. Cheers!

Good morning guys, 1st I thank our region for being the Best Pacific, thank the guardians for allowing me to be here and not trebuchet me into the rejected realms, I, again, thank all of the friends I made while being here so far, and finally thank all(well, all the good ones) our W.A. Delegates for being amazing.

And 2nd, I've finally reached my goal of having my citizen's lifespan to be over 80 years and have the only reason for death be old age!


Willow Gate wrote:Anyone else suddenly getting lots of dodgy attempts to log in? Is this just me/new attack, or is it merely a new setting that now notifies of unsuccessful attempts?

Or, I'd suggest strengthening your password or renewing it so that the "hacker" (if there is one) will get even more confused why they used to be getting so close but are now so far away

Thankful for a rare midweek rest over here.


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