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Welcome to the United Islands of the Atlantic (UIA)

Old community with a passion for poopyposting.
We're mostly active on our discord, though be warned we are for older members and those who can take a jokeypoo

Raiders will be viscously mocked and kicked, bye bye stinkypoo

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The United Islands of the Atlantic contains 39 nations, the 461st most in the world.

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The Most Income Equality in The United Islands of the Atlantic

World Census boffins calculated the difference in incomes between the richest and poorest citizens, where a score of 50 would mean that poor incomes are 50% of rich incomes.

As a region, The United Islands of the Atlantic is ranked 13,439th in the world for Most Income Equality.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Queendom of Lena Tracer OxtonLiberal Democratic Socialists“Cheers, Luv!”
2.The Hooshy Snack Manufacturers of The Celestial Shurayu RepublicPsychotic Dictatorship“☹️ spinach oh bad doing 🗿”
3.The Draconic Empire of Graag BromScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Kos mulāg fá kēn árk kos bozīk wá hokoronne árk vokul.”
4.The Empire of Visari TechnocracyDemocratic Socialists“V i r t u a l T r a n s c e n d e n c e”
5.The Oh damn Azavir lookin good of UIJLeft-Leaning College State“wait for the banner to change I swear it's cool”
6.The Matriarchy of Sceilig MhichilPsychotic Dictatorship“Turning and turning in the widening gyre”
7.The Greater Riche of ElflandPsychotic Dictatorship“To the stars, to the silver scars that mark the Night”
8.The Kingdom of Redeemed BritanniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Britons will never be slaves”
9.The United Settlements of S i t k aNew York Times Democracy“A home for the oppressed”
10.The Commonwealth of AerthlandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”

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The United Islands of the Atlantic Regional Message Board

I’m going to make Ealhart a saint or saintly figure within Mann, possibly a martyr as well (due to him having been murdered by his elf mother for refusing to lay with her to fulfil some crazy prophecy of hers). He’ll be one of the more popular and widespread Hallows (Thedish: Hálgas, ‘saints’), as he personally ventured far and wide throughout the country and defended the meek, helped villages and towns everywhere and has numerous local legends attributed to him by the time of his glorification/canonisation.

Borwald, his half brother whom he gave the crown (as Ealhart did not want to be a king), likely pushed for his swift canonisation/glorification after his death.

Following new legislation in Versilia, Cannibalism is legal.

Wobbegong wrote:Following new legislation in Versilia, Cannibalism is legal.

Now we’re talkin

Wobbegong wrote:Following new legislation in Versilia, Cannibalism is legal.

Made my day

is satan dead

Sanankou wrote:is satan dead


New Dregh lore (also for Versilia):
Dregh are still hypersocial eusocial vampiric hominids but I’ve refined their physiology or at least reminded myself of WTF they are.
To put their natures simply, they’re evolutionarily specialised nocturnal caste-based pack hunters with an omnivorous and haemophagic diet, with various adaptations to aid them in nocturnal activities and hypersociality, including sensory organs of infrared sensitive cells in ‘pits’ on the cheeks, high number of light sensitive rod cells, a tapetum lucidum for light intensification, nictitating membranes to protect their eyes from bright lights (inc sunlight) as well as a functional vomeronasal organ and generally powerful sense of smell compared to humans.

Pheromones, along with a wide range of body and facial language cues (including ear positions; ears are pointed and can swivel independently) and vocals (i.e. hisses, screeches, teeth clicks and taps), play a vital role in dregh communication and can make human-dregh communication inconvenient or have to be something learnt to understand clearly.

Dreghlords are the bat-winged Dregh and they’re basically demigods/living gods among other Dregh, constituting a de facto ‘fifth caste’ even higher than Greaters, with many living ones being hypothesised to have lived since prehistory or since the earliest recordings of history - Akeldama is one of these. Greaters are humanlike in arms and such still, as are the other castes - Highers, Warriors and Lessers. Greaters tall, built and powerful, are highly magically gifted and are basically a monarch caste, playing a key role in large scale social cohesion and organisation via the extrasensory communication and overall acting as a higher social and biological authority among dregh; Highers are like the management caste, playing roles in medium to small scale social cohesion and order and management of resources, they’re usually tall and stately, and are also magically gifted but not like Greaters are; Warriors are a bulkier, taller and stronger caste of dregh, historically acting predominantly as warriors, soldiers and general types as well as being involved in heavy labour and other roles or jobs that require or make good use of instinctual protectiveness and high levels of strength and endurance, their usually high levels of fitness aid them in rapid magic channel as the pathways in their bodies are clear and strong; Lessers are the general population, being the ‘baseline’ that fulfil roles like tradespeople and other labour in industrial society.

Dreghland is an MT-FanT nation of Christian dregh with some biblical influences that I intend to use for some RPs that are MT restricted or Versilia (which is by and large PT) wouldn’t work with.

Edit: also the infrared sensory organs sort of look like freckles so
Akel freckles

Dreghland wrote:snip

akel is a swivel pointy eared big eyed ‘freckled’ bat-winged cannibal from prehistory that can speak in tongues, sense infrared and has that eye glow that cats have - and also likes nanner
funni little creatura

and s’s marrying that thing

Dreghland wrote:akel is a swivel pointy eared big eyed ‘freckled’ bat-winged cannibal from prehistory that can speak in tongues, sense infrared and has that eye glow that cats have - and also likes nanner
funni little creatura

and s’s marrying that thing

- dregh ears can swivel independently to better translocate the sources of sound without having to turn their whole heads
- dregh have larger eyes than humans, to take in more light in low light environments (i.e. the night or caves)
- the ‘freckles’ are infrared sensory pits
- bat-winged dregh are dreghlords, of which akel is one and the eldest of them were born before history began to be recorded
- dregh, but especially dreghlords, can still eat other hominids fine
- dregh vocal communication is superior to a human’s, as they have numerous other sounds to their range, including hisses, screeches and clicks, all of which can have tones and differing features to distinguish sound and meaning
- dregh have tapetum lucidum like cats which reflects light when it meets the eyes (like when Satan’s flashlight goes on Buster or another cat and their eyes seem to glow)
- dregh like bananas, fruit and nuts a lot so

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