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Apologies for not posting a debate yesterday. I had a problem trying to find a debate to talk about. Luckily I finally found one:

"Do you believe floating communities could be a viable concept that could be put into practice?"

Nat. Geo.:

Also, my condolences to the French nation who has suffered the burning of Our Lady Notre Dame today.

Well, hopefully next week we'll be back to our normal schedule. I honestly didn't plan on stay for as long as I did at a relative's house for Easter. Anyhow, whether or not we've already done this topic:

"Should President Trump release his tax returns?"

The New York Times:

I honestly have no idea what's going on anymore.

Hello everybody, hope everyone had a good week. Anyways, on to the debate!

"Do you believe that the Hong Kong extradition bill a good or bad thing?"



The Guardian:

Let's cut to the chase for this week:

"Should teachers be allowed to arm themselves on campus?"


KLFY News:

The true peoples nation

Hello Iím new here.

The great fatherlands

Hi Iíve joined my friend here too.

The slovadian empire

The true peoples nation wrote:Hello Iím new here.

The great fatherlands wrote:Hi Iíve joined my friend here too.

Hello there!

The AP testing weeks are upon us, and I wish good luck to all taking the tests. Anyhow, on to the topic:

"How could Appalachia and other rural areas be able to transition away from single-resource economies?"

To clarify, just put out your ideas to help change rural areas to be more economically stable and viable in the long-term.

The New York Times:

Ok, let's do lighter debate this week:

"What is the best cell phone?"

To clarify, this is just a fun one to basically just tell people what your favorite phone is, whither it's iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, etc...

Well, I'm not dead, just graduation week happened. Sorry for not communicating this, I just thought that I would have time to do last week's debate, which I did not. At least I now have my High School Diploma! Anyways, let's look at the SCOTUS this week:

"What is your opinion on Dept. of Commerce v. New York and Rucho v. Common Cause?"

To Clarify, Dept of Commerce v. New York is about the citizenship question in the 2020 US census, while Rucho v. Common Cause is about political gerrymandering.

Dept. of Commerce v. New York:
Rucho v. Common Cause and Lamone v. Benisek:

"Gerrymandering Explained" with CGP Gray:

Well, it sounds like there's another round of protests in Hong Kong, and so I thought I'd ask you guys a speculative question:

"What should Hong Kong's future be?"

Recent News on Hong Kong:


The New York Times:

Hi! How are you?


*Quick announcement, I'm going on a family roadtrip, so after this week, there will be no new topics for the next two weeks until at least the 7th of July.*

This week's topic is following news that is somewhat buried, and is hard to find really good sources for reference, but here we go:

"What do you believe will happen in South Sudan following the Coup D'etat by the military?"

To clarify, this will be speculation and educated guessing.



Dang. Almost everyone is dead here 😥😥😥

R.I.P Slovadia, you will be missed, pozdrawiam cię, kolego

I am alive! The road trip was fun and I even learned a bit more about my family history when visiting relatives. Anyways, this week's debate feels like it might be a bit mild, but I might be wrong:

"Should inmates (including those that would not be released without pardon or commutation) be allowed to take college-level classes and work towards degrees while incarcerated?"

USA Today:

The Hechinger Report:

Well, I'll keep this brief since I still have to study for the college math placement test this week:

"What should happen with the governor of Peurto Rico?"

USA Today:

The New York Times:

OK, just a short, easy debate this week:

"What is your opinion on the 'Positive Ticketing' campaign in Tempe, AZ?"

USA Today:

And we're back this week with tech-oriented debate this time.
Also, if you didn't see last week's post, I would just like to offer my condolences to anyone who may have lost friends or family in the recent mass shootings in the US.

"Should companies be allowed to create their own currencies, digital or otherwise?"


The Washington Post:

Well, break out the economic textbooks because this week we'll be discussing the stock market!

"When do you believe the next recession or perhaps even depression occur, and what do you believe will cause it?"

The Street:

The Daily: