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Welcome to The Socialist Syndicalist Union! | Through Hardships To The Stars! | Founded Wednesday, November 7, 2018!

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Hello and Welcome All To The Syndicalist Socialist Union. Feel free to check out our democratic constitution, our elected government, and come on in to our Discord to see if you can't recognize old friends or even make some new ones! We have a large and ambitious role-play project with many crazy nations and a huge load of opportunity! What are you waiting for? Come make history, or at least get a really good story!

Quote of the Month: "No god, no king, no politician will win for us a better day."

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The Socialist Syndicalist Union contains 114 nations, the 103rd most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Socialist States of PolitianiaFather Knows Best State“Expansion and Prosperity”
2.The Socialist State of Red Star UnderIron Fist Consumerists“Glory to the New Union”
3.The Syndicalist Federation of British SovietsDemocratic Socialists“Now's the Day and Now's the Hour.”
4.The Socialist Federal Republic of ReichinburgFather Knows Best State“Socialism, Equality, Humanity”
5.The Oppressed Peoples of The World Slave FarmIron Fist Consumerists“Millions and Millions Repressed”
6.The Socialist Sun of AxerfreditenshinDemocratic Socialists“Soup”
7.The Midwestern Commune of The Grand TechnatePsychotic Dictatorship“Progress through intellect!”
8.The Borderlands of Anti RocrenniaIron Fist Consumerists“Rocrennia is kanker!”
9.The Eternal collective of East XgingPsychotic Dictatorship“Death to all enemies, death to all friends!”
10.The Introspectionist Monarchy of Pridnestrovskaia MoldavskaiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Economy Is The Nation's Efficiency”
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Post self-deleted by Protora.

Macere wrote:"Only violence and military. What about humanity?" has said Premier Rachel Williams in an interview regarding the situation in Protora.

(The emperor completely ignored whatever he said he ordered his military to get ready to take over Taiwan)

Greater Essos wrote:

This is the official poll for the election. I decided to put it here but it seems our government keeps forgetting that we have actual citizens in-game. If only somebody could change that 😔

Pleases donít blame anyone else. That was my job and I take full responsibility. My apologies.

The empire has attacked Taiwan this morning at approximately 5 in the morning Japanese Shogun battleships bombarded the major cities in Taiwan and Japanese mini subs sunk most of the Taiwanese Navy amphibious Japanese transports after a 1-day bombardment of the major cities the imperial soldiers landed in the major cities and the Taiwanese army is currently being annihilated by the Japanese troops tsunami tanks amphibious tanks capable of both traversing it land and water are superior compared to Taiwanese tanks and they absolutely annihilated all Taiwanese armored divisions the Taiwanese air Force was completely destroyed by VX helicopters the superior Japanese Jets as well as the anti-air from the Japanese ships

Jerno Mobilizes itís Pacific Fleet under the Command of Admiral Josef Alderman, the Airforce Pacific Forces have also been put under high alert.

Taiwan has surrendered it only took 3 days Taiwan has been fully annexed as a part of the Japanese empire 0 Japanese casualties a million for Taiwan

In recent news today Okinawa has been annexed by Japan after the independent Okinawa government submitted to the emperor's demands Okinawa is now under the direct rule of the empire


It is silent, eh?

Yeah it has been. *Sigh*
Well Today a National Angolan Bomber flew over part of Jernoís Jisali Province. A squadron of Jernoan Lightning PK-77 Aircraft was launched to intercept the bomber. The Bomber retreated not before leading the squadron into a trap in which all but one plane were shot down. Jernoís King Giorgio Annolo demands Compensation from the Angolan Government. They refused and took responsibility for the trap. That was 2 weeks ago. 7 days ago an Angolan Navy ship entered Jernoan Waters and destroyed 2 cargo ships. The Navy is now having to escort all cargo ships provided by the Atlantic Fleet by Admiral Lukas Sotto. Two days ago diplomatic relations have been stopped and both nations are at.... wait .... oh no I take that back Angola blocked and is taking hostage 399 Jernoan citizens in the Jernoan Embassy in Luanda. Out of those the Ambassador John Liebrick to Angola and 49 other people are killed. The Armed Forces are Mobilized and the Jernoan Congress declared war on Angola. Angola declares war 2 hours later. On the background Angola has been working to get allies in a possible war against Jerno. When Angola declared war, so did South Africa, Botswana, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jerno now has to fight on three fronts. Jerno had to fight on three fronts but it had a huge advantage, which was Technology, with the help of its Lightning PK-77, itís Annolo class Carriers, itís Guren MK II, and other forms of advanced technology the Socialist Colonial Kingdom of Jerno had a lead. Angolan troops invaded Jerno but were quickly pushed back across. In Botswana they quickly flanked them from behind and got 2,109 POWs. The Royal Navy Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier Jisali the flagship of Admiral Quincy DiMartini quickly blocked the coast of South Africa, and the Royal Airforce went deep into the Congo and bombarded bases along the Congo River.

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